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Vision Of Golden Light Energy


In 1983 I had a Vision of Paradise which consisted of very fine bead like Golden Light Energy, with beings made of this energy. Angels spoke to me, it was an incredible experience, full of wonder, ecstasy, awe, and terror. In the beginning God would have created perfection but needed every Angel to serve, perfect creation required perfect order.

Some angels wouldn't serve, and this universe was created, with powerful forces of duality. The rebellious angels rule this universe, but this is going to change. A new Heaven & Earth will be created, and former things will pass away. During my Vision, the Golden Energy of Paradise touched me with a wonderful & powerful purifying odor. A connection was made between me & Paradise which I've interacted with for over 20 years. When I complained about the suffering in the world the reply was; do you want life or no life, this is the way it has to be now, but things are going to change for the better. Love God, and your neighbor as yourself.

I hope this helps people to have faith in a very difficult world. Our sufferings are nothing compared to what God will give us. Death is an illusion, as is most of this universe. The true reality is within us, our spirits. When the perfect comes the imperfect will pass away. Everything is backwards, or upside down, we are dimensionally separated from God. My Vision lasted for 1 week, it was a mental vision, not out of the body experience. Theoretical Physicists say there are dimensions near us but we can't see them. Jesus said; The Kingdom of God is in the midst of you, but you can't see it, or within you. On Earth Materialism rules, but true life is spiritual. John

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Bijoux 144 (guest)
5 years ago (2019-10-29)
I just saw a vision of pure golden light and felt peace and a voice said this is the light of the kingdom at hand it was pure bliss, joy peace and whomever light fell upon was purified. I had to google to see if anyone else has had that experience. Beautiful.
Midnight (guest)
5 years ago (2019-06-27)
God and heaven are near, as driving home and looking at the early sunset I definitely saw the golden steps (staircase) and sides of heavens place it looked amazing. He is watching and close now, we must behave. Xx

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