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Felt Like Floating


I recently became aware that I am an Empath, and I've also had experiences with the paranormal. But this is something totally different and I've always wanted to know if anyone could explain to me what I experienced.

I was 15 years old, and home alone at the time. I had been sleeping very well and it was late in the morning when my phone rang and woke me up. I remember that when I was awakened it felt like part of my body was floating and all of a sudden it was pulled back in when I woke up. I could see myself outside of my body and I was rising up towards the ceiling. I was positioned laying on my back exactly like I was on my bed but I was in the air. I was only a few feet above myself when it was pulled back in. It scared me when I realized what happened and actually sat down to try and figure it out. Was it an out of body experience? Was I dying or slipping into a coma? I wasn't ill, I was perfectly healthy.

I've never had that happen since then and it's always made me wonder what was going on. I didn't have the internet to try and look it up since it was in 1992. I've never told ANYONE about it, but I just would like to know if anyone can tell me what occurred. I wasn't on any medication at the time. I've been put under anesthetic before surgery several times over the years and never had another experience like that even though you do sometimes feel like you're floating from the drugs.

If it was an out of body experience why haven't I had another one since then? I'd like to know why this happens.

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Lonewolf4858 (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-08-29)
Hi deannah,
I have had this same experience before only I caused it to happen by meditating. It is called Astral Projection. It took me about a year before I was successful as it is difficult to do. It happens to us in our sleep automatically, the trick is to train yourself to wake up while you are projecting. Your spiritual or Astral body is connected to your physical body by an umbilical cord that comes out of the rear of your head. When I projected I became aware of a little pain in that area. First you float above your body then you stand errect and look back at your body and are then able to travel in the spirit all the while connected to your body by the umbilical cord. While in the spirit it is possible to have contact with other spirits but beware they are not all friendly. After you learn how to do it it becomes easier to do. You can find lots of books on the subject in the library. Hope this helps. MARTY

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