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Vision Of The Cross


This vision/experience happened not long after I recommited my life to Christ. I made a decision that I wasn't going to live in the lifestyle I was in anymore so I decided to camp it out for a while since I didn't have any where else to go.

I was in the woods praying to God and meditating with a rock from Golgotha I had aquired and I simply asked God to show me a vision of the cross so I could be closer to Him. What Father denies His son good gifts right. I anointed my head with oil and then went about my business cleaning up the campsite.

As I was cleaning up the campsite I began to think about the cross and getting very emotionaly moved. I looked up and I saw a smokey shadowy figure on a cross. It was smokey and foul as I realised it was our sin up there on the cross. A shadowy figure apeared beside me pointing an accusing finger at the cross saying mind to mind that isn't it ugly. I started to cry because it wasn't ugly to me it was the most beautiful expression of love I could imagine. I started sobbing and an increadible energy like lightning started coming down through my crown making me shake, tingle, gasp for air, and snott all over the place. I cried and asked almost unexpectedly to help share in the load of the suffering. I felt some force push me back up against a tree, and it felt like I was 2-3 in. Up in the air against the tree, and I lay there gasping for a few minutes with the most increadible energy beaming at me from the sun. Eventualy this subsided and I went along my day flabbergasted.

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