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A Vision During Sweat


As sit in this circle surrounded by my brothers a vision comes to me. I am sitting around the fire and all around me stands 2 of each bird, starting with two eagles, and then Hawks and so on, and every bird imaginable.

They sat in a circle and I was the center. The fire I was tending was fierce but the heat did not harm me or the brothers that sat in silence around me. I remember them watching in silence, watching me waiting, for something from me or watching in approval or anger I did not know.

During this time the voices from inside the nipi were singing a four directions song, and along with the drums were hypnotic. The brothers that became my circle also seamed hypnotized by the words that were sung and as the directness were spoken, ate wayopeyata, atey wayhoyonpata, atey itocogata, Atey waziyata. Each of the first pair would turn to me.

I asked these brothers: What is it you want from me?!

I was afraid and at the same time I felt safe and honored, I offered prayers and offerings to the fire and asked grandfather Tunkashla help me with this sign for I do not understand...

My answer came from one of the eagles that was now sitting on a log not to far from me, this mighty brother was motioning me to come closer, at first I hesitated then I noticed all the birds around me in the outer circle began to his. I decided to move toward the Mighty brother that sat on the log. As I came closer all the other birds began to chatter, in pray or disapproval I was not sure, but the call from the mighty brother sitting on the log was pulling me. And as I approached him the mighty Eagle plucked a feather and handed it tome, as I reached for it he dropped the feather in my hand, as it touched me the image of mother earth, came to me but from a height from which as a man I could never see without mechanic means, soon after this I felt a warmth cover my heart it was love, honor, pride and I felt a love that comes from acceptance a love that only comes from family, a father, a brother.

As the sweat came to an end the brothers in my vision all left and all but the eagles left a feather behind on the grounds, the eagle that sat next to me on the log left a feather in my hands...

I only told 1 brother of this vision and he told me to never speak of it...

Now it has been several years since I have been to a sweat and it is bothering me greatly, I have dreams of the sweat, I can still smell "sage, pine. I still see my brothers, "those that I have sweated with and those brothers that were in my vision, this is 1 of three visions that I have had in the sweat, I still sing the songs I still offer prayers for all bothers from all nations, but I really do miss the lodge.

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carol72156 (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-29)

Wow! You asked what your mission was, right? It feels like the eagle passed on a responsibility of care to you --- whatever it is, it seems like doing so will join you as one with your brothers and mother earth. What have you come up with so far?

Just_me (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-07)

Your power is strong in this vision, and it tells you everything that you need to know. From what I hear and can read from your posts, you are missing your family... And you do not feel like you can be successful if you are not around your family... You did not give color of the birds... So that is all I can say.

Hope that gives some perspective...

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