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Vision After Operation


My name is MK. I don't want to give you my real name. My story goes like this, I am 22 years old and I have been suffering from a lazy eye ever since I was born, Yes I can tell in baby pictures that I had a lazy eye. What that means is that I did not see through my right eye. I only saw through my right eye if I closed my left eye and even then it was hard to see through it and I could look through it for a short period of time before I got agitated. I would also like to add that I was farsighted in my right eye and nearsighted in my left eye, plus astigmatism in both eyes. Left eye is also slightly lazy.

I contemplated getting lasik starting November of 2009. I didn't undergo the surgery until january 19, 2010 at 3:30. The doctor did more tests and I was done getting surgery sometime before 5:30 pm. I would just like to tell you that my eyes went inward during lasik because of the difference in vision in both eyes.

I felt really good after surgery, like something miraculous happened. My friend who came with me to the surgery, hailed me a cab home, thank god that she was there with me. It was dark and blurry.

Well when I finally got home I went straight to bed, I didn't even brush my teeth. I went to bed and after a few minutes I was really calm and happy that everything went perfectly. Out of nowhere I'm forced to close my eyes and I saw a vision. I believe that I saw my own death from a past life, probably my most recent one.

Here's how It goes.

I saw a street in Berlin, Germany. Somehow I knew It was Berlin, Germany, it had a homey familiar feeling. What I saw was A man in his late 20's, he couldn't have been even thirty years old, although I'm just guessing because I did not see his face. As he was kneeling on the concrete street. With his hands behind his head. He wore a white collared shirt, black hair. He looked like a well-groomed man, basically.

There were there soldiers surrounding him Two on his left and one on his right. I don't know If they were saying anything or not. But the soldier on the right had a pistol in his right hand.

And then all I heard was a gunshot and almost as it was right inside of my head, as if I had surround sound in my head. It went dark and I opened my eyes in shock at what I had just seen. I'm positive that I was the one kneeling down in the vision but I could be wrong.

Other details of the vision were that the soldiers and the man were in front of some kind of apartment complexes. I saw thew whole vision from the other side of the street. It was all black and white, like a black and white film.

Anyway. I'm eager to hear what people have to say about my story and vision.

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Renaissance (1 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-30)
Your story is quite interesting, considering I have had something similar, in the slightest way, happen to me. I didn't exactly stop in my tracks and have a vision, but it was kind of like a day dream, I barely recall when it happened, but I clearly remember the vision of my death. I remember the first thoughts running through my head after seeing what I saw, was "is this my future?". I am soon posting my story about my vision after the holidays. Basically I was in a vehicle, under water. I personally, being underaged, do not drive. I seemed to have been in the car alone, wearing a t-shirt (I think), and some older modle of a car, different to those seen these days. Maybe a car seen in 1990-2005, not too sure, I'm not too educated on cars. But I remember feeling everything in my vision. The water was slightly murky, like lake water, it was a sunny day, I could see light rays coming into the car, and I was drowning. I felt water finally rush into my lungs, j=then just felt like suffocating, pain, coldness in my lungs, I was gasping, squirming, I had already accepted the fact that I was dying. Then I slowly grew weaker, and my pain just vanished, and I fell limp, floating in the water, in the car, and just felt peacefull, and happy. Maybe that is what death feels like? I'm not sure if I viewed the vision fro my own eyes, or if I was watching this happen, like in most dreams. I can't recall because I replayed the vision in my head thousands of times to try to figure it out. And it was also uplifting, strangely enough. Whenever I felt down I would think of the vision, and think about that feeling of peace I experienced. Anyone know what this might mean? Past life? Or future vision?
NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-23)
There is no reason to doubt it was you whom you saw. You felt as if the bullet went into your head, or as if the sound of the pistol were all inside your head. And you were SO sure it was Berlin where that happened, how could you know that as a U.S. American?
Moreover: In 1997 I had a waking-dream in which I first saw the farm where I then lived from far above, through the eyes of the hawk that lived there too, and then also through the hawk's eyes a mouse on the ground, and I-the-Hawk headed groundwards. Then I "was" no longer the hawk but the mouse, and I felt the hawk come down on me, I-the-Mouse gave a little shriek, and then there was blackness; no fear, no pain, just this. Your experience of the moment of pistol-shot seems to be very similar to that. Thus I think you really re-lived a moment of quick dying.

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