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Butterflies, Signs Given From Some Higher Power?


My name is April and I would like to share my personal spiritual experience with you. I have had too many experiences to share with you in one writing so I will share just one that is significant. This has to do with Monarch Butterflies. What some of you may be asking is what is so spiritual about that? Well, for over two years now it seems that whenever I am praying or in a situation that I feel is spiritual in nature or just out some where outside of my house, I will see a Monarch.

For example one day I went with a friend to visit his grandfather's grave at the veterans memorial garden. I was praying over the grave saying thank you for your service and a monarch flew over the stone the minute I finished the prayer. It seems anytime I am out and I question what my true meaning is or I am in prayer because I do that allot, a monarch flies in the near vicinity of where I am. When I look at it I always sense great happiness like it is a spiritual watcher of some sort.

I am so convinced this is of spiritual nature that I even got a tattoo of a monarch because I see them so often. I am really curious and wonder what this really means. I don't really believe in spirit guides but that would be the closest answer to why they are always somewhere near me. Strange things happen to me all the time that have no rational explanation and I'm really starting to wonder why they are happening to me so often. If anyone who reads this can give me some sort of clue as to what the monarch might be symbolizing or why I see them all the time I would be quite gracious to any insight you might have, Thank you.

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