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A Hug From Upstairs And Loving Words


I am a Christian and I am a firm believer in God The Father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit. I always knew that God was real but now that I am older I have confirmation that he is real. One night as I sat in my living room praying I became overwhelmed with love for God. Lovingly I reflected on all he has done for me and what he has always done for me and I began to tell him. I love you! I love you! I love you! I couldn't help myself but to report those words to him. After several minutes of telling him how I loved me I fell silent. Just like that I heard him... Yes I did... I heard him.

God speaks to people in various ways and I don't believe that he comes to everyone the same so what I heard or felt rather was him telling me he loved me too. He said, "I heard, you." This went on for a few more minutes but what captivated me was the feeling that came over me when he said it to me. I felt like waves were washing over me every time he said it to me. Oh I was overjoyed and couldn't stop crying.

Another time while praying and meditating I hugged my bible tight becauase I know the word was especially desgined for us and I told him I loved him. I hugged my bible as to hug him. Then I felt a soft pressure all about me and my head went cradling to my right shoulder an di knew that God was hugging me in the spirit. One thing I want to leave you with here is this: Although I am a Christian I do not believe that believers should shove God down anyone's throat. He is not that loser guy following you through the clud all night trying to get a number or date... He is a gentleman and you have to want him.

The realest words I ever wrote


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