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A Hug Like No Other


I didn't grow up going to church and through teenage years really avoided anything to do with religion. I had this experience at about age 22, I was involved in a group setting with the actual purpose of guiding participants through a self exploration type of journey. As a group we were told to relax breathe and think of our favorite place, as the thoughts of all the beautiful places I'd been passed through my mind suddenly a full color image of a patch of green grass in the town where I grew up was visible... I thought "that's not my favorite place", discarded the image and again begin to think of the places I'd visited I felt more majestic but again the I could actually see this patch of green grass.

We were told to look around... I found myself sitting on this grass hearing the seagulls, smelling the salt air, I didn't question the fact I was psychically in a classroom in Portland and my patch of grass was in Northern California. On the suggestions given I was aware I was not alone as someone sat beside me... When I looked into the face of this being I was surprised and overjoyed as I instantly recognized Jesus sitting with me! We communicated with spoken thought... I stumbled over my thoughts... Where have you been! Take me with you! And there you are! Then I asked a question that shocked me I said "Do you love me?" His answer was in a hug. A hug I felt entirely and fully throughout my body and spirit. I don't recall a physical ending to the hug as it seemed to end within my chest. I felt a slight sense of panic at being urged to breathe by the instructor as the experience was going to end but Jesus replaced it with a calm easiness and I was assured I could revisit this place again.

He left as he came on my left at a slight incline. One thing I have thought through the years since is thou I recognized him immediately I could not see his face as we see each other. I can assume it was because we were both in spirit.

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Geeta-V (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-15)
I felt this hug too. It was very unexpected and took me by surprise. I do get a tingling sensation over my head duriing my evening prayer sessions, but this experience topped it all. I am now convinced of a divine being residing in my house and guiding me all the time.
anneke8 (1 stories) (12 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-13)
This is a lovely experience you had! I had a couple of dreams where Jesus came to visit me, but strangely I can't remember his face either! I believe Jesus realy came to visit you!

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