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A Visit From The Other Side


This happened years ago but I've been thinking about it recently and wanted to find a place to share it. A close friend of mine had lost her daughter and we had gone to a few psychics who told us that most people can communicate with the other side. Up until this point I had many dreams that were prophetic so I thought I should have a go at this. I was meditating for about 6 months trying to contact spirits the other side. One night I prayed and meditated for a spirit who wished to send a message to come and visit. After sometime with nothing happening I said to myself this stuff doesn't work and went to bed. At 3:00 in the morning my eyes opened up a force inside of me twisted my arm and I felt pressure on my chest. Of course I thought I was having a heart attack until my chest pressed down slowly and the sound "bam mother" came out of my mouth. I knew at that point a spirit was in me. I thought in my head "Are you someone's mother?" The spirit immediately released my twisted arm, so I took that as a Yes. Then I thought "Whose mother are you?" She twisted my arm again, and I thought there must be a better way. So I said to myself "I'll go through the alphabet". I pictured each letter and when I got to "R" it became huge. I said out loud "Robert". As soon as the word came out of my mouth I felt a wind and a swishing sound go right out the top of my head. I sat up and started to think of everyone I knew and finally said out loud "I don't know a Robert". A crystal clear picture of a guy I work with named Bob came into my head. I said "Oh that Robert". It turned out that Bob lost his Grandmother (bam mother) two days before my visit. She was in a hospital in Florida and Bob flew down to see her, but she passed right before he got to her.

This experience has been such a blessing to me. To know that a Grandmother still loves and cares so much for her grandson that she made contact with someone he worked with, so he could have peace that she still exists! Priceless! It confirmed to me there is life after death, they can communicate with us though our thoughts and put pictures in our mind. We should be very tuned into our gut feelings and know spirits and guardian angels are around us. They try to guide, help and DO LOVE us. I stopped trying to contact spirits after this. I was very uncomfortable with a spirit hopping in my body. I thank the lord it was a loving spirit. I wish to share this story only to let people know life does exist after death. I believe in God, I believe in Angels and this just made my faith stronger...

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Anon (guest)
3 years ago (2020-01-28)
I'm glad you see it that way in future make sure you set strong boundaries

So they communicate without controlling you

It's your body and mind

This mother might have not known another way

So you say "if you can put pressure on my chest you can move objects so move an object that tells me who you are and what you want because I'm here to listen not to be mocked about. And make sure it's obvious just one or two objects and completely safe for the living."

Good spirit come to me many years ago, my cousin. Beautiful girl she was. Kind and sweet.

Whispered in my ear reassurance. Then something I inherited from her fell to the ground so I knew it was her there was no doubt.

She never tried to sit on me or twist my arm or anything okay

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