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This is my story of a spiritual experience that I had once, it was quite interesting and has me wanting some questions answered to this day, so it all starts when I was at my buddies house that I tended to visit frequently, we were both just sitting and watching t.v. When out of nowhere tears started to fall from my face and I sobbed once, enough for my friend to look over at me and ask "you alright?" quite honestly it was embarressing I've hardly ever cried in my lifetime (except for younger years) let alone for no reason and in front of a good friend at that. So it continue, I had been at the friends house for a good amount of time at this point and just figured it was best for me too go, so I told him "I'm just going to use your bathroom first" so I went in there and before I began going to the bathroom all of a sudden the bathroom door opened eerily, the door was locked by the way, and I looked to my left about to say something and all that came out of my mouth was "I..." at an attempt to say "I'm in here" or something of that sort, when I looked to my side I saw a shrouded black cloaked and hooded figure, and where the face would be there was nothing but black and emptiness, I stood there mouth a gape for a few seconds while I stared into this entities empty face, then slowly the door began to close again, it shut, with the door still locked. I exited the bathroom speechless and just nodded to my friend as I left, when outside my vision started to alter, everything had a vibrating look to it and was extremely bright, and all eyes were dark, this all stopped when I screamed in my head to God "what is happening?!? Help it stop please!" and then was guided into the gas station building since I was filling my car with gas, but actually had no need to go into the building, I went in there solely because I felt it would help, I spoke to the gas attendee and he had a very calm voice and demeanor, when I stepped back outside everything had stopped, and returned to normal, to this day I have tried to research what type of entity it was, it honestly appeared as the reaper to me or something of that sort and it was like a entered a vision of a different type after I had seen the entity, let me know your thoughts or if you have answers to what I experienced, for some reason I came to believe the entities name was Padenzur which I thought to be the ancient name for the reaper, maybe it is maybe it isn't, or maybe it means something, I'm not sure.

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