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GPS, technology, isn't it amazing!

Sometimes just thinking about how fast things have developed in the last 5 to 10 years just blows me away. Not even considering how far we have come in the last 100 years compared to all of life's existence.

Gps is a real good example, almost everybody has one. Even little kids. When not to long ago it was used only for things like flying planes or navigating a boat. Times sure have changed and at a rated that I need a computer to keep track of. Heck it doesn't even matter what day or time it is, because in two years its going to be like ten years from now.

Its my belief that lifes technology and the worlds manifestation are nothing more than a cheap imitation of what's going on in spirit. If the world has this type of accelerated growth than so does our spiritual evolution, because that's who we really are, not this cheap imitation we see today.

When I look at things of the world I give it my best to see what spiritual meaning it has, so that I can live this life with a greater purpose. Lets take GPS for example. Bring it into a spiritual context, Gods Perfect Spirit. When I set my intentions on my day, pray about what's on my heart and then let God's Perfect Spirit guide my day, with knowledge that all outcomes are of his greater purpose. I am in line with the spiritual acceleration of the times.

Of course this is not as easy as plugging in a device. In the beginning I struggled greatly, because my concept of God was a white bearded man in the sky sitting on a throne holding a Spector To me that is very far from the truth of my existence today. I say it like that because it has become my belief that the more I know God the more I know myself and the more I know myself the more I know god. We are truly made in his image.

You see, everybody has GPS in them. It's just not plugged in properly. The path to God is not somebody elses understanding of who he is. Plain and simple it is your understanding. People say oh I don't believe in that crap or God never did anything for me. It doesn't take rocket science to see that if that's what you believe then that's what you get. What we sow is what we reap. You see the language of the spirit, what we program into our GPS, solely depends on what our understanding of who we believe God to be.

When we pray in the lords prayer, for heaven on earth, do we even know what we're praying for? Do we believe that just saying words is really prayer? God created the world by a spoken word and that word was Christ. Not just something we can hear or say, but a complete and total being. So when we speak our prayers, they need to be spoken from our complete being.

When I was young, let's say in the sins of my youth. Sex,drugs, and rock-n-roll was my mentality simply put that was the God of my understanding. After great destruction and near death do to my own actions, that understanding had to be changed. As it did, so did my life. See it doesn't matter whether you believe or not, God of your understanding will work regardless. We all punch something into our GPS and we all end up where that takes us. So know yourself, understand who God is to you and you will do wonderful things in this world. It is time for us to evolve spiritually or be left behind.

This is what I have learned about myself and that is to share me with you. The more I do this the more I know me... More and more my life reflects the things I let flow through me. When I pray for heaven on earth I see all the good that is capable of coming out of anyone or any situation and I do that for every prayer. Accept everything for exactly the way it is and focus on the good that can be there.

From The Heart!

P. Doty

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