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I had an awakening like I have never felt before today. I have been struck by illness the past 3 years. I had hurt my back at work and was wrongfully terminated. I had a part time job for a while but could not hold the position because I had fallen ill. I had high thyroid levels and was sick all the time. I really did not understand why God choose to make me ill I do not question why, I just know that he has a path for every one individual. I have been emerged in bible reading and scripture for some time now. I have also been reading other forms of theology like the Hebrew, Jordanian text. Finding other forms of litigate such as the Gnostic Bible and African text as well the prayers to the 7 African Powers. I had found Chakra meditation as a way to speak and pray to God on a higher level plain. I have been meditating with prayer to God as well as asking him for his sign of salvation. Well I got my answer in the form of a lighting bolt through my right Templar Lobe. This bolt of light went through my body to my feet and back out the top of my head. I saw a finger in my minds eye draw a line down my forehead then turned left a quarter turn then latterly a cross on the forehead then a red circle around it. Just then I was stuck by a bolt of lighting that once agin struck my right Templar Lobe running through my body to my feet paralyzing my body and back up through my head agin I saw a 999 in a circle in my minds eye and heard the word GOD this shock me to my core truly. I remember be shocked for about 30 or 40 seconds. Then I came to and started righting down my experience and taking photos of the chills and my hair standing on end. I also took a picture of the red mark on my forehead. This as far as I realize is the Devine nature of God and his angels. The last thing I could remember before the 2 bolts hit my head was praying to Saint Patrick and Man Man Bridget and uttering to Jesus And God to give me a sign of Salvation. Praying to the 7 African Powers Prayer or the Poem. There are a lot of different names for God if you don't believe me just Bing It. He has many names including a 72 letter name that was handed down to Moses on Mt. Sinai as well as the 10 Commandments and a copy of a secret Bible that is as far as I know sill read and studied today. I am a Christian and also consider my self a catholic by birth. When I started at first recoding my meditation I was writing my name in an angelic text that is an ancient text. I said to my self I can't keep writing down this way I won't be able to read it latter thinking I was going crazy. Then I started to write Holy Spirt, Holy Spirt, Holy Spirt like automatic writing thinking no one will ever believe me. I also wrote down the signals that I saw in my minds eye thinking I had been touched by the hand of God writing 999 and the blood cross that I also had visioned. I also wrote the directional way it was placed upon my forehead. Knowing that it was very important to record my vision. I did not know at the time what 999 meant just knew it was a Devine message from God, The Son, and The Holy Ghost. So I went and looked up what it meant to see the 999. This is an Angel Number meaning that the first cycle of my life was complete. This blew my mind, I truly now know I was touched by God and had been blessed. I will complete this experience later in full detail I just want to save up to this point.

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Sarah (guest)
4 years ago (2018-09-13)
Wow you are seriously confused. God says "Thou shall have no other Gods before Me". You can't pray to a bunch of different entities and think you are serving God.

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