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A Visit From Jesus and its Repercussions


The Story I am about to tell has been met with much disbelief and although it happened in 1986 and I have told the story many places even my closest associates find it hard to believe. It was May 9, 1986 when I awakened from a sound sleep one morning to see Jesus walking towards my bed. He had long flowing blonde hair and blue eyes and as he approached my bed he said:

"You are my Mother from the Holy land Lifetime and I am here to tell you you have been chosen to channel for me and other Spirit Guides to help us further prove Life After Death just as I promised the people of the World when I walked the Earth"

After that other Guides Appeared who wanted to channel through me to hopefully make the World a better place in which we can all live in peace and Harmony.

A Few days later one of the Guides revealed to me that I am a Walk-In and the Spirit of Mary Had walked into the body of a woman who was no longer able to continue in the body and she had exited the body so that the strong Spirit of Mary entered it to sustain the body and make use of it so she could channel for the Spirit Guides in the World Beyond.

After that many spectacular things happened to me, too numerous to mention here but some of the things that happened is I was able to do some of the things psychic Edgar Cayce could do and I received much in the way of information on Medical Research and I sent some of the ideas off for Research and now they have come to pass.

One of the Guides helped me perfect a baking mix which I sent off to many baking companies and as a result of our formula the shelves of the Supermarket are now filled with all the wonderful Multigrain and whole grain breads that were not on the supermarket shelves prior to 1986.

In fact it was that Guide who coined the name 'Multigrain' and it now exists in the label of many products in the grain and bread aisles of our supermarket and I believe the bread will make everyone healthier in the years ahead. The Bread was designed especially for my brown hair originally and I learned that if I ate the bread and fortified my oatmeal and other products with the same ingredients which are contained in the Bread it is beneficial in keeping my hair free of Gray and if I lapse back into an unfortified bread and my gray appears I can remedy that by once again eating the fortified version.

There are many of these versions on the Shelves of the Supermarket which everyone can choose and prove to themselves whether it works for them and one of those Breads is Aunt Millies Multigrain and a Store Brand put out by Meijers Supermarket which is labeled Harvest Grain.

I'm sure there are many other versions out there which will work just as good if its labeled whole grain or Multigrain but I have not been able to test them all and so just started with those two suggestions which I have not been asked to promote but just wanted to help others to find the same happiness from no Gray Hair as I have.

Recently I read some research Material which says Gray Hair is caused by dying stem cells and I thought writing about this and how it remedies Gray Hair might help people to prevent the dying Stem Cells mentioned in the Research being done by a Doctor at Harvard University.

These are some of the things that Jesus and the Guides want to give the World as they prove they are all alive in the after Life and here to help us to have a better life through their writings and suggestions and they also want everyone to know once their life on Earth here is finished they will be there to greet us just as we have been taught.

I would also like to say that back in the Eighties my niece with three small children was diagnosed with Leukemia and cancerous tumors over most of her body and and she was told it was so advanced that she might live six months. She and my sister asked the Guides to help and their suggestions of food and Vitamins for her specific body type enabled her to be in remission within a year without the benefit of anything other than the Vitamins, minerals and amino acids suggested for her particular body type.

She is a blonde who descends from a Black Haired Father and a Red Haired Mother and the Guides suggested that she take the prescribed vitamins around the clock until improvement was shown and then she could revert to the one a day suggested for most people. In her case she was prescribed 100mg of all the B-Complex Vitamins and a good bottle of Amino Acids and the most important Amino for her body type and genetic profile was Cystine an Amino Acid which I am told is found in all foods which contain the B-Complex Vitamin Thiamine.

I am writing about my niece and the Guides suggestions because this Guide says that each person needs vitamins and minerals for their particular body type and genetic profile inherited from their father, mother, grandparents and by studying the hair and body types of their ancestors and their own body type and hair color they can gain knowledge that let's them put together their own plan so they can choose the foods and vitamins best suited to keep their own particular body healthy and alive much longer.

He says Brown Hair is governed by Niacine and Black and red hair is governed by Thiamine and Folic Acid and with red Hair the Folic Acid is the dominant influence and with Black Hair Thiamine is the Dominant factor.

He says Niacin is the tall dumb vitamin and Thiamine is the short smart vitamin and he says by knowing this we can make our children the right height and increase their intelligence by knowing these things and by studying the family genes we can take advantage of all these things and build more super kids in the future who are the right height and weight and healthier and smarter.

He says just because our ancestors died of a certain disease doesn't mean it's going to be true for us we just need to know what qualities we inherited from our ancestors and take advantage of the progress that has been made in nutrition and vitamins, minerals and amino acids and choose what works best for us and our families and we can build a better body for the future.

Of course many people already know that but it doesn't hurt to know that back in the eighties after jesus appeared to me and we began writing about what they think and I began sending the copy out for research much advances has been made in the world today and I believe they have made a difference already in the world as they channel through me their ideas to the World.

And as long as I channel for them much more good information will be forthcoming because I have decided to devote my work and my Computer to Jesus and the other Guides until I no longer live on the Earth Plane and that is what they planned for me when they sent me back to Earth as a Walk-In.

if you want to know more about Walk-In's you can read about them in a book written by Spiritual Writer Ruth Montgomery who wrote the book "Strangers Among Us"

I am not promoting her book but it does help to explain my writing about Jesus telling me I am a Walk-In. I have been writing all these years since he appeared about the wonderful things that have come to me since that appearance and I have kept them timed and dated and I will be continuing to write about these things and use some of the notes here and there as I go through life and perhaps one day I will find out what happened to more than 13 Manuscripts which I sent out which disappeared without a trace which I am told disappeared because of some of the things the Guides Revealed about people on Earth who did not want these secrets from the Book of Life Revealed about what they have been doing.

The Guides revealed these Secrets to tell the World that this is how God keeps a record of what everyone does in life from birth until death and all these things were shown to me in Technicolor Movie Like Pictures which took me back in time to show me all the things that occurred in the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy and Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa and now you know why the Manuscripts all Disappeared because no one wants those truths revealed to the World and that is why the Records on the Kennedy Assassination were sealed for 50 Years because to reveal all of the things surrounding the death of President John F. Kennedy would not have been good or America at that time.

But do the Records they sealed reveal the things that I learned from the book of life stored in the Heavens?

Only time will tell.

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Sarah D (guest)
1 year ago (2020-03-17)

Im so tired of see and reading your homemade believings... Stop advising people when your advise has nothing to do with reality
Anon (guest)
1 year ago (2020-01-29)
A prayer of deliverance should the true and original self of the poster agree:









Anon (guest)
1 year ago (2020-01-29)
Looks like I am commenter a gazillion that saw the phrase "walkin" and freaked out

Oh hun that's a classic trick

"You are already dead and we're taking over your body"

Rest assured your original self is far from dead

They give you signs and wonders because its lucrative it reels you in

These might be giving you "helpful" signs but that don't mean this is in your best interests

The ideas came from your own intelligence

Jesus was a middle eastern jew there is no way hed look like a scandanavian. He was a short curly haired brown man with a big nose most likely.

Saying you were virgin mary past life, please you know how many times they try that shiat - and it works!

Okay let me ask you if there are hundreds of people who had the same scam pulled on them as you

How can any of you be told the truth?

This is 100% appealing to woman shame. Not good enough unless were mother of God crap!

It's a scam by spirits.

And spirits of light that lie are false light spirits.

Therefore you need to cast that walkin out immediately and call back in your true and original self. You call that in and declare No Contract on these deceivers

Deception = no contract
They used false pretenses

You fell for it

Dont be ashamed cos literally dozens of people have been through the same thing

No shame required and no threats against them

If they good spirits they'll just go and respect your right to be your true and original self won't they
Timfaraos (131 posts)
6 years ago (2015-01-21)
I would be cautious! In new testament it sais: 'don't believe in all spirits. TEST THE SPIRITS.' A monk in his cell saw an 'angel'. It said to him: 'God sent me to tell you that you are very holy in His eyes!' The monk then did the sign of the cross on himself, and said: 'Lord Jesus! Who am I to see a holy angel?' The 'angel' then squealed like a pig, and disappeared, leaving behind a stench like rotten eggs in the room!... He did two things that saved him: he signed the cross over himself, and called the help of Jesus Christ, at who's name demons tremble! BEWARE OF FALSE SPIRITS! We know king Saul went to a medium, to make her bring the dead prophet Samuel, to talk with him... This made God angry, because talking with the dead, as mediums do, or with 'familiar spirits' or 'spirit guides', also the 'ouija board', is FORBIDDEN by God! God knows the danger of doing these things, and wants to protect us! We can even get posessed by a demon or two. Better safe than sorry! Next time you see a 'spirit' in your room, tell it: 'IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, SHOW ME WHO YOU ARE!'... A lady who was being visited nightly by the 'ghost' of her dead 3 year old nephew said this, and guess what? Her 'nephew' turned into an ugly demon, and fled screaming! There are so many simular testimonies on the internet! Don't leave your mind and your body OPEN to strange spirits! Even if they pretend to want to help you... Timfaraos [at]
truthseeker (guest)
11 years ago (2009-11-20)
I'm certain that you are sadly mistaken. The guides that you are speaking of, including Jesus are actually demons in disguise. Jesus can appear however he likes but for certain he was not a blue eyed blond haired man. That is a european interpretation in religious art coming out of your subconcious, an imposed image. If you were to truley see Jesus, you could not see his face because his glory is too bright. I'm witness to this. Demons are able to perform what appears to be enlightened knowledge, miracles and lead you to believe everything they do is good, using the guise of a spirit guide. Just tell them that you want to be "protected by the blood of Jesus that was shed for your sins and deliverance on the cross" and keep telling them that. They will soon reveal their true selves, but you must mean what you say if you truley want salvation, or they will mock and possibly torture you.
Desert Mystik (guest)
13 years ago (2008-08-10)
No Offense, lots of people are told their Jesus or Mary, or some long dead Guru, Real Spirit guides DONT DO THIS. You need to pray these things away, or seek Spirit Release Therapy, look it up, Use the name of Jesus, Adonai, and YHVH (Yod Hey Vod Hey) to kick these things away, appealing to Saints may prove helpful also. Look up the LBRP and try it. (Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram)

Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
13 years ago (2008-03-07)
[at] dona, I would be delighted to know what Heida has told you. You stated 40 different things she had related to you and I would like to hear about them.
dona (guest)
13 years ago (2008-03-06)
Dear CVT6702,
I have also had experiences that I had or have no idea what to do with this information I have gotten from spirit guides. Information that comes to me with clear and precise details of situations on earth and other information about the other side that even to me seems strange that I would be given this type of vital information with no one I know to give it to. I have written about How I learned about walk ins maybe you want to read it. I also know the scrutiny you must get from trying to share this info with other's. However my daughter Heidi whom is passed has told me that even though some info I get is not just for me most other's are'nt capable of truely accepting this until they have had a experience of there own. She told me that I could stop tryingto share what I have learned from above for now because I have done my job in sharing it now it will take time for other's to accept this as even possible before complete belief. Sure enough she was right and not too long after that came on tv John edwards which let everyone that thought I had lost my mind after heidi died now would know what I was telling them could have been the truth. I have learned so much from my guides and Heidi that I feel I have been allowed to live miracles on earth with the many different signs and contacts we get from Heidi. And to think that prior to her death in 1998 I had never heard of any of this spiritual stuff at all. So I was so surprised how she puled me into this new world of spirituality soon after she died. The first thing that I found was Heidi's drivers license backwards was the exact date she died even the letter in front this was what sent me looking for some kind of life connection that I only knew it by the word coincidence. But then found all this spirituality stuff and the miracles began to flow.
I would love to hear more about your experiences if you want to email me that would be great. I have about 40 different experiences that Heidi has given us written down now. Some of them are in legal documents that I can proove was from her and no one else.
terrance (guest)
13 years ago (2008-02-23)
You mean Jesus needs to produce more proof that hes alive? I guess him being crucified on a friday and coming back on easter sunday wasn't good enough. I never read him saying that he needed to prove anything to the world after his death on the cross. It is easier to come down from the cross on a friday then it is to rise from the dead on a sunday. Wow, he needs to employ people today to convince them of what he did on the cross for?I'm glad that you and the employees are here to speak his word for him. I have a ton of questions for you, I am coming to this post instead of my priest or the bible. I guess what he did on the cross didn't mean anything. Since you are employed I need total spiritual guidance. Also, what does he mean when he says"us" In the commandments he said there is only one god. Who is he in business with? Becareful with what you post someone might take you seriously. Anyway if a visit from him would cause you repreccusions do you think jesus would do that to one of his children? His love is perfect love. Anything that would hurt you or make life difficult is noy coming from jesus. This post is dangerous for those who do not know your bible or your own faith. God forgive them for they haven't got a clue what they are posting. Wow, I have not read anything so frightening in along time. No thanks,i'll take jesus dying on the cross for my salvation and my true birth, then someone who makes this silly claim. According to your post when he died it wasn't good enough, now he has to employ people for some us or we thing. He died so that sins were forgiven so after death you could be with him. No where have I read in the bible that he promised to come back to prove that heaven exist. WHEN JESUS COMES BACK BE PREPARED FOR THEN IT MEANS AND IS THE SECOND COMING IN OTHER WORDS JUDGEMENT DAY FOR REAL. You need to read the book of revelation or better yet the whole bible starting with genesis. Please Please before you mislead some poor soul searching and end up on your post.
Scott (guest)
13 years ago (2007-12-14)
hello CVT, I see where God is using you to help make the World a better place, tell me, did you become a millionaire from this? And if so can you give me a job here in america? If you get a chance read my experience titled The Holy Ghost of Jesus Christ
Abby (3 posts)
14 years ago (2007-10-04)
Dear Rosemary,

Thank you for responding so candidly. Quite honestly, I did wonder if you would respond or not. As I mentioned before your personal story, experience and belief system is one that is more than difficult to swallow for most people. I must warn you that I am open, but I am also an open skeptic and a "show me" kind of gal, especially if I have my doubts or a red flag feeling that something is not quite right. I believe in using all the senses, five senses and the sixth sense, but most of all I always refer to the use of my common sense in conjunction with all of my senses.

You state you have been asked to leave sites, had things deleted and such, so please for your own good and the good of all here, and I say this in only kindness and for your own best interest, and the best interest of this site, please use your common sense and keep a considerate balance about the nature of your stories, postings and comments. Just remember if it did not work for you doing what you did before in an extreme way, than learn to pull back, assess and make a change for the better to take action to do it another way that is more acceptable for you and all concerned.

I also know that there are negative messages coming in all the time, but all messages coming from any realm, like all things are best delivered with balance in mind. Either way, it can be overload for anyone when anything is one extreme or another especially if it is done over and over again for a good length of time. It will eventually take a toll on the individual and others exposed to such an imbalance.

By no means am I one who is not open as I said or for free thought and to speak one's truth, but I am also for balance. We are truly not all positive and loving beings, Pollyanna's everyday of our daily lives, but neither are we, all negative and dark all the time. Being either extreme, in my opinion is being out of balance. So, please just keep an even keel of balance, and I am certain, you will do just find here on this site, as well as in your current day to day living, in spite or despite your said possessions.

Also be warned, you do not have to set yourself up to be abused by anyone/anything nor do you have to always feel the need to expose yourself to be abused. The only person you truly answer to is yourself and the belief system you believe in. In my opinion, I answer to myself and to my source, creator or God/Goddess.

I am looking forward to your replies, some of your other stories, your guides shared information and perhaps, to have some questions answered or touched upon as well. I would also be more than happy to reply in kind. Blessings, Abby
CVT6702 (1 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2007-10-04)
To Abby:
I thought your post was great and I am always happy to share the things I have learned not only from the guides but to tell about all my experiences both good and bad that I have had because I believe knowledge is the answer.

Over the years I have told my story on in a post I started about Spirit Possessions and in the post I got into about everything that has happened to me since l985 when I first made contact with three of my Relatives in the Spirit World and a man I knew when he walked the Earth.
On that Site and on Ghost-Mysteries I write under the name Rosemary.

After that I prayed for my guides to help me with these four and everything else began to happen and there are good and bad things in my years of experience and I am still looking for the answers.

The Unexplained threat I started went on for almost fourty pages and I told my story and others responded and it got so heated that the Moderator finally not only closed the thread but barred me from the site.

I continued to write in my aol journal which I finally had to close and write in it only privately because of the vicious responses which led to several starting a blogspot set up to attack and discredit me and I finally got that closed down.
I continued to write in my journal but then my realtives who didn't want me to write about our relatives caused me so much trouble I went private on that and its still private where I write about everything on a daily basis.

I then went to http:/ where people are invited to tell about their experiences with the Paranormal and I thought I could help teach them things but they only want to hear the good things.

The thread I began there is:
"Do You Believe In Spirit Possessions?" after a time and much argument back and fourth that was closed after about 29 pages.
But I am still allowed to write there.

When someone who is getting stories published on many websites gave me this Site Address, and several others I decided to come on here and post a story here and the possession story and some of the personal things about how this all began with my relatives and Dr. P. Were posted there and I have tried to mesh the two into a continuing story about how it all began and the good things I have learned from the Guides and how my Three Relatives and Dr. P. Who appear to be jealous of the things I could get from the Guides decided to do nothing but cause trouble and then they decided to enter my body and try to prove once and for all whether a higher power can force them out.

Our problem with them seems to be that in Ruth Montgomeries books she writes when Evil Spirits become so Evil they can't be rehabilitated they are destroyed as Evil Spirits.

When they wouldn't get out one of the Guides told them if they are inside my body when it dies they will be destroyed when they crawl out of my dead body and it that is what happens then of course I won't be here on the Computer to reveal to the World what really happens when they leave so in the meantime I am trying each day to appeal to them as my former realtives and a former friend tos top doing the experimental Demons and walk out and challenge the Guide who threatened them and force him to prove once and for all that he has this power and if not then they need to straighten up and accept either that he can or can do what he says.

The things they are doing now is not proving anything for Research as far as what actually happens to spirits like them who do this to humans.

I might point ut that although these four can do painful things to me and interferre with my life I am no longer terrified of them the way I was in the beginning for now I know the tables have been turned and they are the ones too frightened to leave my body after what they have done.

I am being completely honest in everything I write and I wish only to exchange experiences and let whatever I learn or whatever I experience be only to further Paranormal Research and prove once and for all that the Soul Survives Death.
Abby (3 posts)
14 years ago (2007-10-03)
Dear CVT6702 (Rosemary),

I just read a comment you made on a story to princesskatie on yourghoststories stating the following:

---"Moving could help in some cases but in my case it hasn't helped because those tormenting me and possessing my body are three of my Angry Relatives and a man I knew before he died in l985.

They became angry because I didn't want to channell for them but wanted to channel for a Spirit Guide named Thomas and when I wouldn't send Thomas away my three realtives and Stergio chose the first anniversary of his death to possess my body and to this day won't leave no matter what I try.
I am now waiting for an Exorcist Minister to see if he can solve the Problem..."---

I am sorry to hear that you are possessed by these dead people and hope and pray the Exorcism works. That is why I find channeling something I myself would not attempt, because one needs to be experienced. I must say your story sounded convincing, and I do not know how you can help others if you yourself are possessed? Where were your guides in all of this?
They also should have protected you, if you did not protect yourself.

I still would like to learn more about all your thoughts about this and why you did not mention this information in your story?

I'll send prayers to you and may those who you say possess you be detached from you as soon as possible.

Prayers & Blessings of Possession Release, Abby
Abby (3 posts)
14 years ago (2007-10-03)
Dear CVT6702

Hello there! Welcome to this site and welcome to the sister sites you have already visited. Your story here, certainly caught my attention. My name is Abby, and I generally frequent the sister sites of this site, especially yourghoststories. Perhaps, you already know this and perhaps, we have met before in agreement or in clashing, especially if you have come onto any of these sites under other names. Regardless, your story did catch the attention of my own inner eye of awareness.

You must have previously surveyed all of these sites and thought long and hard before posting your comments and deciding to choose to submit your story, especially based on the content which I am sure you already know is not popular or in the majority with many of the human populace. I am also certain that you are no stranger to negative, feedback comments and postings either like the one previously made here on your page. I apologize for such conduct, most here are of much better, respectful conduct. I must honestly admit that I have given feedback that others would also regard as negative, harsh and so forth type of feedback. I have also recieved the like. I know that we all are not always in complete agreement with each other, but speaking for myself, I have tried to do the best according to my own personal, human ability to repsect authors and other posters on these sites that I do disagree with. Generally, my forthright answers are offputting to some and to some they are accepted or perhaps at the very least, tolerated. Through it all, I have tried to be patient, kind, tolerant and civil. I answer truthfully in commments and posts based on my own opinion, experience, knowledge of awareness, as well as based on the content and "feel" of the author and/or poster. Many times I know my comments and/or posts may sound like negative feedback, but I do so because I know the author and/or poster is capable of so much more that is better within them. In my heart of hearts, I truly want the best for them. I already know the old cliche where you can't lead a horse to water and make it drink. It is a two way street or watering hole. :) I can recognize this and respect it. It is my belief that a person can lie to others and this is truly sad, hurtful and shameful to that person being lied to, but in the end the one who's soul and life is harmed is the person who told the lie in the first place. To thine own self be true.

With all the above said, I must once again tell you that I resonated with what you presented in your story. I am open to your presentation, the contents, and the different types of knowledge of awareness and information that you have shared here with myself and other site readers. It does not mean one has to believe, but instead to at least be open enough to listen or read something one is not familiar with hearing or reading. Believing does not mean that belief has to stay glued to the sameness; like all things belief changes, matures and evolves, like we as human beings are meant to do also. Your shared story is a new, different way of thinking and thought or belief to take in. I find your information to be like a breath of freah air and knowledgeable.

I cannot say I know fully or from firsthand experience about channeling, but I do "know" about it. I myself would not make a good candidate, because I am a person who likes to be my own pilot of my own plane or in this case body. Many here would say and agree that what I am truly saying is that I am one to be in control, and they would be correct. I do not lie about who I am or my faults. Regardless, I am fascinated by your channeling accounts and your gathered information from your guides as you call them.

I am familiar with walk-ins, as well as with author, Ruth Montgomery and medium, Edgar Cayce. Everything that you speak of I have also learned while on my own personal journey of awareness. I am also open and familiar to your guides information about the multi-grain bread, nutrition and the use of vitamins and minerals for the healing and care of the human body.

I would be more than glad to listen to more stories about the information you have recieved from your channelings and guides.

I would also like to ask questions of your guides, as well as offer any of my own information or knowledge in return. It would be most enlightening and entertaining to open a new venue of subject here, as sometimes things can become dull, and the stories and comments become the same, similar or copies. Though most may not be new to yourself or myself, it may be helpful to those who have never heard such information. It may be new, thought provoking, paranormal and spiritural material or at the very least, it may be offputting information to some, who will just leave negative feedback (their personal choice) only.

Well, I am open if you are and will be on and off these sites. I will check for your comments and new stories, as I also have as you do and all others here, a real life to attend to. Ha! Ha! :)

Looking forward to hearing back from you and to future conversational postings. Thanks for submitting your story. Blessings, Abby

P.S. No offense to you the author, to other readers or to our web wizard.
CVT6702 (1 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2007-10-03)
I'm sorry you feel that way but its exactly what happened.
I believe Jesus would appear to any of us in a way he expected we believe he looks and in my case he no doubt decided to appear like that.

But even as I say that I was told by the Guides that Mary Jesus Mother was of European lineage and her ancestors had traveled to the holy land at an earlier time and that she was fair haired and blue eyed.

As for the Commercial that was not meant to be a commercial what I was writing about was a Baking mix the guides put together which was to be more fortified than the ones we had on the market at the time and its meant to be the Staff of Life as Bread was said to be in the Bible.

My Story was not preach but to tell the World there is Life after Death just as Jesus said and I wanted the World to know that many people can have this Psychic Gift and the Guides will want to channel information through them which will benefit mankind.

And of course the message is also that the Guides put this flour blend together and had me send it off to various bakeries and they all did their spin on it and now the shelves of our supermarket are filled with all these wonderful better for you breads and I believe the Guides and their ideas revolutionized the Baking Industry.

All to prove that although we die we are not dead but we can find channels like me and others and keep right on sharing our ideas and creativity with the world to continue to help mankind.
Morwyn (guest)
14 years ago (2007-10-03)
I can't believe one single word of your story. It began with a blonde blue-eyed Jesus and ended in commercials! I ASK YOU! You must be as nutty as squirrel poo to believe in stuff like that!

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