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Saw Through The Eyes Of Jesus And Angel Therapy Signs


In September 2008 I visited a spiritual couple in Sedona for a hypnotherapy session to get rid of past life blockages that I had gradually become aware of. I was under hypnosis, though very much conscious of my surroundings.

My memory is that at some point, I had the awareness/knowingness that I was Jesus. I saw people whose clothes revealed that they belonged to the earlier ages. They were gathering at my feet, literally. And I looked at the low mountains in the not too far distance and everything that my eyes absorbed. At that moment, I became filled with love because I knew that everything that I saw was my Father. That was all to it. I guess Jesus came through to reassure me or say hi, or just to acknowledge His presence that he was working on me during that session.

Side note:

Another interesting point from this session was that the angels invited me (through the therapist) to play with them. As I was doing that I felt a very uncomfortable pain in my heart area for several seconds (as they were obviously doing work on me). I figured after that that they just wanted to distract me for the time being.

Sometimes I would have very painful Angel Therapy (is what I would like to call it) because sometimes I would sit and as I am trying to quiet down my mind, I would start feeling the exact same sensations in the exact same areas of my body-throat, behind left eye, solar plexus. Some very uncomfortable sensations, like the one behind my left eye bordering with pain; it's almost as if something is being forced to happen intensely in those parts of my body. My throat feels like it's burning in a way, or as if there is something there that I need to force out through coughing. And sometimes the pain in my solar plexus feels intense, and I cannot do much until it dissolves. I notice that as soon as I decide that I want the uncomfortable feeling to go, it does. It does not linger as I get out of the stillness.

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Timfaraos (131 posts)
8 years ago (2015-01-22)
Hypnosis is dangerous, because you give a stranger access to your soul! This person might be a channeler of unspecified 'spirits' or 'guides', which might be evil spirits in disguise! Would you tell a stranger: hop in my car and drive me wherever you want to go?! Same thing! JESUS never used hypnosis, never channeled spirits, never used tarot cards, chrystals, or did palm reading... Never did spiritualist seances... Never used witchcraft or used spells... All these things are DANGEROUS, and forbidden by our Heavenly father... FOR OUR OWN GOOD! Timfaraos [at]
vagabondfaith (49 stories) (90 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-05)
Very interesting! Thanks for sharing your experiences and your pain. One question? The spiritual couple you visited, Were they Christians or just sort of spiritual people? Look forward to hearing your reply

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