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Hi friends, it was the first year of my engineering (Apr. 1999) when I started practicing meditation and attained a new phase in my life thereafter! I was an ordinary student and getting average marks during my school days. I was very much interested in participating school events but failed to go forward because of my fear and shy. I was also very sensitive to any difficult situations and failures. I used to face sickness every 6 months.

There were many such weaknesses earlier that got a full stop once I made meditation as part of my life. During the starting days of my meditation practice, I experienced the lightness of my body and healing sensation. These made me to involve more in meditation and continued practicing. After attending a few sessions by Pyramid Masters and listening to other meditators' experiences, I got motivated and felt happy that such a wonderful science of meditation is taught so well and in a very easy/crisp manner. I realized the importance of taking this message to everyone and also got full confidence, that I would achieve my goals.

I achieved first rank in my graduation; I got the best placement in my post graduation; my entire shy and fear went away, after I made meditation as one of the parts of my life. I stopped having medicines and started to heal on my own whenever I get ill. On a regular basis, I am analyzing myself, making my strengths stronger and getting rid off my weaknesses gradually. As an electrical engineering student, I was inspired by the scientific concepts of my first read Spiritual book 'You Forever' by Lobsang Rampa and got more trust in meditation and their benefits.

In Trekking and Full moon meditation sessions, I learnt how to live according to the Laws of NATURE. I started observing my life and am getting the feel that every incident in my life is taking place to teach a lesson and those incidents would repeat until I learn it. I experienced that I am creating my own reality based on the nature of my thoughts, no matter whether it's a happy moment or an embarrassing one.

Further, I am getting the scientific and spiritual explanation from my inner self for all my beliefs. All these beliefs are due to our illusionary mind shaped by the society we live with and meditation helps in overcoming that illusion and in realizing 'The Truth'. Meditation helped me a lot in my student days, in my work and life as well. Simultaneously I felt pity on myself for not knowing and practicing this simple breath observation meditation technique from my school days itself. From my childhood, my intuition has been insisting me on and on to do some good thing for the society, country and the world (especially to the poor). Ultimately I discovered the best way to serve others is to simply teach meditation to them so that they can improve by themselves without depending much on others.

I discovered that spirituality greatly helps in achieving one's goals easier in his/her life because of their unlimited advantages. Spirituality is not restricted to (old) aged people and it doesn't mean doing idolatry/visiting temples/serving religious saints and leaders as a devotee at all. It is the most fundamental science related to human life on earth and we don't have such great course in our present school curriculum. Meditation is the ultimate tool and Pyramids are the ultimate labs for spiritual science practical sessions. One should undergo such practice of meditation to achieve a healthier and happy life from the childhood itself.

This is only a little part of my spiritual life that I shared to you and am always there for you to guide through mail/phone. Do you want to have such a successful life? Then just follow the simple formula proposed by Brahmarshi Subhash Patriji ( : Everyday practice Meditation for the number of minutes equivalent to the number of years of your age. That means 15-year-old teenager should practice for at least 15mins daily. This meditation technique would certainly unleash the hidden talents and power within us. Trust yourself and your inner guidance. Test it... Verify it! Experience it! It's all about YOU and your LIFE! Learn how to enjoy every moment and have a Blissful Life! Do share your experiences with us. All the best!

Kumar Deepak

+91 9886071186

deepak [at] pss [dot] org

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Spiritbox333 (guest)
12 years ago (2008-09-27)
It's good to see you had some wonderful experiences through your meditation. Rarely do people get so much out of it but many people still get some improvement. It's obviously something that can help people of all ages and sizes.
mr.Hemendra A Vora (guest)
12 years ago (2008-05-06)
i am very much interested in developing the power within. I am blessed with some unknown power within me by wich I feel rthat I am always guided in times of need
Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
12 years ago (2008-03-06)
I have started to meditate, have not gotten out of it as much as you have told us in this story. I did write down the link to the org, you mention to read more about this.

I have many psychic abilities which I have many stories in the psychic-experiences on here. When first learning what this what I had was frighting but now enjoy it.

In the meditation feeling like one can fly and so light is something I have experienced and its just awesome.

Thanks for your story on here.

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