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Creativity, the Song of the Spirit


In spiritual terms creativity is a natural expression of spirit. As a river flows with ease through the channel that has been made for it, so ones natural creativity flows from spirit through the channel of the personality, the mind and the physical expression. The ego has sold western man a false God, the God of consumerism, false comfort and financial security at any price. Often the price is unhappiness, as the human being becomes a resource to be moulded into production of one kind or another. There is no doubt that this reality works for some but for many it is the road to illness and ennui.

John Bradshaw You are thinking of Buffalo medicine from your Native American studies. Buffalo brings courage and strong heart. A human being must not cower in insecurity. He or she needs courage and strong heart to be well. The souls that have incarnated in the western world at this time have every opportunity to develop spiritually. All the resources are present. Many souls in other parts of the world will spend this lifetime surviving, but that is not the case for most in the West. The west must develop spiritually and lead the world to a greater order.

The man who has even an inkling of faith in us can surrender his life to the greater reality that we represent. We will sing and proclaim through him because sprit is a primordial song and a symphony that waits for the instrument to express itself. Spirit is the song of the sea and the land and the joy that waits in every human heart. Yes, spirit waits and urges in it's own quiet way, spirit drops a thousand hints and if a man can listen to his heart and feel the excitement of being alive in his abdomen, spirit will speak for his greater good and for the good of the world.

Spirit speaks and spirit sings and sometimes spirit shouts, but many in the world stumble and shuffle about in a numb dance of mediocrity and desperate faith in the fabricated securities of the ego and the world. I say to you that there is no security that man can provide. I say to you that man must surrender his life to God and be soothed by the balm of love and the spirit. Man's life, this fraction of existence that his spirit has assumed flashes to its expiration as the glory of a shooting star extinguishes in an instant. This fraction of existence that has become everything to the ego is extremely little to the spirit. Like the child who plays at hiding and reveals only his little finger for an instant, so the physical incarnation appears in time and is withdrawn and in this physical flash of time, only one thing matters and that thing is Love and I say to you to say to others, lose not the opportunity to love because your soul longs for love and even if you have become hardened by the world, the hardness and the world will fall away like an unwanted shell as spirit opens it's embrace to receive you.

I say to you work with love not only in your treatment of your fellows but in your work, yes in your worldly work, find love. Take time to listen to your heart. Have courage and go out on a limb if necessary to find and express the Divine. Find the satisfaction and the contentment of your natural self -expression, for to express yourself in the world for who and what you are is to express your divine nature. One famous for his words (khalil Gibran) said that he who cannot work with joy is better off to seek alms from those who do and yes I say to you to lumber for false comfort in some small myopic vision of reality that has been created for you by those invested in control and fear can serve no higher good. In your lives touch beauty, in your lives touch wonder and in your lives touch freshness and celebrate with each new dawn and say this day is a miracle and I am here to witness it, My soul has travelled to this time and place and I have life and I have eyes to behold the wonder of the dawn and I have the breath of life that beats in every timeless second of my world and ask in awe, what is this life, what is this wonder, what is this dawn and day, what is this timeless miracle where earth and heaven meet and I say to you, let go of the past, let go of the ego, let go of the future, let go of your projections and your cynicism and your tiredness, let go and accept only the timeless moment wherein beats your gentle heart and the very life that sustains you. Give thanks for this moment and the very fact that you exist in the image of God and heaven.

Give thanks that you have hope and where there is suffering surrender yourself to a power far greater and call the power that made you what you will, whether it be God or Good or universal sacred forces, find the language, find the words, find the humility in yourself to know that behind the million miracles that constitute your being at any given moment lies Love and that God is Love and you are a child of love with all your hurts and joys and hopes and cares. You are a child of God and behind you and all around you stand the legions of heaven and countless angels to watch over you. We watch over you and we guide you in divine order and for the higher good. We light the path that you must travel and we call out to you. We await your wakening and your call today and every day and always.

Good night Beloved

The above article is an excerpt from my book 'Impressions of an Archangel'. I am a Spiritual healer from Ireland living in the South of France. The book 'Impressions of an Archangel' is written in the form of a dialogue between me the writer and channel and the powers of spirit in a form known to me as Archangel Michael. The book contains a number of passages on Spirit, Consciousness and Awareness

kind regards

John Bradshaw

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Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-05)
A well written story and thanks for sharing it with us. I think to often we take to many things for granted, when we should step out of the circle of comfort were in, and see what really lies ahead and behind us.
SorryGlendaSCinotherrooms (guest)
16 years ago (2007-12-31)
This is what I remember about the Buffalo. When a Native American took one, he/she thanked him for his skin and giving himself to nourish them. His spirit moved on. I think, mostly, we are not grateful. I think we should be.

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