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Till the year 1999 I never knew that what I saw in my dreams in past will come true in real life. Since then year by year my experiences have increased. I meet those people and have visited those places.

I even come out of death many times with the help of the cosmic energy. One of the critical experiences I had was in 2005 - after I had a dental surgery for the impacted wisdom tooth, one night I had severe pain in my brain similar brain hemorrhage and I could not even tolerate. I kept a snap of one form of divine and lay on my bed. I heard the voice saying "I am Power" and clairvoyantly saw the divine symbols. From the next day I recover. After that I have taken medical tests but everything was quite normal. Thanks to the supreme soul and the divine beings for their protection and this life.

Its unbelievable even for me that I am always given guidance by the divine and directed and moved according to the divine's wish that I always understand after the experience why I was there at that movement doing always something that I never planned for. May be I have to perform the divine's task in this life.

In 2007/2008 once I felt my soul come out of my body and was pulled back. From somewhere I felt my soul mate hug me tightly to bring me back.

We think we are doing everything by ourselves but there is cosmic energy working for us and helping us.

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