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Out Of Body Experience At A Drug Treatment Center


My name is Wes Pierce. I'm 28 years old. I'm currently in a drug treatment facility in Calabasas, CA. I have always believed in GOD and him watching over me and keeping me safe. I was in acupuncture, laying on the floor and about 25 minutes into it I had my eyes closed and I see this bright light shining in front of my eyes and all of a sudden I can see a silhouette of my body being lifted out of me, it then disappears and a couple minutes later I get a rush of energy that goes all the way through me. I open my eyes and I'm in awe about what just happened. I pray every night, read a spiritual book called, "What am I here for?" By Rick Warren and write in a journal. I have such a strong connection with GOD that the life experiences I have encountered have been absolutely amazing!

I was addicted to meth for two years. I have been trying to fight this addiction for awhile. I came into a drug rehab about 40 days ago. My last week of using was very spiritually rewarding. When I was out riding my bike and trying to get high, wherever I was riding I had this amazing feeling that people were never out to get me, however, they were there in support of me. It felt like they were there making sure I was okay and they were watching over me. It has been a feeling I will never forget. I want to be able to share my story to anyone that's trying to fight addiction or needs help to let them know that it is possible to recover. I was in a meth induced psychosis that I never thought I'd be able to get one day sober, however, one morning when I woke up something had clicked in my brain and I wanted to get sober and get help. I then reached out to a very close friend of mine and he guided me in the right direction. I was two days clean before coming into treatment and the week before getting in I prayed to GOD to keep me safe and clean so I can go get help. Today I have 41 days clean, I have a very strong spiritual connection with GOD, I have supportive family and friends. I'm building character, becoming the man I once was, and being of service and helping other people. In the next week or so I'm going to be riding my bike from the town I used to live in to my sober living which is 40 miles away. I'm doing this as a huge goal of mine that I can accomplish doing something that I love to do, spreading the word of recovery to addicts that still suffer and riding my bicycle clean and sober.

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