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My Supernatural Experience


The date was September 11, 2015 the time was approximately 11:00 pm I had just finished praying, my wife and kids were already asleep. I lay down and go to close my eyes and all of a sudden with my eye lids closed I saw a shadow pass in front of a light coming from a small night light in the room. I felt the presence as well, but as quick as that presence moved across the light something happened that beyond anything natural. Once I felt the presence there was wind whistling in my ear and across my body that grew to a mass amount of wind, that I can only describe as someone putting a leaf blower over my body. I go to move but my body was over taken, I had no mobility in my body. Keep in mind I just laid down. I was 100% awake and confused not scared because I have had similar experienced before, but not the Same. So let me go back to my first experience and tie it all together so you can get the full story that I experienced. The first experience I was around the age of 15 I was asleep on my bed when I woke up to something that climbed on my bed. My first reaction was to get up to see who this was but I was completely pind to my bed I couldn't move or speak. My mom walks into my room and and asks if I was ok. I can see her from my peripherals I could hear her but I couldn't respond, I was screaming in my head for her not to leave me but she walked out of my room and closed the door. I instantly fell asleep and completely forgot about it until the 2nd time I experience this. The second time I was woken up to my wife who woke up to smoke coming from the hallway. It was winter a month before Christmas of 2014, so my first instinct was my heater my home has a wall heater and I thought it caught something on fire. So I jump out of bed and run to the heater to see nothing not even smoke, but I turn the heater off anyways and went back to bed. Once I got back to the room my wife was sound asleep with our kids also sound asleep on our bed. I was thinking how crazy she is for waking me up scaring me like that. I sit on my bed and look at my door there was nothing there but I felt something there. I lay down with my eyes on the open door. Once I closed my eyes felt and heard like someone was shaking my baby and saying profound things that I don't feel comfortable saying. I instantly open my eyes and go to turn around but my body is stuck like someone is holding me down, I can't speak or move I'm scared thinking my baby is being hurt behind me and I can't do anything, but all of a sudden a name comes to my head the name of Jesus and I felt in my heart I had to say it. So I said Jesus and whatever it was let go of me. I turn around to my wife and kids sound asleep. I had just started going back to church around a few months prior, I had re-dedicated my life to the Lord. I trust in the Lord I just felt he was trying to show me something. So the 3rd time this happens I almost felt prepared. My wife and kids and I slept in our living room I believe was a few days before Christmas because the Christmas tree was up. I remember feeling the presence and I knew whatever it was is going to, what I believe was going to attack me. Which it did, it was strangling me and I didn't panic, all I said was "Jesus" and immediately it let go. I felt freedom as though I was in the spirit and I flew to the sky, most incredible feeling. These are the previous experiences that happened to me and ties into my recent experience. So once I felt the presence I already knew what I had to do. I left off with this massive amount of wind blowing over my body and my body is completely locked up and all this air blows over me. My first instinct was to say "Jesus" but it didn't work than I asked myself is this the Holy Spirit. While my eyes are closed and I can see the color purple swirling counter clockwise and instantly formed into a square and in the middle of the square the color white spinning counter clockwise and forms instantly into a figure that I thought was Jesus and than a staff forms in his hand so instantly became Moses. The weird part there was a voice in my head separate from mine that was speaking but I didn't understand it. The only way I can describe it is talking to someone You can hear their voice and a part of your brain gives you understanding but that part of my brain in my experience wasn't working of something. I can hear but I can't perceive it. The wind stopped I opened my eyes and was able to move. This is my experience thank you for reading

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nancyvlcek1 (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2016-08-15)
Oh how wonderful to read how you turned to Jesus for help. You really encouraged me. It's neat how we can be thankful for situations that used to freak us out. Thanks again for your uplifting story. Yahoo!

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