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The Vibrant Colors Of Jewels


I was about eight or nine years old when I experienced something that I have never before seen or felt again. The year would have been somewhere around 1963 or 1964. I was playing house in my mother's bedroom, as I shared my room with my great grandmother. There was a twin bed under an open window where my dolls lay. As I was about to pick up one of them something caught my eye. There at the window was the most beautiful image I had ever seen. It was the colors rubies, golds and emeralds running in vertical stripes. There were no facial features or visible limbs but appeared to be the size of a tall person. I was mesmerized. Though I felt I couldn't move, if I had wanted to, I felt absolute peace and awe. I don't know how long it had been there but realized that it was just watching me. I couldn't look away and too soon it began to back away from the window drifting upward. And as it was rising it was shrinking. When it had reached the tree top it was now a ball of white light. I remember the tall pine that it hovered above and then shot away and disappeared into the night. Of course I ran out to tell my mother but I think I already knew no one was ever going to believe me. I'm now sixty years old and have told this story many times. But in my heart I know that what I saw was just for me to reflect on during my life. Those hard, sad times when we began to doubt. I often have asked God for an answer. Something. But I'd already been given more than others. I have seen proof when others have had only their faith. I guess what I question most is why I was given this gift when others are so much more deserving? But there I many times I'm thankful.

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