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The Force


This is something I never told anyone about. In fact I have kept this a secret until now, I now feel that this experience should be brought to light and I always feared sharing this experience. But now I think I have a courage to share what I have experienced, hopefully you all would benefit.

I remember that day. December 14th 2012. That day was also a day when 26 people lost their lives in a school shooting. I felt a bit shocked on how the world would become so evil like this, how someone can have the guts to harm innocent lives and exterminate them from this world.

In the evening that day I thought about this, and laid in my bed whispering thoughts to God on how the world can become so dark and evil, why humans can commit horrible acts of crimes. Perhaps it was society itself? The ills of a failed system? I just do not know the motives. However, I did know one thing and that is forgiveness. To be able to forgive and let go is essential, to forgive our enemies is crucial in maintaining peace.

Not only I thought about the fallibility of human beings I started to think about myself as well.

A bit of background: I did not grow up in the orthodox or mainstream religion family. I did read on different religions, seemed interesting.

Before the date I mentioned I spent years doing research until what would culminate as what I believe is essential to our salvation. For all.

I however thought most religions were conflicting towards each other, even Christianity itself. I found the depiction of an angry God in the skies and eternal hell along with a blood sacrifice by Jesus does not fit with the merciful and loving nature of what I call God. How can one be all forgiving if one of the children is subjected to an eternity of hell? This is fear mongering! A tactic often used by evangelists to draw people to the church. I believe though that Jesus was a messenger but not God himself. He was a son of God just like all of us I suppose. And since the bible was written by man just like other books as well, man is subjected to his own error of thinking.

Despite that part in Christianity, there was one parable that stook out: the new birth, love your God and brothers, and the prodigal son.

We are all prodigal sons and under the mercy of God. God loves us dearly and created our souls. We fell and need to depend on God. But what is it from God that can stop us from muddling in the darkness? What if God does exist?

I turned to google to find the quest for answers, the one true piece of salvation. Along researching NDEs and New Age, I got tired of mysticism and woo of pseudoscience, all based on placebo. I wanted something tangible and real, a solution to cure the fallibility of man himself.

Then I found channeled messages from a man named James E Padgett which presumably came from Jesus. They mentioned something called the Divine Love which is the substance of God, when prayed for with faith and earnest longings, God would bestow upon His divine love through the workings of the Holy Spirit. The more Divine Love received the more sins shall be blotted out. At the end man can become sinless.

So I said why not. I prayed for this Divine Love everyday, finally on that night, (the date I mentioned earlier) I input all efforts and begged God to bestow upon me this Divine Love, I was about to lose hope in this expirement ungoing for two months already. Perhaps these channelings were just fake after all. I must have been wasting time then pursuing this mysterious Divine Love after all.

But then, then! A force hit my chest like a meteor, it was if out of nowhere, it was not physical at all but it was if electricity burned and forged itself unto my chest region. I immediately felt happy, supremely happy without words, for this truly was the great Love I prayed for all these weeks! It was quick and fast! I was unaware of what could happen, it was as if everything shook like an earthquake and at the end I rejoiced at the great possession I have obtained.

It is said that the Divine Love once planted in a soul does not leave ever. Permanent. Not even the strongest force cannot pry it and the soul of a man apart.

It can however lie dormant if prayer is not constant enough.

I stopped praying as if I did not need to. Because I felt I need not search for more. I can take my time. However since I did not pray that much as I used to in the two months I mentioned, the Love inside became dormant.

It was not until a year later I saw no change in myself at all. I prayed once more and took things seriously, I wondered if I can ever feel that force coming into my chest like previously.

Months passed. Days elapsed. Perhaps that force was just a mere placebo, sleep paralysis? A dream? I prayed? Maybe? Not hard enough?

But now very recently I started to feel a tingling sensation in the chest, as if kindled with a flame of fire. I feel more at peace and happy, this is the Divine Love again! This time it flows silently like a stream and slowly into the soul, slowly taking root.

I feel more grounded and balanced, and more motivated as well. I now have this small craving to get more, true cravings of what we call faith.

I can now see that God does exist, and His Gift is nothing but His Love which is the sum of all things! Happiness, joy, faith, caring, bravery but most importantly love!

It is only the seeking of this Love and not the dead rules and doctrines of books and religions or a belief in the blood of Christ but rather it is Love that can heal and redeem us from our fallen state.

So! You want to experience this love yourself? Then seek and pray for it! Crave and desire it! Ask and you shall receive! Love God and make God part of your life! Feel loved by God and don't expect things that happen your way. Rather expect the unexpected and trust that all shall go well.

Religion is the relationship between God and Man where both creator and created are loving and being loved.

Yet the minds of men like to analyze texts and argue over small details. The channelings from James E Padgett certainly provided me the answer, and served as a guide. I am fine with them. There are details in the channelings followers often argue over because people worship a text more than God.

I tell this from experience, but gradually in my spiritual road, I don't need to read books because books were not meant to be carried around. The way of Love is written in our hearts, wherever we go it is there. Books serve as crutches, ultimately we will not need them. When Jesus walked the earth he mentioned this Love but since man could not understand it explicitly Jesus can only use parables. Most parables would actually hint at the receiving of Divine Love. I saw how this lost knowledge seemed buried and decide to bring it to light.

In Christianity the receiving of Divine Love is also called the baptism of the Holy Spirit, which can explain the burnings of the hearts and Pentacost. It is also known as the New Covanent as well.

What does Divine Love do?

It makes us happy and not worry much about our troubles

It gives us Mercy and frees us from sin

We become better people

We will make less mistakes

We will become more and more perfect

We can resist temptation easily

We can effortlessly serve others

Getting Divine Love is not a one time thing. It is a lifetime process and through all eternity. I can testify through my experience that Divine Love does do wonders, as I am typing this I too feel a stronger burning in the chest region.

I think it is simple for the common man to understand yet very practical. Simplicity is golden, no rules are needed to follow or doctrines, rituals, church going but it is through intimate silent prayer we come closer to God. Most importantly we must trust and have faith.


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