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Filled With An Amazing Light Force


I was sat at my computer one evening trying to come up with this weeks lottery numbers. I was playing games in my mind thinking I could predict the numbers, when suddenly I was hit hard with a light beam that seemed to come from above me, my head lifted up and I stood. I felt the most amazing pleasure and peace I have ever felt to this day in my life.

It felt like a warm comfortable light pole had projected out of the centre of my brain. I saw flashes of my life, and I felt the most external of feelings relating to time. Time felt like it was nothing, as if I had been here a million times before. I was told through this feeling that there is nothing to worry about, that life is existing in a million different places of time and galaxies, with millions of different formations and dimensions. This was a most beautiful experience, and my little brain could not take all this in.

Later that week I was submitted into the local hospital with a heart rate of 150, I stayed up for 10 days solid with no food and an amazing amount of energy. My thoughts were racing but I was losing no weight. I felt people's thoughts as they thought them, I saw my interpretation of (GODS) creation. I felt patterns all around me from every colour to every atom, I saw links in all human history, and much more.

After this event came to a slower pace I felt at peace and happy. My heart as been opened by some external super force which I do not understand. I feel very connected to forces in the future. I feel visitors from other places all around me.

Thank you

Shaun Jones

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Lori (guest)
10 years ago (2010-04-27)
I had a similar experience. Part of me wants it believe it was a manic episode but another part of me knows it wasn't. God touched me and I feld intense Love and peace. I was filled with the holy spirit. God is good.

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