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Something Tries To Take My Soul Away From My Body


My problem started about 3 months ago. I practice a lot of meditation and letting go. Letting go to me is allowing my mind become blank. I do this all the time and I am fine but something weird happens when I let go before I go to sleep. When I meditate right before bed I feel this energy trying to take me away.

I do not know what it is. How I noticed that something was trying to take me away was 3 months ago. I let go before bed and I felt a deep oneness with everything and one, I felt happiness, it felt like a golden light had spread through me and like I was on a higher vibration. I have felt things before but this was one of the best feelings I ever had. After that I fell asleep and dreamed of someone who wanted me to come with them. I was happy to go with them until something jumped into my body (I think it was my spirit guide) and screamed "no (my name)!" that made me wake up and that's how I noticed that something was trying to take me away. Sometimes the thing trying to take me away becomes characters from different movies I like and then once I find out that it's a lie and not the character I run away from it.

As of now the norm for me would be to let everything go and feel the higher vibration. I sleep and dream about someone wanting me to come with them and then I wake up around 3-4am. When I wake, I can still feel the presence of the energy with me and it still calls for me to come with it.

What do you think it is? Thus far I have no clue what it is and it's persistent. Its not scary it just feels like energy. Also since then I have moved and its still happening, so I don't think its like a house haunting.

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Anon (guest)
4 years ago (2020-01-27)
Take it from someone that has had the experience of a soul and heart being ripped out of my body while awake that

1. That wasn't what u were going through
2. I'm not dead so that wasn't me

I don't know what that was. But I'm.not dead.

Garbage comes to mind. So does fears.

People are afraid of losing their souls.

They might have dreams about it.

No need to fear it.

Even if a horse of invisible bad guys try to rip it out, while awake, you can live through it.

It could be schizohectics in my case but my background suggests otherwise.

Point is dead bodies don't have souls and they don't type comments on websites either.

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