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April Sixth 2010


My story is complex but I will try to make it simple and understandable. I was seventeen, it was the weekend and was having a normal weekend sleepover at my bestfriends. We had just went to the movies and was relaxing on her bed talking until we would fall asleep. My best friend had fell asleep in mid sentence which was strange to me but I blew it off and decided to go to sleep. I closed my eyes and felt myself dose off. I started to feel strange and felt my "light" or soul make its way out of my body completely. I saw my light fly out of my body and into another dimention. The best way I could describe the feeling was like a crazy realistic dream. I ended up in an uncomfortable place of heartache, lonliness, discomfort, and distraction of my "self" I was in my own dimentional hell. To make it short I had my own personal realization of my self worth there, came back to my body and felt the blood litterly flow back into my whole entire body. I was scared when I woke up and told my mom to pick me up because I didn't "feel well". It wasn't over yet, I got home my mom and dad were talking to me about it and may I add they are very set in their mormon religious ways as I was at seventeen. My dad gave me a blessing and after I felt this incredible glow of love and light and assurance come over me while sitting on my living room rocking chair with my parents on the couch. I started to litterly see a vision while I was awake and saw a divine being above my head (kind of like a cloud bubble the veil was completely taken away for me) there were angels yelling and cheering for my strong will to stay alive, I supposed this life on earth had a purpose needing to be fullfiled only by me. Since then I drifted from my religion and I became "religious" per say, in my own self and God. I have struggles every day but at least I know I went through something dear to my heart that made me realize myself as a person and I am forever greatful for that day: April sixth 2010. The date forever sticks in my head.

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