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ICU Soul Out Of Body Experience


I had open heart surgery on good Friday April 6 2012. Afterwards I was transferred to ICU. On the third day being Sunday late afternoon I had the most terrifying "soul out of the body" experience. I found myself on the floor (back seat) of a huge yellow jeep in a fetal position. I was not able to move but was being tossed back and forth as the jeep went racing through the jungle at a very high speed. I could see the blue sky and white clouds above and the green foliage and branches hitting the jeep as it sped on. I thought it was a dream or nightmare but a soft voice behind me told me that it was not. I realized it was real got scared and started yelling. I managed to see only the shoulder and arm of two huge individuals, one driver one passenger. Suddenly the jeep came to a complete stop in front of a C-130 USAF cargo plane. The two got out and dragged me inside. As the plane got airborne, I noticed there were no pilots. As they dragged me across the floor (fetal position) I saw a huge black portal like screen on the other side of the plane's wall. It dawn on me that it was the abyss and they were dragging me in there. I started crying and calling out to God-Jesus. Suddenly beams of light made huge holes on the wall next to the pilots cabin. I could see the ocean waves and miles of jungle below. I thought of jumping out through the hole if I could get away. As I was being thrown into the portal, I made a final plea to Jesus... Please save me and I promise to praise and worship you with my guitar and voice the rest of my life. I was back in ICU screaming, yelling and crying. Nurses and the cardiologists rushed in offering to help. This experience changed my life...

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