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Incredible But True


Incredible but true,

I've discovered something amazing that changed me in ways I can't explain. I want to share this experience with you, so that you can understand that there is more that surrounds us then you may think.

I was resting in my living room with my dog, sitting in my chair with my eyes close thinking about my observations from when I was in the forest and the energy that surrounds us. "Keep in mind I go a lot in the forest for long walks, it helps to open my mind". Without noticing it I found myself in a white cloud, for how long I don't know. I felt myself coming down from this cloud and seeing myself sitting there on my chair. I was there floating over my body slowly getting closer and went back into my body. At that moment I felt this electric shock, not painful but amazing sensation from the top of my head to the lower part of my spine. It was an unbelievable sensation, which I've never felt before, I felt great, full of energy, like I was 20 years younger. I was 40 years old at the time. All of a sudden my dog jump down and started going in circles and barking as if there was something in front of me, so I reached and tried to feel and there was nothing...

At that moment I sat back down and started thinking about what just happened. I just had my first contact with this energy which surrounds us all. From this experience I have my proof that if we can have contact with this energy, I am positive that death doesn't just mean the end. There is something amazing waiting for us when we are ready...

Our body is an amazing machine which is powered by this energy which we all have within us and it is possible to make contact with this energy. We don't get to decide when we get into contact with this energy it will come in contact with us when we are ready. From what I've noticed of today's society and my pass experiences, is the education about life and this energy is very poor. We need to think of new ways to educate our younger generations and teach them more about living with themselves and to respect the people and environment around them.

Which leads me to introduce this program, I have been working on for years, to show our youth of today a new way of learning: "YouthProgramCenter"

For more info on the program take a look at my site!


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