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I Want To Tell You About Someone I Met When I Died


Anyone can see what is physically there in front of them. One of the reasons, or basis of achievement of our life is to be able to understand, to formulate, and to hold to a personal belief system that will sustain us in good times and bad. This personal belief system will define who you are as an individual, and who we are as a society. In order to serve you best this personal belief system must, also, cover the abstract as well as what is physically in front of you. Is the life of someone you have never met less precious to you than someone you see everyday? If your personal belief system is not well rounded and balanced you may feel yourself slip into despair. Is this all there is to life? You may ask yourself. Is all that we have are a few years spent on this earth, and then it's all gone? Do you feel alone and isolated rather than connected to a greater life, both before and after the physical life we live? It is always such a tragedy when someone young dies. It seems they have been robbed of, even, the few experiences and days of life they may have had. How do you resolve questions like; Who am I? Why, if there is any reason, am I here? Even when we get to live a full life just as we begin to understand some of the questions we have in life and we are more at peace with ourselves it is always time to go. What is the purpose in that? Does all that we have experienced, all that we have learned, and all that we have become to be gone in the instant of death?

Ah, you have to know that formulating our own personal belief system is, so, rich in feelings, defeats, and great personal revelations as it grows and matures throughout your life. It is, truly, a delicious experience, a bitter-sweet experience. Every time your prospectus is off you suffer a defeat, so you fall back, nurse your wounds, change your perspective on life and your beliefs, just a little, then you gather your courage and surge ahead, hopefully to success this time. It may be a bitter-sweet experience, but that journey is the most exciting, the most intimate lifelong experience you will have. It become twice as rich when you find someone to share the journey with. We appreciate something most once we realize we have lost the opportunity to accomplish. When I was twelve years old I lost the opportunity to formulate most of my personal belief system. That was the day I died.

No longer have I the freedom of choice through exploration of the myriad of subtle hints each of us encounter most moments of every day in order to form my personal belief system. I no longer may ponder the deep questions; Are our lives connected, to what extent, what are they connected to, how, is there a god, what is god, are there angels, how do they relate to god, how do they relate to me? I no longer had that choice of exploration because it was shown to me. I do, now, know that is not a choice it is, rather a mandate. If you have ever wondered what your purpose in life is, here is one of the main ones. This one I give to you. I could tell you, but I can't prove anything, and besides you really need to find out on your own. It will mean so much more to you if you discover it yourself. Besides I realize what a wonderful experience it is because my opportunity has been lost. I have found, however, that although I am aware of more, that very awareness leads to better questions. I find myself up against another irony. That is that the more questions answered means that there are fewer questions that need to be asked, and some questions should not be asked because I found I don' want to know the answers.

As a result of my experience and the realization of how dear each of our personal journeys are in figuring out life and what ideals we can stand by, live by, and make us a better person. Every day everyone is a little different as they learn and figure out a little more. That is how we learn, just a little each day. I hold my beliefs are mine alone. I accept and welcome that anyone else's beliefs will be varied and different than my own. I will not take anyone's personal quest for their personal ideals away from them. I will, however share my beliefs as tools, or points of consideration in order to help guide others find their way, but it will be their way

The first thing I want you to consider is the question of language. If you are seeking a spiritual answer you won't necessarily receive it in a physical language. The one thing I believe it is very important to do is to develop the art of listening to yourself. Listen to yourself and trust in yourself. It could be the answer to you question has already been given to you, or will be, soon, you just have to realize what it is when you have it. Think of it this way if you loved a child and they asked you a question, especially a good question. You may reply with hints of little pieces of until the child puts the pieces together and they come up with the answer. That works best not just in our physical world. And, yes, you will realize as we go on that, maybe in ways, the greater spiritual is not so different than our physical world. I think that is so cool, things like love, consideration of others, caring, of two joining to become one, a greater one. Remember that when two join in a perfect union they become the greater one, of course we don't know the perfect union, but that will come up again.

A good question for the next turn is the question, "Who am I?" Well you know what your father and mother named you when you were born, but that does not really answer the question, does it? It's almost like if you were going on a major trip like a cruise. Instead of the captain announcing that his name is John and he will be the captain for the duration of this trip, it is announced that your name will be John for the duration of the cruise. It helps to identify the players, like this is John and that is Mary. They will be known as John and Mary. OK, everything is fine until a person with a more mature spirit listens to themselves and thinks but, I don't feel like a John, or a Mary and I can't quite place just who I am. Who am I? Sometimes you already know the answer or you wouldn't ask the question.

I met someone interesting when I died. I will tell you about him, but it will take time, and interest. In this blog I want to explain, to the best of my ability, as I go along so you will better understand. I accounted the whole experience in a book I wrote, but I was very blunt. At the time I only wanted to log the experience. Here I want to explain some of the finer points skipped over in The book. You will attain a greater picture if you read the book first, but I warn you it is more like, "The facts and just the facts, Mam.) The title of the book is Beyond the Veil of Innocence by DL Jones. The publisher is They will make sure you get a copy, or, if you want, once on the website there is a link for free excerpts. It was an agreement we had that the free excerpts would the full first three chapters. That will set up how I was electrocuted, it will tell you about finding myself bodiless floating in a dark void. I heard someone call out to me. When I looked for whomever that had called to me is when I saw a small light, far away. I wanted to go to the light to see if he was there. I moved toward the light, and then into the light. That's where he was, in the light. A while later I just faded out and found myself back in the dark void, but this time there was someone there with me. I could feel him, radiating immense power, and love, there was more love than I thought existed in the world. Maybe I was right, but the power was so powerful it was nearly physical. I could not see him, and he did not speak to me. He did not speak to me until after the others finished their review and evaluation of my life. That was when he spoke to me. He told me I could not pass on. I must go back and finish my life. He gave me three reasons why I had to go back and live my life.

The first was that I was meant to do something that I had not, yet done. The second was that I was meant to influence someone I had not, yet, met. The third reason was that I had not, yet, learned enough to accomplish the other two. With those words I began to fade from that place. As I was transitioning from that place back to my world he said one thing more. He said, "Tell no one of what you have learned on this day it is not, yet, time." That is the end of chapter three, and the story rests for forty-two years. So, if you would rather just download free the first three chapters. They are very interesting. The rest of the story is incredible.

In this next step of our exploration you will have to listen to yourself and trust in what you feel. You may agree with what I say in this step, or you may not. If you find you do not I want to thank you for reading thus far. Here we tread into the complete unknown. The only book capable of guiding you any further would be the bible, and I will go even a little beyond that with this step. Everyone will have an opinion on these things I will suggest, so please feel free to discuss it, but I want your conclusions to be yours, alone. Don't even make up your mind by what I say because I know I don't know anything. Acceptance of these ideas must be yours and yours alone.

Do you, or could you conceive of, or believe that each one of us has an immortal spirit? Asked in a different way, "Could there be something of each of us that was, before we are born, and be after our body dies? I know we cannot conceive of immortality. It is an alien concept to us. We have always been contained in finite life, in a finite space, and finite time. What is forever? Another concept I have trouble with is Infinite space. To attempt infinite or immortality just gives me a headache.

When I died I found myself bodiless in a dark void. When someone called out to me I could see the light in the distance. I moved into the light, and there, I met someone. There in the light where all was spread out for me to see a friend met me. I can not name my friend because that would demean my friend. I can not, just yet, what I saw and heard there, in that place. I tell you this much, now, because I wish to introduce my friend. He comes back to me, many times over the years in order to teach me things I need to know.

The first is about life. He taught me about our life and how the mortal and the spirit intertwine. This was my hardest lesson. Of all he has shown me This was the most difficult for me to accept. If you would graph a lifeline it would start at a point. Life would start at the point we are born. From this point it would incline until we reach maturity when we are hale and hearty, sound of mind and body. As we slide into old age this line would begin to decline. It would continue to decline until the moment of death. At the moment of death the line would end. A life has been lived. At least that is what I wanted to believe. That is all of life we have been able to believe because that was all we could see. My friend showed me that life is like a multi looped spiral with the end line is joined to the beginning line, so there. Is no beginning and there is no end. He took me to a place, to a beginning. There I was born, I went to school, I made friends, I had a profession, I had a job, and a family. When I grew old and tired and found I was ready to go, I passed on. I found myself not at the end but, rather, at another beginning, and my friend would show me what was ahead of me. For years, at least twice a week I lived this dream. I lived many lives, but in each I was myself. For years I would not accept this, and the lesson continued until the day I did accept it. That was the day that dream ended. I never had that dream again. It was just one lesson learned. Once I even asked him, " Do we not lie as in sleep when our life is lived until we are brought forth in the finale judgment and placed in our rightful place?" He told me, "Sleep? Why there is no time for sleep. There is to much to do, there is too much to learn. There is no time for sleep, nor do you need sleep."

Is there something of us before our physical life and is there something of us that goes on beyond our physical lives? That is really two questions, the before and the after, but I would rather lump them together. Is our physical life the sum of all experience, or is there a possibility of something greater, beyond? Could life be as infinite as space, and can you conceive of either? I know people that reject one and won't consider the other. It is a scary contemplation, and not easy to come to terms with.

If you do accept that life is a closed loop spiral forever going through learning cycles then you open yourself up to infinite, immortal life, or the possibility of it. There is a fine point I would like to make now. Even if we are, or have an immortal spirit immortal does not mean indestructible. If you are following me up to this point then I do not like putting you off, but please consider. Everything you think, do, and say each moment of every day will either add to your spirit and allow it to grow, or it takes away from the spirit so it is lessened. If the spirit can be hurt, then it can be hurt to the point it does not exist. That is what we may do, but there are other dangers to the spirit we know nothing of. (The Organ Donation Program/ Beyond the Veil of Innocence) Here we are all The Great Shepherd's (God's) children. The Great Shepherd (God) guides and protects us, here.

Another step on why it is important to learn to listen to yourself. It was, once, said, "You have eyes, yet you do not see. You have ears, yet you do not hear." Consider this, if, in our spiritual form we see, hear, and communicate without the benefit of Physical eyes, ears, and mouth. I have read, and I do believe that we were made in God's (The Great Shepherd's) image. I do not believe God (The Great Shepherd) is made in our image. I say this to be true because we have such a shallow range of knowledge that we don't even know what our image is. Maybe it would help if switched our point of view of just who we are. My question to you is, "What is our natural form?" I would think it would be the form that we were made in and we spend most of our time as. If our spirit or our spiritual form is immortal and our the lifetime of our physical form is extremely brief, then I could surmise that our spiritual form is what was made in God's (The Great Shepherd") image. We must be careful not to attempt to make God (The Great Shepherd) in our physical form's image. Think of this The Great Shepherd (God) and all that help with the children have heavenly spiritual bodies. Do you think they can see, hear, and speak although they have no physical eyes, ears, and mouths? That is what I believe Jesus was talking about. When I died I was floating in a dark void. When he called out to me he opened my eyes, he opened my ears, and he opened my mouth, and I could see, hear, and speak. It may not have been a dark void. I may have not been ably to perceive it until he called out to me. The light may not be a place you go to when called, it may be a place you may not be able to perceive until you are called, and you eyes are opened. The light and the glory that lies there may be around us all the time, and we just can't see it, can't hear it, we cannot touch it, not in a physical body, and not until we are called.

We live our lives in an innocent state. We are innocent of who and what we are. This innocent state is really the best state to form a learning environment. I do have a question on timing. It was 1964 when I had my initial experience. At that time I was told to tell no one what I learned there on that day. He said it was not, yet, time. Fort-two years later he said,: Now is the time to tell your story. Tell your story now!" I don't think that squirrel running up into the irrigation pipe which caused me to pick it up and hit it against the trailer, and touch that highline wire was an accident. I believe it was all by plan. I needed to be introduced to my friend. I needed to know who he was. I, also needed the information from my life's evaluation and judgment. I think the whole thing was set up and done purposely. In 1964 it was me that was not ready. He told me I did not know enough to accomplish my tasks.

Forty-two years later I may have been the one that caused the time to be right. It could be that I was ready to begin my tasks. What I can not figure out is," Why threaten our innocent state?" The more I succeed the more our innocent state will be compromised. If I fail the innocent state will remain intact. My question is of timing. We may be closer than we thought if this is the beginning of the end of the innocent state, for if I fail another will follow. I keep thinking what my friend taught me that there are no endings, only new beginnings. I'll trust in that.

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Timfaraos (131 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-23)
Thank God for nde, obe, and all supernatural testimonies on the internet! Even if only 0.01% of them were true, THAT WOULD PROVE THEIR POINT! Hallelujah! Timfaraos [at]
NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-07)
"It is not our physical form but our spiritual soul that is made as an image of God"...
No, also the body. But this aspect of Human Similarity to God has been corrupted and thus to-day we can hardly believe in it.
If you read the first chapter of the Bible, it says when God made Man He kneaded clay and made of it a human body and gave life to it by blowing His breath into its nose.
How could The Lord Infinite bow down to the soil and take clay and knead if He had not, at this moment, given to Himself an anthropomorphic physical body?
Furthermore, Bible says that the first Men, even after Original Sin, lived for hundreds of years. Abraham's wife Sarah brought to life her son Isaac when hundred years old. And Adam and Eve and their offspring in Paradise before Original Sin were designed to be physically immortal.

The fact that also our material bodies and our material lives have a deep analogy to the Nature of God has been a central point of reflection to me for several years. It brought me to the conclusion that the transcendent Meaning, or Purpose, of mundane human activities is to imitate the Lord, our Creator, in creating "something out of nothing". See, God took a body and stood with His lotus feet on Earth and bowed to the ground and kneaded clay, as if he were a human child of three or four who plays in the mud. Could He lower Himself more just for Love than by this action? Thus, young mothers must talk baby language at first to make out of the caterpillar that a baby at least physically is, a full human being. The baby is like a little piece of nothing, it can only eat and sleep, but the grown human being can do miracles near to those of God. The difference is that Man does them by understanding the Laws of physical nature and using them in technical ways, while God can do miracles by mere Will.
Thus, Man must bow and knead clay to make vessels, bricks, houses. The clay is worth nothing but the houses are very valuable. He must dig in the soil to make Earth give, instead of grass and weed, grain and fruit and veggies. Thus he can make of whole Earth a new Garden of Eden instead of being a planet with those large desert and swamp regions we know now.
The fact that Man did not understand this "make something out of nothing" task of his whole race in the past, and thus did not make Earth a better place but rather a more dangerous one, does not prevent the coming of such a Golden Age in future.
And the fact that you, DAvidJones, have to reveal your NDE secrets now, like hundreds of others in all the world, seems to me a preparation for this Golden Age.
For this so irresponsibly playful, greedy, sex-mad and violent era of History we now experience is not the Near-End time as many believe with fear and trembling, but it is like a difficult puberty which affects our whole race. Golden Age on Earth will be built up by us when this puberty is over and full human reason has been achieved for the whole Race, not only for Individuals. It is only the fact that the majority of human beings never reached full human reason that prevented this outcome from the time of Original Sin until now. The few spiritually and mentally full-grown ones always had to adapt to the structures of those who had remained stupid children, in politics as well as in religious dogmatics, and most of the time even in sciences. That is why Galilei and Giordano Bruno were persecuted and not rewarded.

Here are two examples to show that this is at least a plausible hypothesis, if not probable even by mundane sciences:

It is said that the human being "loses Innocence" when growing up to sexual maturity and having first sex. No wonder that, shortly before the coming of Adulthood of our Human Race, "sexual liberation" emerged, necessary of course but done in a most immature way that has results which are even worse than those of the prudeness of 19th century.

It is also well-known that youths in puberty rebel against everything they revered, or at least accepted, when they were kids. They often even break their parents' hearts. Some, on the other hand, become even more zealous and fanatical as to the norms learned in childhood, esp. In religion, than their parents, and accuse them a lot. But both tendencies include a good deal of ignorance and blindness.
Everybody can see the analogy of this behavior pattern to the tendency of to-day's human race either to scoff at all old tradition and at all deities that were revered before and to run blindly for mundane things only, or to become extremely religious and zealous, even up to "holy warfare" and seeking martyrdom, or else to such a degree of blind spiritualism that there are even people who think they can learn to live without any food, just by yogic breath techniques to which they attribute magical powers!

What happens to youths pursuing their aims in their blind and immature ways? Some lose their lives, other their minds, and all of them their illusions. But those who do NOT lose together with their illusions their faith in Life, will start "making something out of nothing", accepting the frame of life given to them by nature and society, and they will have much fun with it.
Thus, many of us will ose their lives, or their minds, during this turmoil of collective puberty, but when this is over, Human Race will recognize and accept its natural frame of life on Earth, both the potentials and the necessary limits, and we will really have BIG fun down here, fully and righteously imitating the Creator at last. And He will walk among us again, enjoying what His human children are doing, and He will be visible to us, and talk with us, as a father with his grown-up sons.
Vamp (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-07)
Hello David, I have exactly the same aspect on life like you do. I would like to talk to you very much. No... I feel I must talk to you at any cost. I've been searching through internet for any contact info, but I couldn't find any. Could you please provide me with your e-mail adress on Vampirel [at], or 28vampirel28 [at] Thank you for your amazing story.

aussiedaz (1 stories) (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-07)
DavidJones,although I have not had a near death experience, I do believe once in a story not yet written, I saw a light and it was small and very bright, coming toward me about 3 feet of the ground, probably about twice as big as a basket ball, first question does that sound familiar? And is this your spirit guide you communicate to? I have had a urge to start writing about my experience's lately and wonder if there's a universal reason to do so. Thank you for your story I found it quite profound.

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