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The Holy Communion Angel


I did my Holy Communion when I was seven years old. I was a very innocent child even for my age back then (and still am for my age now) and I realize that at the time I had no idea what a holy communion was. I thought it was a party for all the kids at the church and I hardly took any catechism classes so I was not prepared for it in that sense. The real mystery begins here: The day after the communion my mom and I visited my grandparents' house. I would always get bored with their conversations so I decided to go to my grandpa's room where the TV was and watch cartoons. Until this day I still remember the time (around 4:45 p.m.) and the cartoons I was watching (Foghorn Leghorn and the Tweety bird and Sylvester the cat). It was when I was in the middle of one of these cartoons that I felt a sudden and strong urge to go to the room across from the one I was at and so I went there.

When I arrived there, there it was already waiting for me. There was a tall (maybe tall for my age) person dressed in a white long dress. The dress was made of a white lace fabric, I think the laces consisted of flowers but I don't remember well. It also had a crown of white flowers on top of its head similar to the one I wore for the communion. In fact it was dressed with the perfect attire for a holy communion: a white laced dress, crown of white flowers with a white laced veil attached, and white laced gloves. The gloves and veil matched the dress as they were made of the same fabric. The difference from a holy communion attire was that the dress was long sleeved and the sleeves were very wide. The dress fell like a robe and was not fluffy at all. It also radiated a bunch of white light that filled almost the whole room. The strange thing is that I remember that it was walking towards me and reaching its hand to me, and no I wasn't able to see its face as it was covered partly by the veil and the bright white light would glare through its face not letting me see it. I assume it didn't want to show its face to me for some reason. Anyways it just stood there going towards me, reaching out to me. I remember I just stared at it for awhile and got scared as I saw it coming closer and closer so I left the room that instant, then I went back instantly after leaving it to see if it was still there and it was gone in just that second.

Until this day I still wonder why an angel (I think it was an angel though it could also resemble the Virgin Mary with the veil) would come all the way from heaven to my grandparents' house just to see me personally and right after my communion. I think it may had something to do with my communion since it was only a day after and I strongly feel that angel or not it was someone holy, its energy felt positive and it had light around it. I'm pretty sure it was no ghost as ghosts don't have this kind of light and my grandparents' house has no stories of hauntings or ghosts. The only unusual incident that has happened there has been mine. I truly feel that what I saw was someone that came from heaven. The mystery I would love to solve someday is why did it come, and if possible who it was. I know that if I had stayed there longer and let it come near me then it would have probably told me what I wonder right now, but it was scary once it began coming towards me. I think that whatever the reason it was, it might have been an important too to go there personally. After this experience I still find it incredible to believe that I was worthy of such a sight. I think hardly anyone gets to meet an angel in person.

I also wonder that if I was and still am a very good person who saw an angel as a child, then how come I have had a very tough and tragic life. My life has been so hard on me sometimes that I have often wondered if God is punishing me for some reason, but then I go back thinking about the things I have done wrong and to tell the truth there are hardly any. I hardly have done anything wrong so far so shouldn't this angel mean blessings for my life. I feel as if I am cursed with this life I have (which I won't discuss here). What I do know for sure is that due to that experience I know that God does exist and that angels or other holy beings do exist no matter how tough life is on you, I just wish God would answer my prayers.

Does anyone here have some idea as to who that was and why it came to visit me on that day, and does seeing an angel mean my life is destined to be hard? Do any of you believe that I could somehow contact this angel again and ask it for a miracle in my life to end my suffering, or does the act of seeing an angel mean you are sort of a saint and therefore shall suffer as many of the saints did? I have had a very tough and unusual life so don't think I'm whining or complaining just for nothing, and because of that I believe that I am also more mature than some people who are even considerably older than me. I would really like to know all of your thoughts about this experience I had and sorry if my story is too long, I wanted to include exactly how it happened and my thoughts about this. Thanks to all who read this.

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Timfaraos (131 posts)
8 years ago (2015-01-23)
We may think that we are good people, but looking closer, we'll find how far we are from perfect, and might I add, we can never become perfect, only God is that. But we gradually become better, like the angels who also evolve forever, in their knowledge of God! Just like a woodcarver, who thinks his work is great, but when he gets a magnifying glass, he sees there's more to be done... An example: when we COULD'VE done something good, and we DIDN'T...that's a sin. (The world goes to hell, when 'good people' stand back and do nothing!) When you read the bible, that's your magnifying glass, you'll see that you're not such a great christian after all. But God loves you just the same!
woodragger (guest)
13 years ago (2010-04-28)
Hi So,
I read your story here. It is a very important thing that happened to you. Do you notice that you have been in search of an explanation. This is the first step. Now try something you may not as of yet ask for the presence that visited you to return, and spend some moments in loving apology for your actions as a child. I am sure you were scared but the visit was for you. The feelings that you expressed then will come back, the feelings that you express in this second encounter will be even more profound... I think its easier to help someone than to help yourself. But this is something that only you can do, remember feel openly almost bitterly love for God and this presence that visited you.
katy4269586026 (guest)
13 years ago (2010-04-01)
At a church, pray to the Lord for forgiveness for your sins anyway. If you ever see the angel again, ask him or her if there is anything that you have done against His will. Mary told the angel, "I live to do God's will." Maybe you aren't prepared to give up EVERYTHING for the Lord yet. Please take my advice.
beginagain (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-04)
I read your story, and it touched my heart, because I have had much heartache in my life also, even though there have been angels around me more often than not. This doesn't mean that you are now condemned to a life of pain, rather, that through spirit the pain can be lightened, and you have the help of heaven to make it so. Angels are full of all that love is, and she is probably still with you, helping in whatever way you allow her to do so. We have no way of knowing how heavy our burden would be without some help from heaven.
Sometimes when I am very sad, other people see many around me, trying to lift me up, helping me to remember love. I don't know what I would do without the comfort and guidance, however subtle, in my life. I can so relate to what you are going through, and all I know is, there is another side to everything. Even our unhappiness, if we know how to look at it.

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