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A Gentle Reminder That God Wants Our Time


I consider myself a spiritual person. I communicate with God constantly through prayer, mental dialogue, or open discussion. This past weekend I wasn't able to attend my regular church service and found myself somewhat removed from my normal spiritual weekend experiences. I didn't notice this until after God gently reminded me that he was still yearning for time with me.

I had some alone time (from my 3 children and wife) and decided to get some exercise. I drove to the beach put my inline skates on and took off along the beach. It was beautiful! I had my music and the ocean breeze on my mind. I stopped at the end of the trail, about 4 miles away, and sat down for a few minutes to take a break and check my phone for messages. Got up and returned to the car. To my surprise I didn't have my car keys and was locked out.

I always turn to God for challenges in life. All of sudden it hit me. I hadn't talked to God, like I normally do, during my exercise time. I laughed sheepishly and asked Him "Can you please help me find my keys" I felt a strong breeze and realized He was saying "Why didn't you talk to me the whole time" I laughed again and responded "I'll go all the way back talking to you to find my keys" I did and the keys were right where I sat down to to check my phone.

On the way back to the car I was more energized, smiling, and talking to God about how much I enjoyed the exercise, the beach, the day, and my life. When I got back to the car I looked to the sky, smiled, and said "whatever it takes call me or remind me when you want me". I felt the strong breeze again and for a split second felt like the whole thing was a dream. It wasn't, two hours had gone by. But God gently reminded me to share my time with him. I'm cool with that!

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Heavenonearth (3 stories) (9 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-09)
If l stop talking with our dear father then he always reminds me and brings me back to life again. He never leaves me behind. To live in truth and wisdom is humbling, l love you father. Thankyou holy spirit l turn always to you when in doubt becouse l dare not turn to my mind as this leads to no where. I am only a bundle of flesh and only want to live with your holy spirit humble as your servant, no thought, as you are all and mighty dear father. L am only here becouse you made us, mighty father maker of heaven and earth. ❤
fdva (guest)
14 years ago (2010-03-29)
<smiling> yes, I also ask God to help me find things... And the mental conversations you also have with God.
Once, after spending time reading the Bible, I paused and asked: God, what else do you want to say to me? He replied with a surge of love in my heart: Happy Birthday. <smiling>

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