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It Never Left


They say when a teenage girl is distressed or had some traumatic experience "things" happen with no explanation. I was 9 years old when my father passed. Years later, I was very young when I gave birth to my first child. Growing up in a small town gossip runs rampant. Mother helped me with the baby, my brother didn't seem too happy about the birth. Having so much to deal with, the baby, school, family "disappointed in me," gossip about me around the town, it would drive any young lady to suicide. I refuse to hear the gossip, my love for my child was immense, and being stubborn helped as well.

During this turbulent time, I would think, how mean this person was or how mean or thoughtless that person was. Later on in the week those persons would have an accident or something would happen to them. I used to think, well that's what you get for saying this or that.

As time went on, I moved from the area and my then husband, who was cruel to me behind closed doors, but to the outside world, he was quite a catch, or so he appeared to be. When I met him he was so wonderful to my son and me, so we married. Right after being married he refused to take my first child into our home, he called social services and told them I wanted to put my first child up for adoption, this was totally wrong.

I cried so many times during the marriage. I kept thinking, please someone help me. Once in the new area, we divorced. Long story short, he's divorcing his 5th wife and he's miserable. My son has since grown and he is truly loved by me and my second husband and his brothers. I think the entity doesn't leave one just because they have grown. If it is a spirit or poltergeist I don't know, but I am thankful for the entity being there.

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Gregory_Brown (1 stories) (14 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-15)

You never mentioned the name of your first child. I am guessing he grew up in his adopted family, right?

I've seen a few families lose their only child, or maybe just one of several. Either way it hurts all the time. Do you spend much time with him now?

Does he share your particular faith, or perhaps some other?

I married about a year and a few months after I finished my first year in college.

We had our first baby boy in Oct. 19, 1977. He was a handsome child, and very happy, quick to imitate adults, and other scary manuvers like climbing up the front of a high chair with the tray still extended.

It was one of those moments where I thought if I speak to him, he may be distracted and fall. So I kept quiet, and he made it all the way into the chair. Not a stunt I would ever allow, provided I was near enough to grab him.

Then I had a family, so returning to school was part of what I surrendured in order to start my own family. I was unbelievably happy! Strangers would stop us saying we had a beautiful baby girl. I couldn't burst their bubble, so I said "we think so too." I later learned that in generations past, people would dress male infants up to look like a girl, a common practice.

Guess what! I actually remember when my grandmother and aunt put what little hair I had into a curl on top of my head and held it with a small ribbon bow tied around that curl..., not to mention the dress! I got a good look at my reflection in a glass china door. I was very upset, and they were laughing and having a good time! I must have been about 3 years of age. I think it was the dress that I despised. Fifty years ago, and I still remember it..., only now I laugh.

I've been living alone since about 1998. But, I've been trying to make some new friends over the internet.

Looking forward to your next story.

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