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After being agnostic for 25 years, my life felt meaningless. I didn't acknowledge my soul, anybody else's soul, thought when you die its over and done, and that all the spiritual fuss was just an excuse to sin, be forgiven, or manipulation from preachers. Sure, I did the best trying to be happy and a husband, father, grandfather, family man. Alcohol excess fueled the pessimism, cynicism, and kept me overall short with folks. My wife had been inviting me to church for some years but I always had an excuse. Then one day I went. And the next week I did an alter call. And shortly after that day the I fully accepted God as King of my life and cried, prayed, and continue to do so when my heart is led. This has been just over 3 months since I did my first wholehearted prayer. I continue to attend church with the wife and we pray on our knees together. We thank God for his blessings. Last week I prayed late one night and asked if He had a message or vision to let me know where I stand with my faith and marriage. In ten minutes time I was awake with my eyes closed and I had a vivid vision of being in a womb. The walls were fleshy and pinkish; there was a light at the end. Then I looked around and seen many figures that I couldn't quite make out their whole faces or details. They all just had a glow around them, kind of slim, almost transparent looking. I was amazed at this, all the while awake, and there was a table some of them were standing laying hands on someone. So I went nearer and nearer but there were too many around the table and I squinted to see past them. I wanted to know who they where laying hands on. I thought maybe me or my wife. And just then I went backward deeper in the womb and began looking around to see who was on that table. And there they were - two babies facing each other locking arms. I went closer to see this. And they were like the others - transparent - but not with amniotic sac or connected. I then looked at the opening of the womb because a light was beaming... I exited toward the light, opened my eyes and looked at clock. Oh, my, it's late, got to get up at seven am for church in the morning. The next day I told my wife after church. I prayed for this revelation. And the meaning of it has enlightened us. I prayed for an interpretation. This is a rebirth vision for both me and my wife. Thank you Lord!

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