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What The Buddha Man Showed Me


It was a clear summer night at a concert as I was laying in the grass with my boyfriend, eyes closed, unknowingly drifting into a meditative state. After meditating for a while I opened my eyes and to my surprise a golden translucent man was floating in front of me in the lotus position with his arms out as if he was holding something up. He had the pinecone - looking hat on and a robe... Hence what made me think "Buddha". I could not see his eyes for they were pure light. Suddenly I felt no fear and two white orbs appeared above his hands, which quickly turned into two gears from like inside a clock. They started turning. Then everything I could see turned into a gear. The trees, the grass, the stars, stage lights, people, everything. They all fit together perfectly and started turning in unison like a complicated wristwatch. This went on for about 5 minutes until everything turned white... And then before I knew it everything was back to normal. I believe the Buddha man showed me that everything is working together perfectly as ONE. Everything is the same. And that the ONE is pure love (the light). That is all there ever was, is, and will be. Nothing else can be. Therefore the world cannot be, but the ONE can. So we are real, but the "world" (the clock) is not. It is overcome by the light. I now feel at peace knowing the world of what I like to call seeming separation will be overcome by the light and we will all be home, together forever. I would like to add that I have never been religious or known much about Buddha, so it was strange to me that what I felt to be a manifestation of God's voice came to me in that form, but I guess it worked didn't it?:)

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DeeperDivineContact (4 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-05)
Hi Erin,

I wants to go home too! My heart says to your heart, if you have not done so already, engage in spiritual practice and strive for complete immersion in that practice. This is the one thing that every spiritual tradition has in common -- encouraging people to fully immerse themselves in the All which includes loving service to others.

Many Smiles,
Pete Brach
Spiritwaiting (2 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-09)
This one like Kiki girl really resonated with me.

I can't stop thinking about it, its quite interesting.

How do you see things now after this experience?

Buffalo 66 (guest)
6 years ago (2017-12-19)
The Wheel of Dharma is the symbol of Buddhism and is also the symbol of samsara, the ever-changing manifestations of the world which are in reality nothing but emptiness. I'm really curious what you did / who you were in your former lifetimes to receive such an auspicious vision.
KikiGirl (1 stories) (7 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-22)
Erinwantstogohome, I just added your story to My Favorites! Your article struck a chord within me that there are no words to describe. To understand that the world works as one and that everything is working with perfection, means that you are also, doing the right thing with your life at that time. You are on the right path. People also say, if you have deja vu, it means that you are on the right soul path.
Have you heard of the 99 monkeys theory?
Scientists put 100 monkeys on one island and 99 monkeys on a different, nearby island. There was absolutely no way that the two islands connected, the islands were separated by sea.
On the island with 99 monkeys, the scientists taught a monkey how to peel a banana. The monkey progressively began teaching the other monkeys one-by-one how to peel a banana, until all of the monkeys could perform the task. However, on the other island with 100-monkeys, they did not teach the monkeys this task.
One day, about 3 months later, some of the monkeys on the 100-monkey island began to peel bananas! They were no taught or trained to do this. Eventually, all if not most, of the monkeys began to perform the task of peeling a banana without having contact with the monkeys on the other island.

The idea behind this is that we are all linked in someway.

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