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It's Not About Me


I don't mean to imply that my spiritual experience isn't mine, it just simply isn't ABOUT me. I used to focus on myself. I wanted to have a great awareness, or an extraordinary experience, (and if you have had one I'm very respectful of yours and to be honest I've had some) but I found no matter what encounters I has it just want enough. I wanted more, wanted them to happen all the time... And more or less wanted experiences to be a new addiction. But, I found that no matter what happened I would doubt the genuineness of it. Maybe I imagined it... Maybe it was from the "dark side" to confuse me, always questioning the validity. But through the years I've been learning that it's not what my "Higher Power" can do for me, but what am I doing for Him? I don't know if I'm suppose to tell you my source, but He rose from the dead (hint, hint). If I'm loving Him like I should am I showing it by being grateful for everything, like He says to be? I found when I focus on Him amazing things happen. I'll share some later. I hope this helps a few of the members who said they were ready to give up. I remember feeling that way. Trust me, is worth the wait! With that said and since I'm on up in age I will share my belief about the supernatural, something I used to be afraid to do. I believe that there is an unseen world that maybe more real than our own. I have absolutely dealt with "what's out there". I've been with people who crossed a line and had a horror no one should face. If anybody who is reading this and is having problems they can't get out of, I'd like to share my stories to perhaps help. There is a real war that's going on that cannot be seen normally. So be careful what you wish for cause you will probably get it and can't give it back. But that's for another time. Love to ALL!

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