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The Homeless Man


Shortly after my children and I moved from Ypsilanti, Michigan USA we went to the grocery store to do our shopping and fill the house with food to our new home. When we got done with our shopping we got into our car and was on our way to the exit area of the parking lot when one of my sons said "Mom look that man is holding a sign that says I WILL WORK FOR FOOD". I said "well we don't have any work for him to do so let me pull out, come back around and we can give him some of the food we bought". My sons thought that would be an okay idea.

So I pulled out onto the road, went to the next exit into the parking lot and went back to where the man was standing. I stopped the car and took a good look at him.

He appeared to be wearing ragged clothes with holes in them, gloves with many fingers missing out of them and it was a colder day. He looked rather hungry and smiled with teeth that were either black or they were missing. He had a hat on his head but his hair must of been short as I didn't see any color of which his hair could of been. I had the feeling that there was something special about this man standing there. However I could not think what was so special about a homeless man standing around begging for food.

Many people slowed down I assumed to look at the homeless guy but they just kept on driving away from him. He looked like a lonely man in about the age group of 55-60's.

I told my sons, "Okay let's see what we can give to him" so the kids looked in the bags one got a package of cookies out (the only one we got) the other gave him a can of juice. As my sons were getting out to give the man the food I said "Hey give this to him also" as I handed my son my last $5.00. I felt that we had plenty to eat and he looked like he had nothing at all.

My sons gave the man the food and the money and he didn't speak but just bent forward as if he were bowing to my sons to say "Thank you". He smiled and stood back up. I watched this man holding the food and the money.

My sons got back into the car and I am looking in my rear view mirror to see the man, one second he was there and then he was gone. I looked and looked there was no car waiting for him, there was no place for him to go so quickly and not be seen, there was no place for him to hide in that part of the parking lot. Where did he go? I kept thinking. I got out of my own car stood by the door and looked around I could not see him he was just gone.

And when all this happened I felt good in my heart to help a homeless man to eat. I also felt in my heart that I got to see an Angel, a test from God to see if anyone would help someone that looked like this man did. And I felt good all over because I passed Gods test.

We really don't know how many Angels that God sends our way each day, unless we really look with our hearts not only our minds and eyes.

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Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-16)
Thank you Mona for your comments. That is true we do intertain Angels that we just think are strangers. But we don't realize it until they are gone, that they could of been an Angel.
Mona (guest)
16 years ago (2008-02-15)
I enjoyed this story, and know that these things can happen! Some of us really have entertained angels... Unaware they are angels... We think we've only met a stranger.
Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-02)
Thanks btani for your kind comments to my story. Yes I do remember that song "Catch A Falling Star". I always liked that song. Once again thanks.
btani (1 stories) (2 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-02)
I am reminded of this sweet video with the song "Catch A Falling Star" and attached are all of these nice little phrases which make the point that sometimes when you are kind to people, people will take advantage of you -- be kind anyway because it never was between you and them, it is between you and your higher power. 😳

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