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Two for One Sunday


Hello all. I'm new to the site so give me a chance. My name's Jasmine and I'm a student from Canada. I have been riding public transit for more then 6 years, so trust me if the fares go up I am the first to know, if bus passes are free I'm the first in line... And so forth. I have always believed in the Great all mighty god and Jesus Christ. I am religious and love the lord. However I just started going to church every Sunday...

My first day back at Calviary Worship Center (my church) was two weeks ago and my mom had to go to my sisters soccer game, I ended up sleeping at my best friend's house CeeCee. Sunday morning we left at 11 to quickly jet to my house to grab some church clothes. In a hurry I completely forgot my bag full of my money and bus pass.

As I ran to the bus I realized it and was thinking about doing the bus pass trick with Cee Cee (bus pass trick is when you slide the bus pass into your friends hand behind you, making it seem like you both had a bus pass)... As I got on the bus my friend CeeCee decided that we would just ask the bus driver if he would let me on...

The bus drive said "yes you can go on, does your friend ('POINTS AT CEECEE') have a bus pass?". I replied "yes". "Well then" said the bus Driver. "It's two for one Sunday, so you can go on with her for free". I said "Thanks"

I ran to the back of the bus and was confused. All these years I have never even heard of Two for one Sunday. And trust me I would know. I know I know... It sounds weird. But I somehow felt that Jesus wanted me to go to church and he made that happen.

I'm telling the story just how it happened. So it may sound funny... You would have had to been there to really make sense of it.

Peace. Love. Luck



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HansMichaelChi (8 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-23)
Hi Jasminephillips and other spiritual travelers, You're right, God definitely coöperates in these things, so let's go with and anticipate on God and things will coöperate to get the real thing. I don't blame You considering the bus pass trick but you have to consider that you may have a reason not to go, so don't force things I say. In The Netherlands a plane with help had to wait for permits before going to Haïti, skip the permit for later saves lives... ❤

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