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Two Hands On My Head


When I was very young, my cousins and I would play 'church' in our clubhouse. My aunt who was a very devout Christian woman would give us old church bulletins, Sunday school books, or other church literature she had and no longer had need of.

All of my life, I have always remembered one very special day that I played 'church' with my cousins. I was around six or seven years old. We were out of school for summer vacation and we were at their house where our "church" was. It was a small wood structure probably about 5' x 6' in size. It had no door just an opening cut in one side. We would play church for hours at a time, singing and taking turns teaching and reading to each other. This particular day we had taken a break to go in the house, get a snack, and use the restroom.

I remember I went into their restroom and closed the door behind me. I can't remember if I actually used the restroom or not; but what I do remember is very clear and it has stayed with me for over forty years. I remember that I knelt down in the floor by the toilet, and there all alone and in a very humble place, I asked Jesus to save me and come into my heart. My prayer could not have been much more than that because I was so young and had never been taken to church on a regular basis.

As I prayed I physically felt two hands on my head. They started at the top and gently moved down the sides, and over my ears. Then the feeling was gone as suddenly as it had begun. No one had gone in with me, and the door had not opened while I was in there. I KNOW that what I felt was real, and not imagined. I have often heard the spiritual expression of "being touched" as referred to emotionally; but not physically.

Still today after all these years, when I call this memory to mind, it feels just as real as it did so many years ago. I have shared this with a few people, even a few pastors; but I don't think anyone has taken me literally.

Will you please share with me similar experiences or thoughts you have on this? Love in Christ, Always Blessed 1961

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