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God Held My Hand


So my story begins in a cemetery, beautiful cemetery it is! So many gorgeous massive tall trees which hang over the path as you walk through, each tree just hugging you, its a very peaceful loving walk when you go through the cemetery, for some reason I had been wanting to always visit this cemetery because of my fascination of trees, so this day I was walking through just feeling the wind blowing against me, I started to think "hmm this wind is like pushing me in a direction, I wonder if I walked in the direction its pushing me where I would end up" so I let the wind keep pushing me and I kept changing direction all the time until I got to this amazing massive willow tree which was giving out substantional amounts of energy, I felt asif the gravity had changed as I was walking towards the willow tree, I was very peaceful full of joy at finding this wonderful tree, I decided to take two pieces of its bark for to take home and place near my bed, one piece looked like a wooden flame it was beautiful, this piece of bark from the willow tree played a massive part in my story.

So as I was just in my room at night and my little niece was over, she knocked on my door and I let her in or she just walked in my room and she walked straight over to my little side table I have near my bed which the piece of willow bark was on, she picked it up and I explained to her that what she was holding was a piece of a tree, its the bark from the willow tree, my favourite of all trees, she was amazed she loved the bark.

This is when things got very very strange indeed. She started to say she could hear the energy coming off the willow bark, I was stunned, I asked her what she could hear? She told me she could only hear letters first, I can't remember the letters she told me, but then she said a name, and that name was "jesus" I asked her what the energy was saying and she said "Jesus" I asked "who is jesus?" she replied "you are" I then very concerned asked her "who is telling you all this? Is it God?" and she answered "yes". I was very confused. It was asif God was talking to her through the willow bark? Giving off a vibration which was speaking words and letters. She then told me something very important, she told me that "on thursday he is going to give you loads of energy and presence" I don't know if she meant presents, or presence. But from what I experienced I believe she was talking about 'presence' of the lord maybe? Or angels? I'm not sure, keep reading and you will find out.

So I was looking forward to this day like it was christmas! I marked it on my calender and everything! So the day comes and the strange thing is is that I was kicked out my house that day from my mothers and I had moved into my dads house for abit so I was in my old childhood room, the room I grew up in, I love that room so much! So anyways! Here is thursday! And I'm in my old childhood room! I look out into the sky and I see a cloud going past, but it was in the shape of a face, a perfect face! Two eyes, a nose, a smiling mouth and a dot where the third eye is, this was very amazing for me to see, I was very intrigued! I then saw an image of a wolf in the clouds go past! Very good picture, perfect shading, it looked asif God had copy and pasted a picture of a wolfs face into the sky for me to see. This was all very amazing.

But then as I looked at the wall at the bottom of my bed, I had noticed that the wallpaper border which goes round the middle of my walls had fallen off, this had been caused by water always coming in through the roof and running down the wall, all my wallpaper had fallen off the wall where the water had been touching it!

One strange story about the water coming in through the roof and down the wall was that oneday my father recorded the water coming in through the roof and it was creating an image of Jesus as it was running down the wall.

So anyways back to the day that my niece predicted, I was in my old childhood room looking at the middle border which had fallen off, and on the back of the wallpaper was the hand written word "Halo", I fell back in ecstacy, crying with happiness, I felt loved, I felt warm, I believed in God. This totally blew me away! I started asking questions like "why did only that piece of wallpaper fall off and reveal that word?" "why didn't the water come through a different place?" "the word 'Halo' could of been written anywhere!" "why did I have to be shown this word on the day my niece told me I would be given a lot of energy and presence!" and the writing was small not exactly massive and in your face! So its so strange that I was shown this word on this specific day.

I fell back on my bed in happiness so much happiness, I was overcome with joy, I started to cry and cry, I cried really hard and all of a sudden my left arm slowly started to rise into the air, asif someone had grabbed my hand and slowly picked it up and held it up above my head! I cried even harder and harder with so much happiness! It was so beautiful, the most beautiful experience I have ever experienced. My arm was then lowered down very gentle and slowly back by my side. A very strange thing I must add is that this isn't the first time my arm has been rose into the air, the first time it happened my thoughts changed and started to say "You will write a new book, and you will call this book, The New Book", very very unusual because I have always been in control of my thoughts but that time my arm rose into the air I felt asif God himself was talking to me. When I was in my childhood room on thursday that day my niece predicted, I also felt asif there was loads of angels in the room with me, I remember talking to them out loud and laughing at them, cause they were making me feel so happy and full of comfort.

A little about myself, is that people have always told me that I have an aura about me, people have hugged me before and fell back in pleasure because of how good the hug was, these things all confuse me. My sister had suffered with a bad back all her life, and I asked her if I may touch where her back hurts, and after that touch, she hasnt ever been in pain since. Onetime when I was at my friends house I started feeling asif I could pull the tension out of peoples bodies and breath it into the air! I felt asif I was pulling it out of there hands using my hands. I always live my life by asking myself "are you doing what you should be doing?" or "are you doing what you 'feel' you should be doing?". My friends are very very close to me and they all love me so much they always tell me how I'm full of good vibrations and I always make them feel so good whenever I am near.

Id just like to know if its me who has the halo? Do I have a divine mission I need to accomplish? What did all of this mean? How did my niece know about the day all of this strange stuff would happen to me? Was it God I was touched by? What does it all mean? What do I have to do now?

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AngelWithNoWings (1 posts)
6 years ago (2016-09-05)
This story really touched my heart, I believe some people do have healing powers, and if your destined to use them God will use you in this way, if he has other plans then fair in will come to fruition. Let your halo shine brightly in the lord.

-D 😊

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