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Experience Inner Self


Most of our experiences of self-realization and evaluation of God is mere perception. A profound meditation and practice self-control is necessary for self-test and internal unity of God. Selfishness can not understand the language of internal autonomy. The experience of the dissolution of selfishness and the silence of consciousness is the door to self-realization of self and a true sense of the unity of God.

I followed the following steps to experience Inner Self - Beyond my tongue. Practices on the second step was taken on the perfection of the practice on the first step.

This is the first step.

Practice conscientiously, to avoid talking and listen more. Make a habit of deliberately giving more chance for others to speak. This will reinforce your habit of controlling your thoughts and a sense of physical life, separated from the shape of the inner life of thoughts.

It is the second step.

Consciously practice, on any subject or any person who is boring or not liked by you in your mind. It will strengthen your habit of carrying your aversion under your control and maintenance of your physical life with natural self-control. It will give your selfishness to control negative thoughts.

This is the third step.

Practice consciously, to listening to the song of birds and animals barking and the sound of things in the environment. This will reinforce your habit of thinking deeply understand the content of various natural sounds and keep your self control in the deeper layers of self-control. It helps to understand the feelings and the vibration mode of consciousness hidden in the different languages of different types of people.

This is the fourth step.

Practice consciously, to observe your thoughts and recognize the reflection on the most active in the mind. Without any attachment to it, acknowledged the process of thought and its subject and object as its driver. This will increase your regular control of the majority of thought, anxious and sad at once. It helps meditation natural in the deeper layers of consciousness. It gives the experience of the withdrawal of meaning.

This is the fifth stage.

Practice deliberately and repeatedly, to feel the breath and pulse of the physical body. This will increase your regular exams to enter consciousness. And hold your meditation in the sense of reflection desired. It gives the experience of withdrawal from the physical life.

This is the sixth stage.

Practice deliberately and repeatedly, to feel the impact of calm in the consciousness. This quiet resounding is the root of human life. It regenerates. It comes after the touchdown inside the nectar of true God. He is Allah, Ram, Jesus, or another name of God that you love in your faith. It gives the experience of the withdrawal of selfishness.

Many types of birds and animals release their physical life in it and do not feel the need for others, while living in the natural world. This will reinforce your habit to get to the bottom of the shirt of consciousness that your life is absolute. It will also cleanse your conscience.

This is the seventh stage.

Practice consciously, to dissolve in the absolute consciousness. As your consciousness is completely purified, your silence in consciousness is broken and lost. It is the experience of the unity of God. It is your experience of self-beyond your language. It regenerates and purifies the seed of disturbed and sad thoughts in mind.

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