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I thought I was alone and I saw that I am not with this experience. It was in November 2009, and it was around 1am or so I was sleeping and the room was dark. I woke for some reason don't know why? Just did I had my eyes closed trying to go back to bed, but then it happened... It was the BRIGHTEST as the sun and it hurt I still had my eyes closed... It was like I was looking to the sun it hurt my eyes I saw the brightest light. I was not scared just puzzled. This is hard to explain but my eyes were closed but they were open if that makes any sense?

I have been always always close to God. Even as a child I had to go to church and it did not matter what church I went to I just wanted to visit God. My mom was a single parent and growing up in the 1970's she was a Divorcee. Anyways I had two close calls with Death one time I was walking up a steep stairs and we were running up them I was about 10 years old and I suddenly let go of the hand rail by accident; I was about to fall back and if I did I would of cracked my head open. In a split of a second I felt two hand give me a big push forward I turned around to say thank you. But there was no one behind me.

Now getting back to the Bright light that I saw what is the purpose of that I will never ever forget that night and how it hurt so bad my eyes really hurt after that. I am glad I am not alone. I have a lot more that has happened to me. I feel pain when other people are hurting emotionally. I feel soo sad for them. What's going on with me?

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scarlett2 (1 stories) (34 posts)
12 years ago (2011-03-31)
Dear Corrine,

How Blessed you are! I feel compelled to write to you, I feel God is so proud of you and that you are a very special servant of His. I think you were visited by the Holy Spirit.

3 days after Easter last year, I too was awoken at 1am from a sound sleep. I got up and walked around, than went back to bed. I started to pray and I was thinking deeply about Jesus suffering on the cross. My heart was so heavy thinking of how He must of felt and about His suffering. For us, all of us.

Then suddenly, something made me turn my head towards the wall and doorway (the double doors were closed) and immediately I am enraptures upon seeing this very diffuse and beautiful Rectangular box of light above my doors... And then bam... I felt this amazing, intense Holy presence come over me and move through my head all the way to toes... Over and over. It would move to different areas, and spend different amounts of time on each and every inch of my body. Inside my body that is.

It seemed to spend the most time concentrating on my chest area, heart area, my abdominal area, then my head and brain area too. But no part was left untouched... Not one single part. Even my arms, fingers, legs, feet, toes, neck, scalp, ears! It was 100% REAL and it happened to me big time! It was life changing, 100% I know it was from God. It was energy, warm sometimes, sometimes cool, like a fluttering alive energy, breeze, breath of God INSIDE of
me. He felt like electricity surging through my body, regenerating every single cell of my body. I also felt this immense love and total acceptance, forgiveness, love, love, love! I was in this state of utter humility, crying tears of joy and
Repentance the whole time. It was mighty! It lasted a full four hours. I didn't dare wake my husband as I didn't want to miss a thing or disrespect this Holy Gift of God.

He sent me the Holy Spirit! I knew 100% that I was being sealed... I can describe it like I totally see through a brand new pair of eyes now, and I am so humbled at this gift I received! Like you, I've always had a fierce love of God since my earliest age I can remember. I always tried to be kind and loving to others. I enjoy deeply helping and caring for others, I am RN.

One important lesson the Lord has taught me, is that I have so manyweakness and now I strive to be the most humble I can be every day!

Have you ever felt this feeling? He has never left me since that first encounter. I still feel him often... Sometimes it's a tingling on the top of my head, or my fingers. Sometimes, I feel like He is giving me an inside out hug, sometimes I get the awesome huge infilling of electricity surging, or my stomach dropping all at the same time... I know every time it's the Holy Spirit, the love is so out of this world strong! I feel it almost daily now. It's been a year. I've been devouring anything I can read, listen to, or watch to learn more about Him. Now when I read the Bible, I'm like, "Wow, that's what He means!" I get it all now! Especially loving everyone. We are all the same and Henloves all of us despite our flaws the same. I try daily to sin less every day... As in improve and let Him guide me, I feel the Holy Spirit more and more. Never as much as the first time, over four full hours of liquid love from God!

Praying for many Blessings from God for you, Corrine. Thank you for a sharing. Florida Mom & Nurse.
James (10 stories) (151 posts)
13 years ago (2010-06-15)

You have always been close to God because he has always been with you, within you, near you, however one interprets it.

As for whom stopped you from falling, sit quietly in a peaceful room and using your mind ask the question "God who helped me that day I almost fell down the stairs?"

Listen for the answer, it may come as a voice within, it may be a song on the radio, but it will be there. I just asked and was not surprised to hear the answer for the same individual has been there for me (hint she is one of the most beautiful people I have ever opened my eyes to).

I am not a nutcase or a crack-pot, just someone who has witnessed his faith first-hand.

James 😁

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