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My Inner Awakening


I was attending a Buddhist retreat and while I was listening to Rigpa, the Buddhist monk giving and guiding the meditations, a voice spoke to me and said "I am supposed to be here." The voice was talking about me and sounded as if it was my higher self delivering the message.

That day, I was meditating and the usual light shows were going on in my minds eye. These shows went on quite a while and eventually got old. So I shifted my sight to avoid them and soon came to the realization that these shows were road blocks to my minds full potential. I got past these and came to a state where my mind was the only object of reality. My body wasn't there and I was on a journey of exploring my consciousness without any recognition of my body. A vast joy struck me, sweeping me up. I was in my minds temple and it was as if my physical world was non-existant and had never existed.

The voice of Rigpa awakened me from my promise of eternal bliss. But I kept meditating and the state of conscious blissed introduced itself. My soul cried GOD! GOD! And although I wanted to deliver a cry of mad love the only thing I could do was frantically rock my head back and forth. So instead of crying out, I capped my bliss and carried the love for all creations fully for a day and a mild joy for several days, recognizing all creations in divine love.

This was my most powerful experience yet. I occasionally enter my mind's temple but do not go deep enough to unlock the divine joy that a devotee must truly strive to deserve the grand prize greater than all adored riches of a yet most curious world!

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Claire (guest)
14 years ago (2010-03-02)
Thank you for your post - it's fascinating and an inspiration to read for others on the path. I wish you well in your journey and may your treasure be fully uncovered.

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