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Tanner (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
Maks that's an amazing story. Thanks for sharing. I wondered the same, if the light was something holy.
Tanner (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
When I was 12 years old, my mother was driving us home one night. I grew up on a gravel road in a rural area. We were 1/8 mile away from home going around a curve when all of a sudden we were engulfed in an immense white light. I remember throwing my arms up to block the mysterious light but it didn't have the characteristics of any light that I have ever seen. The experience was very brief and mysterious. My mother stopped the vehicle quickly, she was probably going 10mph or less as the curve is sharp. We both instinctively and immediately got out of the vehicle to look up and see what just blinded us. We were very puzzled. Wondering if maybe a helicopter or something just shined us with a highpowered light. It was a calm quiet night, we didn't see or hear anything when we looked up. I remember seeing a red light at high altitude but I didn't believe that's what did it. It wasn't like being blinded by a spotlight, but that's what I wondered at first: who or what is shining this incredible light at me? I still wonder what that light was sometimes. I'm glad I had my mother there to experience it with me. I'd feel crazy if I seen it and she didn't. This is the most bizarre experience of my life. I would enjoy speaking with other people who had a similar experience. I don't see anyone on this page who had witnessed this with someone else seeing it too or being emmersed in it. I have questions I'd like to ask, if you had a similar experience. Not only questions about the experience but about yourself as well. I'm almost positive you would like to ask me some too. As this seems to be a rare occurrence. I'm glad I found this page but most of these experiences I can barely relate or involves people in bed seeing a white light or being woke up by one. That almost sounds like the foofighters described in ww2. Chrissy Copeland, your story is intriguing because you're dad didn't want you looking at the light as he panicked driving. It doesn't sound like the light engulfed you but your dad seen it too? What was his thoughts about the light? Was it obviously a "different" kind of light. I never felt static like you describe and wasn't afraid, only curious. The light I seen wasn't the kind that makes you see purple dots or anything. I describe it as white light. Not necessarily "a" white light, just white light that completely overcame us for what seemed like a second or 2. I've read people noticed a time lapse after encountering the light. I see this page isn't very active, It's not a page easily stumbled upon. But if you've sought out this page and had a similar experience as me I'd like to talk.
To anyone reading my post, it was a gloomy night after we had a short prayer of about 40mins, I felt weak tired and exhausted everyone started to fall asleep but I was just feeling thoughtless just a moment of emotionless feelings, I felt something trying to creep coercely initially but I felt it's just a state of my mind trying to evolve because my mind is very perceptive and makes me feel psychic attimes, moments later I felt relief but it now happened the second still the same feelings creeping and surging out like very forcibly and intense, I felt I was about draging out of my body, I was frightened could'nt move I tried calling my dad beside me but my lips couldn't move I was immobile everywhere was dark densely so my mind told me to look to the moonlight shimmering from the window as soon as I struggled to look at the light shimmered from the moon I felt relief night then I felt calm and strange can't still tell anyone this dreadful experience...i'll really be elated if anyone could give me reason.
Ryan O (guest) in God's Hand On My Shoulder
In 2010 I had given my life to Jesus but didn't want to settle for just going to church. I began also to worship God in my little beach condo each night. I'd get home from work still in uniform and began to worship for hours and hours. One day while worshiping I felt God hug every cell of my body. It was like a blanket of peace wrapped around every part of me. Then I began to get very light, before I knew it I was leaving my body. I floated up to the second floor of my place while looking down at myself worshipping. I remember asking God: " How will I continue to stand if I'm not in my body anymore? Shortly after I began going back down into my body and when my spirit entered my physical body again I heard one simple thing from God. (Some personal direction)

Shortly after I began feeling a HAND on my right shoulder throughout the day. Some days I'd feel God with me all day as I shared the gospel, handed out bibles, prayed for people. (This was all totally new to me to do these things.) Over the many years there have been seasons where I feel His hand many many times a day and there have been seasons that go months without. I'm convinced that it's not how much I feel the presence of God, but how closely we walk with God and obey his word for our lives. Sometimes I just read the Bible and try my best to do what it says, other times I have supernatural experiences and God seems to do almost all the work through me. Feeling his hand for me is like a little faith boost, and I certainly love when He shows up like that! But when I don't feel anything, I know that it's pleasing to him that I love Him anyways with my life laid down for his purposes.
Amie (guest) in A Messenger Once Told Me
In March 2010 you commented in one of Dr. Wayne Dyer's blogs and told us to what to type to find you... I don't know why I typed it, but here I am. Thank you for sharing your personal story of how you found God. Sometimes we get messengers/angels in our lives and do not even know it. I hope you are living a great life now, to the fullest, how God intended it for you to live it. I found God this year, the God within me. I am now awake and trying to serve others. I believe I am supposed to be a healer: healer of the mind, soul, spirit. I haven't told anyone this...

May the divine love and light of God be always with you!
This is exactly what happened to me! I was laying in bed next to my daughter and I closed my eyes and my head felt like it was spinning and my whole body felt like it was vibrating and I felt like my spirit was being pulled from my physical body. I remember saying no no while floating upwards. I stopped going up and I was hovering above my bed and could see everything in the room and my daughter sleeping. A bright light appeared and who I feel was God extended his right hand out to me. I have always had a fear of death but I didn't feel scared anymore in this moment I felt a strange calmness. I said if it is my time I will go with you but please do not let my daughter find me this way, and I snapped back into my body fully awake. Something I cannot seem to find information about online or anyone with a similar experience is when I looked to my left I seen a woman deceased after a car accident. It looked as though I was looking at a projector type clip. I couldn't tell who it was but I had recently lost a close friend to a car accident and thought it was her but why would I see her in physical body deceased? It disappeared immediately after.
Just Someone who Felt it Too (guest) in God's Hand On My Shoulder
I was 19 years old. I was miserable, drunk, buzzed and feeling suicidal. I sat behind an alley with my face in my hands and slouched over in defeat. There was nothing worth living in my life anymore. I was depressed and hopeless. I started crying and sobbing, and the next thing I knew, I felt a very warm and firm hand on my right shoulder, and I gasped and breathed in the evening air into my lungs. My posture became straight, I stopped crying, I felt such an incredible warmth and love that filled my soul that it was indescribable, like God was there, and that he was comforting me and telling me everything was going to be OK. I stood up, no longer drunk, or buzzed, but very clear-headed and felt 100% sober. I walked out of that alley with my head cleared up and standing tall. I've never had that feeling ever again in my life, and I am almost 60, but I never forgot that feeling.
ANGELS_ALL_AR0UND (guest) in Changing Faces
i happened upon this thread, because I was looking up how come I always S.E.E. The +.i.M.€. Change as I am looking at it... I S€.€. A.N.G.€.L.#.s:11,:22,:33,:44,:55, then, the minute becomes the next one...
I just wanted to know what it meant as a spiritual thing? I feel i.+. Means C.H.A.N.G.€. Will suddenly come about, since I have decided to write to all of the N.S.A. Agency's... I am no longer in fear, since it is the only thing ~G.0.D.~ ever asked of me! I have been in customer service jobs for years, touching lives momentarily & have R.€.A.D., 00s of 000s of S.0.U.L.S... All of my bosses let me! So, I just do not make mistakes! Last week, my boyfriend walked over to tell me something loving. When I looked at him, he became younger & I knew this is how he will look in H.€.A.V.€.N... I cry everyday at some point because We have been together for 15 years & I am not ready to say goodbyes... I was tripping on it too much & never appreciated the veracity of it. Like everyone else I questioned, instead of accepting & just wish I could go back to that moment & tell him. I still have not told him. He was there for Israel, & now he knows my G.i.F.+ for reals... It came from multiple N.D.€.s... I S.A.W. Israel attacked by Hummas (how I S.€.€. I.+.)...Gov Agency's don't want to know, as I have called before other world events. There will be an earthquake in California & 1,289,000 S.H.A.L.+. P.A.S.S. & gas in New York & 2,500,000 S.H.A.L.+. P.A.S.S. I can not call, until I am given the date & time, like the Israel attack. My boyfriend was with me, 3 days before & can be a character witness & the upstairs neighbor recorded me, yelling at them to let me get sleep, because Israel would be attacked & all the details, except for, in the sky things. I could not tell what I was looking at from underneath, so I concentrated on the tanks through the walls, the motorbikes with 2, covered head to toe with guns, the bombs in the sky like fireworks, the hostages & the V.0.i.C.€. Saying & a 3rd of the U.S.A.s 9-11-2001 shalt pass. Upstairs, supposedly mentally ill person keeps drilling & hammering into the ceiling, day & night. I never get more than 3-4 hours sleep at a time, so I am sleep deprived constantly! I experienced S.H.€.V.A., when it happened, because I asked ~G.0.D.~ what happened to me. I was shaking so bad with the remote viewing into Gaza, that I ended up on the kitchen floor, shaking uncontrollably. I was shown the movie, 'Bee Season' with Richard Gere. I experienced something similar to the daughter in the hotel room. ~G.0.D.~ told me, a chance 5 weeks in, then 5 months to stop, or 5 years! It is my +.i.M.€. Now, I am told, to fulfill my
D.€.S.+.i.N.Y.! I was chosen to help the N.S.A. ~G.0.D.~ gave me the Super Bowl scores & the plays of the game & that the score would be in the 1/4s thing. I was told to bet $1,000 on it. I said no. Always argued, now no more! I only asked for the score, then the V.0.i.C.€. That S.P.€.A.K.S. In my H.€.A.R.+. Told me the rest. If the score was right, then that would mean I would be in front of the N.S.A.! So, I N.0.W. K.N0.W., I will fulfill my D.€.S.+.i.N.¥., & here it is... I do so apologize for, this is off topic. However, it is like my step out on F.A.i.+.H.! To stop hiding & TELL my +.R.U.+.H., my W.H.0.L.€. +.R.U.+.H. & NOTHING BUT, SO H.€.L.P. Me, my G.0.D. & +.H.A.N.K. ¥.0.U. 4 my G.i.F.+.! May I become the D.i.A.M.0.N.D. 0.V. L.i.G.H.+.! 4 TO BE A GOOD, FAITHFUL, KIND, OBEDIENT, WILLING SERVANT, FINALLY, JUST FOR ONCE...
This happened to me as well. My body becomes paralyzed. I can not talk, or move or even blind. I can see myself lying in my bed. But the emotions I'm feeling is not good I feel scared, but the weird thing is it also happens to my mother. I personally think you enter into the spiritual realm. In the bible God tells us angels and demons are fighting every second of everyday and that is where our spirit is going. I have done a lot of research and the things I have discovered is terrifying
Blue baby life (guest) in Born a Blue Baby
I was born blue and with pneumonia. I was. It expected to live. But I fight and I love to fight. As a child I knew I was different as the world treated me different at every moment. I questioned god at 10 years old as I tried to perfect his teachings with what I thought to be no results. But soon lessons taught me that gifts are usually not for you but given to you to give to others. I would see entities and creatures and even interact with them at times. I would see phenomena I couldn't explain and even perform small miracles.
At about 10 my abilities became relentless after I saw an unexplainable formation on the night sky. I ran got my mom and told her please come look. We both stood in awe at the moon directly above our house with 7 clouds perfectly arranged in a circle around the moon. My mom speechless finally said it's a sign for you you are special. That is the only explanation I was given. Then a few months later my mom and I were playing tennis as it got dark the courts emptied. Mom me and two other people remained we walked to parking and mom left keys locked inside car. We panicked as everyone was leaving and mom was scared something in me just started talking and I listened I walked up to the stranger who was trying to wait with us for a tow truck and I asked them to use their keys. He looked at this kid (me) and thought it was joke. I said again let me see your keys. He finally gave them to me and without any resistance the key went into my mothers car u locked door first try. I got her purse handed it to her and locked door and closed it just to try again as we all were in shock. It didn't work twice wouldn't even fit in the door. The stranger happened to be a doctor for a hospital started to praise god and say this kid can do miracles and to this day when she see me she prays and holds my hands.
As I grew older I start to see that my life is similar to a chapter in the Bible. So I wrote all the similarities down and it shocked me to see that my life was similar to Daniel and my name is Daniel. This helped me learn that gifts are to be given so if you are given a gift pleas give yourself to others reasonably. Then I began to study religions and their origin and reason and I even studied meditations and various similar practices. In all my studies and experiences I will say that blue babies are connected to the unseen world for sure and the more you looks into the darkness the more you will adjust and see what you need to see. Don't run don't walk don't sit just be just think just live.
Raz9 (guest) in The Angel With Red Wings
I've had similar experiences myself... Have encountered a few angels over the last 40 years and fought against few legitimate demons as well... Even been clinically dead by all definitions for over 5 hour in front of 25 people, wandered the heavens, stood before the throne of the Lord most high, creator and supreme consciousness of the universes and was resurrected by their divine grace with no help from any person, doctors or medicine. The house I died in has been torn down years later and replaced with an apartment building which is now fittingly named kings crossing;) from both my experience and the great teachings as well, most angels do not have wings and the majority don't even look anything close to human, (the angel that carried me from this plane of existence to the other side had no wings at all, looked like a massive human shape body made entirely out of plasma. Lightening or pure electricity, size wise, it's a little fuzzy as far as whether my soul was tiny and on a quantum level or if my spirit is the same size as my actual body but either way, the entirety of me rested on it's forearm between the wrist and elbow and i'm 5'9" called me a silly rabbit and had a feminine voice for sure... That being said, there are a few orders of angels that match your description, primarily Archangels, some Seraphim and Cherubim as well... I have encountered the Angel Raziel many times, (the angel of dreams, prophecy, magic, the mysteries of the universe and keeper of all the Lord's secrets and hidden knowledge) I have received a number of prophetic dreams and guidance from them in my life starting when I was 5 and all the way to now... Their wings are always rainbow colored (like light splitting through a prism)... The Angel you're describing however matches the Archangel Gabriel, who in almost all descriptions has red wings... Is also an Archangel responsible for dreams, prophecy and messages from God... It was Gabriel who appeared to Mohammed and instructed him in founding Islam amongst other notable things... Many people on here have suggested a guardian angel but as far as I know the 9th order of angels, the ones we associate with guardian angels seldom if ever have wings and look just like normal humans... Most people have encountered them without even knowing it... What I can tell you with complete confidence is this: If Gabriel is showing you grace it is coming from the throne directly, meaning God has a bigger plan and expects big things from you... Dreams can be confusing and terrifying sometimes as they can lack immediate context but visually, spiritually and emotionally they are pretty straight forward and are generally warnings about future events or instructions on how to deal with a far off situation... As far as messeges go, you gotta look deep inside and listen to your gut, your soul knows the meaning even if your mind isn't there yet... Keep your ears alert and your eyes open, generally the universe will show you an abundance of re-enforcing situations, like movies or music similar to what you are being told, or a picture on the side of a bus, or something someone says in conversation, it will be direct, to the point and ironic on a hilariously undeniable level... You'll know it as soon as it happens... I know your post is over a decade old so hopefully you have figured this all out by now, but if not, hopefully this helps and if you ever need guidance you can email me: hamilton82383 [at], my name is Will, good luck:)
Cathryn (guest) in Room Filled With Light
Thank you everyone ❤️ my bright light happened when I was 5 years old. It was coming down our hallway towards my bedroom. The light was so very very bright but the difference was a lot of chanting noise with it, like in a church session. I knew I wasn't dreaming because our dog came running down the hall and jumped up to hide under my blanket and scratched my cheek along the way in. I am 60 know and thought I was the only one with this experience. What a relief that we are many.
Maks (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
Hey, I've kind of had an experience like this when I was 8 - 9 but it was in front of me. You don't need to believe me, but I know what I saw. I was living in a Foster Home in Poland and the only bathroom they let the foster kids use was the porta potty outside. It was around 2am I didn't want to go that far to pee so I decided to pee on the rose bushes on the patio in fron of the house, when I started I didn't see anything in front of me, but when I looked down to make sure I aimed straight and looked back up there was this massive 3ft x 3ft size white light but it was pure white like a flashlight but more pure of white, it wasn't lighting anything around it, or under it but had rays around it. It was bright and white, just shining. I didn't want to stick around since I've heard plenty of ghost stories but now I notice it could have been an angel of a Holy person, yes I was scared. I booked it back inside ran up the doors, and jumped under my covers hoping I could just fall a sleep, but I clearly indeed, 100% heard a person. Say "it's going to be ok" and than it ended. I hope people believe me that Jesus is real. And that this story sparks a light in people's heart about our savior.
Nicolas (guest) in The Lord's Hug
I feel this too a heavy or a light feeling on my heart on the left side of my chest I believe it is the Holy Spirit some times I tell the Holy Spirit I love him and I feel the feeling on my chest since we all feel it it must be the Holy Spirit the Bible says people will feel them differently some times depending on the people and what there going through always remember God loves you don't let the enemy trick you into thinking it's them cause the devil will try this they tried to do this to me I hear demons and being spiritually oppressed waiting on deliverance stay strong brothers and sisters if you ever feel the Holy Spirit like this lean into it and try talking to the feeling to him and you will be surprised when he responds with a feeling for me he does he tells me he loves me with the heavy feeling I started to draw really close to Jesus to God and he drawed close to me too now I'm one spirit with the Holy Spirit joined forever with the love of my life:)
Michele (guest) in A Touch By The Holy Spirit
I have had a similar experience, I was told by a church person to read some passages by myself and as I was doing so I suddenly felt like my body was not solid as a (what I am going to call a finger) went through me and touched my heart it felt wonderful only for a few seconds I was very surprised when it happened.
J (guest) in Orb in Church
13th October 23, whilst at mass I saw a white orb from corner of right eye.
The orb floated up and disappeared.
Yes, recently I too had a dream in which a voice said "You have been chosen for our mission" At first it seemed odd but a few days after this dream I got another dream with the same voice telling me that I am the "chosen one" again. Then I started seeing places where I have never been to before. So I told my friend about this and she told me that it might be a spiritual calling...

So yeah I too have experienced this...
FireSky (guest) in Born a Blue Baby
I was told I was born a blue baby. Back in the days that is what they told the parents as the baby as born dead. A miracle I am. I am dyslexic and have a very high IQ. I see myself as a free spirit with special abilities. I wonder at birth of the baby the soul that was to be born was not and my soul entered the baby. I am here for a special mission. Helping others to see God's Love is what I feel is my purpose in life. Thank you all for sharing.
Guest (guest) in Changing Faces
I had a similar experience. I was having sex with my girlfriend. She was sitting on top of me during the act while I was lying down, I saw a different lady's face atop me. The face looked very different from the person I know. After a short moment the face changed to my girlfriend again and she later sort of passed out or became unresponsive. At that moment, I panicked and shook her vigorously for some time before she came over. After that she began to cry for no reason and told me not to leave her sight. It was very scary. But nothing bad happened. We both were ok.
TulaTheBeautiful in The Moose And The Molecule
You are not alone and I feel like what you experienced was a low level communion with God. The sense of peace, joy and contentment. Knowing that everything is going to be alright.

I believe it will come again for you. You can work on helping make it happen by learning how to quiet your mind. When you stop your thinking, you become aware of another connection to a deeper level of reality. This is God. We are all connected but the noise of life and constant thinking drown it out.
TulaTheBeautiful in Who Is A Survivor
I've just recently submitted a story where, if published, would detail a major metaphorical crash occurred in my life, and my way back. Its my ongoing story.

You speak a very important truth and I thank you for helping me re-realize it. Anger does sever your connection with light. I always wondered why I would feel so wrong after getting angry. It's because anger pulls us further away from the connection to everything. That connection is always there, but buried under a mountain of sense input and an endless stream of conscious thought.

I am trying to balance the demands of life against the background of connection to God and Reality. They are the same thing. You are also God. Don't hate yourself or be adverse to yourself.

And when you/we truly understand that, it becomes harder to be angry, which means you can stay in the light.

Be thankful. This flesh is a gift we rarely truly appreciate. Even pain is a gift. It is an experience. My perspective on life has radically shifted after my event. I too felt angry and upset about it and with God. Not so much anymore.

Star Wars was right. Anger does lead to the Dark Side. But in the end, there is no light without dark. Balance.
darkassassin92 in Changing Faces
My soul mate or Twin🔥Ray Angelica💑think real📛Anastasia Klochkova or Elnis Yaglova Pahha only person know I know Little she love black I black ring box found on shelf I never exactly had girlfriend I unmarried.
Dominic (guest) in Changing Faces
I woke up. Not like from sleeping, or maybe. I had an exact similar experience. Sitting with a friend from school, we were talking about when we were young. At ones particular moment, she said something. It sparked My attention. I asked her to stand up, as we were sitting down. I said, let me look at you. At THAT MOMENT, SHE BEGAN TO CHANGE. OLD, YOUNG, TALL, SHORT, MAN, WOMAN, BLACK, WHITE, kind of like a Michael Jackson video where he morphs, but this was WAY FREAKIER. AS I looked at her, she said, " your changing". I was astonished! It turned out that she was a girlfriend from a previous life. I know how we died, why we came back, people, places, times, and events. Its ALL TRUE BEING CONFIRMED. Bottom line, we get to come back OVER AND OVER, and it's in the Bloodline. Want to know more,? Can you tell me more,? I need more information on either end. Please help me! Any info is greatly appreciated.
I can be reached at
Dominici69 [at]
Im desperate for an answer as to why this happened.

Dominici69 [at]
I am Nida from UAE I had spirtual experience in march 2022 and I heard a voice 'you are chosen one' after some time I had telepathy talks with my spirits guides and animals and birds start interacting with me. I start seen repeated numbers and I start getting flashbacks from my childhood and teenage times. In start I got swear fear I felt like somebody is seeing me and somebody is around me then fear of death was gone and my belief start getting change I become curious about universe, regions etc
So I've recently gone through a massive spiritual awakening! I've had a lot of bad things happen in my life and it turns out I'm actually being opressed by a few stronghold demons! I'm also an Empath and I have spiritual gifts I can see, hear and feel spirit around me. I've been trying to cast out my demons but I'm still battling with addiction issues which I know I must find a way to totally stop! I've been doing my research! I've managed to say this prayer that has bound the demons apart from the strongest one which has manifest and talks through me when I ask it questions, like it's name however, it's rather reluctant to tell me it's real name and I'm aware demons lie! However, this demon has told me I'm a chosen one, which has surprised me because, I don't understand how this can be if I'm sinning with having a drug addiction? I'm not a bad person, the demon (spirit of addiction) tells me I'm a good person and I'm a chosen one because I'm full of grace, empathy, love, care, kindness, understanding... Not quite sure why the demon would be telling me this to benefit myself and not him. He tells me because God commands him to.

I'm currently seeking spiritual cleansing at a local. Church to go along with my own casting out of demons but I know I have to stop taking drugs and I'm aware it's the demon controling my thoughts. I obviously also have the gift of wisdom it appears. I want to fulfill my gifts given by the holy spirit, God knows my heart is pure I've just made some bad choices however, I must still carry on with deliverance to fight off these stronghold demons.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Sending blessings and much love and light to you all 🙂❤️🙏
Ami rebecca (guest) in Changing Faces
So I had a similar experience. But I was out in my camper with my collie. About 3 years ago, wind an rain blowing. Just chillin with a hot chocolate and reading a book. And I noticed my nose growing! I could see it, it was massive like old and warty one. I'm not sure if the rest of my face had changed. But what really freaked me is my collie was now growling straight at me. He has never done that and hasn't since that day. But he was unsettled by it. It didn't last long. About 20 seconds but. It was such a strange feeling. I wasn't scared but I was conscious of something being there for a bit

Any one else experienced this?
Elsie (guest) in I Saw The Light Of God
Wow, it's amazing to find so many similar experiences! I too had one, in 2014. I had been a spiritual seeker but not religious since age 16. I had moved away and been kind of isolated for several years. At that time though I started a gratitude practice. It was a daily practice and it started to consume me. I got so grateful for every single thing in my life I was just consistently over the moon every day. I started really seeing that life is so beautiful and such a gift. After about two years of this, one night I went to bed like normal. I woke up at about 12 and the brightest light imaginable was shining down onto me and into me from slightly over my head. It was so bright that for a second I seriously thought it was going to seep out of the blinds and wake up the entire neighborhood. It was a beautiful white light and it was filled with the most incredible unconditional love from God. It was pure joy. It almost felt like a celebration of me. Like so much love aimed at me. He was conveying how perfect I am (not for doing anything special, just for existing). He conveyed (through thoughts/feelings, no words) that He is with me in every moment of my life, understanding all my choices with absolute approval (and I am not perfect, lol). The polar opposite of judgement.
He made me feel like He understands me the way only your closest BFF could. I say He because I guess it felt *slightly* masculine but I don't know for sure. It lasted for the rest of the night, so about 7 hours total. It was so intense. I am still not religious but I can say that is the meaning of being "born again." I was definitely born again that night, absolutely no doubt about it. Also, it brought the end to my seeking. My spiritual hunger was satisfied. I do strive to walk the path of love now, to love others in the way that I know I am loved. I hold that night in my heart and think about it a lot. I don't know why some of us have seen the light and others haven't but I do know God is with all of us in the exact same way, feeling the same about all of us equally. It really put love in my heart for these trying times we've found ourselves in. Thank you for letting me share this, it almost makes me cry I feel so grateful to express it. I rarely tell anyone about it. And thank you all for sharing your experiences too.
I find it really disturbing. It is almost similar to the stories I read at the website -
Diana (guest) in My Encounter With Michael
I also had a dream about archangel Michael. An unknown figure that I cannot see was showing me about my life and why it was important for me to continue to do good. He was showing me all the good impacts I did to people's lives that have benefited them. Then I was so near to finding the mystery or the secret of why we should do good. When he was about to reveal it to me, a silver-colored slightly bronze burnished angel with large body and wings directed his spear to an unknown target in the darkness, which I now understand to be that figure. I saw a short glimpse of that figure he was dark with wings and seemed to be the angel of death. Suddenly, I woke up panicking. My heart was racing. I felt that the figure was attempting to grab my soul out of my body right before I woke up. I realized archangel Michael had saved my life.
Armando Moya (guest) in The Angel With Red Wings
I know this an old post. I experienced something last night. It wasn't a figure but more a star and that star had red wings around it then a blue light shined down from it and a sword fell from the star.
Demi (guest) in Brilliant White Light
On the 19th November 2020 I experienced the most purest white light and I will never ever forget it. I made a list of things that I wanted out of my life. Anxiety to go away, build relationships, guidance, good health for family and friends, to be mentally and physically strong etc. I was just repeating the same thing every single night as of the 8th November onwards. I closed my eyes every night and would just talk in my head and would hope that 'something' was listening. On the 19th, my eyes were closed and I did the same thing as I had been doing only this time, my eyes started flickering and this pure white light appeared, it felt so amazing. It felt like something was floating in front of me but I was so scared to I open my eyes. I started becoming fearful because I didn't know what was going on and then this red mist appeared and I randomly started feeling extreme fear throughout my body. I started saying things that wasn't coming from 'me' like protect me from all evil, keep me safe etc. I opened my eyes and the room was so still. I had experienced something supernatural which left me constantly wondering what was that, what was the purpose of it? So much happened after, I would be here for 3 hours typing. I started connecting with spirits and it was taking over my life, I had to leave my job because it was all so intense. I started seeing crosses in reflections of things and was literally googling 'symbolism of a cross'. I haven't been brought up in a religious family whatsoever so Jesus was never something I would ever have even thought about. My ex partner's mum was a catholic and I told her about what had been going on, I was so scared, I was being tormented by spirits, I saw my friends eyes turn completely black, something 'demonic' was attached to me and I could feel this constant 'presence' it was awful. She told me that in the bible the devil can disguise himself as light. She prayed for me and told me to pray to Jesus which I did, it felt alien to me. I started going to church every Sunday, my family and friends thought I was bonkers, I had no one to relate to. I know what I've seen and I'll never ever forget it. I got holy water, prayed to Jesus every night and put on the amour of god, prayed over my house, I was doing everything I was told to try and get rid of it and eventually, it all went away. I'm such a why person and that's something I'll probably never have an answer to. I'm still not religious because I don't feel I need to label anything but I 100% believe in Jesus now. Too many things happened for me not to believe! I'm glad I came across this page and others have also experienced the white light. God bless everyone xx
Pinky (guest) in Changing Faces
This happened to me last night. I was visiting my girlfriend who I haven't seen since Covid began in 2019. We were talking, having a good time and when I turned to look at her, it was a different person. I just watched her in amazement as I was trying to figure out if this is who she looked like in her younger days. Then, her face changed again, from her hair style and her nose. I have never experienced anything like this before. I didn't even mention it to her and just carried on as if nothing happened. Don't understand it but enjoyed it.
Leon (guest) in Changing Faces
This happened to me in almost the exact same way that was initially described by the creator of this thread.

Id recently started a relationship with a girl and we both agreed that we felt like we had known each other before. One summers afternoon we were sitting in a room together, having a deep and meaningful conversation as we tended to do. While looking at my girlfriends face, it began to change right in front of my eyes. It was definitely a human face, but I can only describe it as female, with primitive features, not like a modern Homo Sapien face. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and thought I must be tired. But a split second before I saw the face, I had noticed a look of suprise/shock/anxiety on my gf's face. Once my girlfriends face had returned to normal, I told her what I had just seen. She then told me that the exact same thing had happened to my face, but she described seeing a black man with a big beard (I'm mixed race with light skin and had light stubble at the time) We kind of laughed it off at the time, but it's bugged me enough to come looking for answers or if other people had experienced the same thing. Have no idea what it was tbh, but can't help think it was some kind of remnant of previous lives lived, or possibly something ancestral. Of course I understand the possible explanations given in regards to tricks of the mind, it's just that I think the chances of two different people experiencing that at the same time must be pretty unlikely? Either way, I'm glad it happened and I still share a deep connection to the person I experienced this with to this day.
Ray (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
About 8 years ago I had made some mistakes and was going through a period enormous guilt and anxiety. It was almost unbearable. I had not been attending church regularly but was praying. I decided to start attending church again and I found it brought some peace but I was still struggling. During the closing hymn of the Easter Service we were standing and singing That Easter Day With Joy Was Bright when I was overcome by a bright white light and stood staring at it with my eyes open. After the hymn concluded I had and enormous sense of relief and calm. I will not forget this.
KumariDevi (guest) in Spiritual Warfare
In the meditation & healing sessions, you will feel self-love, inner peace & emotional experiences.
Visit -
Kim (guest) in Room Filled With Light
I to the light filled my room I was inside the light but to the right of the light was a shape of a cloud with different soft colors in it.go's showed me love was real, I said how beautiful tears running down my face and then I felt I need to hurry and get back... It was so cool. More please
drifter (guest) in Spiritual Warfare
Three years had passed since this miracle happened, when one day I stumbled across this website. I was surfing the web one Sunday, looking for something spiritual to read. I remembered a two page article I liked in the back of the Alcoholics Anonymous book entitled Spiritual Experience. It has a quote by a Spencer, which happens to be one of my family names. The point is that I, David, never intended to document the story "Spiritual Warfare," so when I remembered what Jesus communicated to me, "I'm not just crying for you, BUT EVERYONE in the world like me that can't believe in Him," it literally blew me away to write my experience on the W.W.W. Three years later. No, it was no accident I googled, Spiritual Experience that one Sunday! What an epiphany it was!
I was in bed one night, I felt low and was sleepy. I felt a presence from my bedroom window calmly move around my bedroom. It then attempted to form a spirit form in front of me with red and blue pixels, kind of in the shape of a person. I am sure it was my Mom, I felt complete love and peace given to me. I then felt the spirit move around again, not pixels now and then went through my bedroom window. It was a beautiful experience and I know my Mom came to visit me. My Mom was the most beautiful caring person, a retired Nursing Sister. I know she has made a place for me when I die
I am also a humanist, yet I found the humanist thing to do is participate. So I am religious, let's just say I had enough hope to experiment in the Word. The results were contrary to my expectations, I had proven God sufficiently to my own understanding. Now it is not faith but part of my daily experience. The thing I don't get about MHPs is why is it easier to believe mass delusion than see independent verification.
2017 was indeed a hot year... The world could use a good seer about now...
Kitcosby in God Came To Me
I like how your experience highlights the truth that you must first endure those psychic bullies before you reach the angels above. Then the Lord above all that. I perceive the psychics out my temples, the angels out my horns, and the Lord silently in my halo and heart. For the Lord moves our heart, yet our hands move the world.
rosswilliams9 in Bright White Light
Hi Juju,

Thanks for sharing your experience. I had a very similar experience co-incidentally also when I was 21! I'm thinking about doing a small research project on this specific type of light phenomena, like you said it was blinding and extremely bright and powerful, this is commonly reported. Please feel free to send an email at rosswilliams959 [at] if you would be willing to share more details concerning your experience.


Sean (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
In my mid-20s I used to experience feelings of general sadness and confusion quite often. Always pondered and sought to find answers to the deeper questions of life such as,
Who am I? Why am I here? Why's the world in such a mess?... Just for the record, I am a seeker of the Truth and somewhat spiritual but not religious in any way. However, I had an experience that I will never forget.

It was a couple of hours past midnight on a cold Canadian winter night when I woke up and couldn't sleep anymore. I use to live in a house in rural suburbs with my family and there was a small park within a 5-minute walk from the house. So I decided to dress warm and go out for a walk to clear my head so maybe I can fall back asleep. After walking to the park and staring at stars in the clear sky for a bit I started to feel chilly and started to walk back when suddenly I was engulfed in a blinding yet captivating bright light from the depth of the sky. Silently and uncontrollably I cried and tried to stare into the light but the more I stared into the more profusely I wept yet felt the purest love unlike anything terrestrial and did not feel the cold anymore, and by the time I got to the house the light had faded away.
Willow (guest) in The Angel With Red Wings
Well my dream is waaay different then the ones I've read. In my dream I was the angel itself and my wings were red and there were not like feathers. They were like red Crystals. I wish I knew what it meant
blazblue (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
i remember that I was sleeping in my bed this happened before and I felt like I could not move because something negative was holding my in my sleep and I could not speak but someone said god was here then it went away last year 2021 and two days ago was a sleep and I woke up to a green light in my bedroom this happened 12am to 2am in the morning
Angelica visit my dreams 8 or 9 times (Anjerica Teen Model, Silver Star,MoeMoeTV,Fashion Land🙆‍♂️own Dolls, Candy Doll similar as me brown hair past blonde I never dye Blue eyes me black dot left eye her dot right eye me triangle arm freckle left rib her freckle right rib triangle stomach & arm I saw triangle stars she wear broken heart necklace & red &🐻‍❄️dress same📛my last Bible I hard heart Chinese heart fire my tree blue & red light burn out coincidences).
I started hallucinating 4 years ago. Now I think it is getting more and more realistic. I can see things but when I look back it disappears. I can also hear voices in my head telling me to look in some directions. I can almost feel something is besides me. Help me please is it mental illness?
Julien Willis Liberty (guest) in Born a Blue Baby
Hello, my name is Liberty (I don't know how this website works just searched "blue baby spiritual meaning" and found this as the first link). I was also born a blue baby. I am 27 now. A totally similar experience in the hospital. I am the youngest of 6 children. I was born able baby but the doctors didn't think I would die. My dad didn't know what to do about it and all he could do when he tried to pray was cry many tears and it seemed The Lord heard his heart since no words could come. I then turned from "blue to pink" as my dad describes, since my mom was giving birth to me. And another part of my miraculous birth was that the hospital tried billing my parents $19,000 but then The Lord seemed to have absolved the amount in full. I also went and had taken special classes in school because I grew up with a lisp. But I am very bright mentally. I also have "psychic" abilities as I also like to call them. I see and hear and comprehend and understand spirits. I know God and His Son Jesus and The Holy Spirit. I am very connected to the spirit world. I believe we are all connected.

I am very thankful for your experience and I am glad to see others have had similar experience and that I am not alone. I am from Los Angeles. God bless you and your family (s). Let God be The Glory.
Randy (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
Around 40 years ago, I was about 13, I had various stresses in my life; although, I'm not sure how I perceived that at the time. I questioned and read about all religions but did not practice any. Laying in bed one night I recall asking what real peace felt like. I experienced a bright white light that emanated from behind, and there was a presence there. I tried to look up and back to see who or what it was thinking an angel or Jesus. The light was blinding, not painful, but so difficult to look into. I think I saw Jesus. He touched my temples with his hands and the most amazing feeling of total peace flooded down my body. It stayed with me for a short time but I could feel it starting to fade shortly afterwards. Now the memory remains but truly recalling the feeling has dimmed. I think of it often but have never shared. Decided to google it and found this page. Amazed at the similar stories here. It do not think of it as a dream.
Mother May I Today (guest) in Spirits In The Sky
I do see them all the time, in the clouds and also in trees and their leaves. Sometimes there are with certain patterns. Start to gaze upward more often and you will know what I mean. And for the reading the Holy Bible, I couldn't agree more! Read about Nephi also which is in the Book of Mormon Bible. Think with joy and have fullness of love with your heart! Be true to yourself and what maybe out there!
Idk if this is the same thing you all are describing, but maybe if it helps someone to hear this? I don't remember exactly when it started, but it's been at least a few years now- I don't actually remember the reason why it happened the first time, either, maybe when my grandfather died? But I was in a lot of pain and I asked for help, I asked Jesus for help, and I felt warm, heavy hands on my shoulders, and had this immediate sense of safety and reassurance and calm. And whenever I reach out, not even with words but I just think that I need help, those hands come back and make me feel safe and supported and loved, through whatever is happening. They're there right now as I type- I wasn't sure if I should say anything here, like telling anyone would make it stop happening, but I just have the sense that it's okay to share this. I've never questioned God's existence since that day.
Chet Baby (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
I was lying in bed one night next to my wife going through changes in finding God that night a green amber light shined down on my for head form the ceiling of trailer I was living in I was paralyze and could not lift my body up but was able to move my hands while laying on my back shaking my wife wake up wake up of course she did not so light still shineing on me through it could be 👽 but I felt it was more Godly and me being so shaken I felt it in a way it said he is. Not ready and light slowly started to fade I kind of felt I missed out I told my wife what happen and why she did not wake up she said I probably was high even though I was not stop for a while trying to find God after this started to pray for green light to return never did but I started to have a weird gift able to say things or predict things and would happen my 3 sons did not believe me until they became and see with there on eyes things happen mostly 3 days after I said it. It now comes and goes sometimes unbelievable does not work for money so far I have been like this for 35 years and have came a cross 1 person who has seen a Green Light from N.J.Peace😇
I've had this what looks like a black hooded entity, with black eyes and mouth and black wings pop up on my baby monitor, and my living camera. It seems to always stand/Hover around my son, who is almost 3. I'm a believer, I'm no saint and nowhere near where I want to be or who I want to be in my life but I try to be strong and pray on it and God to come in to my home and his angels and to rid anything negative of this world or another. I do not fear it, the only thing that makes me feel uneasy is it always is around my baby. If anyone has any information on what it might be, or what I might can do id greatly appreciate it. (I also have screenshots of the figure I've captured on on my cameras)
David (guest) in Son Of God In The Sunrise
Tammy, I just read your story and I just want to tell you that I think God wants people to tell their God stories, or should I say miracles! And better yet, to document them. So I think it was a "God thing" for you to tell about your experience, even though it happened when you were so young.
Tammy, I had a profound Jesus experience, you could read on this site entitled, "Spiritual Warfare", by David. And to top it off, what He said to me, happened in June 2005. I had absolutely no idea I would stumble across this website three years later, to document those exact words, on the World Wide Web!
You're right. It was unreasonable of me to expect you to know your daughter's age. I don't think you realize the damage you caused for so many years in my life. You expect me to just forgive and forget? I've tried that many times and each time, I'm left in a heaping pile of mess. I genuinely hope you are better, but you can't erase the damage you have done. This relationship is beyond repair at this point. You can do and say what you want about me, but you crossed a line threatening my kids. You are everything I protect them from. They may have curiosity about your family's role in my life, but they will never know the pain of riding your roller coaster. And in order to be a good mom and whole human being, I cut the toxic out of my life. Please know this-you are not welcome here. You will go to your death bed knowing that some things are damaged beyond repair. I lived with it for so long. Now it is your turn.
Is it really okay for you to call yourself "alarmman" when you can't even finish a project you start? Let's count all the things you've done, shall we? Threaten your own children's lives. Get your children stuck in terrifying situations. Abandoning them in a different state while you go prowling for heroin. You don't have spiritual visions. You have hallucinations from all the brain damage you've self-inflicted upon yourself. Here's a question for you. How awful of a person do you have to be for your own son to get a smile on his face when he sees you were hurt? That fish scale leg photo was the happiest I'd been in a while. Oh man, whenever I'm feeling down I just picture it. You've always escaped any sort of real punishment for the things you do to people. I hope it still hurts.
David (guest) in Good Shepherd, Lost Sheep
Hi Partisan. It's taken me a long time to read your story. I very much liked your comments about the Jesus miracle that happened to me in 2005, titled "Spiritual Warfare." Yes I agree, it was our time. When Jesus said, "I'm not just crying for you, but everyone in the world just like you who can't believe in Me," I had no idea I would find this website, three years later; to document that story. So you see, It floored me when I realized that Jesus meant to say those exact words on the world wide web! What an epiphany! I think it's a good idea to share your Jesus experience with those you may come across. I have. I'm sure you can see why. I liked your story! Take care my friend.
Betty (guest) in Seeing God's Light
I had the experience of God's Radiant Light several years ago. I was asleep and it was early morning around 4 or 5 am and all of a sudden a bright light from up above was beaming down at me. Lil by lil I was being taken into the light and as it took my soul into it the brighter it kept getting and it was Soo bright but it didn't hurt my eyes and deeper and I was going into the light then I started to feel the warmest sensation I had ever felt in my whole life. At that point in my mind I knew it had to be God's Light! So then I started to feel Soo much Peace, Warmth, Love and as if I had never been hurt, nor physically or emotionally, like I had never been betrayed just such a Beautiful feeling that was no comparison to a Beautiful Day here on Earth. Then suddenly my alarm clock or phone went off and I was awaken and brought back from God's Light. When I awoke I cried for about two hours straight Praising and Thanking our Lord Jesus for showing me that there will be Beautiful Peace in Heaven for all Eternity!
CColvin (guest) in Changing Faces
I had the same thing happen to me in 2016 I thought it was a Demon I didn't know what to think about it
I always thought I was trippin (guest) in My Black Guardian Angel
Hey so I had a similar experience when I was 16 or 17 and it scared me to my core... So in high-school a lot of kids myself included did a certain pre-workout that contained dmaa and I remember 1 night around 3am during Irma I was in my room working out to stay in shape for regionals and my danger senses went off and out of the corner of my eye I could see a pale like paper white male angel with black wings and short black hair in armor and was carrying a decorated scythe I tried to look at him straight on but never could so I got agitated and started swinging at it with a bamboo cane I kind of wrecked my room in the process but I just recalled the event tonight I didn't trust it and to be 100% honest I always thought it was a bad trip but I got to searching and here I am any thoughts
scarlett2 in God Came To Me
You are so very Blessed!

Please continue sharing and inspiring others through your spiritual experience! Sending Love and light. ❤ ❤
David (guest) in Brilliant White Light
I was surprised to read the exact experiences described in the same way that I described to myself.

Eyes open and awake during operation
Wall open as door way with bright yellow
Sun light with fields about 15 ft from me
Different blazing white light filled the door of gold light
Move instantly to me and around me and hovered
Felt like my life was being read
Complete peaceful feeling and knew you couldn't say or think anything bad
Than instantly gone and a feeling you know when
You die there will be nothing to fear.
You know it is Jesus
You wonder why he didn't take you
You're not sure if you should tell anyone
The doorway with the sun like light seemed like it opened into another dimension.
Thought maybe heaven was here in another dimension
Believe it. That's all you have to do. There are only maybe 5 actual "seers" right now and I was told by a ghost (ironically NOT a spirit guide) that I was one of those five. So this Afghanistan stuff in my visions and dreams IS going to happen. It is NOT going to end well for both parties.
I am seeing this in visions... Dreams every single day now. Afghanistan resistance fighters struggling in the underground to fight the Taliban. And here's what I've seen... Some in the resistance have actually PAID the Taliban token money to allow them to look the other way while they still live there in their hovels and homes. In return they get praised by the Taliban for their support. I have seen the struggle in trying to hide in Nazi-like totalitarianism in hiding in all the corners and shadows as they're now being hunted like dogs and wolves. I have seen enormous bombs being dropped then on them all, friend or foe, in an effort to solve this problem for once and for all... And I have been awoken in numerous nightmares because of it. The world NEEDS to center on Afghanistan right now, because it is only going to end worse in much worse human suffering if we do NOT center ourselves against the now madness that IS going to haunt some of our dreams here this day.
I was stationed there long ago and I saw the failure in the Afghan Army of the time, that they did NOT want to be there and they had NO reason to understand it at all, and now... I've seen the fall way before it happened.
And it's not going to be good for anyone. The Taliban will crumble them all to nothing if we, the world, don't step in to do anything... And that's not right. It is going to be a failure on US, not them. We were and now ARE able to help but in my visions... We didn't. And THAT is what drives me crazy right now.
Kara.relentlessspirit (guest) in Changing Faces
This same exact thing happened to me during an awakening 1.5 years ago. I was speaking with a friend and as he told his story I could see who he was speaking of, on his face and body.
I finally stopped him and asked him if the person he spoke of looked like this (and explained) and each time he said it was his uncle or dad or some other family member. Later he pulled out photos and showed me all these people. Mirror image. He is Crow. Indigenous.
I think about it every day to this day.
Minnie (guest) in Changing Faces
Had a strange thing happen last night, my husband and I had friends over for dinner, while the men were chatting in the kitchen his wife and I were in the lounge chatting about our children and the problems we are having around our grandchildren, while I turned away to pick up my cup and then turned to continue our conversation, I noticed her face was different 😬it was like looking at a different person, her hair was the same but her face was a lot fuller and her eyes were different her face was a lot fuller and older. I was talking to her and she was talking back to me, but for a few minutes I couldn't believe what I was seeing, then She was back to herself. At the time I was a bit taken back and didn't mention it to her. Have never experienced anything like this before, has anyone else had this happen to me.
I had a dream that I was on my knees in a white robe washing the feet of Jesus I never saw his face and never tried to even look up at him in my mind and in my dream my goal was simply to cleanse his feet and the odd thing about it was I leaned over his feet and tears poured from my eyes and that's what I washed his feet with I knew it was Jesus because of the scarring on his feet from being crucified he also had on white that stopped just above his ankles we never spoke a word and I never looked up it was like I was determined to make sure I cleanse those feet jesus's feet to perfection and then I felt a hand lay on top of my head and just hold it and then I woke up. I just can't get this dream out of my mind I prayed over it, when I woke up I felt such peace and I had chills all over. I have been told that it was a sign of brokenness and healing and that also I need to start getting my house ready not meaning the home I live in but my my soul the house inside my heart my soul. I just went through covid and came home approximately 5 weeks ago and still suffering I just wonder if this may have something to do with it I want to believe Jesus came to me and allowed me to wash his feet.
Pablo Junior (guest) in Spinning While Meditating
I have had a similar experience some years ago, not meditating. I felt like I was Dying, I felt everthing spinning, more and more. Like my spirit was detaching from the top of my head. I was sit in a chair at a Church and someone who worked at the church put the hand on the top of my head and things calmed down, I think he saved my life.
Tania1933 (guest) in My Black Guardian Angel
I have seen him too. So enormous, black and majestic with black Ángel wings. I only saw him once. I never forgot about that experience. I felt he was a good presence. I wish I could know more about him.
Jayden (guest) in Spinning While Meditating
I've had this happen to me a lot actually whenever I meditate I can almost forcibly go into this but never fully because I lose the sensation after a while. I know this is 10 years later but it would be cool to learn more about this I'm only 17.
Lian kay (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
Hello everyone I'm chatting from Nigeria I had similar experience the year 2020. But mine was kind of different all I remembered was laying down on my side then now, saw my self laying down on my back unable to move but my eyes where opened, then this very bright light descending remembered trying to move but unable to then the light was moving towards me, it moved towards my hand then entered right into my heart like it just made it way into my heart. Then I woke up trying to wonder what it was until now. But I know and believe it has something to do with my faith in God cause have had terrible experiences in my life. I really wanted Him to show me he's always with me and He loves me was able to talk with a Bible beliving Christian and he said the light of God wants shine through me.
Artie Whitfox (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
God is. God is light, in his glory. God's body looks red orange in color in his glory. Sardine and jasper stone. There are light beings. I saw a light being during the day, way out in the distance. I was at 1400 feet or so in elevation. I was looking toward San Francisco, out of a window. I saw a vertical beam of light, way out in the distance. It had an upside down V of light, on top of it. It moved slowly up into the clouds, when I saw it hiding from my sight. It felt me, knowing that I saw it. Jesus is the visual manifestation of God. The unseen Father is in the mind of Jesus. Jesus is the one who judges the living and the dead, with his light.
Kswartz. Sorry would never come close to how I feel. I never really read all you said in your comments. When I wrote this I wasn't really thinking about the accurate dates. Really wasn't the point I was trying to make. Do you remember when I called you about Anthony and said one of your siblings was in danger? Things like that happen my whole life
I had gone to bed as usually, I am not sure if I was dreaming or was I having an outer body awakenings, I was a sleep definitely not awake
I was suddenly very quickly go up the to most amazing luminous light
I had a overwhelming sense of live... Like I have never experienced before, different to the love of your first true love,
I didn't speak to anyone just travelling to the light, I thought I was going to heaven, I concluded this was how I died, I didn't miss anyone back at home, I was totally disconnected from everyone and everything the love I felt just made me want to go as the feeling was unbelievable, Eventually I came back into my bed or body and was actually so sad and upset as the experience was something so profound... LSo much love it took over every of fear, and all earthly feelings.
It has stayed with me and hope this is what happens when I do pass away and leave my worldly body... It was Amazing I didn't see fields of flower and beautiful Scenery... I didn't get that far I must have come back before I got to see the true beauty of Heaven.
Brendy in God Came To Me
Please please please continue your story. It's so lovely, so encouraging it made me cry. I know God is so GOOD and LOVES us, especially has compassion for our times of struggle. He helped me through a suicide attempt too.

You really can encourage people with this. I hope you'll share more.:)

If you can't write it maybe do a Youtube video voiceover or podcast? 😊 😊 😊
nic (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
I was sleep in my bed. The time was around 2 or 3 am maybe. I woke up turned over to lie on my back so I was looking at the celling. I saw a cloud of darkness on the celling creeping in the room. I thought I was seeing things so I bat my eyes over and over again but it would not go away. I had no fear, it was just a feeling of this can't be right. So, I turned to lay on my right side facing my closet. My Closet door was open. Out of no where Bright Stars were floating towards me. Again I Bat my eyes over and over again thinking what is going on? At that point in my life I knew the Lord however I was not living my life like I knew him. I am now but I would really like to know what that was about. Very sure it was a vision but what was the meaning?
Something like this happened to me last night.
I was going to sleep and as usual, I had my eyes closed, was trying to find a comfortable position to sleep etc. About 10 minutes had past and suddenly I started to feel weird. My head was gently spinning and I felt like everything had started to grow longer and taller including me. It started to get really creepy to have my eyes closed cause every time I closed them it felt like someone had tried to gently lift up my soul from my body and steal it. I was really terrified and as it happened for the first time I nearly started to cry. I was scared that I was dying. Eventually I got up to get help from my family and they helped me to calm down.
After this experience I'm still really scared, so if anybody knows any reasons why it happened or any suggestions and tips to calm down if it ever happens again, that would really make my day.
ARMANDO ORONCE (guest) in Rapture Dreams
I am now 62-year-old from the Philippines, a long time ago (maybe 50 years back) when my Grand Father name Elias is still alive, he told us several visions that really came to pass, and the remaining unfulfilled vision is the coming of our Lord Jesus will happen in our generation. My Parents and Grandparents were already in heaven several years ago because they taught us to pray every day and do good things, but I missed the time when we used to pray together every day at 6:00 pm and afterwards my Grandparents continued to pray for another half hour or maybe more. He also told us that many religious leaders, priests, preachers, and pastors will scratch their buttock/head during rapture. I know now why because some of our new Christian Church/Institutions know the Bible from top to bottom but voted for our current President who has had a bad tongue for decades saying bad words publicly. But I still pray that they will change, accept, and surrender their mistakes and sins including our president and his followers before the end of time.

Way back in my teenage days, I saw a very small fire like a torch and then later one house in our neighbour got on fire. I did not take that vision seriously until in 2009 when I saw rushing water and then Storm Ondoy came that created a flush flood in the City and killed hundreds of lives. Then while praying on my bed with closed eyes, I felt the bed shaking and then after a few months the 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami came that killed several thousand people. Then, with closed eyes, I saw a treasure and I frequently bought Lottery tickets thinking that I would win but it was the treasure found in Indian Temple.

Last year in 2020 I got another two frames, one had several drawings of very big water drops and so we experienced several typhoons and heavy rains that flooded several areas in the Philippines until December (very unusual). The next frames are dot points and I assume it will happen in 2021 but why the dots are only at the first right half of the frame and last half is empty. I assume instantly that those dots represent the covid virus but why it suddenly disappears in the last half of the frame. Then I pray to the Lord to give and help me to understand this vision. The one night while praying, I saw the white shining cloud that opened like a cross shape then a shining and glowing image of man coming out.

To all who received visions and dreams, like John we will experience the swallowing of the Little Book in the Revelation, sweet in the mouth and bitter in the belly. We spread our visions to the people and families, it is sweet to the people to hear your visions, dreams and about rapture but later when they think about it deeply, they will suspect you are having a metal problem like I experienced. Remember evil spirits cannot predict the future only GOD or the Holy Spirit can.

My intention is to be prepared, do good things, always think, and involve God in your daily routine, surrender all your sins and do not forget to pray daily even if you are tired from any work.
"When the apostles asked Jesus about the apocalyptic time, He replied gently but firmly, "It is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has put in His own authority. But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you" (Acts 1:7-8).

Jesus said in the Revelations 3:3 "Remember, therefore, what you have received and heard; hold it fast, and repent. But if you do not wake up, I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what time I will come to you."
In short, do good things and share what you can to others who are less fortunate, poor or suffering from this pandemic.

I am spreading these testimonies because I don't want to be a failure in the eye of our God and cares for you and to others.

Thank you for your time and God bless you all,
While in theory I second -o0I0o-'s input and third Frodork's input, I have to say that I have experienced this phenomenon myself and while I understand the optical illusions that can in fact explain a lot of these experiences, it simply cannot explain them all. I've seen my face change from (at the time a 27-year-old white male) to an elderly woman, a Paul Bunyon-looking fella with a giant beard, a Native American, African American and so forth. I was under no influence of alcohol or drugs of any sort. While yes, I was surrounded in low lighting, there's no way these distinct face shapes and ethnicity switches could simply be defined by some optical illusion.
Dee (guest) in White Light Experience
Dear Curious and Terrified,

God never gives up on Us, His children. He is our Father in Heaven.

As I wrote to Michael;

You matter to me. You are in my prayers.

Dee (guest) in White Light Experience
Hi Michael!

I hope you see this. I would email your cell but l live in Japan and the time difference; well I didn't want to wake you.

I was/am in a VERY difficult place in my life. Have been for 2 years. But I was blessed with a deceased loved one (s) coming into my life. They can't erase the terror I feel but they have "aided" me with guiding messages.

Your blinding white light and intuition may not be just one person. Our guardian angels, deceased loved ones' spirits are always with us.

Oh...before I continue, I'm writing a book about angels. NO! This is NOT a sales's nowhere near finished. But to write, I've had to do a lot of research; and I have two years of experience with the phenomenon. I'm paying it forward.

1: Divine timing. We, you, me and the rest of us living want what we want and we want it NOW.
Apparently it doesn't work that way. Take my word for it... I tried for more than a year. It's only recently I REALIZED this. I hope it saves you some time.

2: Free will. We get all the free will cards we want. These sound like a good thing BUT I will tell you now; they ARE NOT. My angels sent me messages, like they were literally screaming to me, "GET THE HECK OUT OF THERE! RUN DO NOT WALK TO THE NEAREST EXIT!
On more than one occasion I used my free will cards.

The angels, our guardian angel and GOD will not intervene if we choose NOT to LISTEN.
I chose because I'm not getting any younger and thought this was my LAST chance at LOVE.
They were RIGHT. I was WRONG!

3: Be thankful for your experience. The white light may or may not come back BUT someone up there (or walking beside you as case may be) needed to get your attention. I want to "say look for/listen for..." But in the case of divine timing, the messages will come to you. Keep your eyes open; keep your ears open... BUT mostly keep your heart open.
No matter how bad things seem try your darnedest to be positive! It makes communication much easier.

Lastly! I don't know you. But you matter to me and please remember I am praying for your success. Dee
Dee (guest) in Brilliant White Light
Hi. I'm a 63 year old female living in Japan. I was born and raised Catholic (US and Canada. My teenage years were spent doing volunteer activities for the Church.
I was blessed to have been good friends with a Brother in our Church in Ottawa. He passed away nine years ago. I didn't know he passed until I hadn't heard from him in a while and checked the internet.

I awoke Jan 19th as usual. It was cold and 5 a.m. I closed my eyes for a moment and a bright blinding white light came to me... I opened them and the light continued to grow in size (it was a circle).

Br. M. Was in the center.

I've been going through a lot of personal and financial problems (some covid related; others not).
I remained still, thrilled to see my good friend and these amazing circumstances. Such feeling of peace and calm poured over with me. AND every time I remember it, I get that same gift of calm and peace.

I found this site a few weeks later. I was looking for something else "angel" related in my pc history and found this.
At the time I didn't know you could comment.

Thank ya'll for sharing your beautiful experiences. It helped me understand mine better.
Roslyn (guest) in A Touch By The Holy Spirit
I've had electricity go through my whole body and also a big white light go through me- all in 2020:)) ) I love my Lord, Jesus Christ!
Dark Lord Sasuke (guest) in Yoga And Out of Body Experiences
I have been watching a lot of videos and reading articles on how to have out of body experiences. It is definitely a commitment. I have managed to have about 5 of them. I am not sure if it is the same buzzing that you are speaking of but for me when I have prepared myself to have a successful OBE I hear what I call "vibrations". At that point my body is in a perfect state of sleep paralysis. Also I do often feel a presence like you describe. At this point if I ignore any oddities with courage and focus on stepping out of my body then it all goes away and I am in a perfectly aware state and then can explore the astral plane to my desire. I am not sure if this is what you are experiencing but if it is then ignore the presence and focus on moving out of your body. Once you do the noise and the presence will be gone and you will be free. It is an amazing feeling.
Wow, beautifully written thank you for sharing such an intimate experience for you and your family of your mom's final years, months, weeks, days and hour. Sadly, it appears the very ending of your story looks to be cut off? Did you ever get your confirmation about the tree?
Aros in God Slap?
Have you ever considered that it could have been a UFO experience? I've studied the phenomenon for over 30 years and one of the known effects of a UFO in close proximity (whether you are aware of it or not) is something called "The OZ Effect" which basically describes a sudden lack of ambient or surrounding noise in your immediate environment.

All animals, insects, noise of ANY kind suddenly and inexplicably stops as if you've suddenly lost your hearing. A vacuum or void of noise is sudden and striking. Anyhow, I'm not saying that is what you experienced, but there are similarities worthy of consideration.
Palakwai (guest) in Room Filled With Light
This first time I wanted to change my life
The scriptures said if I wanted to Know then ask in prayer. So I set out to ask. I worked in a convenience store. I was the stock boy. I kept the cooler stocked and back room stock organised. I worked in the back on my own, it was a quite and private spot for me. Every day I woke praying. I prayed at work every day during my duties, I prayed at night. I was determined not to give up until I received an answer. I was in and out of constant prayer every day for possibly for 10-14 days, it was days of constant effort, but I can't remember how many days exactly. Then one day alone in the back stock room I was in a standing position while praying, I was asking if there was a god. Then to my amazement and instantly Then room filled up with a light. It was brilliant as lighting, brighter than the sun, brighter than anything imaginable.
Its hard to explain. I could look into the light and it did not make me squint it did not hurt my eyes. This surprised me. I was incased in this light, its all I could see and at the same time all I could feel. It filled me up, it filled my being my heart my soul, I could feel it surge into every cell of my body with such a magnificent force of gentle calm. It was a magnificant surge of unconditional love, the emotion was magnified to such an unexplainable level that It surpassed any emotion that a normal person could not even possibly feel with out the assistance of a deity. Tears gushed from eyes and then a voice spoke two words. Again the voice followed suit with the experience. Its was the loudest most powerful gentle loving voice I ever heard its hard to describe. It filled me up with the light. It was a voice of a thousand trumpets that soothed my soul. The voice said Follow me. After hearing the voice of Christ. I was then returned back into my normal setting I felt I was thrown back into a carnal state back into the filth of a carnal world. I felt dirty after leaving this godly state. I felt like having a shower. I was in a state of shock. I was amazed. I needed to leave this store. This is a place that I used to hide my drug use my drinking my sins. I Immediately decided that I needed to leave this place and never come back. I Walked off my job right there and then. I entered the store front heading for the front exit door, on my way a co worker he was yelling my name trying to get my attention, I looked over at him and then he said and I quote " O MY GOD WOW BY THE LOOK ON YOUR FACE ITS LOOKS LIKE YOU JUST SAW GOD! I faced he door with no words from me and headed home as fast as I could go. I arrived home I felt very tired I could not keep my eyes open I crashed on the couch and then I went into a dream it felt like I dreamed for days. I then dreamed a godly dream I knew it was connected to my recent experience. As soon as I woke I told someone what I dreamed and to my surprise and to their surprise they remembered it as a dream that was documented some where in scripture but was not sure where. They made some calls to some church officials and to help us research where this dream was documented. We found out. It was the same dream that LEHI had in the book or Mormon ref: 1st NEPHI CHAPTER 8. I had never read this before but now I was reading what I just dreamed I could not believe again what I was experiencing. I had dreamed the entire dream in detail. This is a whole other story but very connected to the experience I had in the stock room. This is what kept me hanging on this is what gave me hope never to give up on conquering my demons and addictions its also what lead me to my wife today over 35 years later.
This first time I wanted to change my life
The scriptures said if I wanted to Know then ask in prayer. So I set out to ask. I worked in a convenience store. I was the stock boy. I kept the cooler stocked and back room stock organised. I worked in the back on my own, it was a quite and private spot for me. Every day I woke praying. I prayed at work every day during my duties, I prayed at night. I was determined not to give up until I received an answer. I was in and out of constant prayer every day for possibly for 10-14 days, it was days of constant effort, but I can't remember how many days exactly. Then one day alone in the back stock room I was in a standing position while praying, I was asking if there was a god. Then to my amazement and instantly Then room filled up with a light. It was brilliant as lighting, brighter than the sun, brighter than anything imaginable.
Its hard to explain. I could look into the light and it did not make me squint it did not hurt my eyes. This surprised me. I was incased in this light, its all I could see and at the same time all I could feel. It filled me up, it filled my being my heart my soul, I could feel it surge into every cell of my body with such a magnificent force of gentle calm. It was a magnificant surge of unconditional love, the emotion was magnified to such an unexplainable level that It surpassed any emotion that a normal person could not even possibly feel with out the assistance of a deity. Tears gushed from eyes and then a voice spoke two words. Again the voice followed suit with the experience. Its was the loudest most powerful gentle loving voice I ever heard its hard to describe. It filled me up with the light. It was a voice of a thousand trumpets that soothed my soul. The voice said Follow me. After hearing the voice of Christ. I was then returned back into my normal setting I felt I was thrown back into a carnal state back into the filth of a carnal world. I felt dirty after leaving this godly state. I felt like having a shower. I was in a state of shock. I was amazed. I needed to leave this store. This is a place that I used to hide my drug use my drinking my sins. I Immediately decided that I needed to leave this place and never come back. I Walked off my job right there and then. I entered the store front heading for the front exit door, on my way a co worker he was yelling my name trying to get my attention, I looked over at him and then he said and I quote " O MY GOD WOW BY THE LOOK ON YOUR FACE ITS LOOKS LIKE YOU JUST SAW GOD! I faced he door with no words from me and headed home as fast as I could go. I arrived home I felt very tired I could not keep my eyes open I crashed on the couch and then I went into a dream it felt like I dreamed for days. I then dreamed a godly dream I knew it was connected to my recent experience. As soon as I woke I told someone what I dreamed and to my surprise and to their surprise they remembered it as a dream that was documented some where in scripture but was not sure where. They made some calls to some church officials and to help us research where this dream was documented. We found out. It was the same dream that LEHI had in the book or Mormon ref: 1st NEPHI CHAPTER 8. I had never read this before but now I was reading what I just dreamed I could not believe again what I was experiencing. I had dreamed the entire dream in detail. This is a whole other story but very connected to the experience I had in the stock room. This is what kept me hanging on this is what gave me hope never to give up on conquering my demons and addictions its also what lead me to my wife today over 35 years later.
Beautiful story, what a sweet child you have. Hope both of you are thriving today in 2021!
I agree with Patrick... I was just going to write to say I agreed with much of your words Alan but you lost me somewhat on having to face God's judgement when we pass over. God never judges, God simply IS LOVE. Eternal, unconditional love. Therefore it is not possible for God to judge. WE are the judges of our own actions. We will face our actions in our life review, not only our words and actions but the feelings of those we affected. As for Hitler, his Soul too comes from Source and will return to Source. We all have life contracts we "sign" of sorts, before an incarnation. Who are we to say that his life contract didn't involve the atrocities history witnessed for some reason or another far beyond the scope of our limited understanding while in human form?

All-in-all I think most of what you wrote was Truth, just with some slight misunderstandings about judgement and evil.
What a beautiful experience, one you will get to treasure for the rest of your life. I know you will always miss them but you have that profound knowledge that they are together again, without pain, healthy and surrounded by peace and love and that one sweet day you all will be together again. Thank you for sharing.
Sahil (guest) in The Lord's Hug
This is what brought me here. I am very curious to know about it.
I just recently discovered this website and I really enjoy your words of wisdom Wayne. It's been 10 years since this thread so I'm not sure if you are still around but thank you for sharing your experiences and wisdom with us. Forgiveness and Love may just very well be the biggest gift we can give others and ourselves.
TheRedeemed (guest) in God's Hand On My Shoulder
I personally love reading Romans or any Acts in the Bible. Hope it helps. May god show you his blessings.
Due to issues with sexual sin, this has happened to me, but much worse then any of you probably have experienced. It may be because of lust, p0rnography, sexual desire, or a past habit, and it could be because of a generational curse or curses that remain in your life. Military like discipline may be needed to handle these situations. You are in some cases literally in a fight for your life. Evil spirits are very cruel and they would like to see you find yourself completely helpless and without hope. In my experience what could be described as water spirits from the marine kingdom come to me and have a cold presence they force over your face. They will hover over your mouth, nose, or even enter in. There are multiple spirits at work in many cases. Some first deposit what could be called demonic deposits into the body. There is often spirits on the inside of the body along with spirits on the outside of the body working together to ruin your life in so many ways. Some spirits literally cause burning sensations over the body, inside the body and even on the surface of the skin. On the surface of the skin this can feel like a harsh and painful sunburn depending upon the intensity of the attack. The spirits do not have physical bodies to attack you with so they often use the energy they are able to redistribute to the one they are assigned to attack. It is obvious they can cause a multitude of health issues. A doctor will misdiagnose a person a 100% of the time and call something potentially terminal when it is a spirit that must be cast out for the persons extension of life. Repentance, inner healing, deliverance from evil spirits, and physical healing need to be sought out and often times a person needs a good helping of intercession from an obedient believing and anointed vessel of the Holy Ghost. Unbelief, rejection, impatience fear, anxiety, depression, sexual immorality, drug use especially psychotropic, anger, unforgiveness, bitterness, distrust in God, fraud, cheating, lieing, witchcraft and occult practices with things like false religions and newage, as well as psychics, remote viewing, taro cards, weegy boards, and so many others are potential legal access points.
Pocket (guest) in Jesus And Me In The Clouds
Interesting...I actually admire this story and the middle part!
What a beautiful experience your daughter blessed you with. To know without any doubt she still exists and thriving in the heavenly realm doing what she loves. I often have heard about the colors being indescribably vivid and often colors that don't even exist in our earthly realm. As a highly visual person and graphic designer by profession, that is one of the many things I cannot wait to experience for myself once I cross over. Curious if you have had any other contacts from Paula since that experience?
Michelle (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
I was in my early 20's I had been praying everyday for salvation for a co-worker for an entire year. I was frustrated with God that nothing had happened during that time so I told God this. I went to sleep and around 2am I was awakened be God. I felt that he woke me to tell me "Don't worry you do not need to pray for him anymore. He will become a christian." Then the room was filled with a bright light. I did not feel the need to open my eyes. Even though my eyes were closed the room seemed as bright as day because the light was so brilliant. I felt so full of peace. It seemed that the Lord was ministering to my soul speaking in words I could not understand. It could have been for minutes or hours. I do not know. The next day I was expecting something big to happen so I got to work about 20 minutes early. I walked into work and was greeted by my friend the one whom I had been praying for. He asked me if I had time to talk because he had questions about God. That was very exciting to see God working that way. 4 months later he asked Jesus to become his savior. Praise God!
You need time and experience growing accustomed to perceiving higher levels. Insight, creativity/ideas have subtle characteristics. It is thought but this comes with energy. You need to examine and notice the nuances.

People receive direct input from their guides but discount it as their own thoughts "talking to themselves" sometimes that is what is taking place, other times not. The conditions set up for "brainstorming" are such as not to inhibit but to encourage the flow of ideas. It is not the time to evaluate. Get the uninhibited ideas out first. Later examine and evaluate. Maintain a passive awareness. But pay attention to your feelings.

At some point you will be able to distinguish characteristics enabling you to sense the differences between your own thoughts and ideas coming to you from within you yet not from you. This delicate sensitivity is important for you to develop so you can also distinguish whether the source is a guide, The Universe or other people. We are all multidimensional and interact on multiple levels simultaneously. People can have separate conversations on multiple levels simultaneously and most are unaware of it as it takes place.

Within the non-physical world of thought and visual imagery, both the real and imagined co-exist. The difference is in the energy vibration. Of course the brain can produce the components of a perceived reality convincing us of something that is not real. What I spoke of initially is dependent upon mental health and subsequent handle on reality and imagination. In Western society we are conditioned to discount a deeper reality and to focus emphasis on the external world. A degree of undoing is required.

Did you actually encounter a purple dragon? What is more important is what that dragon meant to you and what its message was. One of your guides was also represented by purple. The objective was opening the third eye which is associated with purple/violet. I have no idea how much the video you were guided by contributed to the imagery of your experience. Whether real or imagined there is a message for you regardless of it coming from you for you or from something outside for you.

It looks to me like the "purple, white and pink" addressed the psychic/third eye, the highest level/pure source and love. "Chills and warmth"" are typical of energy sensations psychic input frequently comes with. Usually there is more information like a theme, idea, explanation (at least partial) accompanying the vibration.

Comprehending the message takes experience and/or suitable conditions. That is, even standard communication between two people can be muddled, confused, misunderstood, overlooked entirely. Again pay attention to your feelings. Words are mere representations of ideas and many times fall short. Third eye awareness can open you up to perceiving the pure essence of an idea... That is, the substance we strive to represent using voiced language.
just months ago I was diagnosed that I have a bowel cancer. At first I was a bit shocked and find it hard to accept it. I told to myself is this will be the end of me. Thinking to leave my wife my two children makes things more harder to accept. That very moment I surrender evrything to God. I asked Him Lord if this part of your pruning process so I can grow again according to your will so be it. On the day of my surgery I was put in pre admission room and from there the marker put marks on the spots of my tummy where the stoma bag will be placed in case I will need one. After her the anesthesiologist came and put the syringe on my left arm so the pain killer drips can be attached there after my surgery in case the pain tablets will not be sufficent for me. When I was in the operating theater they started to put the tubes on my nose and on my mouth and I started to lose my consciousness I saw my doctor smilimg and reaching his hand to me. I grabbed it and touched it and that is my last recollection. When iwoke up I'm already at icu The very fierst thing that registerd in my mind is the hand that I touched. It is big but gentle hand and it seems He is there telling me that it is His hands that I touched and I am saved. That very moment my spirit was lifted high and even my eyes are closed I felt the calmness, the joy the peace and security inside of me. That feelings lasted until I left the hospital that I did not even need a single amount of pain killers that the hospital prepared for me. I was dicharged earlier as the doctor told me I handled it very well and I'm independent to the pain killers. God is good with me and I'm very thankful to Him until now and forever.
-o0I0o- in Changing Faces
I second Frodork's input.

I have had countless multi-dimensional / higher-level experiences in my lifetime. You have to realize that there are scientific explanations for many things as well. These which can be explained scientifically as natural phenomena are frequently attributed to supernatural phenomena.

It is our duty really to avoid pseudo-scientific attributions. Another scenario that is frequently mistaken is a phenomenon called "after image" and people believe they are seeing a person's aura. I was attending a class and the instructor was wearing a green overcoat. Behind her was a blackboard. Many people pointed out how she had this vibrant purple aura. If you held that coat up by itself and waved it in front of that blackboard the same purple "aura" would appear. It was the result of the coat's color in front of the blackboard not her aura.

There is also something known as pareidolia where you see images in textures like a face in the texture of a stucco wall, the man in the moon or faces in clouds. People all over the world have mistaken this for apparitions of Jesus, Mary or dead family members.

You owe it to yourself if not everyone to educate yourself so you can decipher the actual paranormal from normal. When you are found to be grossly mistaken it damages the credibility of legitimate experiences.

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