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Ravens Wing. (guest) in Something Enters My Body
It was 3 am, I had fallen asleep sitting up in bed. Something slammed me between the shoulder blades. It felt like a truck smashing into me. The force was so great that my arms actually flew up into the air. The pain was so intense. I knew right away what had happened. There was no sleep fogginess. Something had hit me so hard between my shoulders. What is this? Once before in this same house a spirit I guess went through me. It was like I was in a wind tunnel. No air to breath, going to fast, yet sitting still and knowing my surroundings. I do not do drugs.
Mark from England (guest) in I Saw God
I have seen god to, like Sarah from Australia, it changed my mind set ever since,
Around 2009 I had an experience where I was somewhere else I actually thought I was dreaming, I pinched myself and it hurt plus the conscious thinking and decision making made me believe I was awake and somewhere else so I carried on, any way I remember playing with this girl like two kids running around trying to catch each other just having fun but I didn't recognise her, and I even still wonder today who it was, but towards the end she kissed me like a peck on the lips and I was confused, and even said sorry I'm with someone, I then turn my head towards the right and low and behold there was what I could only call god my first reaction was (what the duck but with the f instead of the d!) as I've never believed, but a man with white hair down to his shoulders with a white beard in a white gown was looking at me, he didn't seem happy and pointed like to say out, then it felt like I was taken by the Collier of the back of my neck and pulled so hard backwards that my feet where out in front of me, it felt like I was in a worm hole traveling very fast and then all of a sudden a brilliant white light appeared it was the brightest whitest light you could imagine, then I felt as if I was being placed back down on to my bed and I remember saying that I didn't want to go back (ie earth) I wanted to stay and a female voice said down my left ear, soon, it's ok every thing will be fine, then as I woke up I felt this powerful mixed feelings of love joy happiness all the positive feelings you could imagine and I had to sit on the edge of my bed to take it all in and absorb everything that just happened.

Then in 2011 I had another weird thing happen where a ghost like man appeared in the corner of my bedroom and so I pushed my body up from the bed and looked at him, and he said a tsunami is coming! I was like what when and where and he just replied a tsunami is coming so I replied yeah when and where and he just repeated it while fading away, so I laid back down on my bed and went back to sleep. I woke up later and remembered what happened then told my girl friend what happened, then two weeks later the Japanese tsunami happened and well they are supposed to be rare events and well I've never been able to figure all this out as I'm not religious and never been to church if anything I've always been spiritual about life and everything, I just don't know what all this is about lol I saw this thread and thought I'd share it for the first time as I felt it was a good idea πŸ‘πŸ»
I had the same experience a few years ago, I heard those angelic voices, somewhat chanting, I can't understand the language they were using. It happened on four consecutive nights, I'm sure it wan't a dream, because I pinched myself to make sure I was awake, nor hallucination, imagination, or delusion, because my sister whom I share my room with heard it too but only for one night.
As much as you have sin no one in this world is PERFECT. God will always forgive you, his heart is always open. You have to open your heart to him. Sometimes people think it sounds funny and crazy. Its not. My folks where never a Sunday go to church person. I have had many issues as a kid growing up with my parents arguing and so on it was a difficult childhood for me. I always prayed for them not knowing a lot but knowing that god will hear you. My mother lost a child in her 3 month pregnancy, I said to god "Why?" at a point that I got MAD at "god" I took it one notch down said to my self things happen for a reason. 4 months later my parents tried again to have another child. God gave me 2 amazing healthy sisters. I said to my self one of them went to go get her sister. Gods big. In every life we all experience a difficult path in our lifes or even more than ones. We ask to our self WHY? Why me? PRAYER is huge. Open your heart to him. Last year many bad things happen to me lost many things up to family members. I never gave up on GOD. In return GOD gave me a Amazing little angle of his my baby girl born beautiful and healthy.
Maria (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
My experience was this - I was sleeping on my stomach and there was a really bright light which woke me coming up through my pillow. I slid my hand under my pillow and realised that my phone wasn't there. I lay there frightened with a burning sensation in the centre of my back. It wasn't that I couldn't move, I could but I was too frightened. My daughter who was a couple months at the time as well let a little scream out. When the burning stopped in the centre of my back I nudged my partner to wake up and to turn the lights on. To this day I cannot explain what that was. I feel that throughout my life I have had unusual experiences and it makes me think that I am either chosen or have some sort of gift. I don't mean that in a conceded way. Another experience was a presence telepathically warning me off the shelf above my bed in my bed room and that not to worry that everything would be okay. The next day when I was down stairs the entire thing came out of the wall. I felt as though I was being protected.
Today the 1.03.2018 night I was sleep and it is a happiest time for me that my wife and son is standing to me and my soul is leaving my body and I am laughing with my wife that I am leaving this world happily saying bye bye to my dearest loving wife and son and thinking about my body what will happen after dead. It is fact some times we saw such kinds of dreams and experience of dying
This thread gives me immense joy. What people fail to realize is that the holy spirit, (also known as the holy ghost) is God himself dwelling inside us. It equips us and empowers us daily to do works for the Lord's Kingdom (helping others, spreading God's gospel and message of love). It is an infilling that will be imparted to all true believers who are seeking the Lord with all of their hearts. We must have this experience in order to be saved when the Lord returns for his people. The infilling also gives us our prayer language. You won't understand what you are saying, but it's your spirit speaking directly to the Lord on your behalf. Pursue God fearlessly, and ask him for divine understanding. He is loving and merciful and he will reveal himself to those you surrender all to him. God bless ever person reading this. In Jesus's precious and holy name.
LoverofJesusaswell (guest) in My Life With Jesus
So good to hear!

I can't believe how much our stories are alike!
I also grow up in abusive home. Didnd't have relationship with neither mom or dad.
I also didn't know what God is alike and before I was at the age 15 and gaved my life for him. I knew he loved me and that love changed my view of him. Still I was like you, looking for a guy to get married with, dreaming about happy familily. Ended up with a boy from miserable home as well. It was chaotic and I kind of had God in a second place, as you.

Living halfly in the world...
Ended up to divorce and know I know Jesus is the only one that can love pourely and that he'll never forsake me! So I think we know how it feels for each other.

So good to hear He have has shown you as well his healing love. <3
It's called astral travel. There are several books on it. You can travel to any dimension or time. You can travel back to your previous lives. Your astral body comes out of your physical body. I suggest that you read about astral travel as there are people that do this through meditation also. However I believe everyone does this while they sleep, they just aren't aware and lack the recall capabilities. You all are spiritually blessed. So learn more about it and you will no longer fear it.
Ellie mae (guest) in Chosen One? - Any Suggestions
I had my great uncle tell me I was the chosen one, I see things before they happen, mainly bad! I tell people. They think I'm a nut! Please help me
I laid down. I feel asleep. I woke up. I felt my soul been pulled from my body. Like a vacuum cleaner. Suck my soul out. Scared me. I fought it so hard. Not to go. I had hurt my arm. I don't know what it was. I don't want do this again. I was thinking obe. Or aliens...
Estrelladelmar (guest) in Black-hooded Entity In OBE
When I was a very young child, I had these dreams that I feel they might mean something. My family was very poor, so we didn't have books, movies or anything that could have cause me to fear. In one of my dreams I was in this dark place, I turned to the left and the outline of a staircase lit up. A white glowing hooded being floats down the stairs. Then I stared towards the front like if I was in a dazed or hypnotized. Through my peripheral view I saw it approaching and once it reached a few feet away from me, my body hair stood up like when some runs a balloon close to your skin creating electrostatic. I wasn't afraid. The hooded being stood right in front of me and grabbed my hand. That's when I saw his skeleton hands and he put 3 golden coins on my hand. The second dream I was in this sort of crystal house watching tv, then someone knocked at the door. I felt like if I knew who it was so I told him to come in. The hooded being sat next to me and the tv went like when there's no signal making that electrostatic noise. I kept on looking at the tv as in a trance but looking at this being again through my peripheral view. He kept on talking to me but I can't remember what he said neither I could see his face. Suddenly he got up and covered me with his robe while saying I came to take you. Everything went dark and all of sudden a light came from above as if it was a lamp and felt warm and calm. I also had dreams with spirals. I think now that these dreams r possibly my experiences before birth. I don't know what these things are, but now I wonder if these things r the archons.
Although Archangel Michael is great to call on for protection, there are actually COUNTLESS other "unemployed" warring angels more that ready, willing, and able to respond to protect you! You can call on them, too! I do! You also have your own personal guardian angels, as well!
I also had a similar experience when I was 23 (and in the Bay area finishing college at Berkeley - no drugs or alcohol). I also had a tree shimmering and glistening and was transported into an experience of complete wholeness and unity. It changed my life. In several other moments of my life (I am now 60), I also have had similar experiences -- not often, and not bidden, but which have come upon me and were tremendous and beautiful. I, too, am a psychotherapist!
NO SUSAN (guest) in Hearing And Seeing Demons
contacting spirits with a medium to talk to your "loved one" is just going to curse you in God's Kingdom HE SAID TO NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR DO THAT! Demons are just going to masquerade as that person and it is not even them! Dont be tricked! Dont do this grievous thing which is a terrible sin!
I got goosebumps reading your story. I've had similar experiences. That wonderful, everything is as it should be, feeling intense love, etc always seems to happen out of nowhere. I don't know if it is because we are relaxed, our guard is down and our "Spirit Team" is able to get through to us easier, but that's the conclusion I've come to.

It might help to meditate on it, asking for an answer. I usually just chalk it up to feeling their love and support. Hope this helps 😊
ForJames (guest) in I Met The Holy Spirit
Dear James. For everything there is a time. Never forget that the Holy Spirit is with you now. Life may not be easy, but it is He who makes it bearable. It is He who makes life worth living no matter the situation. What a comfort it is to know that of all people and things, He is the one by our side.
Angel (guest) in My Black Guardian Angel
Angels are Not always what people paint them to be... They are different. I too have a black Angel who's skin looks like onxy and nails look like the light of the Moon. I remember praying one night telling God it you need me just wake me up. I heard my name being called but, was very sleepy and my Angel nudged me to wake me up. I saw the White Garment he was wear and I saw his Arm was as black as onyx and his fingernails a white as a pale moon.

As God to Reveal him to you.
Dosky (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
It happens to me as well, when I was 14 (not sure) I had been sound asleep in my bed (not sure I woke up or I was still dreaming) it felt so real, anyways there was a insanely bright white light in my window, I was allured to the light, I went to the window and I heard a voice, it spoke to me "Go to church" even today don't know what to make of this experience.
James (guest) in I Met The Holy Spirit
My experience was in Prison. Here it is in detail. In bondage to fear, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, lost identity, turning to drugs for comfort; sent to drug treatment, at an altar call during an intercessory prayer, the Holy Spirit floored me, dropped me to my face, something pulled tears out of me, gave me vision and a glimpse of who I am, supernaturally experiencing gifts within me of love, compassion, and boldness for people and a man with long hair and a robe applauding appeared in the blacks of my eye lids.

On December 3rd 2016, in OCC in Fordland Missouri, I walked up to the Chapel because I was trying to get a DOC Job there. I walked into a full Chapel and sat in the back row as the band "Bert Smith and The Walk" played and "Sons of Thunder Ministries" stood by a few chairs imitating an altar. One of the Chapel Clerks sitting behind the desk walked up to me and grabbed my hand and led me to the altar. There was a visiting preacher named Josh who I had never met before. He looked at me and said, "Do you have anything you'd like to pray to God for?" I said shyly, "I don't know, he brought me up here," pointing to my friend. He said, "Well what do you want ask God?" I said, "Well, I want to make this chapel a more loving environment than it is (being a prison chapel) but I lack the courage to talk to people really." He said, "Alright James, (reading my DOC name tag) we're going to pray for boldness".
As this man and I knelt to pray, something extremely heavy knocked me down as I began to cry. I felt this tremendous weight pushing my face to the floor. As this man is praying, he touches me and begins laughing as if out of his control. As he's praying, being steadily interrupted by his own loud joy-filled laughter, I felt this intense tugging from the pits of my stomach. I felt as if I were "heaving" tears as my gut wrenched and my face felt as if something was pulling me. (I remember trying to hold back because I didn't want to cry in Prison but the tugging/wrenching continued harder and harder). This continued for maybe a full minute or so. (I also had bruises on my knees from the weight pushing me into the floor) I stood up, in tears still overwhelmed by the presence of God with "Joy" as I felt like God was laughing into my spirit. I felt his pleasure with me, it was unreal. Josh stood up, in tears. I looked at him smiling and crying and said, "Thank you, whoever you are." He says, with a smile on his face and tears falling from his eyes, "THAT'S THE POWER OF GOD MAN!" Everyone in the room was looking at me like, "whoa," smiling, and in awe as the Spirit of God was felt in the room. I stood worshiping with my hands to the sky smiling and crying, just praising God.
He then walks over to me and says, "The Holy Spirit is about to leave, you may feel a jolt." I felt this intense feeling of tears and sadness for just a second as I said "Please No." He said Don't worry James, He said I will never leave you nor forsake you, now every time you read your bible and pray He will return. The Lord is zealous with you, I want you to read Acts Chapter 2." As the service is now ending, he shakes my hand and he says "Get Ready"
As I leave the service I am filled with what I can only describe as "Joy" in the natural. This was not a feeling. This was a very strong presence. It affected everyone around me. I go to a service next door, and as I'm sitting at a small bible study table, my eyes suddenly get very heavy and I'm blinking because they kind of hurt. Suddenly, something overwhelms me and causes me to look around the room. I look into a sea of people and I see a bunch of lost children through eyes of compassion. I can't sit still at this point, I felt complete purpose. As I looked from one person to the next it was as if they had crosshairs on them and something like a tractor beam was drawing me from one individual to the next. (I don't speak unless spoken to, I walk around with blinders on so to speak, so this feeling is not of my own will). I then felt God's pleasure with some, and compassion and empathy for others. When someone made me laugh, I remember feeling, "God is pleased with this character, this personality, this is one of his children who creates laughter and joy for others." When someone was hurting, I could see it and feel it, and I wanted to help them. I also saw demons manifest in the eyes and faces of some and others my presence just made them smile.
As I head back to my living quarters, (imagine a barracks; people hanging out talking, cards, etc.) I get up on my bunk, and I remember feeling this peace unlike ever before. My mind was clear, focused, no rushing thoughts, blank, with songs of worship in my inner Spirit (and it's been like this ever since).
As I close my eyes to pray. I see a man in the blacks of my eye lids. As if a lit sparkler traced the night sky, I see a man with long hair and a robe... Applauding...
I got out in November 2017, and I live in Houston Texas, and I am still struggling, unable to find a job even with an associate in graphic design and lots of computer experience, but I am glad to have had that experience. I wish I could tell you life got great but it has not. When I think of my experience I begin to cry and feel very blessed, but daily life I am alone struggling in this modern world that I was not meant for. Please keep me in your prayers as I don't want to to return to drugs or go back to jail ever again. Your brother in Christ. James.
Shellz641 (guest) in God's Hand On My Shoulder
I loved reading everybody's testimonies. I'm really sad to hear some of you are feeling pushed away at times. Just know that we are constantly tested in life in order to strengthen us and that the only way we can be far from God is if we walk away from the spirit, so being overly materialistic. As Einstein put it E=MC2 so even in this world of mass there is a double portion of light all around us, helping is get through. Stay positive (although its hard) and tap into it as much as you can and you will feel God. When you are at your lowest, just know that you are not alone and someone does love you and is always with you holding your hand through it all. You may not always feel it but there is a reason you are still here. He loves you so much. God bless you all.
Spade Head (guest) in Hearing And Seeing Demons
I used to sleep with my mom when I was very little since it was just the two of us in the house. I think I was about 4 when this happened and I've never found any information matching the description to explain what I saw. 28 years ago, I remember waking up one night to see the similar figures everyone has described. Grim Reaper like, dark cloaked, etc. The main difference was that there was no face or hands. It was just a black cloaked figure with a spade-like shaped head or hood. It was standing right next to he bed watching me silently without moving. I remember being terrified and squeezing my eyes shut to pretend to still be asleep while I slowly moved my arm over to shake my mom pleading silently that she wake up but she wouldnt. When I finally got the courage to face it, I opened my eyes but it was gone. I haven't found any explanation as to what I might have seen. There are no descriptions of a demon that fits what I saw or what kind of demon it might be. It was just a heavily clad shape. I just want to know if these things are there to curse you, harm you, or are they past souls watching us?
Sharon (guest) in Changing Faces
I had a similar experience when my mom was in hospice dying. I was sitting in the chair beside her bed and was no light in the room just from coming in a crack in the partially closed door to the hallway. After a while I noticed that there were a series of trans parent masks superimposed on her face. It was the same faces each time someone male, some female and some looked like an earlier version of human. There was one face I was afraid to look at so I make sure I close my eyes and time that one would come around. I observed this for about an hour and I got tired and went to sleep. It only happens one time. Later I searched on the Internet to see if this ever happened to anyone else and only found one lady who describe the same thing happening to her Baby who died at birth. I had two Theory's as to what this could be one was that I was watching spirit from my mothers past in Carnations and the other one was that these were the spirit of others that had died in the hospital she's in
Omg! My experience is so similar to yours. I hope that you are still around here so that we can talk more about it, if you don't mind. When it happened to me, I didn't want to think about it and put it on the back of my mind because I was terrified. My e-mail is aha.toppec [at] I truly hope that we can talk. Take care & blessings:)
No one is going to descend from heaven as no one went into the skies. Jesus escaped cross, went to the east to tend to the lost sheep of Israel and died a natural death at the age of 120 in Kashmir where his grave is found in the Khanyar neighborhood of Sri Nagar. Mary's grave is located in the resort town of Murree. Obviously the town is named after Mary. Due to his sojourn there, scores of places in the area are named after Jesus (Issa/Masih/Messiah). Search "Jesus in India."

For centuries, from their holy books, both Christians and Muslims predicted his return in the mid 1800s. The latest possible dates deducted from the scripture could never be predicted beyond the year 2000. Thus scribed a pen in 1903:

"Remember, that no one will descend from heaven. All our opponents who are alive today will die and no one will see Jesus Son of Mary descending from heaven. Then their next generation will pass away and no one of them will see this spectacle. Then generation next after that will pass away without seeing the Son of Mary descending from heaven. Then God will make them anxious that though the time of the supremacy of the cross had passed away and the world had undergone great changes, yet the son of Mary has not descended from heaven. Then the wise people will suddenly discard this belief. The third century after today will not yet have come to a close when those who hold this belief, weather Muslims or Christians, will lose all hope and will give up this belief in disgust. There will then be one religion that will prevail in the world and only one leader. I have come only to sow the seed, which has been sown by my hand. Now it will sprout and grow and flourish, and no one can arrest its growth." Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835-1908), Ruhani Khaza'in, Vol. 20, p. 65 (1903)

The above prophecy was written 105 years ago. We can see today how the world has changed, so much so that a colored son of a Muslim is the head of the greatest Christian population and the greatest Christian power on earth. And as prophesied, no one has descended and no one will descend from the heavens.
I can remember going outside my home and "flying" around at night. I would fly just above the trees and hover over the city. Everything looks so interesting at night with the city lights and vehicle lights. It feels liberating, but sometimes I feel like someone is actually able to spot or sense me though I'm sure they can't see me.
I'm experiencing it now, for the third time in my life. The second time I was 17 and I (my soul) was in the corner of a bedroom watching myself as I physically sat on the edge of a bed. It freaked me out, of course, but I haven't been able to understand it. I haven't really told anyone about it either because of possibly being seen as crazy.

The first time I was 13 and I was in bed to sleep. I remember looking at the digital alarm clock across the room, feeling intense fear as if something evil was under my bed and waiting to grab my arm. Suddenly, I did feel a dark presence grab my arm - there was a sudden spark - and I felt my soul slowly raising upward. As I rose closer to the ceiling, I could see the "popcorn" detailing as it was very near to me. During this experience I felt as if there was a sort of invisible force which was raising me upward. When I passed through the ceiling, I realized I must have died. I remember feeling very sorry for my body that was left behind. I also remember that I had no pain at all - I was able to notice that difference right away. Just breathing and the organs in our body - inside our chest cavity - there is pain associated with that. We just don't realize it because we're used to it. But I was free of the pain one has with having a body. Also my vision/sense of sight was spectacular. So anyways, I was in the attic at this point when I started communicating with God telling him I wasn't ready to die, that there was a lot more I wanted to do and experience, and that I'd like another chance at life. At that moment I slowly was lowered back down to my body, just as I had been raised. I saw the "popcorn" ceiling as I passed through it once more and a jolt as I reentered my body. I looked at the alarm clock across the room and was very surprised about what had just happened. I felt a peace and was able to sleep right away.

Now at 37 I am feeling this way again, except only partially at the moment. The best way I can describe it is that I feel as if my soul is about 25% out of my body - that elastic feeling that someone else had mentioned. I can feel it stretching out or being pulled on by an unseen force.
Bj (guest) in My Death Vision
I'm seriously half scared to death... I saw myself blow up in a basement. They just put a new furnace in my place I went down today to do laundry and I sat down in a chair and had a flash of the furnace exploding everything burnt including me in that chair. I got up and came upstairs and have been a bit freaked since... I have such a bad feeling: (
godivademaus (guest) in Vibration Like Earth Quake
I have a neuro-skeletal condition and am seriously disabled and mobility impaired. When I get these vibrations it feels like a harmonic "tone" going through my body, but it's as though it's emanating from the earth. It's as though my body has "tuned" itself to the harmonic frequency of the spot where I am. These episodes can last hours. The impact is I have some relief from pain and what feels like deep relaxation.
I had a similar experience last night. I was falling asleep with the intent of astral projection. It hasn't worked yet, but usually there is a "build up". Start feeling a tingling in my arms and legs and slowly intensifies until I feel like I'm floating. This time however there was no "build up". I was lost deep in thought and almost asleep. Then I was suddenly jolted awake with the tingling sensation throughout my body stronger than I ever thought possible. I felt like I was being pulled up by the legs. Not by something, but by a force. If that makes sense. Although it came as a surprise and shock I never panicked and just let it happen. Along with the tingling there was a very loud humming noise.

Anyway it was a pretty strong pull, but my head would not let go. I could feel the rest of my body floating and being pulled. I felt imense pressure in my head like it was going to explode. Mostly in the forehead. It failed though, because I got a few texts and the sound made me snap back.

Although it didn't scare me during. I'm scared to attempt it again. Always thought it would be a calm experience, but this was intense.

Is this how it usually happens or was something else going on? It didn't happen by my own will. I did attempt, but bailed and was just falling asleep as usual when it happened. Lasted about 20-30 seconds.
I'm experienced the same. Many times,I'm a christian I know that anytime God will take my life because He owned me.I'm a silent type of person my favorite time is with when I'm talking to God alone with deep thinking... Many times I fall into deep sleep wherein my soul comes out from my body. I really saw my body laying down on my bed, the dress I wear the pillow that I used to I've seen everything in my room. I fell I'm awake but the only thing I ask for, why is it that my body was laying down then I'm awake? Then I started my heart to beat faster thinking that I'm dead already then suddenly I feel I was strack and I wake up suddenly with my heart beat rapidly... The only thing I'm sure of that if I will die one day I will go to heaven because I accept Jesus Christ in my haert as my personal Lord and saviour...that's the only way you will go to heaven... If you will not accept Him hell is waiting... WE are save by faith alone. The bible tells.
I was half awake and half asleep. Whatever it was leaving my body it paralyzed me until it was completely gone. Although I will admit it was the greatest feelling I ever encountered. And my eyes were open as well as my wife happened to up watching me go through this.
it has helped me to see that it not just me who had such dreams. I also had a dream where I was sleeping in the morning and trying to wake up and I couldn't because something was pressing me down and after I prayed on my dream my spirit was moving around trying to talk to people I live with but they couldn't see or hear me until my sister called my name that when I was able to woke up n I was alive.
An angel came to me twice both times I was asleep but it was so clear dream it is difficult to explain in my dream I was dreaming something then suddenly my dream stoped and I had this vision it happened 2 years ago but I remember every single detail there was a hill with a very big and heavenly beautiful tree and under this tree was a heavenly white sort of see through triangle shape of a man as if he was wearing a cloak it did not have a face or hair it was not a male or femail, it had theese huge wings that were very large and so beautiful I felt so good seeing it ! I felt so peaceful, safe and happy like nothing else matters.
It did not say anything just stood next to this tree and let me watch him and then he spread his wings like you would spread your arms in a welcoming jesture for a child you haven't seen in long time saying come to me.
I knew straight away it was not just ordinary dream. This Was a Real Angel and it came to me with message but one I could not explain.
About week later I received a phone call from my father neighbor saying something terrible has happened I need to contact police -my father has past away, he lived far away from me we were not very close and spoke on a phone once in a while, he was alone at the time and it took around a week for someone to find him I will always have to live with this day not passes by I don't think why I did not do more for him... I knew angel came to me to show he is taking my dad with him, I saw exact moment when my father died and been taken into heaven I can not explain but I just know it! The coroner confirmed exact day my fathe has past away and it was the same night I saw an angel. After that I have constant feeling I am not alone I keep seeing shadows pasing by as if someone is walby or standing in coner when I look again there is no one. I am not afraid of this, I move house but this feeling came to my new house too.
The second time I saw and angel was 2 days ago and it is different experience now I am afraid!
Once again I was asleep in a middle on my dream suddenly I sea a a shape of a person looking directly into me this this intense look not saying anything just looking into me into my sole it is person is all in black intense deep black colour on a top of his head there are horns behinde fis shaulders there are magnificent enourmous black wings over is boady ther is sort of a cloak that makes fim triangle shape there is no hace on him no human features but I know he is a male and he is a angel who intensely is looking into me but one again I don't know what he is saying I was afraid in my sleap I woke up with the gasp of air I just saw an Angel of darkness! What does it mean I don't know, but I keep thinking about it all the time and I am afraid not for my self but I don't want something bad to happen to my family...
I had very difficult past 5 years I lost mum and dad suffering sciere of cervical cancer hopefully false alarm! And depression twice I was tinking to end my life but I am in better place now mentally. Another shock of loosing some one will be devastating for me.
Nikki Ply (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
The same thing happened to me too. I'm 14 years old and I'm in my room on January 20,2018. And I had asked God to please send me a sign ever since last night. But while I was asking I saw 3 black orbs while I was praying. I searched it and it said they could mean death. But I don't know if that was the sign he sent me or not? But again today I asked again to make sure because I really want to believe he's real. I mean life didn't just happen out of nowhere right? Lol. But anyways, it was maybe 5/10 minutes afterwards that I was laying in my room by myself. My light WAS on but the light I saw was even brighter. It wasn't like a orb though. It like zoomed by me like a shootingstar.
EvanDivine in Floating
Interesting... I wonder where it was that you went. I have had many dreams like this, myself. But not ones where I go out of body like that. You mentioned having other experiences. And that you have dreams of battling. I have many dreams like this as well, but not to where I feel drained and need to drink something. But I don't think you would have died if you stayed out of body much longer. It doesn't work that way. However, it is still dangerous to travel out of body, so it;s best to know how to protect yourself.

Can you tell me about more of your experiences? What about your dreams and visions of prophecy from God? I have had dreams of Him too, so it's be awesome to hear others' experiences of seeing Him.

It is good to know another person who is involved in spiritual matters and knows Our Father in Heaven. If you are still looking for answers, I would be willing to help you with that, being a fellow Christian myself. It's confusing when you first come into all this. It's like a whole new world has opened up. It was like this for me about 7 years ago. I didn;t know much until my friend brought me back to Christ and guided me in understanding more about the spirit world. If you recieve visions from God, then you are special. It means you have a big purpose to help this world in the tough times that are coming soon. I'd be happy to give any guidance to help you understand thigns more:) There is so much more to your path than you know. Please email me: jacksonk3llyrocker [at]
Helen (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
4 am this morning I woke up groggy and a cough, had been vividly dreaming of random people some family and some strangers or long time ago acquaintances. My door shut and room in complete darkness but there at top of my door was this huge white sleeping angel. Imagine the shape side profile of a beautiful madonna double my size, with wings. Sleeping, sleeping angel. She moved positions like snapshots being tossed around at end of my room near door, opposite my bed. For 40 seconds I guess I watched in stillness. I could hear my partner who sleeps in another room get up & go to kitchen as he starts work at 4.30 am. As I came to the angel sort of dissapeared. So I turned on light. I think she's still there. What is this? Thats why I came on line to find out. I thought of other family members who I know are struggling and on sick near death with cancer and a family members budgie died yeserday but I feel this was my angel. My sleeping guardian angel?
I was 17 or 18 teen went in my room and laid face down on the couch wasn't there five minutes when I felt really relaxed I felt my self leaving my body I was rising towards the ceiling I could see my body still on the couch I was scared as hell I started waving my arms because I knew I was going threw the ceiling if I didn't get back in my body I started floating back down I came to my body turned and lined up with it and popped back in I jumped up and said to my self what just happened I was scares when this happened then if it was to happen now I think I would not try to stop it I would see where it would take me I could see my body lying on the couch but could not see my form sole spirit what ever it is
I too had a similar experience instead of that I dream every day about an old and wise guy telling me I am the chosen one and I surely don't know what this means
HorseWriter (guest) in The Silver Fox
Sorry, Timfaraos, but you are mistaken. I'm a Christian, too: my degree is in Theology, and I've read the New Testament in the original Greek. And yes, God gave immortal souls to animals. Read Genesis again, and Job.
Deborah (guest) in A Touch By The Holy Spirit
I accepted Christ when I was 16 - quite a number of years ago. A year later I was 17 praying in church at the alter on my knees after the service. It was quiet and a few people had stayed to worship and sing. I was telling God he could have everything in my life, I was surrendering all to him. I thought somebody took hold of my folded hands but when I opened my eyes, my hands were being opened and lifted by the presence of the Holy Spirit. What felt like liquid love warmly poured through my fingers, arms, head, shoulders and through my entire body. All I could respond was thank you Lord over and over. Every negative emotion, fear and anxiety was replaced by love and peace. It lasted about a 30 seconds or a minute but left me so joyful that laughter would bubble out of me for the next month. I know with-out a doubt it was the Holy Spirit physically telling me how loved I was. It was a physical hug from God wrapping me in his love and goodness. It has never happened again but has given me great comfort in times of doubt and trouble.
Last night, I was really upset... This upset that, in my thoughts I requested god to take me away with him... I cried a lot and do not know when and how I fell asleep... Well, what happened next was really unusual for me... I was pulled out of my body... A strange force was taking my spirit away from the body... I knew I am lying on my bed and my spirit was heading upward towards sky... Just like rocket goes up... I experienced the speed by which I was heading towards the sky... I knew I am dead... My mind was still working... I was not sleeping... I was ready to be taken away by god... In that extreme forceful air I put my hands up... Gave it to my god... It was not at all painful... During this journey I thought of my parents sleeping in the other room... I let go my self... I was ready to leave them forever and meet my entity... Also, I was reminded of my love by my mind... However, I was not ready to say no for this journey... I wished to go with this strange force... I could feel I need to cover this journey and I left my body quite far... Suddenly my heart wanted to see my brother for one last time... Yes... I urged to just see him once... Only my brother not anyone else... Though I was still ready to go but I wanted to open my eyes and see my brother from far... But I could not open my eyes... I remember my spirit used hands and with the help or my fingers I tried to open my eyes but it was not possible my eyes were closed and I could not open them... My hair were flying in the air and the speed was increasing... But the urge to see my brother one last time took over my decision to give up on my body and I said god no I do not want to die... Because my brother would not be able to live without me... Just when I said no I was smashed back into my body... It was like a free fall and I felt going back into my body... My back is still paining... I could open my eyes after that... It took me sometime to realise I am alive... Somehow I got up from my bed and I could feel the weakness of being smashed and that force... I saw my brother sleeping peacefully... It was my last wish... But now I know that I will live for few more years now... I do not know how do I have this feeling of living fee more years now.
J. S. (guest) in A Visit From A God
Hi, I'm a Vietnam Veteran now staying in a Veterans Medical Facility (broken ankle) The Brockton Ma VA While staying here, I have become the Victim of a Thief and Stolen were my most Valued Possession's, mostly Birthday Presents from my now Dearly Departed Mother. (an Elec. Razor, an AM-FM Radio, and other items) Well, No-One here at the V.A. Cared! So I Suffered alone
I was transferred to a "Single" room with just the one bed. First night, I was having trouble sleeping, when in walks my Mother! And sits at the foot of my bed. I said, "Ma, what the heck You doing here? She said, "I have come to calm You down, help you relax." She said, "Don't worry about those things, they can always be replaced." It was about then I noticed someone standing in the door-way right beside my head.
I knew all my Mother's friends but had never seen this Gentleman before. I started to check Him out. A Big Man with a big white beard, wearing loose fitting, Desert style clothing, I leaned over and He had sandals on His feet. He then looked down on me and smiled. We, My Mother and I talked a little bit and Then they were gone. I got up and came to this computer, typed in my Mother's name and up-pop Her Obit. (Last Aug.)
So, what I'm trying to explain is. My Mother saw my Pain and got God's help to come and calm me down.--
I guess my message is. God is watching and He cares.
PS/ I attended Parochial School, with the Sisters of Notre Dame. Saint Charles in Woburn (
PPS/ I know the "Tem Commandments" and follow them the Best I can. But "The Visit" was something Very Special and I will carry it with me, the rest of my days.
Thank You for Your Time.
I don't want to leave my name.
I just wanted to share my experience.
I definitely can relate. This phenomenon has happened several times to me (I'm pretty sure it began when I was 14 but I didn't know what I was experiencing and still unsure of what was happening). Last couple times I was terrified and was sent back into my body. Yesterday night it happened: I felt something pulling me (from my body) and I almost slid out of body onto the floor where I hovered. My awareness told myself not to freak out and that I was safe (that way I wouldn't get sucked back into body). I wanted to explore what was occurring. I floated over my bedroom floor and pet my dog at end of my bed and went to living room where my husband was laying on couch with light on watching tv. I asked him if he was ready for bed. He said yes. Next thing you know I'm in my body waking up because my husband was coming into bedroom to come to bed. Asked him for the time and realized I had only been asleep for about an hour and he was coming to bed early because he was bored. Normally he doesn't come to bed early. So it is a strange occurrence. I think part of me was terrified of the occurrence because there were many times prior that there was a 'negative' entity attacking me. I had the sleep paralyses where I couldn't speak or move but some spirit was pulling me out of bed/my body. This last couple times there wasn't that bad negative spirit or whatever there, it was just me coming out of my body on my own and my intitial instinct was fear because the other times this occurred was because something bad was around me when this happened.
You are not alone. Just be sure to ask for protection or for safety. A lot of times I go to bed expressing all the things I'm grateful for and I ask for the universe/God to keep me happy healthy and safe. That seems to help I believe...
Sudeep Hamal (guest) in Unexplained Spiritual Mysteries
From the early paragraph you're explanation and inclination with god seems really strong. You're a brave and very fortunate human being to have witnessed this super energy. I feel, I am fortunate enough to have Lord Shiva by my side as well. So I just want to say thank you for sharing this. Gave me goosebumps while reading it and really extended my courage for being able to go beyond my comfortzone.
Daniel 817 (guest) in Hearing And Seeing Demons
It mostly started when everything went downhill I started shaming God and started being more on the Demonic side I started speaking out more and more as time progressed thinking negative thoughts I've did everything Good throughout my life until I lost my job house and car so I move to the country with my mother which I previously lived they have a two story home that has 150 + Acres the closest people is my brother that lives far down the street one night we were in a RV we have sitting outside the house when my mom had yelled for my name so I ran to her she started saying she heard whistling coming from a barn I started to say your full of it but I heard it in the middle of my sentence sounded like a human close by nothing else can describe it and this is the same night I was shunning God and talking to the devil so we left everything in the RV and went inside for the night a couple days have passed when I went outside on the balcony as I searched around with my flashlight I spotted a glowing set of green eyes looking into my soul as me and these eyes made contact I felt like it ripped my insides out I've never been scared of a country until I witnessed these things I'm not so much a believer in ghosts or demons but those green eyes steering at me change my whole perspective I was shuning God for my downfall I remember this night specifically because I was shuning God more than ever when I went upstairs after seeing the green eyes I Googled what was close in the night and has green eyes one of the first things it's pulled up with demonic encounters and I kid you not I truly believe it was a demon making me realize there is a heaven and a hell I stopped talking to the demons that night and praying for forgiveness from God this is all happening out in the country these eyes and whistling are coming from a barn we have out there I pray to God until this day that I'm still accepted into heaven I understand if I'm not cuz I actually believe that putting our Lord down for my actions this is one of the worst things you can do after that I started preaching and stopped talking to the demons and I haven't seen or heard anything since I feel like if you are doing these things and please stop thank you
Yes I have experiences something similar. I became a born again christian about 30 years ago. I knew I was born again, I saw everything so differently, the bible became alive. Through trials and my flesh I wasn't very close to the Lord for a long while however made a decision this year to serve the Lord fully and I have a new love relationship with him. In my commitment to serving and loving the Lord fully and while I was praying one night the experience I felt was the same as yours however it came from the top of my head down to my toes and it moved so fast. The feeling was utter peace and I just wanted to stay there. It didn't last long either about a minute. Since then I have had it happen a few times when praying however not as strong as the first time.; I'm am absolutely sure its the Holy Spirit and confirmation I am his. What a wonderful beautiful Lord we have and he has loved me and poured his grace out to me when I wasn't close to him for a long time. He has brought me back in a new way and I can say I love him with a genuine love, he is so merciful.
Sam (guest) in Full Body Vibrations
Thank you all for sharing. Glad I have finally found answers to what I had experienced a few days ago. Scary and amazing at the same time. Intense vibrations as my body started to float and forced myself to wake up and turn off the music that took me there. Aura cleansing music on YouTube. I think I'm ready to try that again.
Say the lords prair and don't conversate with them! Mathew 6:9-13 in Jesus name amen over and over
I have the same experience I saw my soul leaving my body. And I say "No" then snap I just went back from my body. After this things happened to me I felt kind of scared in unseen things. I am scared in metaphysical explanayion all thou I feel deep within me that I felt like I am a healer but what should I do to myself. People around me are so Science and they believe in Logic & Facts only.
Justin (guest) in Brilliant White Light
I too have seen a brilliant blinding white light. It was not just a cloud but completely encompassed my vision. I could see nothing but the white light and it happened in the middle of the Lord' Prayer! I have never seen anything like nor seen it again. It was so intense I felt myself becoming disconnected from everything which scared me... I believe it was the Glory of God and it was no coincidence it happened during the Lord's Prayer and at a tie I had been praying day and night for a sign from God.
After the death of my husband from a rare cancer and after making arrangements for his body, we left the ICU/Hospital and my daughter took me home. She insisted that she would stay with me that night and we slept together in the guest bedroom. I was on the right side of the bed, we were holding hands and I was telling her good night, feeling very tired and very peaceful. I saw these 7 hooded figures - two on the left side which is where my daughter was laying; two on the right side by me; 3 at the foot of the bed with the middle figure holding a staff and at least 7/8 ft tall... The others were not more than 5 feet tall. I remember that I felt safe and felt a warmness in my chest and a white light in the center of my body - I remember smiling and saying "oh if you are here for me it is not my time" which I thought was an odd thought and probably a gut reaction because I did not feel any malice from them - only protected. I remember seeing my daughter out of the corner of my eye and she was 'shooing' them away and saying ' leave her alone, it is not her time to go'. I remember smiling and I thought I said to her - 'don't worry, it is not my time, God has me and they are not bad' but I apparently only went to sleep after telling her I loved her and still holding her hand. So, next morning, I awaken pretty refreshed and I see my daughter just looking at me. I smiled and asked her how she slept and she said she didn't, she looked concerned and asked me if I was ok. She told me she was awake all night and I asked her if she saw the hooded guys - she was very surprised and said yes... I was shooing them away from you all night. We talked some more about it and I told her that I saw them as I was dozing and thought I had told her not to worry that I was ok, God had me and they were not bad. She insisted they kept leaning in closer to me - watching me and she felt they were trying to take me so she shooed them away - staying awake all night. I have only caught a brief glimpse in the 8 years since that visit and I always smile and say 'hi' - I do not feel threatened or afraid. My daughter and granddaughter ended up living with me for 8 years after the death of my husband and my daughter said she saw them over the course of the next 2 years only in the hallway, which would be between all 3 bedrooms, and that she never had another encounter with them. I insisted they were protectors - my daughter is unsure. My granddaughter thinks they were protective spirits sent to watch over me during my weakened and sad state and that it was not intended for my daughter to see them - she only saw them because she was with me and we were holding hands.
I am a very spiritual person, and I have these experiences of astral projection before. There are several experiences I would like to share with you. First, in 2011, I have an experience where I was talking to God and asking him if he is real to show me himself. I ask this because I have been suffering from major depression and I ask him to take it away but he won't. After I ask Jesus if he is real to show me himself, I lay down in my bed. Within seconds of laying down, I was taken up into a heavenly place in the same position that I was laying in. I can even look at myself in the third person view. I stand up and look around, and I saw blue skies with puffy white clouds. The floor was very shiny, like marbles, and the area was very big. It was so peaceful there. Then I notice this white cloud in front of me, I was drawn to it. I stared at it for awhile until I saw it open up. The cloud in front of me open wide and out came a big figure shaping like a man whose head was full of light and I could not see his face. He was wearing a robe, his head was glaring with a bright light and the clouds were covering his waist. I know it was God. It seems he was looking at me as I stared at him in shock. He then dives both his hands into me and takes out my soul, it looks just like me. He then hugs my soul from behind and the cloud consumes both my soul and God. They were gone. I then find myself back in my bed. I did not notice that my soul was missing because I was too amazed that I saw God. After that, I fall into a very deep depression that I am suffering from right now. I also have many experiences of demonic attacks and I see demons. I have many astral projections also. The first one I was laying down and It feels like someone was pulling my hand, it tugged me about 5 times until I was pulled out of my body. After I was out of my body I was floating around my mother's house. I then floated into the kitchen where I could see my mom talking on the phone with her head stuck inside the refrigerator devouring everything in sight. I was pulled out of my body twice and I saw the same thing. I then wake up and go to the kitchen and there my Mom was, talking on the phone at the refrigerator chewing her mouth. I have many other astral projections after this and I know it is very real. Now my problem is I am a living body without a soul, I feel empty inside, I am depressed and just stay home all day and night. I have not dated in almost 10 years, life really sucks right now. I really have no soul in me. It's like my emotions are gone. I do want to laugh, love and be happy, but I can't. I just feel so empty and lonely. Lately, I have been having visions of me feeling whole, full, present, happy, and back with my soul again. I want to believe these visions but its been so long that I feel doubtful. The visions show me a much better version of me, but this me talking to you now is broken and soulless. I am 37 years old, single, and living alone without a soul, and no one around me notices what I am going through. Does anyone understand what I am going through?

19victorious80 [at]
I am a very spiritual person, and I have these experiences of astral projection before. There are several experiences I would like to share with you. First, in 2011, I have an experience where I was talking to God and asking him if he is real to show me himself. I ask this because I have been suffering from major depression and I ask him to take it away but he won't. After I ask Jesus if he is real to show me himself, I lay down in my bed. Within seconds of laying down, I was taken up into a heavenly place in the same position that I was laying in. I can even look at myself in the third person view. I stand up and look around, and I saw blue skies with puffy white clouds. The floor was very shiny, like marbles, and the area was very big. It was so peaceful there. Then I notice this white cloud in front of me, I was drawn to it. I stared at it for awhile until I saw it open up. The cloud in front of me open wide and out came a big figure shaping like a man whose head was full of light and I could not see his face. He was wearing a robe, his head was glaring with a bright light and the clouds were covering his waist. I know it was God. It seems he was looking at me as I stared at him in shock. He then dives both his hands into me and takes out my soul, it looks just like me. He then hugs my soul from behind and the cloud consumes both my soul and God. They were gone. I then find myself back in my bed. I did not notice that my soul was missing because I was too amazed that I saw God. After that, I fall into a very deep depression that I am suffering from right now. I also have many experiences of demonic attacks and I see demons. I have many astral projections also. The first one I was laying down and It feels like someone was pulling my hand, it tugged me about 5 times until I was pulled out of my body. After I was out of my body I was floating around my mother's house. I then floated into the kitchen where I could see my mom talking on the phone with her head stuck inside the refrigerator devouring everything in sight. I was pulled out of my body twice and I saw the same thing. I then wake up and go to the kitchen and there my Mom was, talking on the phone at the refrigerator chewing her mouth. I have many other astral projections after this and I know it is very real. Now my problem is I am a living body without a soul, I feel empty inside, I am depressed and just stay home all day and night. I have not dated in almost 10 years, life really sucks right now. I really have no soul in me. It's like my emotions are gone. I do want to laugh, love and be happy, but I can't. I just feel so empty and lonely. Lately, I have been having visions of me feeling whole, full, present, happy, and back with my soul again. I want to believe these visions but its been so long that I feel doubtful. The visions show me a much better version of me, but this me talking to you now is broken and soulless. I am 37 years old, single, and living alone without a soul, and no one around me notices what I am going through. Does anyone understand what I am going through?
ghostt (guest) in Changing Faces
This happened to me last night. I just recently started dating someone new and we were cuddling on the couch, looking at each other's faces. At one point as I was looking at him, his face started to morph into my face, and I felt like I was looking into a mirror. It's crazy because we are so similar, personality-wise... And for a minute, I felt like I was looking into my own eyes. It was intense. I had to look away and take some deep breaths. I have yet to ask him if he experienced the same thing. It's quite possibly one of the weirdest things that's ever happened to me...
Last night I had what I call "intense dreams". These are dreams that deeply impact me in the dream as well as after I awaken. They are so real in emotion, feelings, light--and I don't know what else--it brings me to tears and drops me to my knees in pure bliss. My son, Jareb Seth, took his life about 3yrs ago and I have had 3 "visitations" in my dream state. My dream last night was like nothing I've ever experienced. It was like I woke up in my dream and felt as if I was falling, soaring, rising--cant quite describe it. I could feel that I was detaching from my body--I realized I was leaving earth and was on my way to Heaven. I was not wanting to do this at first but then I began to relax and just let it happen without fear. It was like I made a decision that I was okay with dying. When I arrived there was light like I have never seen other than in my "dream visitations" I was disoriented and my vision wasn't right but I was aware that many people were around me. I don't remember hearing anything. When I was able to see--I looked up and there was my son--standing before me with his shiat eating grin on his face. He was so handsome to me--I kept saying that--I was crying and we just held each other. I don't really know what happened after that other than I was not going to let go of him and I felt or sensed others were trying to pull us apart. That was it--I woke up with tears on my face and pillow. Does anyone think we can die in our sleep state? Are we able to travel in spirit form to Heaven while in a deep sleep state? I would love some input if you have experienced this or if you are knowledgeable to these type of occurrences.
Buffalo 66 (guest) in What The Buddha Man Showed Me
The Wheel of Dharma is the symbol of Buddhism and is also the symbol of samsara, the ever-changing manifestations of the world which are in reality nothing but emptiness. I'm really curious what you did / who you were in your former lifetimes to receive such an auspicious vision.
Joanna (guest) in A Touch By The Holy Spirit

I've experienced this for the first ever time tonight in my apartment. I've been a Christian for four years, yet never experienced a power of peace like this moment I had about half an hour ago. Circumstances have put me at a point where things felt a little bit to much for me. But after praying and talking to my best friend I felt a sudden bolt of peace and felt happy. Because I knew God was saying, I've got this! I've got you! And it's amazing and I've never felt like this before in all the years I've known him. It's made me really open my eyes to knowing that God is all around us, all the time 247
I was sleeping and I have sleep paralysis so I was trying to call out for someone to wake me up Simone opened my door an came in to help I felt unn easy like something wassent right it was disguise as my friend trey he said common so I grabbed his hand so he could wake me up but when he pulled It felt like my spirit was leaving my body that's when I started to realize there's no way in he'll trey would be in my house he hassent came over in years he capt saying come on come on an I was shaking my head no because I knew it wassent him I was in astro progection I think it was trying to steal my body then I woke up to something that sounded like paper in the wind It stopped as soon as I opened my eyes I walked up stairs an my dog was freaking out looking at me shaking like it saw something I couldent
Hi, hope your life turned out more positive for you. I had a similar thing happen to me a couple of years ago, I was driving to work one day and stopped at some traffic lights waiting for them to turn green, when they eventually turned green, a voice in my head shouted 'Don't move!', and I was shocked by this sudden voice, that I didn't move my car forward and waited for a minute, just as I thought about moving, a car suddenly appeared coming from the other direction and shot through the red lights at high speed! It occurred to me then that if I had not been told to not move at that exact moment, that car that went through the red lights would have crashed into mine and there would have been an awful accident! I think that we do have a spirit guide with us and maybe we don't always 'hear' them, but they make themselves heard when we really need guidance.
Loulou66 (guest) in A Journey With My Spirit Guide
Hi I felt a similarity in your story, I get a lot of recurring numbers like '111', or '777', don't know what it all means though, and white feathers appearing in odd places. I see little birds like Robins appearing a lot, people say it is our spirit guides letting us know that they are near. I am sure that your friend is sending you messages of encouragement through these signs. Best wishes to you.
RealBreezy (guest) in Chosen One? - Any Suggestions
If you been through extraneous things like geting your hand hacked by a machete and it heal up like some wolverine shiat or get hit and ran over completely 3 times in 3 different years and not have a scratch on me and on my birth day 2009 oct 30 my face caught on fire while I was grilling outside and it didn't even feel like it was burning me it felt like a warm blanket with force of protection around me and when I took my face out my lighter vanished in thin air right before my eyes and I felt my skin start to peel of my face and hand and couple weeks to a month my face healed up it was 3rd degree burnt then my grandfather died that same year two days before his birthday I have more of my life spiritaul and physical challanges if you want to know more just write me on facebook [at] RealBreezy or on instagram willshiat_realbreezy
ratzo (guest) in Beautiful Angelic Vision
sek8, your vision sounds wonderful. I was told that my vision was probably a gatekeeper. Not really sure of what that is though. It's interesting that both you and your mom had similar visions. Thanks so much for your comments.
I felt so when someone threatened my life in indirect way in front of me! Which was first to happen to me! I felt surrounded from all sides! He asked me do you know what's your limit around you!...for a moment I felt trapped! But then I told him in my mind There is God up in heavens! That moment I felt as if light was shining on me from the skies down to the back of my head! For a second I felt my soul escaped into that path and later went back assured that I'm protected!... I just couldn't believe what happened to me I even question myself what truly has happened!.

Once I was listening to a lecture about the journey of the soul after death from a Muslim preacher, saying if you have a good soul youll see heavens and beyond!... I slept listening to him but I was for a moments still able to listen to him while actually floating into another AMAZING places seeing it in my own eyes as if I was awake! It felt like heaven what I saw and it was crystal clear!
I too hear voices telling me I am the chosen one. It sounds like Buddhist monks or god himself. I have heard angels and demons and persuasion of all religions. But I decided to see the truth instead of fall prey to any side of any matter. It's up to you too be who you want to be and not a label. If you buy into the euphoric nature of these heavenly or divine influences then the darkness comes to try to pull you away. The point is that whether or not we are the chosen ones, it's when we see our true selves that brings light to everything. I've gained so much knowledge of the ultimate truth and there's only one thing to follow because the deeper you go into things the more deceiving traps come and you need to see your true heart. If it's clouded by judgement and awe then it's not clear. Life has many enemies for someone like us and our potential is extremely high. But we are very sensitive people who need love as much as any other maybe even more and our empathy may delude us to fool ourselves. But remember who you truly are and not some label. See into your heart and find your true self. If it's true that you are a chosen one then you will always be in danger and will indeed encounter very frightening things. But trust your heart and the goodness in it. Trust yourself and even those who seem like they can be trusted may not be. Search for the truth and do not be brainwashed by false masters. It may be extremely euphoric to be a chosen one but the truth is it brings more trouble and danger than ever. You must trust yourslef and your instincts. But remember it's not war we want it's peace. You're an empath and you feel a lot. You can feel the evil in people as I do and it's frightening but it warns you. And it can also tell you to forgive them in order to gain inner peace. But ultimately it's you who is you no one else can label you or influence you to do anything, not even the spiritual realms because they can be misleading as well. But there is a reason why I looked this up, to understand more about myself as you have reached out to others about yourself. Keep on the path even if it seems like it's going nowhere but don't obsess. I've taught myself through life without spiritual teachers to gain so much insight naturally. It's not who you are that they want but what you possess. I possess a vast form of the truth and the truths about this world that I tend to not believe them to be not true or it's importance. I've tried to explain it to others but I do not explain myself correctly on their terms. We're naive in nature and child like. And if it's true you are a chosen one then you are in danger for writing this website and page as well as I for responding. I wish you well. Just don't get lost, and be grounded as much as you can. I'm just relieved I'm not the only one who has heard such voices. In respect, I decided to tell you a little about my experiences to tell you you're not alone.
December 3 Rd, 2017
I payed down and went to sleep. And had a dream / vision. And in this there was a lady I was drawn to and couldn't understand why. But then God spoke to me and a beautiful vase appeared in my hands. And God told me to give the vase to the lady I had been drawn to for a while and never understood why. So I did as Good ask. Then God spoke to me again and said Peace be Still. So I payed down and concentrated on what God had just spoke. And as I looked up the sky parted and I felt my spirit being lifted out of my body. It was so amazing I can still fill the feeling now. I was so at Peace. Then I woke up. And Prayed God I want more, more of you and less of me. Take me oh God. It was so awesome to know God was lifting me up. I just wish it continued.
Hi! My mom and I are having this experience at the same time over and over again for the last 2 weeks. We stumbled on these YouTube videos of a man named TB Joshua healing people. I heard the Holy Spirit say, I AM HERE. The man then said time, space and distance are not boundaries. He spoke and it Happened! And kept happening as he laid hands on people. It was like lighting electricity and Love and Grace at the same time. We wept tears of joy and gratitude. It was uncontrollable... My mom literally looked like she was getting electrocuted. All limbs stuck straight out, teeth clenched. I shake uncontrollably. It happens to my mom all the time but it was new to me and not like she's ever experienced. We get tingles but We are both very sensitive to spirits and other entities. This was The Am. Just amazing. God is real.
Jessi (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
Similar to everyone who saw the bright white light, I also saw a bright white light, but not while I was sleeping although something almost similar happened to me.
When I was 11 when dad died, I had a dream a week or so after his death, that I stood on my bed, open the curtains and there he stood in lightness wearing white clothes and his hands outstretched towards me, in my dream I started screaming, screaming myself awake, standing at the exact place on my bed as in my dreams with my hands on the curtains.
The light experience occured when I was 16yrs, a friend and I walked to a nearby cafe to buy pizza, it was getting dark, he asked me to wait across the street at the side of the road (there were no street lights) I stood and suddenly there was a bright white light above me, I tried to look up but the light was so light/white I couldn't see. There were also a overmlwhelming 'rushing' sound and then it went away. At that moment I felt peaceful. I still believe that God or an angel of his protected me from Some evil in the bushes.
When I was young, up until about 14 years old. I would hear music when I fell asleep and while coming out of sleep. It was the most beautiful music. The best way I can remember is that it was music like classical but it had horns blowing. I can remember that the songs never stopped. They would just flow into the next song and the amazing part was, I can remember that their was more than one song I could hear! Their were like three songs going at once but they all harmonized together! I thought as a child everyone heard it until I was talking to my dad about it when I was about 12. When I realized he was looking at me weird, I became very quiet about it. I stopped hearing the music when I began to be more interested in the world around me and the goings on... I pray and ask the lord to let me hear the music again but I have never heard it again as an adult. If I knew that it was special back then, I would have cherished it more but as a kid, I didn't think anything special about it. Thank you for allowing me to share!
Grave digger (guest) in A Touch By The Holy Spirit
Hi this would be your interaction with others on the other side and moving around your kind of stretched out. But best I can do take care won't be back live your life I'm going to live mine your own determination take care. THE. Old man gravedigger
Grave digger (guest) in A Touch By The Holy Spirit
Even though you can't see this. This is your form on the other side this is the interaction that you will have with others and this is from the old man who would know better than the old man's grave digger
Sel (guest) in The Lord's Hug

Hi jjlandres. I am incredibly thrilled and amazed by how well you describe the very strange feeling that I, too, feel every time I pray the Lord's Prayer at Church. Your story absolutely and accurately illustrates the same tightness and tingling feeling I feel over my left chest when at Church. The intense burning feeling usually starts as I pray/sing the Lord's Prayer which then gradually wanes towards the end. I am also just as curious as you are, which is why I stumbled upon your post.

About my religious background, I used to be very religious, but I got lost for some time. And as far as I could remember, this burning feeling only started when I stopped praying and going to Church. But I have been working on my faith now and as I have observed, this "strange heavy feeling" receded slowly.

I am glad you think it is the Lord's Hug, which I really hope it is. (That will be completely amazing!) But I don't know, as I read your post, I kindaf realized now that this "tightness" is relative. While you look at it through the bright side, I feel like it is some kind of spiritual resentment against me for not going to Church for some time which I assume will not go away until I completely follow and do things according to His will? Idk. I think I can juxtapose this aspect to this analogy: I am forcing myself into a narrow small door for which I get wounds and bruises for forcibly coercing my entrance through this door. And unless I humble myself or cut off some limbs (which stand for my sins) I will not be allowed to get through that door.

This is only my interpretation. I'd have to ask our religious leaders and try to seek for more answers to this.

Meanwhile, I'd really wish to hear from you and ask you more about this as I've long been wanting to hear from someone who experiences the same feeling as I do. So if you happen to read my comment, please reach me through my email (fransinoy [at] if you have time.

In anticipation of your response, May God bless you more:)
shortly after my mother passed, I was awaked by the most beautful music of heavenly voices singing How Great thou art. And then my mother was there and placed a goden lheart locket in my hand and my grandmother put a beautiful broach in my hand. It was music with singing and them
N it stopped with me holding my hand in a fisst so as not to loose the trasures they put into my hand. I;ll nevever forget the angelic choir that brought such a deep sense of peace.
ive had an experience like that although I appeared outside my house and the sky was just white... I felt my whole body tingling and when I came back in my body I saw how I came back. I was scared as it was pitch black in my house and I had a flashlight with me. It a bit weird beccause people that experience this are usually old but i'm 12:/ (this happened yesterday)
Erica Angelina Martinez (guest) in A Touch By The Holy Spirit
Hello, I had the same feeling. God is allowing the Holy spirit to show you how love. It is a beautiful feeling. He showed me when I was at my lowest. I never had something like the feeling of electricity but in a good way. I didn't want to stop praying it was for about 30 seconds. I just kept thanking God. I finally had received the Holy spirit. Who can understand the mind of God? Who knows God's ways? I don't fully understand the trinity: the father, the son, & the Holy spirit, but I believe in it. God bless you all. Amen
Lorna (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
A few nights ago I woke up at around 3am, don't know why but decided to nip to the loo anyway. When I had just got back into bed there was a white/bright circular light on the wall in front of me but high up. It remained circular for a few moments and then started to almost flash not ever going away but it made it change shape like some of the edges were pulled in to the middle making it almost star like. It did that for a few moments then it was gone. I jumped out of bed looking everywhere to see what could of caused it. Of course there was nothing at all. It's hard to describe but I was a little scared but not frightened. I have no electronics in the room to cause the lights, my husband was night shift and my son was sound asleep. Not sure what to think?
I do believe in spirits, so could it be something like that, I just don't know!
I have been out of my body at least a dozen times. This can happen in different ways.

The important thing to understand is that you are not your body, and that your body is not you. Your body is your temporary home and the tool that does the bidding of your soul.

Upon death your soul departs and your body disintegrates.

In the end, your only concern is the condition of your soul. That is what is important.
Guest 1 (guest) in My Time With God In Heaven
Posted 2017-03-11 and no comments? How can this be? It is because readers cannot relate to your presentation.

I believe you. In December 1989 I was taken in spirit from my bed and spent 40 minutes with Jesus. It was the experience of a lifetime. Words are inadequate to convey what happened to people still in the flesh.

When I returned I remained in my bed for three days as I gently wept. I could not keep silent and people thought me mad. I did not, and do not, care what others think. Do not doubt your senses. Do not doubt yourself.
Aleeza (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
Kristen, I am somewhat excited to read your experience and can relate to it. I have had similar experience in sleep but with my deceased beloved brother instead. He left us few months ago unexpectedly. He was only 37. Few weeks after his passing, I used to request him to visit me in my dreams. One particular afternoon while taking nap I found myself calling his name in the darkness and having this strange confidence that he is listening to my voice. Suddenly he appeared. First as a presence and then in his physical existence. We walked around hand in hand and talked about things I was so longing to ask him. I asked everything I wanted to ask during my waking hours. I asked in sort of hurry because somewhere I knew he has come for a short time and may leave anytime. I asked almost everything but his replies were very terse and exact. Then I lost him when my fear of his leaving the dream overpowered my capability to remember the next question I wanted ask. The information he provided me was that he comes to visit me often but I never respond, that it's not that easy to visit people's dreams frequently, that he is quite busy there, that he will let me know later if he would re-incarnate as my baby and that entities out there are nice but strict.
I hope someone will share their views about my experience. I am confused about the reality of my experience. But I am quite sure about its distinctiveness from regular dreams.
Kristen (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
I have been learning more about Jesus recently and really learning his teachings. I have asked to see him, I wanted to see his presence as I've heard of others transcending experiences. I would ask before I went to bed to see him, with no expectations of it. This night was different, it was more so closer to the morning hours. I was laying on my back and in my dream I was calling Jesus name and I said it several times in my dream suddenly, I had seen the most brightest, whitest, purest energy of light and it was blinding I tried to see but it was so strong and powerful as if I was looking in the sun. Then I felt the peace it was calming and I remember thinking that's Jesus?! As I has sensed it was I then woke and opened my eyes was still blinding by the light of the sun. This only lasted a couple minutes or maybe seconds I was half awake and then I fell back asleep. Generally the sun doesn't usually wake me up, as I have blinds and curtains but when I opened my eyes the sun was directed on my face mainly my eyes, I do remember looking next to me and it wasn't on my daughters I was worried it would awaken her. After we woke up in the morning I felt great! My daughter touched my crystals and they were super hot like hot stones and she had touched them and said angels mommy (she's 3 years old). Me explaining this doesn't give my testimony justice it was indescribable this was a sign. I asked and he delivered. πŸ™πŸ½

I've also had angles awaken me with chiming bells very peaceful but loud for me to wake up and I remember being half awake, I was coming out of a deep sleep and that was when I heard them and opened my eyes immediately after hearing them and seeing nothing was around to make it so I knew it was angels communicating with me to wake up.
My question is: did I really experience this? After a suicide attempt, I was in ICU, was very sick... Should have died... Had a breathing tube, etc., I saw... When my eyes were closed... I was awake, black shadows sweeping at me... Tormenting me... I was never so scare in my life... I felt the evil... I remember praying, for God to save me and prayed for forgiveness... I then saw Jesus... A vision of from his neck up... Side view only... He was looking at the shadows... Immediately the shadows formed into a ball and became smaller until they disappears... I knew I was going to be okay... He stayed for what seems like 3-4 seconds longer and then disappeared. Jesus was in a bright light and the rest of the vision was not. Did I really see this?
Ushma (guest) in Changing Faces
This has been happening to me since I was a child, five or six. I first saw what I thought were people's older selves but strangely they still didn't quite look the same even though they were older and somewhat similiar.
I can still make faces appear by looking intensely at someones eyes and focusing (although it doesn't work every time and not for everyone, for example I've never been able to see any faces on my mom). I see different ethnicities, ages, genders etc... I feel super weird about it.
My first time I was running. I know a lot of people have out of body experiences running, others in the Army with me say it has happened to them to or its normal. I was running so hard for so long it was like my body went into cruise control and I could look down and see myself running but couldn't feel anything. I started to worry that I would fall because I wasn't telling my body to run it just was. I am also a vivid dreamer. I have my own dream world and I can revisit anywhere I want. Most of my dreams are strange and dark but I also have strange but good dreams. I always remember them since I was a kid. So I had been really wanting to go home to Iowa, where I lost my dad and see our old house and my Aunts across the street and revisit my childhood places. I wanted to go so bad. I drempt I went but it was different than usual. I felt like I had to be hiding because I knew I shouldn't be there but my Aunt saw me. The next day I had this feeling like I really went. Then I saw a tv show where a black woman traveled in her dream and was spotted in the place she was visiting spiritually... Is it real? Is it all a dream? I don't know but that's why I'm on here reading. Can your spirit travel and come back while you sleep? And if someone spots you, are they sencing your soul?
cet (guest) in Changing Faces
I had this happen twice but the first time I blamed it on the lighting and I got so scared that I looked away. This was my ex but I was hanging out with him recently. This time I watched his face morph and his eyes met in the middle then he became almost cartoonish but he had black large eyes with a gray face. He looked like one of those old cartoons when they die and go to up like to heaven. We broke up and he had a lot of problems. He doesn't feel good about himself or the world. He's suffering. At first it scared me like I have to stay away. But I don't think he's a bad person. I think he's dying inside. I am not sure though. I would like to know what to do.

I don't think I am a spiritual person. Although there have been some changes in my life that I started noticing. People and opportunities are attracted to me.

I also had this experience for almost a decade where I'd wake up at 3:00am every night. And it felt like someone is standing near my bed. It ended 3-4 years ago.

Then these numbers thing started to happen, I see the following numbers everywhere - 69, 77, & 89.

I was trying to sleep today and then I suddenly felt a presence near me. I ignored it. Thinking of it as my imagination. Then my body started shaking/vibrating for no reason. It lasted for 10-15 seconds.

Anyone has any idea what is happening?
Susan (guest) in Hearing And Seeing Demons
A little over a year ago I was helping a friend out at her house. She had a two story beautiful home. When I would go upstairs I would get such a cold and uncomfortable feeling, especially when I would walk into the spare bedroom. I would immediately get goosebumps and feel very lightheaded. I never put two and two together why I never saw my friend go up there, the one time I do remember her coming down from upstairs she was pale as a ghost. I finally sat down and told her how I felt when entering that room. She looked at me shocked and just said, "you feel it too?" She actually had a very special gift where she could actually see spirits. She would tell me over and over, "Sue, you're an earth angel!" Which I had absolutely no clue what she was talking about. I've felt like I've had a sensitivity toward spirits. My husband always picked on me and would tell me everywhere we move a "ghost" seems to follow you. I always pushed what I thought I heard or seen out of my mind out of fear. Anyways, my friend confided in me and told me how she could see this evil spirit and that it would stand in a corner of that room and laugh at her with an evil laugh. She felt that it "wanted her." One night we had a mutual friend over and stupid me decided I would take her upstairs to see if she felt the same as I did. A very big mistake. It immediately took interest in this friend and the friend who was the owner of the home could actually hear it say "I want her!" She was literally standing there arguing with this being that I could feel was there but could not personally see. She finally just yelled out, "FINE I will do it, you win." I was confused and a little doubtful of what was going on. I decided to try and sage and bless the room. Out of curiosity I video taped as I was going through the process. I was raised in a Christian home and believed in the blood of Jesus. As I was reviewing the video in slow motion an image kept coming up during different durations of the video. I screenshot each image and they were the exact same image made out of the sage smoke. I knew there was no way that smoke could make the same image multiple times. I sent the image to my friend and she said, "omg that's it." She then began to tell me, you did it, the demon is out of my house. Rewind a little, after I heard her negotiation, the next day I got a feeling that I needed to call my friend. She was in the process of preparing to commit suicide. I literally sat on the phone with her and talked her out of it. She never told me what drove her to that point. It was not long after that my family and I ended up moving in temporarily with the "mutual" friend until we found a new place to live. I've always felt very comfortable going to her house. We have always been close friends since the age of 13. It wasn't long after we moved in I noticed that I had the same feeling in my friends room as I did in the "other" house. It was in her bedroom. I saw such a change in her attitude and she became real drawn in her room, she would literally only leave it to go to work. I spoke to the other friend about what I was experiencing and all she could say is, "oh god, it's going after her, I should have kept my end of the deal." It was then that she finally confided in me what her negotiation was all about. The demonic spirit wanted our mutual friend but it told her it would take her soul instead. So that explained the suicide attempt. When she didn't go through with her part of the deal it went straight to our friend. I tried the sage process again in the bedroom when she was at work and I undoubtedly made it very angry with me instead of making it leave the house. It moved across the hall to the room that I was staying in and literally tormented me. It actually revealed its appearance to me twice. Once I woke up and I could see it running around my room very evilly laughing at me. Another time I woke up and it was literally in my face. It started to physically harm me. The night that I was almost nose to nose with this hideous spirit, it scratched my nose. I woke up one morning with a complete row of deep dark fingerprints that was bruised on the inside of of my left thigh. The position of the prints were in a way that there was no way possible I could have done it to myself. I would wake up completely drained in the mornings and it would affect my work day. The most scariest thing that this demon did was I woke up to my bed shaking continuously. I thought it was my husband tossing around on the bed. It was so bad I yelled out, "baby can you stop moving I'm trying to sleep." When I sat up and opened my eyes he had not even gotten home from his night shift yet. My bed kept shaking and I just froze for a minute. The shaking finally stopped and I looked over at my 3 year old son who was lying next to me and he was being shaken back and forth. His body looked like I was taking my hand and rocking him back and forth trying to wake him for school or something. This demon was actually shaking my baby boy back and forth like a rag doll and I didn't know if there was anything I could do to stop something that was not even human. I just grabbed up my baby and cried and begged God to make it stop and I spoke directly to this evil presence commanding him to leave my son alone. I prayed and prayed until it finally stopped. When my husband got home he said I looked so petrified and I was. The image that was revealed to me those two times was almost exactly how "Jacks" explained in his story. It was very short in stature and it reminded me of an extremely scary gargoyle. The only difference is this demon had horns and was wearing a black hood. I'm not sure if it was an entire cloak but I could definitely see the hood with the horns sticking out in front of the hood and not pushing through the hood. It's an image that I don't think I will ever get out of my mind. When we left that house it completely left me alone. I have never seen or felt it since. This demon came in between me and my friend and made it to where I would never come back to that house, I truly feel that way. We have not really spoken since I've left. She became a different person and not in a good way. It's good reading that others have experienced this and that I can reassure myself that I was not going crazy and imagining things... Thank you everyone for all of your stories. I'm sorry that mine is so long. Also, if anyone could recommend a reliable medium, could you please email me susan.cloud3383 [at] I had a very special loved one that passed away. He visited me one time in 2010 and spoke to me. I have never heard anything since then. I would love to find a medium that could try and connect with this loved one for me. Thanks guys so much.
Alijah (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
It happens to me as well I had been sound asleep in my bed when I woke up and there was a insanely bright white light in my window it was so bright the light then zoomed off as if it had ran away I ran to the window and nothing was there I then went back to sleep years later I am now 14 years old and it is still a mystery as to what happened to me that night
Jacks (guest) in Hearing And Seeing Demons
When I was a kid, up until the age of 18, I saw little demon creatures sometimes. When I saw them the following day something would happen... An event both good or bad. I saw them as a warning. They did scare me. I had visions also. I was a troubled child, unhappy, had a dysfunctional family. When I was 18 I saw two demons in my bedroom, laughing at me. They looked liked the demons from a Goya painting. They were short. Had faces like gargoyles. It was the laughing at me that got to me and so I prayed. I asked God to take them away. Instantly they disappeared. Never to see them again. I do see and feel ghosts still and have had prophetic dreams. I do warn people of impending trouble if I can. I am sure people must think I'm on the weird side but this is who I am. I'm a non denominational Christian. I do believe in heaven, as I've seen it. Believe that it's so beyond beautiful with colors that we cannot see on earth. We can see with exceptional clarity and see every detail. Heavens light is so pure and envelopes with unjudgemental love. I have gone through a great deal in my life. I have been suicidal at times and have been in a hospital. Sometimes I just wanted to step off the world because the pain of it has been too much. While I believe we have an earth mission, to learn and help others, I also feel very little is under our control. We are watched all the time and have spirits guiding us. I have had my life saved multiple times by my guardian. It's a women with a strong, firm voice. I have seen so much that it would take too long to write it here. You aren't alone. We share these life events and we can learn from them.
I saw a black angel, it was standing still. Watching a cross the road. First time to see one.scary, trying to find out why...
D_M_Shiro in God Experiences
I actually do believe your initial interpretation to be correct. "come back" usually refers to returning to God's energy, becoming a part of the whole. But in this situation, I think it was referring to the reincarnation process. We go to a plain (typically in the 9th Dimension) where we are helped to transition either to becoming a part of the whole, or choosing a new vehicle (body) to use. And the body is not always human, or even humanoid. We choose a new body because our soul's lifespan is not ready to have been completed (We need to learn something else, or we have made a mistake which must be repaid or changed by choosing to do so in the new life (as we often do not remember our past lives).

By come back twice, I believe that the being was attempting to communicate to you that your soul will be needed not just for one more return but two. Sometimes this happens not because we have done something wrong, but we either need to continue raising our vibrational frequency so we can cross over to be with the whole, or we are needed for a specific event or set of events in some lifetimes. So, essentially, this being may be using you to fulfill God's Will, you just have to be sure you're ready for it. And no, it may not even seem like that is what you are doing to begin with, but that is likely what was meant.
I apologize, I notice I put instinct in the post, when I actually meant intuition.

Instinct is the drive of primal need (food, shelter, water, sex, etc.) and Intuition is the direct link to the soul (and higher selves/God/other dimensions).

Intuition (the gut feeling) is what you need to use for what you are asking.
If you truly believe it to be real, such as a gut instinct tells you such, then it is. You have to rely on your instincts when dealing with the spiritual. I would have loved to share my experience here, but they felt it was more of an opinion piece.

I do go over some of this in my blog though, and will be starting to post weekly, and it's about the spiritual experiences we have and how they affect us here on Earth. As we know, a lot of our experiences can lead others (and even ourselves!) to believe we are crazy. If we begin taking medications, or delve into the negative emotions head-on and linger there, we will find ourselves not necessarily feeling 'crazy' but we also won't exactly feel whole either.

I say, trust yourself. If you want someone telling you who you are you need not look any further than yourself. Do some introspection (sit alone in a room for hours and just ask yourself the questions you would ask anyone else you wanted this help from and then trust yourself when you finally provide an answer. If you don't have an answer, don't worry. You can either come back to is, or you can also use that as your start for your next session, or use it to open a conversation with others.:) I do hope you find yourself completely capable of completing this task, as I know you are.

If you're interested in learning more about Spirituality and how it ties us to God and each other, you can access it through my Goodreads page (I'm also editing my first of a 4 book series (science-fiction, mystery) which delves into our experiences on Earth and how we cope with them/can change them, if you're interested it will be published within the next couple of months on Amazon) just below where it says "Sign in to Goodreads to learn more about D..." and above "add friends".


It may not have been activated yet, but should within the next week or so, so please do be patient.

I'd love to see you in the comments section, where I encourage lively debates about these things. I'll also be logging in daily to interact with any readers I have, so if you ever need some insight or help with your introspection, I would gladly be willing to help you.

If you want to know my own experience with it, I was about 21 when my family threatened to have me sent to a Mental Institution because of how I was action, well rather how I was expressing my feelings. I was essentially crying all of the time, tearing at my hair, cutting myself, etc. And at the time I had just become a mom for the second time.

Well, I decided I needed to figure out what was wrong with me to try and keep them from admitting me (my greatest fear was having my children taken away because they thought I would be unfit to care for them because of the way I felt about and treated myself). To do this, I turned inward. I stopped talking to people for days, because I was so focused in my mind that I didn't have the energy or mental capacity to let them in on what I was doing, and when I tried I would just get frustrated when they asked me so many questions about it that I didn't know how to explain.

I was like that on-and-off for months. I would feel dissatisfied, like I hadn't quite finished what I had intended to start. I had some answers, not enough. I started researching religions, intent that God was what was missing, I was relying too much on myself, I felt. As I read new concepts, my questions returned with greater clarity. And when they did, the process started over again. This went on for 3, almost 4, years. I still know I don't know a lot (that's the first step in introspection, announcing that there is so much information that this universe gives that we will never be able to learn it in one body for one lifetime), but I do know the comfort I felt when I reached some kind of understanding about what has been upsetting me so. See, I had been down a long, dark road in my childhood and it wasn't even my fault. It was told it was my fault, but I knew it wasn't. I was a child, I could never have controlled those people into doing what they had done. I would never have intentionally given myself PTSD...

Anyways, I'm getting a bit off topic. When I had finished my introspection, I felt it was time to share. To spread the word. When I did I got a lot of people looking at me like I wasn't right in the head, that I was missing something important and that's why I made no sense. But older people, 45+ all understood and just stared at me like they couldn't believe what they heard coming from my mouth. I was 24/25 and a woman, there's no way I could actually be as intelligent as I was portraying. Honestly, someone even said the whole English class felt intimidated by me (I stand 4'10", how intimidating can that be?). I wanted to laugh it off, but had to question myself why they felt that way.

My whole life I have looked up to those I believed had great wisdom, and I believe once you hit a certain point you don't necessarily want to shout it from the rooftops, but you probably want to start discussions, see what others believe, think, feel.

I've been an empath my whole life, I've had ghostly and extraterrestrial experiences. I've also had my share of interactions with God as the whole energy, or manipulated parts of creation which helped me to understand it. But I have never felt more connected to everything around me as I have after introspection. And one of the major times I was doing it was during the election, which was very heated. I felt the need to speak with others, to show this wasn't how we were as people, that we were better. And I wanted to be President (me, being anti-social for the most part, probably not a good idea). Since I knew I wouldn't be able to do that, I decided writing a book to help people think about these issues and help solve them together would end up doing the same job. It spreads the idea.

I genuinely hope you find this information helpful, and if you want to talk about it with me you can also add me as a friend on Goodreads, I'd love to talk with you and help you during this transition period.

Sounds like you have begun your ascension. Now, enjoy the ride.

Much love and light,

D. M. Shiro
Grave digger (guest) in A Touch By The Holy Spirit
So used to be a Gravedigger brought up Catholic don't practice religion my experience was October 14th 2:30 in the morning 2007. Hard to explain but I will try. I don't do drugs I am a straight person. Anyway I woke up at 2:30 in the morning I looked around and there was like a floating image in the corner of my room and I was in shock and it started flying around my room whatever it started off like a basketball blob you can kind of see through it then it stretched itself out like a snake and it was black I had a light on in the living room so I could see in my bedroom at the time to me it was an entity from the other side more than likely the old man after spending time many weeks sleeping on my couch. I had another encounter where it was like somebody was talking in my brain and basically I used to smoke and I still smoke but it was like quit smoking so after that I study religion for three and a half years and I'm not religious I'm a spiritual man I studied all religions and in my conclusion there's only one God of all the religions and that is God I've had many encounters with the old man so all I'm going to say is you are a living cocoon waiting to turn into something different there is Red zone the black zone and the light zone these are the areas you might end up in. Take care behave yourself hope you go where you want to go old man's gravedigger PS your dreams are not dreams these are part of you and the other side you might see your co-workers a loved one that has passed away excetera if you concentrate on the verge of sleep look for colors look for movement you need to concentrate and then you might watch yourself crossover end of story take care this is an interaction between the living and the ones that are gone you use your third eye in this process take care also you have to clear your mind you can't think about money personal problems Etc just what you're looking for
I was just three and I suddenly felt my soul leave my body and I saw everyone asleep but not my dad he looked at me if I was sleeping and he noticed that I wasn't breathing. He tried CPR on me but did not work then he called the police and they took me to the hospital. My mom and dad were worried so they came with me in their car. Suddenly I felt my soul return the end. Good thing I am still aliveπŸ˜€
Dstinson (guest) in Room Filled With Light
I have had this experience all my life a bright light that fill up the hold room I remember very thing shutting down in my home but this light seen to follow me it seen crazy but it's ture I have wittenss to what I'm saying I'm glad I'm not alone and someone has experience what I have this has been going on for years for me the bright light that fills up your room I don't feel alone reading that other experience what I have I have seen many things that I can't explain if I told my story you will say I'm crazy
Terrie Simmons (guest) in Saw My Soul Leaving My Body
I had an experience like that... But mind was totally different
.I was laying flat on my back... I was sleep... I actually seen my soul come out my body... It was strange cause 2 little angels took me to heaven. My life have never been the same since then... It made a complete turn around for the best... I never had a bad life... I don't tell to many people they think I'm crazy... Das I don't feel like l belong on this planet... Seems like I've live this life before... Can any body tell me what had happened to me... I think I know but not for sure
D_M_Shiro in Points Of Light
I definitely understand where you are coming from. We, as beings of God (meaning God is what creates the creation, such as our bodies - but the energy which runs throughout all things, such as our soul, is of God). Therefore, if we believe and we concentrate enough we can actually alter creation to our own liking (of course, this isn't always a good thing as it can negatively affect others who don't have the pleasure of knowing they can create, yet).

I, myself, personally do communicate with God through prayer, not in the sense as say Christians or Muslims would, but more in the sense that I recognize God all around me and can take hints from various aspects of nature to determine what I like to call "God's mood". For instance, I love sitting outside and either just enjoy the breeze or watch the stars. During the day, I'll often just talk with God in my head, because I know I have a direct connection to its being. Depending on what we are talking about, I can actually gauge the answer based on the wind just rustling its way through the trees. I know, sounds foolish, and plenty of people have told me that. But it's just our way of communicating with each other.

Also, prayer does work when we think about it in the 'belief is what creates' aspect. For instance, I may be able to create simply by imagining it and believing in it. But it is much easier to create when communicating with the entire being, because you are directly reaching every other soul out there in the universe with your request or message. For instance, someone who needs money may pray for money, and then later someone contacts them with a job proposal, or they see a job that fits them will on a poster at the bus stop. The point is, someone will always be listening.

We call it an answered prayer when we believe our predicament has been resolved. Meaning, when we believe we have had our prayers answered. In this case, we pray for something and somehow manage to find ourselves in a position where we can either have it or resolve it.

Now, that doesn't mean every prayer is answered as we want them to, and it can also take time for it to start working. So, for instance an answered prayer would be you putting out to the universe that you really wished you could see a shooting star and fireflies. Luckily for you, the prayers were answered almost immediately. Others need to wait months, even years, before their experiences. They usually need to work towards something to come to their destination. But you can also pray and receive no response, which can be taken in two ways:

1. There is no way to answer your prayers the way you expect them to be answered (something else is waiting for you).
2. You are being charged to control your own fate and reality, and therefore should be relying more on yourself to answer the prayer than anyone else.

Typically, in this second instance, we will find ourselves capable of doing something which I would equivocate to you pulling the cord on a lawnmower to get it started. You have to pull the cord to get it to start up, but it's pretty easy to push on from there. In this same way, when we take matters into our own hand in these instances, we find that with our initial push others follow us and our prayer becomes answered. It's like a college waiting for you to graduate High school. They're eager to get you in their school, but you still need to accomplish something specific (i.e. Your GED or diploma) before you can be moved into your new position (or standard of life).

I believe your experience, and even if others don't, don't be discouraged. The right people will always find you.

Much love and light.
D_M_Shiro in Am I Descending?
Honestly, I wish I could say I've had most of your experiences, meaning that while I feel I am on the ascension path, it seems you have come much further in your journey than I have so far.
Now, you're feeling stuck, you feel like you have nowhere to go because you feel your future is now blank.

While I will not propose a position on whether you are continuing your ascension or are descending (As it is only something you can know for sure), I will assure you that when you feel locked up in a box is typically one of the times you must most pay attention to yourself and things going on around you.

Remember, as part of ascension, we acknowledge that we are God, or that God's energy flows through us; therefore, we are all interconnected to one-another. Therefore, you can choose the path you wish to be on and manifest the creation you wish to see.

If you had a glimpse of your soulmate, and yet your soulmate is now invisible to you, ask yourself why. Has something else truly blinded you, or is it in the belief that you could be blinded that you now find yourself as such?

Believe in yourself and your abilities, and regardless of how long it takes, they will return to you.

Much love and light.
DisruptedMatrix (guest) in Am I Descending?
My truth is different from yours so I don't know if I can give any advice, but I guess I'll lay out my thoughts.

Ugh, it's so hard to give words to these things rather than just believe I'm crazy. But I too feel like I have a soulmate. But sometimes... I think that the soulmate is everyone and me. That I need to bring the pieces of my soul together. The "good" and "bad" (really hate those words). I was listening to a song and here...
"We are, we are in-love enemies
We are sentimental slaves on broken knees
We're on empty
We were, we were one identity
Now the trouble is remembering
Addicted to a memory"


I certainly don't want to tell you which path to travel, but if you are feeling stuck, maybe try looking at the other side of your soul?
I have had this experience of a feeling of a energy taking over my whole body today when I stopped for a moment of silence for Rememberance Day at 11:11am, which I said the Lords prayer for each and every single person who has passed away from war. I felt a strong engery flowing through every part of my body, the hairs on my arms and legs all stood on end. After the few moments of energy had passed, I felt physically drained and tired. My husband looked worried for me, but I said that I am at peace and that my life is going the way it should be. I have experienced this feeling before only twice in my life. When I was a teenager, struggling with depression from alcoholic parents, my friends grandparents prayed over me while I had a violent nightmare. The second time was when I gave birth to my daughter and I was in a lot of pain. My aunt prayed over me and all the negative energy lifted from me like a heavy blanket. I am a very strong believer in the Holy Spirit, and I experience a lot of deja vu, and believe that the Lord is showing me that my life is going in the right direction and to be strong. I was not raised to believe, but my own person experiences have made me a very spiritual person. I thank Jesus everyday for the world and I pray for every single soul in the world every day.

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