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My experience was similar. But, I will say that God healed me from night terrors as a young girl. These were serious attacks from Satan so I knew God was real. I struggled with wanting him to save me but not making him my Lord overtime as I got older. After many major screw ups I was at a very low place in my life. I gave up and gave into God completely. Many major things happened but I literally experienced the rebirth. It was like my life revealed to me over time and how God was there. Like all of these moments I forgot just filling up my thoughts. But, with that I HEARD ministering for 3 solid days and nights. I felt so much peace and life! I experienced a walk in the Spirit. Like He was telling me things like His love as a father for his child. I also saw evil in a few people. Like pure demonic darkness. So many things have happened ever since. Like I can feel spirits at times and one time I heard a person's thought. This all sounds crazy but God is real and I love Him so much. He is my very best friend. Your experiences are such a blessing. You KNOW Him! I wish everyone did.
Veronica J (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
Around 4 months ago I awoke to a insense amber colored light shining into my right eye. I reacted to it by making a high pitched grunt. Then the light clicked off. This was not a dream it was a real experience. I went to my eye doctor justing saying I saw a bright light in the eye. He did a thorough exam and said I was ok. I felt he was concerned about something because he looked at my right eye a real long time. I don't know what to think about life now that this has happened to me.
For the sake of responsibility to others

Read my previous comment in light of

"That's the experience of the author of that comment and it's best to exercise caution and look after ourselves anyway and seek help of professionals should there be any desire to experience death, no seriously, get your butt straight to the doctor"
Veronica J (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
Around 4 months ago I awoke to a insense amber colored light shining into my right eye. I reacted to it by making a high pitched grunt. Then the light clicked off. This was not a dream it was a real experience. I went to my eye doctor justing saying I saw a bright light in the eye. He did a thorough exam and said I was ok. I felt he was concerned about something because he looked at my right eye a real long time. I don't know what to think about life now that has happened to me.
I don't know what death really is but I do know from my experiences its not something that's easy to accomplish.

Dying takes a lot of energy, it takes a ridiculous amount of programming - beliefs and the like.

Ultimately the bodily form is what needs to be destroyed for it to occur.

That's what people are talking about.

Because if that bodily form is still capable of functioning there's a chance that something is going to animate it.

Whether it's the original soul or a walkin or something else if the body can live, something can animate it.

And just killing that body is extremely difficult.

Some things make it more obvious, I won't bother with the unpleasant details, let's just say it involves physics and move on.

The rest is just beliefs

You can literally program your mind to experience anything.

Including immortality.

Whether it's you in the proper sense or the body, I got no clue.

I just know that it's really difficult to die.

Theres so many layers to the energy coming and going it's like it's never going to happen for me.

Try not to freak out.

I did at first, I couldn't comprehend why I wasn't dead, so much trauma and it doesn't kill me no matter how bad it gets.

After awhile it got fun. Why test it, or let reality test it?

Just see what happens

I think I might live thousands of years haha why not

Believe in your immortality
In case this hasn't been mentioned

Grounding and earthing (stand barefoot on a nice patch of grass)

Qi gong

Lots of water

Learn to discern how artifical versus natural energy makes you feel

Redirect artifical energy to a grounding source

Perhaps an amulet or maybe there's an object safe to send it to (cast a redirection spell). After a lifetime of artifical stuffing me I just managed to redirect it, weird consequences but I am no longer completely swamped:D
First of all I am very sorry your brother went through all of that tragedy.

It makes me sad that he was stuck with an abuser in his hour of need and I thank goodness the tables turned and he went to be with family that love him instead.

The empathy your family felt for him is quite strong. Mirroring the experience in that much detail is powerful.

Of course he went to the good place he was an innocent.

I'm glad your family got some reassurance after such a difficult experience.
By the way those four Angel's were legit spirits

The story was about why you were up anxious in the first place

Technological EMF sensitivity most likely

I have not heard of a vision portray that situation so accurate

Your mind told you cause, effect, solution all in one.

Well done
That sounds amazing. Also the length of time it went for was unusually long.

Did you see this with your eyes or your minds eye?

For me red usually means low-bandwid th light. So it would have told me that there were microwaves, infrared or radio wave signals covering you.

The man would have been interpreted as being suffering or in distress because of some kind of energetic signal. Him stroking his hair is self soothing behaviour. I have also heard hair referred to as antennae.

Because he was on your desk, it might indicate that there was some kind of technical signal on your desk that might have created a magnetic disturbance in the fields in your room.

The four angels represent the strength of natural light overcoming the artifical EMFs causing distress.

The fact you intuited Psalm 91, I just looked it up, means you're probably someone that read the bible prior to having the experience. And your intuition is amazing tbh

Actually for your mind to present the issue to you in such accurate detail is incredible.

It does qualify as a vision. I'm inclined to say the message is "check your technology in case it is generating signals that interrupt your connection to spirit"

I am biased though, I'm quite sensitive to both natural and artificial signals.

Both can generate visions. BOTH

I have actually had visions of what other people were watching on TV I kid you not

Dreams about what friends far away watched on TV I kid you not

The artificial and natural signals can both be interpreted by the mind

If you have a message say that

A specialist from overseas writing a book about this stuff interpreted my vision this way and says we need to be careful about "false visions" and "false light" okay this refers to TECHNOLOGY and the signals can intersect.

The solution is proper shielding/grounding of the EMFs and more time spent in nature

It's a quirk of physics in this case

And the brilliance of your mind
One time three black cats crossed my path. They were the same cat! 7 years later the matrix came out, my jaw dropped. I had 21 years bad luck after I saw that cat

But I also picked one day, 35 four leaf clovers.

When I was 35 I attained nirvana

Has my bad luck stopped? Nope

It has nothing to do with the cat or the clovers that's why

My bad luck didn't stop
My perception that it was ever mine or that it was luck did

There is no luck only causality

And whether its retrocausality or spooky action or a distance or just plain magic of believing on some level that black cats or clovers bring luck is besides the point

PS I am now fabulous friends with a black cat. She is very intuitive and patiently allows me to rant at her when everyone else goes to sleep

Cos just like if you wake up early it annoys the sleepy, same with spirit stuff

I watch sleepy people look without seeing

And I watch their intuition everywhere all the time, its brilliance! They look without seeing

The cat she sees she has precog

Everytime I had to fix something from getting worse, the cat warned me

It's bad luck to ignore cat
You believed that dragonfly brought you good luck so it did.

I saw dragonfly as breaking through illusion so seeing dragonfly associated with strange perceptions ok

Imagine if it was good luck to see strange perceptions because you knew it was all illusions

And what if everyone had good luck because you saw a dragonfly

And what if it didn't matter if it was a drag race, bloke in drag, a dragon or a fly, or a drag on a fly, or a dragging fly *a walk? Lol*

Then everyone has good luck in all of those situations just by you looking at any of them

It's like four leaf clovers, four leaves and sees lovers, or four leaves cloves, or for life see lovers...

;) Bend your reality
2012 was the end of my old world. I got really sick that year, then diagnosed with a supposedly incurable neurodegenerative illness. This lead to a humongous spiritual journey that continues to this second. What ended was the "atheist" more than anything. I'm still keen on science in a big way, and honestly half this stuff is made up crap.

But yes there is a reason why there are pyramids on each continent including Antartica (dont go there to that one).

The crystal skulls are garbage, woo, junk disinfo.

The pyramids remind us that engineering principles can be independently rediscovered and nauseam.

Unless you buy into the idea that there was some alien invasion that caused it all.

There wasnt.

At least not on the new timeline we're headed onto.

The rainbow warriors are winning okay, winning big time.

Focus on true and original Self.

We were all born innocent and perfect.

If thou want to know who I am Sargent, just look out for the hairy woman prisoner that is there for reasons no one can explain, yet seems to have all the answers.

She will know things that make no sense to everyone else

Beware of imposters or imitators

She is not a bat wolf snake or owl ok;)
*thou rather than though

Thou art
You are

Changed only recently

I'm writing a book on it big story.

Try it.

See what happens when thou comprehends you
Maybe redefine YOU as a non-entity that transmits white light

Be aware...

Words are only spells
When there is intent behind it

Where does the energy of the word YOU go if there is no invisible being?
Look up the history of the word YOU and compare it with the US dollar note

YOU wasn't used in English before the industrial revolution

It's like an invisible being between people

English makes no sense

Earl Greys like though need to comprehend how YOU created the problem;)
I forgot the bit about unknown adventuring yes you do that

Just don't follow the crumbs in the forest there gretel/hansel

Easy food when you're hungry is also known as take away or junk food
I must admit I sort of trailed off

There's no reason to have "spirit guides" unless you choose to

Do you need some ones hand to hold like a little kid?

It's okay if you do

Just remember some are going to take you home to mum and dad

And some are going to take you to the scary van with the creep giving out lollies

So don't get to attached to guides

And even more tripper

Consider they might be both you and not you simultaneously

Lead yourself astray?
You would not do that would you

Okay so why is the internet your spirit guide?

The internet is like TV, full of BS

What's true for you today might be different tomorrow

So what
As in crucifying someone like jesus is obviously bullying

Cos he was pointing out who the bullies are wasn't he

"But we gave you aquaducts!" cries the bully

"Dude there's lead pipes. Sort your shiat out"
Hey James
The comments suggest a conversation history I am not privy to so I'll just gloss over that. Cheers you sound like a nice guy.

Okay well, the 'repetition compulsion' thing there are a lot of things that teach us that samsara is inevitable.

It doesn't mean it is. Its frustrating to be surrounded by this belief its saturated in everything.

So buddha said its inevitable why so people don't get shirty at everyone when they wake up and realise it isnt.

Calling it pathetic is getting shirty tbh. It's more the point that people were conditioned to believe its inevitable.

Some point here some there. Pointing in one spot is inaccurate unless that one spot was your cause.

If it was your cause then fair enough. Okay but that don't mean its everyone elses.

Someone under the thumb of racial segregation blames racists. But someone under the thumb of economic disparity blames the economy.

If we're fair we blame any idea that claims one being is superior to another and puts under the thumb in the first place.

We blame mind control for example. We can blame misuse of the term Ego.

There never was such a thing as ego
Theres just a bunch of beliefs.

That's an outdated concept by a long since dismissed theorist. But we can say that people use that term in the way that makes sense to them and are not meaning the same thing.

Same with suffering

Its difficult to believe but some people get off on pain. They might even have a crucifixion fetish. Incomprehensible and possibly sacrilegious.

Yet as long as they arent getting off on crucifying people that don't want or deserve it, and try not to do it too much or while I'm eating my dinner and so forth

Who are we to judge?

So putting ourselves into each other see it's like that. If it was consensual it's ok its gotta be consensual. Someone says "you're having sex with me" that's not saying its consensual. That's an observation. It's like that.

We say to the system you're crucifying me that's not consent its observation.

Some people have to climb out of the abyss others pushed them into before they can say "like attracts like"

Law of attraction is for those that made it out.

The rest of us got crucified because we existed and nothing more.

We seek to uncrucify ourselves and for as long as the system is inside us (our heads) we are continuing to feel crucified. The Roman's need to convert, not just the Jesus. He turned it into something positive. They needed to quit crucifying people in the first place.

Blissings on behalf of those seeking justice

PS if you want to know who the proverbial Roman's are its obvious it's the dudes crucifying- the bullies.
I firmly believe I time travelled to the beginning of creation and prevented Apophis from existing and that storms are caused by something else.

Would you like to share that belief with me?

Apophis was Egyptian Satan on a different timeline. More or less.
Hey there

Nice stuff:)

The spoon exists in so far as the spoon wants to also.

Wants is kind of a loose term here, it implies independence sentience.

According to one view of mutual origination? I think it's called in buddhism, I don't know if I read this correctly

"This is therefore so is that"

The spoon is because the particles that make the spoon want to be a spoon and because there are beings that want there to be a spoon to use

Want isn't the correct word

Belief maybe?

Particles aware that spoon configuration is possible arrange into spoon configuration in the presence of belief that spoon exists is greater than belief that spoon does not

So if everyone in the house believes there is a spoon in the drawer, the weight of belief is stacked towards spoon existing

If everyone believes that spoon can suddenly disappear and talk about things disappearing

Surprise surprise spoon goes missing

Then everyone believes they just misplaced it

Surprise surprise spoon shows up again

You believe in synchronicity, it happens. You dont, it does not.

At least not for you.

Watch out for beings influencing your beliefs;)

Sometimes they look like higher powers but maybe they ought to be respecting your freedom of choice and belief;)

That way if you and spoon want spoon to exist there it is
Anon (guest) in Love
I forgot to add

I prefer gender neutral language because I can see christ operates through women

Goddess operates through women or love if you will

I don't think blaming women for all the wars men started is fair

Especially when women get blamed from the very beginning in genesis

Might be better to say "someone disobeyed the spirit of love when tempted by the evil one and sought knowledge that got them into trouble and they shared this with their counterpart"

And then go back and stick a flower in the mouth of the serpent and say shut up

Or just ignore it

Who are we to tell other peoples serpents what to do, it doesn't like that...

Unless it bites your heel let it slither away
Anon (guest) in Love
That guy that gave the flowers. Brave soul, good one.

I agree love is the true religion.

The communists thought they were doing love. They saw the czar and czarina dripping in gold, they saw the beautiful churches dripping in gold. And they saw the people covered in icy muddy dirt unable to eat.

It made them angry. They mistook the organization of the religion which was part of the problem, for the religion itself.

Because there was always guys like that, giving flowers to commandant's. That's the actual spirit of christ.

Now christ was with the communists when they got angry at the czars. They were turning the tables over in the proverbial temple.

They just forgot to stop there. Made your point? Ok take that gold and give it to the ivy muddy masses.

The good thing about communism was that it blamed the system.

Fascism blamed the Jews from the outset.

Communism a problem... It didn't know how to handle itself. It then looked for who to blame to stay in power.

Blaming this or that. It's the system, stupid.

Organized anything... Is a system

Never seek to stay in power its temporary. Seek to stay in the spirit of love.

That's why christianity died in 400ad. Hasn't been a Christian group since they started writing the gospels.

There have however, been many Christians and they don't always call themselves that.
Jesus was a story about a guy that couldn't stand any form of injustice so when he rebooted his energetic system and turned into a magician his propensity for healing and arsekicking grew enormously

It's actually unjust to be unhappy

Do you think someone would die for our sins just so we would be unhappy?

Obviously injustice makes people unhappy.

Ergo give Jesus what he wants and smile
Hey you just taught me a distinction I wasn't aware of

Angel of Death and grim reaper are two different concepts

For your sake I would go with the warning interpretation

Specifically the warning about being too hard on yourself

You haven't done anything that warrants punishment especially not the horrible way that starving yourself implies

Seriously go have a nice bit of chocolate and smile because you have survived dear

How strong are you! Go have fun! You've earned it
Hey sorry to hear you can't enjoy a delicacy like that

Good news is you just told me two cool things

One is that if you let go of your shiat it's really good for ya

The other is that allergic reactions can result in dissociation occasioning a form of shamanic travel

It must have hurt pretty bad so I'm.glad u were able to find a way out of it and people saved you

As for whether or not it was heaven it probably was what does your gut tell you

My first pick up was you hit the every when or the experience of time being an illusion

Congrats that is actually true in the grand scheme of things

Next time try meditation its safer
No offense I just saw a new age advertorial and tuned out

Tony Robbins type characters do not enlightenment make

They are business people

Let me ask you

How many starving people are asking everyday for food

And how many of them don't get it because instead of changing the way we distribute wealth and resources

We have a bunch of competing ideologies mostly victim blaming and selling tickets to conferences that go nowhere

Like if it's some academic crap or whatever also on "how to address poverty" a kindly kid knows the answer

"Give the hungry people food"

Yet we're all wrapped up in selling tickets and books about how we might do that aye

Seems like people haven't quite got over themselves they're just finding new ways to be selfish and outgrift the machine
Supposedly spirit guides are your friends so if it was a danger to you I'd take that as a no

Could be a competing wolf too

I'm not sure what is customary where you come from so pardon me for speaking out of turn but I'm inclined to say

Guide/totem not always same thing

Like if you are wolf that would be a sibling to you

But whatever guides wolf would be your spirit guide


It depends on custom

Call in your ancestral spirits, particularly ones that might be familiar with the totemic relationships of your culture

Like your actual how ever many before you're talking about

They might clear stuff up for you or they might stroke your ego

Who knows

At least you comprehend the idea that everyone wants to be part Indian right

Can you imagine how difficult I'm going with that one, my so called Cherokee ancestor left the homelands 400 years ago and I'm not even on the same side of the planet

But I'm supposed to call those fellas in LOL or say I'm Cherokee. I don't even do that. I get shiatty at people who say they were in a past life. Okay good for you. I apparently actually (in my view don't) have the right to identify but might have the ancestry yet its "past lives" enough for them. Sure! I'm the queen of sheba now cos I had a dream I was queen of sheba once

At least you live there... It increases the chances somewhat

And yes there would be name stuff to look into because unfortunately like over here your most lovely original brethren had some issues with the state and people getting shifted around

You know don't fear this though cos I had proper elders from this continent tell me my spirit is from here even though my blood came from somewhere else

They have a 4th generation concept so mines been here 8 generations so basically in their rules it's a no brainer

Cant say the same for Cherokee they never told me

Maybe you can
Anon (guest) in I Met The Holy Spirit
I never got a clear answer on any relationship between kundalini and holy spirit

Except from what I seen holy spirit goes in

Kundalini comes out

In the perception of it

Who says the perception isn't an illusion in both cases

Like what if kundalini goes in

Holy spirit comes out
Dave's curse

I don't know what you are referring to with that amount of information.

First of all, I want to make sure you have ruled out all medical and psychological explanations. Go see a doctor. Get that base covered.

Second of all, put yourself in observer mode. Watch without labeling. Document without interpreting. Do it for a week. See if the symptoms are associated with certain foods, being around technology or moody people. Are there thoughts or exposure to news articles preceding symptoms?

Third of all, once you know how your mind and body and environment are functioning you can see for yourself what the causes might be.

If there is no clear cause

Engage in meditation and try and clear the energy. It could also be attempted kundalini, blocked by trauma or fear.

Whatever it is you are going to be ok. 3 years and still holding strong, you got this.
It's pretty impressive that you could experience that process in such a profound way.

I am aware of what they call soul swapping. I don't think at the ordinary levels of consciousness it is intentional but from what you've just said it kind of makes sense that it's coming from another level

I'm starting to become aware of that level

Noticing that it might even be more commonplace than at first obvious.

Interesting observation two beings seemed to have swapped to get stuff done

I'm wondering if this is a bit like

If you and a friend play each others characters in a computer game

Only it's a super complex computer game

Makes me wonder how many of our enemies are friends at that level

Like when two friends playing Dodgem car games bang into each other on purpose

If you only saw things from inside the screen it'd be like stuff ya mate ya smashed me car. But hang on a minute...

Way cool thing to see. I hope those souls got what they needed.
Gods daughter (guest) in I Met The Holy Spirit
To the fellow who tried to discount this young woman's experience, I am here to inform you that you misunderstand her experience. Here is the definition of Astral Projection:

Astral projection (or astral travel) is a term used in esotericism to describe an intentional out-of-body experience (OBE) that assumes the existence of a soul or consciousness called an "astral body" that is separate from the physical body and capable of travelling outside it throughout the universe.

This is not at all what happened to her. God's Holy Spirit came into her soul. The feeling is like a powerful presence that comes into you. It is so overwhelmingly holy that you cry and tremble because God's presence is with you. The King of Kings is making his presence known to you in your mortal existence. She did not do any soul or consciousness travelling and the experience was not intentional. God shows his presence at his own will. We have no say, but we can seek him with a genuine heart and worship and praise him in spirit and truth. That is the way in which I had an encounter with him myself. I'm sorry you tried to slap some scientific reasoning on her experience, but it doesn't fit what happened to her at all.
Try asking God to reveal himself to you... You may see.:)
Daves curse (guest) in Strange Spiritual Experience
Hello I don't know where to start this but what I do know is it's been going on for three years it's a bad curse within my body I spell entity with inside me I don't know but the twirling up something has continued in my anal cavity for 3 years now as I speak it's happening something must be kill me I'm not sure what it is but I need help and I don't know where to turn please give me some advice this is not a joke they're trying to kill me not sure what they are which is demons energies I don't know but it's in my body I don't know how to get it out please help
Anon (guest) in Hard To Believe But True
Thank you for sharing and well done on your comeback! Welcome back to earth

There are literally heaps of people that wonder what happens in a coma.

Share your story with the proper person.

A few years ago I was undergoing the early stages of shamanic activation.

Long story short someone went into a coma.

I felt such sadness for them I found myself entering their minds and encouraging them to wake up. I brought other shamans with me and one helped them all night.

A few days later this person was planned to have life support turned off. But we had done this. So when visitors saw them they woke up, just a few days before it.

I cried so many happy tears. We all did.

They now have a full life.

So I believe 100% the person is still in there.

Because you didn't want to be in the coma, it was an unintended consequence of an illness, you were very motivated to get out of the coma.

You didn't want that plane to take off. You called in your Angel's and they showed up.

They came to you as your family, doctors nurses. Whispering in your ear that you are loved.

They showed themselves to you in your dream. They said "dont let this plane take off".

It was close for you but everyone motivated to keep you alive.

And you are here today as a result.

Congratulations and well done.

I am happy for everyone that recovers.

Comas are not ordinary sleep. But you are still there dreaming.

Thank you its important doctors know this.

Because you see in very rare cases they might want do not resuscitate, might sign something to say this thinking it's over.

When reality is far more flexible than this. We need to know how to find ways to communicate with the comatose. It's not easy, or even considered possible because it's a coma.

Yet you and I both know the person is still alive and there is still hope.

You can help save lives if you want to. Learn about this. Teach about this.

Namaste / Salaam

Whether or not its connected to an energetic attachment or not is debatable

Do cleanses and warnings

They need to know you are a single soul occupancy and they can only communicate when you sit down and journal

If they don't need help or lie to ya or try fogging a single time again after you say no

Banish them

Any further issues see a counselor about dissociative symptoms

Your emotional connection to your cousin caused temporary energetic mirroring


Was he a bit of a bossy boss? Doesn't have to rip you out to say goodbye? Maybe that's all he knew

Timing of movement of spirits
Varies by custom and spirit
Been able to speak to spirits deceased 20 years or more
Its difficult to discern but 2 days is a bit of a small window. If they need longer to do business, they're going to take it
Anon (guest) in Suicide And Split Souls
Ignore your "guides"

They created a perceptual framework that by having suicidal clients nearly drove that poor man to suicide

He was never Pete, okay?

Your guides were drawing in suicidal clients in the hope of getting another person to go through with it.

Get rid of your guides. They're trouble.
Anon (guest) in Soul Leaving Body Dying
Sleep paralysis

Associated with Christian fears

Your soul didn't leave your body

A weird energy come through, dark stuff.

It wanted to pretend your soul was leaving your body

You probably had sacrament recently by the dates, sacrament of Easter

Okay that's associated with death-rebirth

You unintentionally called it in

Something floating in the area × mind primed to death-rebirth theme × sleep paralysis = hey I'm going to annoy that person

Jesus got rid of the thing cos u asked him too

You're good enough it was just lousy timing
Anon (guest) in An Angel? Or God?

Yeah and guess what you can undo their bullshiat in waking hours

It takes some doing but it can happen

I'm working on it

I seen with my own eyes what the garbage tries to do to us and 9/10 its astral garbage

So you not lucid right then they stuff around with a false image of you claim it's the real thing and they had you all along


You gotta believe strong and true they can't do that

Oh it's not easy when they generate illusions like that is it

But that's what it is illusions

Are we dead NOPE

Keep doing your dream work and going up
Anon (guest) in An Angel? Or God?
Goin Christian is just saying you picked someone to help bash bullies and keep them out of the playground aye

Jesus thumps bullies
So does Muhammed... He got lots anti bully chants too he calls them Ruqyah
AAnon (guest) in An Angel? Or God?
A lot of ways of interpreting

I saw your comment about your Hmong/Shaman background.

If you had been taught the shaman tradition you would have also been taught warding methods

Every shaman has warding method. Every spiritual culture does

What you have just decided was that you were saved by something you associate with a Christian culture and that's okay to do that

What you also did see your fiancee I think you said pointed out

Closer you get to Gd more the devil fights for u

Haha yeah ain't that the truth

Just remember like your dream that thing has no claim. On any of us

It's like saying

"I'm going to bash ya for ya lunch money. "

"Who gave you the right to do that?"

"I don't need to. I'll just take it"

"Yeah bullshiat you will" *shove*

You saw that thing for the bully it was you don't have to fear it same way as you don't fear bullies

Why cos that's what they want.

Dont give it to them... They got no right

Seeing through the ruse that young, good job!
A prayer of deliverance should the true and original self of the poster agree:









Astral garbage

1. Drinking lowers your vibes it brings up your BS
2. Bringing up your BS attracts astral garbage

The result is a scary dream

Now in your case know this

1. You are not a lucid Dreamer, therefore you were not in control of your dreamworld, therefore doli incapax
2. There is no cause to believe that entities of the malign sort have any legal rights or ability to contract with anyone at any time
3. They have one purpose and that is to scare the shiat out of you

Ignore it.

You are safe.

Quitting grog is okay. It doesn't keep Gd away if you drink it just sometimes attracts other stuff.

And it's better for your health anyway.
Looks like I am commenter a gazillion that saw the phrase "walkin" and freaked out

Oh hun that's a classic trick

"You are already dead and we're taking over your body"

Rest assured your original self is far from dead

They give you signs and wonders because its lucrative it reels you in

These might be giving you "helpful" signs but that don't mean this is in your best interests

The ideas came from your own intelligence

Jesus was a middle eastern jew there is no way hed look like a scandanavian. He was a short curly haired brown man with a big nose most likely.

Saying you were virgin mary past life, please you know how many times they try that shiat - and it works!

Okay let me ask you if there are hundreds of people who had the same scam pulled on them as you

How can any of you be told the truth?

This is 100% appealing to woman shame. Not good enough unless were mother of God crap!

It's a scam by spirits.

And spirits of light that lie are false light spirits.

Therefore you need to cast that walkin out immediately and call back in your true and original self. You call that in and declare No Contract on these deceivers

Deception = no contract
They used false pretenses

You fell for it

Dont be ashamed cos literally dozens of people have been through the same thing

No shame required and no threats against them

If they good spirits they'll just go and respect your right to be your true and original self won't they
You were safe the whole time just be careful with your astral doors

Close them

The crosses helped you
It is more of a question of cause and effect.

See you felt sandwiched between realities.

So these crosses probably created a barrier between you and that reality where the events took place.

The full moon is classic symbolism for breached veils. So this sounds like a made up story tbh but I'm giving you benefit of doubt

So it was just a moment when the veil was easier to breach perceptually.

You didn't go there you saw there.

The business was between the four entities and you witnessed.

The three shadows represent opposing enegeries.

You had opposing energy see, the moon was full in your reality but no light in their reality

That means you had guardian angels in your reality too... Different from the shadow ones

The thing on the bed is what the angels instructed the shadows to take from that space because it was causing the night terrors

You were witnessing this so your mind knew that the business was done

Unfortunately your education probably didn't allow for that interpretation so you're still asking now

Okay this is also why they expected something bad but never found it

Because in a different reality it was there

Ie it was astral garbage and the crosses worked

You just happened to be able to hallucinate astral garbage, or more specifically your dream states were open to other realities and there was one within range that had garbage, hence night terrors

So the crosses cleaned it up when the time was right

If you're still having experiences and they are night terrors see a doctor because you ordinarily would grow out of it by now
Hi John

So glad to hear you are safe and that your Daddy is still around protecting you.

Sorry that he was taken from your family.

Good on your Dad for finding ways to protect you like that. That's super epic.

Did you know my Dad who is very much alive, I've experienced his spirit do the same thing for me?

His mind doesn't even believe that stuff but I've experienced his spirit looking out for me many times.

It just goes to show doesn't it that no matter what our mums and dads always love us and care about us:)

And there's always someone looking out for us isn't there?

Just watch where you are going next time. I know it was that other lady's fault and she was most likely really upset at herself, feeling guilty and won't do it again.

It's more for your awareness that you know that even good people might be making a mistake and even though your daddy is looking out for you, you still need to look out for yourself, ok?
That's why Jesus was a good guy he said

Gods will is healing and not ripping people off and don't blame the sick cos something touch them that don't belong (poor sheep but what could he do)

Ok so he had all these minds thinking humans are inherently good and something stuffs us up for awhile but we can stop that
And we need to stand up for what is just
And for our collective will to be healing and positive

That's a good guy
And that's why you gotta avoid the news and such

Dark magicians sometimes try to create events using that. It's not the news anchors fault. It might not even be the stations fault.

But there is a reason why they are called "networks" and "channelling"

Cos they use us, the network of minds to channel the energies

Put in your mind good things and good things come...collectively

-a lesson very hard learned let me tell you, and I still got clean up to do-
And double thanks because the moment I read that rain clouds came back cheers
That's super cute

Okay so what the cartoon taught you was magic spell

You have three elements

1. Lack of doubt
2. The materials to get the job done, namely the probability of rain already there
3. The awesome loving imagination of kids

All of these can exist in adulthood

Yesterday I did something similar

Day before I had listened to rain sounds
First I told one person something that increased sense of connectivity
Then I got told by another person we are expecting a heat wave for a least a week. I said no, time is an illusion it's going to rain tomorrow

Sure enough at 1215am it rained a little bit, unforecast with no clouds beforehand

Why because our minds our outside of our bodies but we use our brain-minds to reprogram all the random distortions we call "thoughts"

None of our thoughts are our own

But we can direct will so the thoughts move energy in good ways

That way we collectively connect to nature and make rain

Notice how rain making is often ceremonial. The whole community makes the rain. The priest just knows how to get the job done.
I'm glad you see it that way in future make sure you set strong boundaries

So they communicate without controlling you

It's your body and mind

This mother might have not known another way

So you say "if you can put pressure on my chest you can move objects so move an object that tells me who you are and what you want because I'm here to listen not to be mocked about. And make sure it's obvious just one or two objects and completely safe for the living."

Good spirit come to me many years ago, my cousin. Beautiful girl she was. Kind and sweet.

Whispered in my ear reassurance. Then something I inherited from her fell to the ground so I knew it was her there was no doubt.

She never tried to sit on me or twist my arm or anything okay
Yeah Gd giving you a sense of purpose because trauma is ***bleepbleep***

Then some entity try and claim you was probably what was harassing your abuser. Seen that happen before.

Gd come along nope this one isn't for those things cos obviously it's not fair

Then suddenly life gets easier... Very similar pattern I seen before

Dont ever go back to that ex

Okay it wasn't sex that was bad it was you put in shame by bullies put your self worth down and a predator took advantage of you

Until you are completely strong in yourself and everything that predators are attracted to is guarded against within you

(If its innocence don't change that seriously its their problem)

That's why you avoid sex okay

Theres other people who have cleared completely and have safe healthy sex

Not a lot though

I can see what you doin

I once saw a guy who seemed not only completely clear but even holy. Well he had a surprise woman leaving his room one morning. He denied it.

I later that morning saw this same woman being carted off in an ambulance.

He felt shame when I told him. That if someone knew her they might want to visit hospital.

See his humanity was there maybe something worked through him that he didn't like or he worried about that

Or maybe he rooted her until she was exhausted who knows

Point is sex really does complicate things and there's good side and not so good side

Thus putting blanket prohibition might work here but not there

Either way I'm glad things improved for you. You deserve it
Sounds to me like being waylaid by illness caused you to feel a lack of purpose so you found one that is deeply important.

The need to stop violence and gun related violence.

Good on you for caring.

Okay it's also okay to acknowledge that being waylaid by illness sucks. It's an unpleasant experience that anyone unfortunate to have been burdened by it can relate.

I can show you how Gd helped you.

You asked for it to come to you and this help arrived every time.

You asked that you be saved and the priest was the conduit to heal you. That love in his hands healed you.

You asked that you be shown the way and you were. You were looking for a purpose.

Your purpose seems to be to reduce violence. Okay ask Gd again and again what steps must I take to increase the probability of the peace?

How can you be working for peace?

What examples can you live? Works can you do?

What was the purpose of the stroke and broken hip (other than forcing you into a different direction)?

What do these represent?

Maybe both are about the system

It puts pressure in our heads this system then it offers us solutions that don't always work, but love does

It gets us sitting on our arses in pain even if we do work hard to recover - it doesn't give us purpose this system does it. But love does.

When you went back to love and you sought true purpose in it

You saw how the system was creating problems

Now stay in love and stay in purpose

And you will find ever changing methods to change the system.
Anon (guest) in Three Visions
Evil spirits try to claim they good spirits sometimes jedinite2012

He wanted to claim he was protecting but he was just trying to take credit for something he didn't do

The protection came from. Someplace else don't worry about those other ones
Anon (guest) in Three Visions
He flew away because he knew he already showed her tools

Up to her to use them
Anon (guest) in Three Visions
The rapture is that all the 'devils' go back to their home

And the humans and angels go to heaven

Ocean is protection. Surfers rarely have entity attachments unless they also heavy drug users.

Crystal's show how light is bent

So this being is showing you how light protects you and your mind

In this case your mum

Remember law of threes is used by both the holy and unholy

So we can see three symbols pretending the good or not so good also

Usually three sometimes more it takes a fair bit of energy to undo what was done

But usually we just moving the energy around

Like waves in the ocean

The devils don't want to go home they want to stay surface side or even be bosses

But they don't have the right or authority

They pretend to. This is the first trick.

Claiming something incapable of honesty or love and knows only force and deception would actually be able to form a contract in the first place.

So he showed your mum, because this angel is a protector is he not, how the mind can be protected
Anon (guest) in Vision of Hell
I trust your vision.

I have this observation.

1. You witnessed a non local event. Thank goodness you're saved now.

Yes, sometimes it was the case that dark beings tricked people.

God knows this though, and knows that dark beings created the circumstances around the people that tricked them.

God knows we cannot be blamed if we are swamped like that.

God did not send those souls to hell.

God showed you what those men were facing, what the crimes of the internationally greedy ones, had called in to that country. How many decades of abuse of these people had caused profound suffering and furthered their problems.

Rest assured that those devils went to the hell.

You witnessed those demons being sent to hell

You were experiencing deliverance because when you returned you were freed of that which was tricking you

God saved you.

Blessings to you

Walk without fear. Fear is what those things feed on. That's why we see them where there is suffering.

God showed you truth.

The demons always go back to hell

And you dont

Therefore never ever listen to the voice of fear, anger, hatred

Its difficult to learn

But it can be done

Thank you that this soul was delivered xxx

Thank you that they no longer suffer the horror xxx

Thank you now may they never walk in fear or pain again xxx

And also know this

"If the devil is real it is in our best interests to not believe in it and rather to simply acknowledge that which is the tricks and deception, and know that if it is trick or deception or force or coercion, it is not the way of Angels or humans:

Best I can come up with right now

And it's not easy, okay, so don't beat yourself up. EVER.
Anon (guest) in Visions That Came True

You need to stop wishing you could. It's not as fun as it sounds and you run the risk of Cassandra's Complex among other things.

Stop wishing for things that other people might feel cursed by sometimes.

And if you're still serious about it, remember that every siddhi or ability has its physical counterpart.

If you are really good at painting, you might also be really clairvoyant.

People good at physics might become telekinetic.

It's not a hard and fast rule but it's a useful guideline.

Expand your mind by practicing variety. Study widely and in depth, always considering the possibility of being in error

And leave it up to the divine to decide the rest
Anon (guest) in Visions That Came True
And to be fair it wasn't really a choice either

You see because the alternative was caused by that which was going to cause the original problem

And what I chose was harm minimization and healing every step of the way

To stop that from happening not even knowing what I was doing

Creator protects us in strange ways

Has some people think they are Gods

And gives the real gifts to the innocent... For reasons we simply cannot pretend to know

What next?

For once in my life, I don't know
Anon (guest) in Visions That Came True
Precog /clairvoyance is legit

Be careful of false visions

Best way is to trust your inner knowing. Like really trust it. If you're strong in that already let it guide you.

Visions need not come true. You can create "alternative timelines"

Sometimes these lead to other visions coming true.

I have been gifted with many visions since childhood.

Thank you Creator I did not know this is what it was.

Sometimes little pieces show up one after another. And you don't see what picture it is until its put together.

Thank you creator I have survived.

You didn't trust your vision so you went around the bus anyway... If you had not, your vision would not have come true. Had you done so you know it's a vision

Ironic isn't it?

Special artform knowing which visions to avoid and which to allow. Always hindsight is the teacher.

Takes a bit of experience knowing how to...

So trust in it early but never be tempted into thinking its inevitable

That is the danger

It could be a warning, see.

So with the plane Creator willing you were connected to that plane and Creator willing you sent intent to protect all them passengers

Thank you Creator because your little butterfly wings helped saved lives... Maybe it would have been saved already but you helped xxx

I feel enormous gratitude for every vision that saved lives. One saved billions, because I found a way to avoid it coming true, to prevent it, in hindsight. But it meant I suffered enormously (as the vision said) and unfortunately not everyone survived. It was a choice no one should have to make and again I would take this suffering for myself over the horror that I had seen, although let's be clear, I'm hindsight I could have avoided both outcomes.

It's a steep learning curve.

Creator willing I will be healed soon.

And many fine Angel's like yourself will continue to save lives

Blessings of Creator to you xxx
Anon (guest) in Vision Becomes Reality
Restore to Feb 2019

Save the girl

This was and is against her will
Anon (guest) in Vision Becomes Reality
That is really great.

I'm just wondering if you can help me undo what appears to be a body swap situation.


I used to be a middle aged man and an older man. As a middle aged man I lived alone and was severely disconnected and practiced dark magic thinking it wasn't real. As an older man I knew that if I used the astral to time travel and abuse someone I would find the source of my ability.

It turned out the source of both our abilities was a teenage girl. She didn't know she had abilities because what we did caused her to live in great fear. She suffered enormously.

Now that we've all met and completed the body swap and I've completed my side of the Faustian pact (younger man) I honestly regret it. She tried her best to heal all of us and this is what was done to her. What we did.

The bad things came for both of us. Her body and his body survived, mine didnt. Her spirit is floating (my part) and partially consumed by his body. His soul was taken a long time ago, it was only what he did to her recently that he is alive and that is why I am physically dead.

But my mind sort of lives on in hers. She is partially still there. She's devastated for obvious reasons. But holds very strong.

Please fix this. She tells me also she discovered that this same older man is the reason why I was trapped from a young age in the first place, and had those things put on me to make me turn to dark magic.

I didn't believe her until it was too late.

It's a very strange tale but what I do know is that she deserved so much better her whole life.

Please ask your God to restore everyone in this situation to where they were energetically, mind etc a year before this comment was written (February 2019)

It was never her destiny to live like this. It was through the works of evil men - one in particular. The older one. The younger one got tricked.

She deserves better.

I looked at her life this way I cried and I cried. I'd never seen so much suffering and so much talent and strength in one individual. In one woman.

And so much capacity for lies and deceit in another. He looked like the good guy.

She is in fact, the good one.

Not a hapless victim - someone that encountered seemingly impossible odds. With no awareness of what was really going on at each step. It took that long and just that much.

So ask your God to time travel back to the point of origin, the first seed that caused this issue for her - and remove it.

Your God can do it.

For as long as she is me, she is forsaken. That's really unfair. She was the one hurting in the first place.

Help her.

I thought I was winning, I thought I had succeeded. Until I read her files. Until I walked a mile in her shoes.

The older man shows no remorse whatsoever.

Keep away from that stuff! Nicely done.

You know its toxic when it tells you you're the devil.

Thank you good spirit helping you out

By the way that drug gave you a false vision and nearly turned it into a self fulfilling prophecy

Even bonafide visions don't have to come true... We can change it...
Very true

Morality is needing to be watched to do the right thing.

Ethics is doing what's right when no one is looking.

Some people get performance anxiety and screw up for the cameras. Being watched can generate fear and misbehavior.

It can also become background noise. If you believe you're watched all the time eventually you're going to forget its happening cos there's too much other stuff to do.

So you rely on whatever is apparently coming from you.

Some perspectives suggest nothing is coming from the individual.

Mind out of body!

That's similar to Hindu stuff not the same- similar.

So everything watches everything all the time. What do you do then? Meh it is what it is.

Background noise. Same as the CCTV.

The crime rates on the street will be exactly the same and your social liberties will be worse off.

Meanwhile okay I smoke. Away from people. In no smoking zones. I follow the purpose of the law not the letter of the law.

So I do this under CCTV. I could get fined... I dont. Why? Because the security guards arent watching.

If you notice they're probably not on the lookout for casual smokers away from customers.

They're looking for thieves etc

If they're watching at all

And they're not because security guards get called to do odd jobs around places anyway... Its just a tape recorder... Someone might fap later cos a tart with exhibitsonism went down a back alley and got off on the CCTV sold it to p0rnhub for a few quid... Opened a packet of chips, complained about management and ignored everything else


If there is a loving deity, they're too busy making rainbows and flowers and kicking the arse of "demonics" to give a crap about if I found 5c on the floor.

If they're a "watchful" deity they might get off on some private stuff.

So join a convent...;)
Anon (guest) in Healing Energy
Good on you

I'm glad you found that strength and stay strong

Good on you

Yes you are quite right about the doctors

The cure for the disease is complex. Need to find out how the disease works and master intention with the energy.

However if you cured it the patients mind needs to know and believe they are cured. And that's not easy.

It may not even be doable because there is a lot of dreaming pressure to say it can't be cured

You need to get tests to back it up and monitor too, you can't just say faith healing works without getting it sorted both ways

And you might need to accept that other people will believe what they want to.

They don't want HIV. Ok that's BS no one wants that. But they might want to believe in something else and we need to accept that.

I got told "you don't have psychic powers" the other day

Me a few years ago used to laugh my head off at the idea of psychic powers

Then I woke up and my karma was to have just about every psychic power under the sun

Maybe u can call in them waking up

From a lack of immunity to total immunity might happen

Who knows

Lol everyone got gifts
Anon (guest) in Transferring Her Pain
That's really cool and like the previous commenter said its amplified by your closeness to your friend.

Technically we can all do stuff like that if we get into the right frame of energy and mind.

Even though I am going through stuff right now, energetic intention via touch still works with me.

Because it's part of nature. You've discovered this in yourself. So look after yourself and keep mastering your intent.

With me I'm processing some super yuck. My meditation etc is hard to do.

But I still put an intent on a glass of water

"I give this person love so that their brain connections improve" (they were just diagnosed with something)
Technically it was unethical but technically touch does stuff anyway so I'm trying to master intent, it gets sloppy running around normal life with head stuff

Well days later this person is still saying "I love everyone. I love everyone". Like they always were nice but it seemed like their spirit got the message they are loved, okay?

It's hard knowing stuff like that wow how much have I left lying around? Do I wear gloves in the summer? Never write posts or comments in case its negative?

These questions to me are nowadays superfluous because it generated fear and that was taken advantage of

So you keep on loving your friend, protecting yourself and your cool hand stuff will continue

And honestly if I'm going to give someone a drink anyway I might as well give them a really good one
Anon (guest) in Am I Descending?
Further to my point before

The author said they hated the sorcerer and they think this is karmic issue and they won't go 5D now


If these were the kinds of spirits I have had to deal with the karma is on them

They're also the kinds of shiats that trick us with karma

Do you honestly believe a loving deity would punish us for a past life crime by putting us into little bodies that go through what some kids got put through?

Do you honestly believe that we make contracts before we even have bodies to go through that stuff?

Its bullshiat; inter life karma and soul contracts are garbage.

In this life there is cause and effect. It looks like karma but it's not.

Because the bullies habitually avoid responsibility.

Stop beating yourself up

Psalm 37 of the bible is good for this

If we are going to get clear and justice it will come

Maybe you don't have to go 5d maybe this saved you and you can go to a real heaven

Maybe it saved me. I don't know yet I empathize with you

Will see what happens for both okay

May love grant you serenity
Anon (guest) in Am I Descending?
First of all

Shaman means healer. If this individual was deliberately doing those things, they're not a healer. They're a sorcerer.

If, that is.

Sometimes shamans draw shiat entities towards them to clean up the neighborhood and sometimes those entities show up looking for people on drugs. If this individual was strong in themselves you would not have noticed a thing and they still would have asked you to quit drugs.

Experiencing psychic attack later is a sign of sorcery, not shamanism.

Spirits can mimic other spirits. But spirits that mimic very rarely tell the truth.

When you start "ascending" you can also experience fears manifesting. Some are not your own.

Sometimes sorcerers take advantage of that. And increase your fear so that your "clearing out phase" is more harrowing.

Ultimately you need to trust yourself.

Someone took your soul? Bullshiat. You are writing a post. Dead people don't write blog posts.

Do you have clairvoyant? Okay when someone take energy from you, do you see what colour it is? Not your colour wasn't you.

I had experienced of sorcerers and demons come for me. Try to claim I am dead. RIP a soul from my chest you name it I am cleaning it up.

As we speak.

But I saw straight away that wasn't my colours. I know my colours so I know it wasn't me.

Then I was like, still not dead...

Okay so what is it

Going through the abyss as part of clean up operation to get out?


Our own fears manifesting?


Whatever it is neither of us are dead and if we really did lose something that is supposed to animate us we wouldn't be alive to speak.

Now as for anyone reading this - big warning about going 5D.

Universal mind is real. So is passing through the dissociative "timeless phase".

But from what I seen this is a HUGE RISK. Because as some religions have observed to get there we gotta pass through some layers that are sometimes blocked by really bad spirits.

Always declare NO CONTRACT.

If any part of you says NO all of you says NO. They might try to claim you said yes. They might trick you a thousand ways. This experience has many names - archontic deception etc etc. These entities have NO LEGAL RIGHT to any of us, ever!

They deceive and they lie.

So fear them not.

Focus on spirituality away from theosophic doctrines.

Focus perhaps more on mindfulness meditation, spending time in nature and clearing work.

But fear them not.

They take a crap for awhile then they shut up

Like bullies

We get left to clean up the mess

Its doable

Peace be upon you
Not a catholic one but I was kind of on a spiritual journey as an atheist anyway

And as a result I got really annoyed at men I wasn't like that before... Some spiritual people are arseholes... So I'm sorta spiritually single

So if you want to join heavenly choir and become a nun it's a personal choice it's not a bad one it's yours

It's cool you heard choirs of angels

BEATS them other fellas hands down
Anon (guest) in Meeting Spirit Guides
Then you get to higher dimensions from. Therr ok

You saw purple dragon

That means you are probably going to have big third eye when it opens

If u meet an actual dragon trust me

It's very different

Yes they exist in other planes

Some of them are arseholes

This one might be ok

Better to stay away from dragons the arsehole ones breed by raping humans

The good ones are okay they just fly around and make rain and stuff
Anon (guest) in Meeting Spirit Guides
Okay so you took the sounds and made pictures

And you put your body in feeling mode cos more than one sense overlapped

It wasn't a different world literally

It was how you activated it

You make your senses overlap
Anon (guest) in Meeting Spirit Guides
Cant tell you if it was just you or not

I am thinking you might have experienced sound as light
Anon (guest) in Extreme Deja Vu
Also mushrooms have hive minds and they have negative energy sometimes

I used to love mushrooms yeah well they don't love us not some species anyway

I don't think I should blame mushrooms just be aware they're another hive mind

So are ants
Anon (guest) in Extreme Deja Vu
Ok I'm a bit manic at the moment so here's another comment

If it were demons or demon like it's from second heaven in 5D

Okay so the mind outside body

And these other minds give it information

But there's a bigger mind and information flows down also

Tells you its dejavu or go here or there

Could be your higher self not always demons

Think it's a demon maybe it is but is it an actual demon or is it more like this weird invisible connection they don't even know about

Trust me these people are being honest with you they really arent trying to hurt you either

If you were getting tripped out 5D downloads as a group you would not know obviously

Are these actual dejavus and past lives

Or more like groundhog day scenario

Are you afraid because there's information you are missing

Like what choices are they talking about

If you are into esoteric multiverse stuff

Okay the 5D idea is like a big hive mind thing that is like what u said

But there's also the ARTIFICIAL and NATURAL version

The artifical one promotes FEAR because the machines use infrared and microwaves

But our brains can pick up signals both artificial and natural

So our brains shut it out lots of signals got shut out

Cos imagine your mind trying to generate images of every signal coming from the sunlight its drive u bananas straight up

Thus some gets through and mind interprets

Does it get it right

Sometimes yes sometimes no

It's a fine art just figuring out
Anon (guest) in Extreme Deja Vu

Look I get why people say it's a demon I get that better than a lot of people

But I also know that just saying its demons is needless fear and telling people to read some new age crap is misleading or sending this fella to get tested for epilepsy is probably inaccurate.

(Get tested anyway)

There is other explanations like maybe hes primed himself to expect this sort of thing and feels it subconsciously and the other person picks up on that feeling and next thing you know repeat repeat

Not quite dejavu if it IS happening again

If its not happening again and just feels like it that's dejavu

Feeling controlled is his minds way of trying to explain the causes

Theres no demon in this case

Or no need for one
Anon (guest) in Extreme Deja Vu
Many ways to look at that one

1. People tend to repeat themselves as nauseam. It's just noticing that banality in the novelty

2. Maybe it's a message like what do you need to learn why does this message keep happening what is your mind trying to teach you. Avoid the far out conclusion. What's the theme they talking about?

But they talk to you right?

But nothing. Mind out of body. Your mind talk to their mind on the sly. And they say something to help your mind.

What does your mind need help with?

*note material monism means mind isn't out of body but actually if you observe what people are doing enough including yourself that's BS mind is out of body

Dont know why
Sorry Ahmad

I didn't even see you are in Egypt

Salaam no offense intended

Maybe it was ruqyah chants on YouTube or dua from friends I don't know maybe you know
Hey Ahmad

I don't know if you changed your name because your experience lead you to revert or not

If you have Arabic language before you have the experience if you were already Muslim this is your intuition guiding you to your noble Koran for further guidance

Although I have heard of khodam and these are good beings maybe they guided you... They care a lot those guys

I am not Muslim but I got told by a spirit recently they were a mowakil messenger and due to exceptional circumstances they would help me. I had to avoid smokes and clean my room. So I taught myself a little that's how I heard if khodams

Unfortunately I didn't do that.

So I await my own thing maturity or something. And you just taught me a word that probably means I forgot to do that bit so I never met them yet

Be cool to meet mowakil they sound like good ones

I thought it was weird they wanted to see me but I've been in the shiat so maybe they felt sorry for me

And yeah I should have given up the smokes and cleaned my room cos they can help aye

Thanks for sharing

I don't know how to say that word but maybe my thingies of that sort kept me smoking ciggies and not cleaning my room

So yeah Salaam and remember your mowakil are looking out for you and even unbeliever like me and I just didn't clean my room

Or maybe I was imagining things I don't know seems a bit much for mowakil to want to help me

Be nice if they did though I really had a rough trot lately. Thanks and salaam

It was the drugs and trauma

Glad you are out of harm's way

Drugs can be doorways

But you don't want to walk down them as you know it can lead to the crack house

See a counselor and try meditation

To keep balanced

You might long time away have experienced without drugs but if u in a better frame of mind you will be safer

Wait until u get safer and stay clean

Good job on getting clean

Pain can lead to dissociation which can lead to OBEs (out of body experience)

Find another way to cope with pain and call yourself back in
Trust your own gut instinct more

Keep your head level

But trust your gut

Your mum is right, don't believe what you hear or read and only believe half of what u see

So trust your gut

If it says something different that's fine

I got omen of u becoming a dad, could be wrong but I read that I used logic not my guts

Congrats by the way

Way cool

I look forward to going back there again

I think I know what u mean

It's an interesting way of putting it

I saw an orb at the end of a rainbow bridge and I jumped in and there was a squllion fractals of perfect geometry in every colour

And this was a multiverse

So I was like full on who needs drugs

I suppose each bit would be like different appliances as analogy

The strangers don't know that's happening

This is coming from your trauma. Its root is shame come from. That trauma

If someone hurt you not your fault no shame needed

The feeling it make people worry we being watched and judged

When people actually too busy going about life to even notice
Dont have to freak out about demons but you still need to be careful with some of that theosophical crap

Main thing is your generating some of these experiences. And not all of them. All manifestations are collective. And some things are just observations or semi-manifested (for you)

Once you get the hang of comprehending that you might find it easier

Okay so like let's say all this stuff is real like everything is

Why and how do we experience many same things (like the sun) and lots of individual spirit stuff

Is the spirit stuff not real?

Sometimes it is utter BS.

Sometimes it isnt.

You need to learn discernment and attunement

The angel numbers are tuning your mind in lieu of you coming up with your own system of attunement... Do you want your mind attuned to a blog or do you want it attuned to your truth?

Although I must admit when I see 1111 I get a bit excited and hope an angel come to help me
Take it from someone that has had the experience of a soul and heart being ripped out of my body while awake that

1. That wasn't what u were going through
2. I'm not dead so that wasn't me

I don't know what that was. But I'm.not dead.

Garbage comes to mind. So does fears.

People are afraid of losing their souls.

They might have dreams about it.

No need to fear it.

Even if a horse of invisible bad guys try to rip it out, while awake, you can live through it.

It could be schizohectics in my case but my background suggests otherwise.

Point is dead bodies don't have souls and they don't type comments on websites either.
Balance is the key here.

Yes you can channel spirits.

Yes they can also lie. And yes it is sometimes fake

Yes it's sometimes dissociation.

You need to get in control of your trance states and learn discernment.

See s counselor to learn about your mind and other reasons why you are in trance states

Mediums need to keep strong. Those things are not supposed to come and go as they please. It's your body and mind.

So get yourself strong.

That way if u are a medium you get better at it

And if you are not you get the help you need

Trust me. I know medium ship. In strong spiritual state mega clairvoyant I could speak just about anyone living or dead

Whoops I wasn't good at guarding

Then dark mages stuffed with me and bad experiences happened

You gotta get strong FIRST
Anon (guest) in Satyr In My Room
Conjurinh an entity does not mean you serve the entity.

It means you asked to meet them.

You can also ask the entity to leave, and guess what 9 out of 10 times they will

Some entities don't want to leave. They don't want to because they believe strongly they have rights they do not. So you gotta stand firm in advance.

Let me ask you can a goat like entities sign a contract? No it's got hooves.

So if it can't sign a contract there's no signature which means there is no contract.

You ask that thing to just leave politely and see what happened.

In some ways you created it. Not quite

It's like a manifestation.

Conjuring is like "everything that can exist does so let's call in this thing" and if it shows up it's a manifestation

If it's not a physical manifestation its ethereal or astral usually.

Some people can see that stuff better than others

It's sort of "semi real" in the sense that it is real but not for everyone

By the way that's cool and if you struggle to peacefully get it to leave you can conjure up one of its enemies. They all got one, those "gods". Pan is similar to Dionysus so hes the get drunk and party god. Basically call in whoever keeps him in line if u need back up. You can probably even call in an entity you invent. Like what would keep a horny drunk goat in line? Maybe some god carrying a bucket of water to tip on his head and asking him to walk in a straight line?

Dont flip out cos you wind up in the nuthouse that way
Michael Knight (guest) in White Light Experience
Last June of this year 2019 I was at the end. Heavy functioning alcoholic
the sloppy details of my life.
The basic one was my father was a Russian orthodox priest and we had no choice but to be
His circus performers on Sundays and holidays. He was so into god. God god. His religion and his ideals. He could do no wrong but yet he broke all the commandments. He was so selfish. Cheated and beat my mother,divorced,My brother died 4 years ago of renal cell carcinoma, he was 59, I am 58. I took a year off to take care of him and Evan took pictures of the experience of his death. His life taken by cancer.
I could not understand why my brother didn't tell me my father was molesting him. How could he sit at the supper table and not say anything. My brother had a nervous break down and asked if I could put him up. I did. Then he asked is I could get him a job where I was working at a Mercedes restoration shop. Back then they didn't use safety precautions when dealing with the chemicals. I feel to blame that I got him a job that would later take his life. The last parish we were at he said he was going to New York and we were not going with him. Little did we know he was going to get defrocked. He met a lady with money there. Anyhow he came back to town, i didn't know and was staying at the church secretary's house and wanted to mary her. He got a job and rolled co van thinking she would come to his rescue. But instead she called me up to pick up his luggage, go to the hospital and convince the doctors he won't commit suicide. Do not bring him back here. He spent 11 years after supper going over there. But she had money. He cornered her in the kitchen and said let's get married. My dad felt he never had to work. I stopped my life to rescue him.
He met a lady in new york. I took him to the train station a few months later. He would have been homeless and no money with out the rich lady.Barbara.My father died and I told Barbara all about my dad but she said I still love him, that was his prior life... Anyhow then Barbara was on her death bed and we rushed to say good by to her. She only had a cousin left. We thanked her for everything she did for us. She had had a stroke when they took her off the blood thinners to do a surgery it was the beginning of the end. In the icu She kept holding her head and I asked her if she was in pain and she moved her head. People talked as if she couldn't hear. I saw her peak out of the corner of her eye. I askd if she was in pain and she moved her head around fast. They did not want to give her morphine cause it could kill her. I went to the nurse and said you have no choice. I made the call. She died just before they were going to put her in a hospice home to die the next Monday. So we went back to new york for the funeral. She had left all her money to the church. The cousin must have found her lap top and read all the emails she saved. She asked if we wanted her jeep so she asked the bishop and they replaced all the bad and cleaned it up and gave it to us. She was very kind to do that.
MY EXPERIENCE... I was sitting in my garage just before dusk, we live set back in the woods and I restore cars out of my home. This tiny bright light flew in my shop and floated in the corner. I saw it and said wow that's great I want you to stay around and maybe help me through life. I knew it was awesome. Then it flew so fast at my face that I swiped it away and all I could hear is feathers and see the light coming at me. At first I thought it was my wife with a flash light, but there was no one there. Then I looked by the door and the lite was floating by the wood stove. I wanted to check my phsycy so I asked if it could move the box on the wood stove and it did 10 inches. Then I asked if it could move it back and it did. I communicated with it. I talked with it for it seems hrs, until the moskitoes started getting me. I said wow bill you can move a box but you can't help me win mega bucks. I was suppose to think of the number 1 and do a quick pick power ball so I could get money to finish his home on lake winesquam. Share the money with my family. It still sits 8 acres in the woods the road built. I'm sure its starting to grow back in. It was his pride. I can't help anyone because I have no money to help myself. That night just after 12 I got woken up by this festering energy in my body. It was something I never felt before. After I fell asleep it must have given me something because I had no desire to consume alcohol. It gave me strength. I have lost 60 pounds. I only eat good real foods and I look for that energy every day. There is nothing on u tube that collaborates with communicating with the light. I want to see it again. I want to talk to it. What was it or who was it that appeared. Was it barbara?bill?my guardian angel? My mother?. I look every day for more signs. I believe all religions are for the fanatics. This is the real deal. My cell phone is 603-661-2113.If you can help me in my journey please call. There must be a way to call it back... Ive been to physics that only took my money... I think the light gave me something special. I want to know more. I am going to register to be a member. Thank you for this site. Michael Knight.I live in new hampshire
I dreamt last night that my soul was leaving my body. I felt light and free. Was flying. After few seconds, I got scared and got back into my body.
Iwas hsd a terrible flue so one night I could feel my soul fighting to leave my painful body my body resisted to lrt my soul go and I was in excruciating pain beyond discriotion until in the end my soul won I could see my soul floating above my body what does this mean
I've been researching this because something recently has happened that relates to this.

I was laying in bed, and I was about to fall asleep, and then I heard a girl's voice say "You're Good." And it scared the crap out of me! I assumed it was my own voice and that I accidentally talked while laying there.

A few days later, I was laying in bed again, and I heard the same voice say, "You're Good." I was still shocked. It was kind of horrifying, I thought maybe there was a spirit in my room. I researched about it and I think it might be a Sleep Hallucination. I sure hope it is, I would hate to have a spirit; (
Lionel Hunt (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
I had the strangest experience this morning around 3:30am. I was laying in my bed, I was wide awake when I saw a very bright light start flashing down the passage by the front door, initial I thought it was lightning, but the light became brighter, made it's way up the passage and then to the bottom of my bed again the closet. I was circular but flickering (if that makes sense) I thought it was maybe the neighborhood security patrol so I went to the bathroom window, looked out side but never saw any patrol vehicles at all, and given the position on the bathroom window, there was no ways that the light from a patrol vehicle could have shone through so brightly and so circular. My father passed away on the 19th December 2019. I did pray to God to give me a sign that all way well with my dad.
I experienced this same thing last night. I walked out to our back yard and heard the most amazing music ever, never heard anything like it. For a second I stood there thinking who could be playing this now and loud enough that I could hear it. I suddenly got the goosebumps and realized that what I was listening was not of this world. Something so unique I can't even describe it, just beautiful. It last for about 20 seconds and slowly disappeared, I was stunned.
Allegra Assouline (guest) in Psychic Messages In Arabic
Egyptian born and raised in Alexandria. Live in Miami. Looking for honest knwledgeable coffee reader (not charlatans). My aunts of blessed memory were extraordinary coffee readers. (Allah yerhamhom). If you know of any reliable tasseography reader please let me know at: rassouline [at]
Alf shokr for your attention.
bluegreengrass in Positive In Black
It does not seem shadow people are positive beings at all. I would maybe suggest you contacting or your daughter contacting a true lightworker to help. I did a search for The Reiki Help Page (here in the U.S.) and got help for free from there. I also went to and there's also to help her protect herself. I am very sorry and wish there was more I could do for you. I had also read a book where a woman was able to push a shadow person away from her bedroom psychically by envisioning a power animal filled with light pushing it away.
I'm so sorry in my quest for truth, I got lost, and opened doors to something very dark, I don't want to deceive anyone with this article, cause Jesus Christ saved me from the darkness O naively got myself into, seeking truth through meditation, and other forms of the occult took me to someplace very dark, although love is beautiful, only when it is from Christ is it real! Ebi
child of God (guest) in Satyr In My Room
You should seek a deliverance minister. These beings are evil. Call out to the only lord and savior Jesus Christ.
James Martin (guest) in I Saw The Light Of God
Hi James we all miss you so much and it's not the same without you I wish you were still here on earth.
But I know you are proud of me and Jason too. I'm always thinking about you all these years you help mother to raise me
And I appreciate that. Sometimes when I think about you I feel like crying because I miss you so much you help me a lot and I always help you do the same. Even you were my stepdad but you were like a friend to me and I love you so much.

Sincerely Dillen justice

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