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Nancy Lowrie (guest) in Safely Escorted To Heaven
I just want to thank you for your kind words about my experience with my mom's passing.
I miss her and my dad terribly to this day. It's 16 years now and sometimes still feels like yesterday.
I was prepearing to take a nap one day, before hand I was outside and I observed the heat waves on my truck. I thought how interesting that I can see it and feel it but not touch it.

I hadnt practiced astral projection in a while, so I decided I would start my nap in meditation and I pictured fire, I believe I used the tri fold flame as a focus point.

Eventually I dozed off. When I awoke, I thought I was awake, but quickly realized I was in AP. After this realization, images quickly flashed before my eyes. I centered my focus and relaxed.

The moment I completely focused, like a torch ignites, I heard and felt a fire, it crackled and popped, I could feel it surging upwards from the bottom of my feet to my head, and I could feel it everywhere in and around my body, while I was in AP slightly above my body.

I didn't understand it, but I stayed relaxed. Even after coming back into my body and awakening physically, for a few minutes or so, I could still feel the sensations throughout.

I have had this experience 3 times now. It is the same fire that consumed the burning bush, maybe even the fire that only Jesus can baptize with. Thank you to everyone who shared.

We Are One.
Bijoux 144 (guest) in Vision Of Golden Light Energy
I just saw a vision of pure golden light and felt peace and a voice said this is the light of the kingdom at hand it was pure bliss, joy peace and whomever light fell upon was purified. I had to google to see if anyone else has had that experience. Beautiful.
lastnight me and my boyfriend heard a soft voice singing coming from our bedroom that our baby was sleep in... No the tv wasn't on and today is my great grandma birthday! It's her first birthday not alive she would be 107 today!
SOUTHERN JEWEL (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
Wow. Some of these ring very true to my experiences. I'd share with rochelle if it's not so late... That a good manual on curses deliverance and others diy style are found on amazon by gene b. Moody... My spiritual father...they're on youtube recorded as well... A work in progress.
But my experiences are truly of god and can be even attacks of the enemy satan. But most of my experiences of seeing light are of angels dashing across my back yard and such. I constantly pray for the host of heaven army angels to protect my neighborhood, home, city, state, and usa... Of course the world as a whole...i've even prayed for demonic poltergeist to leave my home and saw a few leave from my refrigerator and garage and bedrooms's creepy a little but since i've been in ministry with some deliverance ministers and other apostolic folks this is normal activity. I even get dreams that come to, yes, this and other experiences are to let us know that there is an unseen world/dimension. Not to fear and we need to learn as much as possible about it because god gave his chldren; christian dominion over these and the world. So we need to learn how to deal with this unseen world. Thanks for the sharing from everyone... Oh his website; free pdf's of the manuals diy... I'm 60 years old and this is not shouting... So take the words accordingly I need to see what i'm typing xoxox
Agape Love (guest) in The Realization Of My Purpose
To the guest that commented that Dani was courageous enough to speak, her own experience and truth. She never said she was equal to God and she seemed humble and brought all recognition to Jesus Christ not herself. Perhaps you should re-read. There are many Scriptures that back her stance. We are divine partakers of God as He placed His spirit within us and we are made in His image. Most of us have simply not surrendered our will yet or it wasn't in Gods time so the Holy Spirit has not born witness to their spirit (Romans 8:16) but for those who seek truth or are truly lost with good intentions in their heart not ones filled with fear, bias, judgement and everything else that goes along with human imperfection, God may at His will decide to enlighten someones else momentarily to get them to seek Him. I pray that the Holy Spirit bears witness to your soul and you too discover that you can be a divine partaker as well. Your comment is not filled with love but rather fear and condemnation.

2 Peter 2:1-4 For by these He has granted to us His precious and magnificent promises, so that by them you may become partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world by lust.
Rachel (guest) in Room Filled With Light
I went to bed last night and after 10 to 15 minutes of my eyes closed I was aware of a light (as you do when the first bit of light comes through your curtains) When I opened my eyes the bedroom was still dark, but the hallway outside my bedroom door was filled with a bright white light. It lasted for around 10 seconds. In the hallway there is no way any light could have filled that area. If it had come from my bedroom window then the bedroom would have been light also. I had just been praying as I have felt quite low and was telling God in my prayers that I still believe in him even though I feel I was loosing my path of spirituality. I feel it was God's way of communicating with me and saying it was going to be alright.
Nitin Goyal (guest) in Yoga And Out of Body Experiences
Hey Man, I don't know If this will reach you as I'm replying almost after 4 years of this post. But I'm a Yoga Teacher. Not a very spiritual one but I'm working on my way to that. And let me be honest with you about this that sometimes when the teachers Haven't had some of their own experiences, therefore they don't have answers to these questions you may have and in result they will be ignorant and tell you stuff like not to attach meaning to everything etc. But let me tell you that I have experienced something similar but not exactly as you. You may be aware of the corpse pose (Savasana) that is done at the end of the asana practice generally. So many a times when I'm in savasana and I am taking my whole body through the process of deep relaxation, I can feel a sense of separation between my pshysical and astral body. It still, surely very much a beginner stage but I know it's a different experience than just deep relaxation. But everytime It happenes, my fear of ghosts and unknown same as you, at the same time my excitement to be having a possible OBE brings me back into my physical body and then it's very difficult to find the same state right away. I wait for a day where I am able to keep myself relaxed throughout and allow the experience to come to me. Now, coming to your point about Siddhis are to be avoided "According to Yoga". Well, yes there is a whole chapter dedicated to this in the yoga sutras by Maharshi Patanjali. And the reason is that when you're on the path of Yoga, you are seeking liberation from the cycle of birth and death. You're seeking to understand and settle in your original form that is Pure consciousness. That is why you start the work by cleansing the body through kriyas and asana, then moving higher into the energetic practice of pranayama to then control the fluctuations of the mind and mediate to eventually merge onto the pure consciousness. But through this journey this extra ordinary abilities may get acquired by the Yogi, now if you just take it as an experience as part of the process and let it go, then you move forward towards your original destination. But if you get fascinated by it, then yoi want to do it over and over again then you eventually want to show off to others etc and this brings you back to the world you were initially planning to depart from. I hope this reaches you... And If so, I'd love for you to write me about your progress on the spiritual journey at nitingoyalyoga [at]
Steven (guest) in I Saw The Light Of God
I am so thankful to find you and others here!

My baptism into The Holy Spirit occurred on a Sunday morning while driving to a job location. (Oilfield) My job required me to work 17 days on duty and 4 off. It involved getting up sometimes by 2:30 or 3 am. Driving possibly 200-350 miles to the site, working several hours (Texas heat) then driving back home and possibly not getting to bed before midnight or later. Very long, hot days away from my family and any sort of a decent life. We would repeat these types of days over and over possibly 4 or 5 consecutive days. Not much of a life but work and work more.
This Sunday morning was no different. Up at 3:30 to be on location by 7:00am. All the days Pryor, I had become so sour and hated my boss, my coworkers and was hateful to everyone around me. Always tired, always wishing to do things with my family that I had missed out on for several years. This morning, however, something told me to be different. As I left the house in my pickup, I turns on a song of inspiration. I listened to it, then again and again. Each time I poured out my heart and soul more and more. Believing more and more in Jesus Christ until I gave all of myself to Him. Believing with every inch of my being, letting go of all of myself! Suddenly, a bright, blinding light came over me. The most beautiful, brilliant light that I can never do justice to in my description. In this light, I felt such peace, comfort, love, forgiveness and assurance! The most wonderful existence... Like when I was a little boy and my dad picked me up and hugged me except it was a hundred? A thousand? A million times greater. In actuality, I did nothing. I only laid down my arrogance, that The Lord could save me. From that point on, the old me is gone. I continued working for 3 years at that job but the anger, bitterness, hate and sadness were gone. I feel that I saw a glimpse of what heaven is like. Each day I humbly grow, I learn and I share. I love to tell my story to anyone who will listen.
I must say that prior to this I had hoped there was a God. I hoped there was Jesus Christ. At one point in my life, I did not believe at all. The darkest days of my life.
I tell everyone to take that blind leap of faith. Jump... Leave all that you think you know, all that you think you are behind. Kneel at the cross. You have nothing to lose and so so much to gain.
Thank you very much for allowing me a place to share my experience. I have longed to be with others who have seen the light. Praise be to God The Father, God The Son and God The Holy Spirit!
sue (guest) in White Light Experience
need to share
Driving towards a place of past
See a cloud of white filling my whole view
It wants me to drive through
I slow down and see its intensity
Its the whole infront of me
I feel love
And then it's gone
And I'm gratefull for what just happened
Wow (guest) in The Demon On My Back
"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

Talk about signs of things to come. It was literally written that there would be so many religious leaders who abuse kids.


Anyway, at least there's orange and crap tv.
For the last 7 weeks I have constant songs in my left ear that I can also hear in
My head it sounds like a choir and the constant song that keeps playing is something like I will never find another one like you? Also Amazing Grace and Abide with me and Please release me let me go? There are other songs that I don't know but it is driving me mad... I get no sleep its day and night only time I don't hear anything is when watching TV... My Dr is sending me to a Mental Health centre, but I am not mad just an ordinary mum working and not mad can anyone help because I defo need to no what is going on. Thank you.
I just expereinced something bad and terrifying. Usually I m not sleepy so as was today I only closed my eyes and within an instant I felt my ears could hear anything from far distance, as if my hearing is heightened. I was amazed and confused at the same time then it happened to me, I found myself paralysed not able to move or say anything! I saw my roommate, she was talking on the phone I tried calling for her but no sound came from my mouth!
I tried to run towards her but I cannot move. Then I felt myself getting up but I've never felt this light weighted before, also my chest felt heavy but at the moment, I just ran towards my roommate, I tried shaking her telling her that I need you help me, move my body but she was acting like as if I am not there. I got scared, I kept on telling her to wake me up but she can't listen to me!
Then I felt a very strong pull towards my bed. I didn't wanted to go as then I'll be trapped, I shut my eyes so that I could wake up once I reach back to my body but when I opened them, I was still stuck in my body, this was horrible! I thought that now I am dead! But then something clicked that I should start counting backwards, so I did that mental exercise too, I started counting back from 30 to 1 when I finished counting, I was still there stuck!
I thought I am dead now, my soul is somewhere just then I snapped back to my body and I immediately woke up!
The room was same as I saw in my dream or in soul state. I closed my eyes at 01:06 but I woke up at 02:15.i am confused of how I lost so much time because it felt like a minute when I was in there.
Mike (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
Two weeks ago having a lucid dream of my wife and the cat being in the bed when they were not there. I was so deep asleep and felt I had to wake up to see if my wife was really in the bed. Finally I forced my self up and flung myself around to see if she was in the bed with me. Instead of seeing her I saw a very bright light in the dresser mirror. The light was very bright and was lighting up the ceiling fan. No light was on in the room. It lasted for what seemed about 10 seconds. It went away when I kept looking away from it to the other side of the room. The room went to dark and I went back to sleep
Lucifur Morningstar (guest) in My Black Guardian Angel
My God people you guys talk to much about how bad it is in hell but its very nice or else the road wouldn't be paved with good things now would it also he is good I haven't sent anyone in forever
Gmom (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
I was about 50 years old. I was standing in my dining room looking out my large window onto my backyard. I was talking on the phone to a priest who is saying a prayer for my family and all my ancestors back in time. We had wanted to do this in person but could never seem to get our schedules straight. When he finished the prayer and said goodbye I was suddenly engulfed in bright light. I could no longer see out the window and when I looked around everything looked like a bright white fog. It stopped suddenly and I was very emotional, good tears, no fear. It was beautiful. I walked into my living room, Got down on my knees and thanked the Lord for his blessings. I KNEW it was from the Lord. I will never forget it.
Cesar (guest) in Something Enters My Body
Approx. 5 years ago, I experienced a force rushed into me, It happen while I was taking a piss outside my house, since the bathroom was busy at the time... Well I was zipping up my pants, as I was turning around I felt and almost saw the rush of energy come into me... Almost like it went into me as I took that super deep breath at the same time I was going through my experience. It was something I had never felt before... And Trust me I have had the worst sleep paralysis ever. But this was nothing like it. I feel like satan is always out working on taking souls. I Pray for Salvation... I have always fought to stay sober but somehow I always end up drinking again. Please comment!
earthangel2297 (guest) in The Awaking Of My Father And I
I experienced a lot near death experiences over my lifetime (40 yrs) one back in 1994 left me disabled. I've had a lot of suffering throughout my life. (Chronic Pain) Back. On 6/2019, I learned about Meditating, never really had the desire to experience meditating. After realizing for the past 2 yrs, I was constantly receiving heart shaped objects & not knowing where they came from, I decided to give it a try, once I learned Meditating Techniques. Please, Please, PLEASE! Do not meditate without proper instruction. It is VERY dangerous. Read "The Holy Bible" & Recite The "Rosary" My God Bless You. I am not a practicing and/or professional Physic. Check out my post on Instagram ~ earthangel2297
Katie (guest) in God's Hand On My Shoulder
This evening I found a mouse on the street and took it in and cared for it for a few hours when it looked healthy I put it back in the place I found it. My mum was standing in front of me but I felt her hand in my left shoulder. I turned around and no one was there, I completely freaked out at first but I now feel completely calm and happy I have never experienced anything like this in my life I'm 15 years old
Aw wow that is adorable! I bet she will look exactly the same when she's 9...Maybe try and draw it in a diary? Or write her a letter about it for her to read when she's older?
SolitudeBluebell in Happy Birthday
Aw bless that's so sweet:) Glad your hope/wish was answered! Happy birthday! X
Solitude (guest) in The Awakening Sunset
The first story I have read with Ganesha, Shiva and Buddha:D
I have a ring with Ganesha on it, A spoon, fork and a statue of Shiva on it and a ring and a necklace and statues of Buddha:)
Thanks for sharing this story with us:) Love + light x
Solitude (guest) in Two Lives
Wow man... What an amazing story! The longest by far but so well put. Thank your experience, thoughts and feelings... And well done with sobriety x
I had the feeling that my soul would leave my body last night. It was terrifying. I stopped it from happening by taking the drug Haldol. I believe I caused the phenomenon by over methylating using vitamin B9 so now I've damaged my soul. So I hope that I can fix this problem using some kind of natural remedy. Any ideas would be welcome.
Charmaine Pearson (guest) in Dying And Being Reborn
Parents, step parents and other child care takers don't realize how their negative abusive behavior can affect a child's life. Timfaraos was truthful in his comment about fasting praying and reading the bible. Children and teens need to be taught how to read the Bible when they are being bullied by their peers. Staying strong spiritually is their strongest WEAPON that will enable them to survive abusive ordeals from other young people.
Many years have passed since Dharmaga posted his ordeal I hope he is doing better now
Peace be with him.
Fear? I have met this being under circumstances best not spoken of lest someone repeat them. Fear? What fear doth thou have of that which is not God? None.
Basically from my belief as a muslim, it can be of two creation of god but definitely isn't god. It is either an angel (most likely angel of death) or a jin which is a creation that's made out of fire (example satan).

If it was angel of death, he is an angel whose assigned by god to take the lives of humans by snatching their soul. The reason why you could of saw him is to give you awareness or give you warning that your time of death is coming but god knows when.

If it was a jin, he was posibily thinking of trying to possess you. But who knows. Glad you woke up and realised that you need to search for the truth.
You shouldn't want to leave this world unless you are confident that you are ready for the afterlife. The description of the angel of death seems accurate and your grandmother could be right that he was trying to warn you that your time of death could be near or you just seeing a dream that satan is making you visualise. Never the less, you shouldn't tell people your nightmares and tell them to only those nearest to you and your confident those people want the best for you.

Hope your doing well Caroline, may god be with you.
Martin (guest) in A Touch By The Holy Spirit
I just had a similar experience. St
Patricks in Texas. I felt something for sure. A heavy burden lifted. Extreme bliss and peace overcame my body. THE LORD IS REAL! Peace be with all who follow. AMEN!
Experienced this just now while trying to fall asleep. I've had some weird things happen when I'm sleeping like. A vibration feeling or that I couldn't breathe well, but this time was really scary. I was asleep having a dream I was walking in the dark woods during a thunderstorm. I'm with someone else and we begin to run toward a house in the woods. Suddenly it's dark and I feel my something pulling on my body like a vacuum as if my soul is trying to leave my body. I felt like I couldn't breathe, and I feel my body make a sound like a gag but not necessarily that sound, and then I snapped back in and woke up. To say I'm shaken up is an understatement, I'm a bit scared to fall back asleep as I thought I was dying. Does anyone have answers for what this is or what I should do?
I posted this elsewhere here but I want to see if any part of my story seems familiar...
About 2 months ago while visiting my parents place I had a strange experience... It was like an OBE and a paranormal experience all in one. I was super tired from a long flight and was laying propped up in the bed getting a nap. Ny parents place has a high level of strange activity. I woke up, still with my eyes closed, and could feel a very awesome vibration not in my body but every part of me that was touching the bed. It was a very comforting vibration but at the same time I was scared that a negative entity had taken control of my body. I could hear a low low earth type of rumbling in my head. Then I started physically feeling the top part of my body and head lifting off the bed. Maybe it was just an inch or two but I actually heard the pillow I was laying on shift. It moved! It couldn't have moved if my head was on it. I then hear and feel a bang on the headboard. In my mind I felt as if I was being lifted and about to be thrown towards the ceiling. This caused me to open my eyes. The vibration and noise was still there. It felt really comforting. When I would get scared, it would calm down and when I relaxed it would ramp up again. At the same time this was happening, my parents dog started barking at nothing in the living room. Every once in a while he does this at a specific spot in the house, sometimes accompanied by weird events. That night, hours later, I could still faintly hear the rumbling and the vibration but much much less intensity. That night I heard a female call my name and ask if "it was me". The weird part of all this was the vibration was more underneath me than inside my body... Just the part of my body touching the bed. It was either an obe or some type of other worldly contact.
About 2 months ago while visiting my parents place I had a strange experience... It was like an OBE and a paranormal experience all in one. I was super tired from a long flight and was laying propped up in the bed getting a nap. I woke up, still with my eyes closed, and could feel a very awesome vibration not in my body but every part of me that was touching the bed. It was a very comforting vibration but at the same time I was scared that a negative entity had taken control of my body. I could hear a low low earth type of rumbling in my head. Then I started physically feeling the top part of my body and head lifting off the bed. Maybe it was just an inch or two but I actually heard the pillow I was laying on shift. It moved! It couldn't have moved if my head was on it. I then hear and feel a bang on the headboard. In my mind I felt as if I was being lifted and about to be thrown towards the ceiling. This caused me to open my eyes. The vibration and noise was still there. It felt really comforting. When I would get scared, it would calm down and when I relaxed it would ramp up again. At the same time this was happening, my parents dog started barking at nothing in the living room. Every once in a while he does this at a specific spot in the house, sometimes accompanied by weird events. That night, hours later, I could still faintly hear the rumbling and the vibration but much much less intensity. That night I heard a female call my name and ask if "it was me". The weird part of all this was the vibration was more underneath me than inside my body... Just the part of my body touching the bed. It was either an obe or some type of other worldly contact. Last time I was at my parents house (6 months before this trip), something kicked the bed in the middle of the night and woke me up...
Last night During my sleep there was a point in which I felt like my soul was getting ripped out of my body. While it was happening I was scared that if I let go, I would die. So I fought with everything and then I woke up to me screaming and reaching for something. All I knew is I couldn't/didnt want to die then I suddenly woke up to myself yelling like I was falling and reaching in the air... Weird. I searched it up and found this. It wasn't an out of body experience because I didn't see myself or my surroundings like so many people explain. All I felt was a force trying to rip my soul out of my body. It was scary. Anybody else? Please let me know by emailing me kristopherwtferg (at)
LibbyKitty (guest) in A Touch By The Holy Spirit
I had an experience while singing to God and the Universe. My eyes were closed and I saw a flash of white light behind them then I felt a gust of wind. I get that often, the breeze going past me, but the white light I have only seen in dreams. I have been waiting on my house closing (its been 6 months) and this was validation that everything will fall into place. I feel light and I can't stop smiling.
LuckEmc2 (guest) in The Silver Fox
IT'S CRAZY I had the same experience today... Only it was on the street at around 3:30am where there were no lights while I was on my way to work.
Man same here it was approximately my second week and while sleeping I felt too much pressure in my third eye and I was also going deep through it and I Was highly lucid at that time suddenly the scary pictures start coming then I start focusing on lord shiva (the most powerful god of hinduism whom I like too much and I everyday focus upon) . Then his pictures start coming in my mind and I felt the more power and I wasn't able to hold the power as I was lucid so I start to open my eyes and any of the eyes didn't open then I was feeling that I can watch the outer surroundings without opening my eyes

And this my next day and man today I swear my intuition is unknowingly too much high and accurate can anyone tell me what's going on
Graeme (guest) in Extreme Deja Vu
I live in Wirral and can only say I'm just like you if not you are me
I myself had a really strange dream were I was locked in an old house attic and I mean old like western times. I was laying on a twin size bed and I couldn't move... I remember hearing the door knob jiggle and I felt freightened the the door slightly opened maybe about 4-5 inches and I gazed into the darkness of it but couldn't see anything. About 20 seconds or so after I literally felt like I was being sucked out of my body as this feeling was going on I could see my body leaving my skin as I was being pulled into the darkness from the door. Then I woke up but honestly I myself have not felt the same ever since. I've even had panic attacks/anxiety while driving and I can't seem to focus on anything. It feels like part of me had been taken from me. Honestly I wish I could have that dream again so I can fight what ever that presence was.
It happens to me even now. I will leave my body fly to heaven to play with clouds then the voice will call me I will fly back home see my body and my spirit will go back to my body

Again I leave my body to fight with other spirits small people. The thing is it start as parallel sleep then My spirit escape my body to fight with this small people who causes me to have parallel sleep. I will kill them after my spirit will go back to sleep.

Sometimes I control it sometimes I don't it just happen
Guest (guest) in The Angel With Red Wings
Maybe this isn't the place to say this, but I like to practice reading tarot, and I believe that it is completely in sync with my religious beliefs. Anyway, the red-winged angel is major figure in the tarot, specifically in Key 14: Temperance. The red-winged angel symbolizes internal balance and healing. The appearance of the red-winged angel often means that a greater spiritual force is entering a life to right what is wrong, restore what was lost, cool what was too hot, heat up what was too cold, and temper our lives for balanced, harmonious health.
I believe this interpretation of the red-winged angel could help with your spiritual journey, Rivka, and thank you for your story.
Jennifer (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
I grew up in a secular family, didn't know much about Christianity or other world religions and I labeled myself as an agnostic. But in 2016, at the age of 28, I was on a path of seeking God. I was seeking Him earnestly, trying to figure out Christianity. However the christian concept clashed with my world view and my rational mind. I was at a point of desperation, I truly wanted to believe, but I couldn't come to faith because I was trying to reason my way to faith, as if the truth was through a mathematical equation. That's when I received a dream from God, and let me tell you I've never had a dream of this sort, so real and strong.

In the dream I'm walking on a path through the desert. Around me are only sand dunes, no vegetation and no water. Beside me, to my left, is a male presence who walks quietly. I never turn to see his face, but I know it's a man, and all though we've never met before I feel very comfortable and at ease in his presence. As I'm walking on my path I'm talking out loud, reminding myself that I need to ask my mother for her opinion in one matter, my brother for guidance in another and my friend's view on a third matter. Just as I'm about to remind myself of something else, this presence, who had been listening silently and patiently up until now, finally loses his patience. All of a sudden, he turns into an enormous figure of authority. He stops me in the midst of my sentence and says in a loud and determined voice "Don't ask your mother. Don't ask your brother. Don't ask your friend." I feel so inferior and childlike. But then he ads "Ask God. Ask God. Ask God." As he repeats "Ask God", three times, my eyes are drawn to the horizon where there is an immense bright light. The light grows bigger and draws closer until I'm embraced by the light. The initial feeling of submissiveness is taken over by the light, and I go from a state of subordinate fear to being overwhelmed with a transformative flood of divine love, joy and peace. This flood of love is tangible and physical. I'm dwelling in the purest form of love and in a second the light takes over everything and I wake up. As I wake up I'm absolutely overflowing with love, joy and peace. It is unlike anything I had ever experienced in my entire life. I immediately knew that I had been touched by God's grace, no doubts about it whatsoever. God's love had opened my eyes and transformed me forever and his peace had settled my troubled mind, I wasn't desperately searching for the truth anymore, I had found it. I went from being an agnostic to a believer in Jesus Christ in that same instant. Up until today this remains the most beautiful moment of my entire life.

The thing is that at the point I had this dream I didn't have a lot of theological knowledge. For example I had NO idea that in scripture God is depicted as a radiating light of love. I didn't know that the desert had been important to Moses and Jesus, that they had withdrawn to the desert to communicate with God. I had no clue that scripture commands us to 'Ask God', or that three (the number of times the command 'Ask God' in the dream is repeated) is a biblical number recurring throughout the Bible as a symbol of completeness; Jonah is in the whale's belly for three days, Peter denies Jesus three times, Jesus is tempted by the devil three times in the desert, Jesus rose on the third day etc.

I can't wait to see that same light again!
Great description. I experienced similar a couple of days ago. I came back home early in the morning from dropping my partner off to work and I usually come back home and jump into bed to have a snooze before I begin my day. I thought I was having sleep paralysis (because I do remember experiencing this just under a year ago) but this was very different this time. I felt as if my soul was trying to disconnect from my body and a very bright light was above my head... To be completely honest I thought this was the end of me and this was the 'gate to heaven'. I knew I wasn't dead because somehow I could see my room but not entirely sure if my eyes were open or if I was just imagining it. I tried my best to wake up and I had the urge to pick up my phone that was beside my pillow and call my partner but I wouldn't move or at least my 'spirit' wasn't intact with my body. I was so scared and I almost convinced myself that this was it, I was going to let go and be gone from my life and I was sad because I started thinking about the people in my life that I haven't said goodbye to and I didn't know how they'll make a conclusion to my death. I didn't want anyone to be blamed for anything to do with my 'death'... So I laid in bed and tried to relax. I felt as if my soul was being lifted out of my body. The next thing I remember after the bright light above my head was being placed on an empty beach, just hearing the ocean crash together and this was when I began to get really emotional and started to cry and was scared to find out what was going on. I woke up immediately like my soul snapped back into my body and reached over to my phone to try and send a text or call my partner just to check if I was real.

My whole day felt unusual, I didn't feel like myself and I was worried that I was going to feel like that for the rest of my life! Whatever it was, it was terrifying and I was definitely not ready for it. Maybe this is the gate beyond our physical ability as humans? So mysterious.
Jane (guest) in Room Filled With Light
Last night July 29, 2019. It must be 3am or so I was in my bed trying to sleep for it's a hot night. Suddenly turned to my other side facing the door which is wide open. I saw the living room blue in color like a light... I live in basement and I was. This was so confusing and strange. This morning I was thinking about it. Was I awake? I know I am awake because I saw it and I could not sleep. I hope I am not going crazy...
It's happened to me lots of times It energised me.
I keep trying to meďiatate as I don't know when it is going to happen.
I welcome it when I leave my body even though it scary because youbody is dead.
Some spirit say you have to go back to your physical body.
Then all suďen back into your body.
Remember once some spirit said not going back to your body ok said what will be will be.
Suddenly back in my body.
Some lovely experiences some scary.
I am a Christian, I was in the shower at a desperately dark time in my life, I didn't want to live. I felt Jesus right hand on my left shoulder blade, I turned around thinking someone was there, I felt remarkable peace after that day. I now have a relationship with Jesus. Peace and blessings. Thanks for reading.
Warrior for Christ (guest) in The Black Wolf
Your discernment is getting sharpened. I'm a native American from the Midwest that used to help conjure spirits. One thing that didn't go hand in hand was being a born again Holy Spirit filled believer and living in spirit worship. There's always a payment that spirits require as opposed to the Lord and his Spirit always gives. And a gift or manifestation of the Holy Spirit is Discernment of Spirits. You will with one or more of your senses pick up on the spirit realm or world that the bible calls heavenly realms. The spirits we worked with turned when I confessed Jesus and invited him in my heart and asked for his Holy Spirit to guide me. I seen them. The evil one tried hard to break me when I first came to Christ. But I kept at it. There is a world of these beings with all kinds of assignments to keep the sons and daughters of God from manifesting. Wolves, coyote, spiders, cougar, Tiger, snakes, octopus, and many more are in this realm wreaking havoc. The Lord is raising us up to see as I have been seeing a rise in brothers n sisters with the seer gifting. Once you discern go to war in prayer and worship. I used to see only the kingdom of darkness but being born again I seen of the Kingdom of God. There is a war going on. We have to fight. God gives you armor a sword and shield. You don't give these weapons without cause... We are warriors. Yeshua akicita inazinpo! Soldiers of Christ rise up stand!

There was a man of the Pharisees, named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews: The same came to Jesus by night, and said unto him, Rabbi, we know that thou art a teacher come from God: for no man can do these miracles that thou doest, except God be with him. Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.
John 3:1‭-‬3 KJV
My mom suddenly passed away four months ago when coming back from holiday. The night of her passing I couldn't sleep as I was heavily upset and emotional after receiving the news. At one stage in the early hours I start hearing a choir of angel voices singing Pie Jesu in my head. It was beautiful and calming. My mom used to love choral music and was always playing it on Sunday mornings in our house when I was a kid. We work together and about a week before her passing we were listening to music in the office and it was one of the last songs we listened to. The logic me knows that it was just in my head or I was dreaming it. But it felt very real and I choose to believe it was maybe my mother sending angels to sing to me and calm me. Now if I missed her. I would put it on and listen to it. But it doesn't sound the same as that night.
Vicki (guest) in My Black Guardian Angel
Last Night. I woke up to Pee and seen an Angle above Me looking down at ME. She was Small with Golden Hair. But, She was dressed oddly with Black Gown covered with a White Overcoat. She didn't speak and vanished quickly. I''be been fighting Incurable Carcinoid Cancer since 2015 and wonder IF My Life is Ending? Jesus has come and spoken to ME saying, You Will Be Fine. And Now, Six Months later, three of My Five Tumors were Gone! Could She be My Guardian Angle?
Here is my testimony. I never went to church when I was young, I was having too much empty fun being a sinner. God forgive me, for I started going to church because I wanted my girlfriend to get off my case. It turned out that I actually learned a lot, repented of my sins and learned to pray. One day while I was praying I felt like going towards the front of the church and continued praying. I felt a mild electrical shock, sort of a static shock that you receive when you rub a balloon on your hair or when you drag your feet on the carpet and touch something afterwards. I looked down to my feet and saw there was carpet so I thought that must have been it. I continued praying and I felt it again, but this time it was a bit more intense, not really hurting me, but I could feel as if sparks of electricity were arching around and bouncing from the carpet to my feet and pass right through my boots. This was all invisible, I think it was because my eyes were closed and frankly I was too scared to open them, but in my mind I could see this electrical storm display around my feet. Suddenly the sparks ceased and I hope I can explain this correctly, I felt as if I was made out of glass and a warm pure liquid was being poured into me, but the liquid was not coming from above as you would normally fill a glass with lemonade, Rather this liquid of warmth and peace was filling me from the bottom up. I liked the sensation, so I just kept my eyes closed and allowed it to happen. Slowly the sensation filled my feet, up to my ankles, my knees, my thighs and it kept going up to my navel. I wanted to get completely filled, but it stopped right at navel height. I don't remember it coming out of my head like other people describe it here. I don't know why I didn't get completely filled, but it felt great. I've also only shared this with close family, but I wanted to share it here so more people know that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are real. Peace be with you.
I agree that it could have been St. Michael. A stranger approached me in 2017, telling me I should pray to St. Michael. That was the extent of my encounter. The woman continued walking, passing me by. Because the experience was odd, and though I'm not a churchgoer, I read about St. Michael on the internet.

Last year, I experienced ongoing bullying on my new job. Feeling desperate that it wasn't going away, I began praying to St. Michael for help. I also asked St. Michael to please send me a sign showing that he heard my prayer because I felt frightened and isolated during this experience and needed to know he was there. A few days later a jaw-dropping miracle happened -- I got my sign! A very prominent third-party wrote to my company praising me for the very project my bully was unfairly trying to get me fired for. My company received the letter a couple days after I was accused of wrongdoing by the bully and it specifically addressed the very issue she criticized me about, but in a kind and praising way toward me! (The third party has power over my company, too.)

This has never happened to me during my career and I absolutely do believe it was St. Michael at work.

I now wonder if St. Michael assisted me in other ways when I was much younger, much like Solik.
One day I will write about two of those experiences.

Anyway: St. Michael is very real!
Ash (guest) in The Lord's Hug
hey...I am 17 and I have been experiencing this for a long time. It is a tightness in your chest and you have a somewhat difficult time breathing. I have also had times where I am dizzy and tear comes to my eyes. It is a weird thing and I don't know what it is. I just want to make sure this is from God cause this only happens when I am in prayer. Not when doing anything else. I am glad that I am not the only one. My friend was right when it said that you will never be the only one who goes through a struggle.

Love Ash
Blackswan (guest) in My Black Guardian Angel
Coincidentally last night I woke up at 3 am I believe. Straight to the bathroom. Feeling sleepy and with the urge to pee, I saw a black shadow on my wall. Tall like 7feet with wings and totally in black. I know what I saw. I didn't feel scare for some reason. Then I went back to bed. I saw a black angel standing on my wall.
Betty L.T. (guest) in I Saw The Light Of God
I would like to share my experience with God's Light! I was asleep n it was very early in the morning like 4 or 5 am when all of a sudden a very bright light was taking my soul in and the further it pulled me in towards the light the brighter the light got. It was so much more beautiful than any light I had ever seen in my life. Once it took my soul in I started to feel an overwhelming feeling of Peace and Warmth. Also on top of this Awesome peacefulness I felt as if though I had never suffered, never cried, had never been hit, or betrayed or had never felt any kind of of Worldly Pain. I knew at that point that this was God showing me that is how I will feel when he calls me home! I woke up cause my alarm clock went on and when I woke I cried tears of Joy and Praised Jesus for giving me the experience of his Light! He Truly is Our Prince of Peace and The Light of All the World!
jay (guest) in Gold Flashes Of Light
For months it was flashes of light usually gold. Today they stayed and floated around me starting on the right then some to the left. Seem to have white light mixed in them. Like diamond fireflys. They stayed long enough for me to think " no I'm not dead"
Kiara (guest) in Seeing Jesus In My Dreams
I recently started praying every day since May 24 2019 and about a week ago I had a dream that I was in my bedroom talking to my husband about financial issues and all of a sudden I see a figure with a lot of light the face was actually a SUN but I was able to stare at it and I saw a brown robe and olive skin feet and he had said in the dream " you are going to conquer because Jesus Christ said so". It's so weird because I was aware that I was dreaming. I also once had a weird "dream" about 6 years ago and I quote because I can tell you I was awake fully awake but my husband claims I was sleeping yet I told him exactly everything I was hearing him do in the kitchen.Anyways, I was basically meditating on my bed before going to sleep when I see my window open up and a strong breeze enters and flips pages of my opened bible that I always had near my bed and all of a sudden I hear a gross deep voice coming from my closet saying Look at me, Look at me now, Look at me! Demanding saying I said Look at me Now! And for some reason I just New that what ever that was I did not want to look at it and the first thought that came to my mind was to pray so I prayed the only prayer I New at the time which was Our Father and I felt the strong breeze leave and my bible returned to how it was, the window closed and the voice left. I suddenly got out of that situation. I ran to my husband and explained to him what I just felt and he told me it was just a dream. Till this day I feel like it wasn't a dream.Also, I had another dream 4 months ago that I was in a cloudy gray park and the floor was coble stone's I see a group of people walking in 3 separate zigzag lines I see a white old woman looking at me and I ask her where am i?she never responds for some reason I just New I had to follow her so I am walking with her and as I walk I see a wrecked limousine with teenagers inside that are all talking to each other but what I found weird was there skin color looked so pale like how a deceased skin color looks like. There was a mirror on a wall and I go to look at my self and indeed it was me but as soon as I looked in the mirror I got this terrible pain in my head and eyes that I just couldn't look at myself anymore. So I continue walking and I get really cold and realize in the dream that I am dead don't no why I thought that but I start to cry and get on my knees on the coble stone and all of a sudden I hear a voice that says "Go ahead, Cry and then ask Why"I started pleading for forgiveness and another chance to live and I thought about my family and my children and how I didn't tell my love ones how much I love them and appreciate them. Then at one point in the dream I stopped crying and felt like there was nothing else I could do but just accept it. Then all of a sudden the sky opened up in my dream and I heard music like an orchestra type music but very peaceful music then a chain with the image of the Sacred heart of Jesus was thrown at me and it fell on the floor in which I picked it up and suddenly woke up from my dream. I was pale and super cold and once again ran to my husband to tell him my dream. Then on October 6th which is my birthday my grandfather passed away in a hospice in which I was always by his side in the hospice taking care of him because he raised me. So he was basically a Father figure. For some reason I had left his side that specific night to get something to eat but was coming right back. I left at about 5:30am and he was sedated with medication because he had heart failure and I told him "Papi,I will be back".I arrive back at 6 am and the nurse tells me that he had passed away at 5:55 am. I was by his bed side Day and Night because I didn't want him dying alone and eventually he did. The only times I would shower and eat was when a family member would come I would go about my business and would try not to last no more then 2 or 3 hours. It was every single day I put my life in hold I have a husband and 6 children but yet my husband New how important this was for me so he helped me alot. My grandfather was hospitalized Aug 24-Oct 6 that was my main focus at that time. Now to the point, on Oct 11 I had a dream that 2 female angels disguised as humans called my phone and told me that they need my help with my stubborn grandfather. That he was giving them to much problems so I go down my stairs and I see them coming with him. I look at him and it's like if I New exactly what to tell him. In the dream he ask me "Kiara,who are these people that I don't no I want to go home tell them to let me go with you".I respond by taking a deep breath and telling him "Papi,these people came to pick you up because you passed away and now you belong in a different world from mine it is not my time now so I can't stay with you I have to leave but they were nice enough to let me tell you this and he started screaming in the dream and I got so dizzy in my dream and everything blurred out then I suddenly woke up. The weird thing from that dream also was that while I was talking to my grandfather I was hearing the angels disguised as humans talking about what a nice washing machine I had. When I woke up I went straight to my washer for some reason I realized that it was in a wash mode that I have NEVER used I am am the only one who touches that washer so I was just thinking can that have been confirmation that the dream was real?. Sorry for the long post can anyone help me interpret my dreams?
Last night while I was asleep, in my dream my soul was force to come out of body. I try to laid back but couldnt. So I let my soul come out and was surrounded full of bright white light. Saw my body on bed.

I am also one of the few people who remember myself being a baby. My sister believes that she was "aware" of the moment that she was conceived by our parents. (we are of French parents.) The odd thing is in my weekly meetings in which I have talk sessions with other young women (teens and early 20s) , one of them says that the Archangel MICHAEL (spelling?) - is her personal angel and claims to know him well. So I wonder if we are all assigned to be guarded by particular angels. For example, Michael guards you and this other young lady from my group-as well as whoever else says that. And the angel (Gabriel?) would guard some other people.
mary (guest) in OBE & Jesus
hello! Sarah denise,

Could not help noticing your post because that is my sister's name. My sister has these types of very deeply detailed dreams as well. Our weekly meetings include several young women (teens and early 20s) -who have dreams of going up with Jesus etc. You would be amazed at how often they dream very similar dreams-so be aware of the reality that you are not the only one out there that can vividly describe a dream like that. You should hear the things I have heard. All you have to do is look on the internet and its FULL of men and women who have had theses experiences and/or dreams. Maybe some are having them because of some catalysis in their life (an event,health,relationship,a movie, a death of a friend/family,a book)
mary (guest) in OBE & Jesus
htomblin,i have had many dreams as these. Be aware that Satan can use dreams and disguises himself as Jesus. So be leery of details that don't line up with the Bible-don't create a false reality for yourself and fall into a dangerous pit. It is only real if it agrees with the Bible. Like I said I have counseled many young women (and men) who have these types of dreams. They are very common.
I do it on a daily when i'm a wake. You see when I do it i'm still in my body yet at the same time i'm out of it. This ability I have has aloud me to travel and help people that have nightmares as I sleep. When I find someone with a nightmare I change it into a dream and help them that way along with people that are dying I do the same as they die in their sleep.
Daniii, it was during my own span of hardship that I became open and receptive to a greater truth. I experienced a similar Moment of Truth and euphoria.

I was agnostic for 30 years but always searching and was rewarded with a state of grace and absolute certainty of the Divine. How positively humbling yet empowering it is to accept the wondrous magnitude of our existence!

Peace and blessings.
Benson-Nigeria (guest) in Soul Leaving Body - What Does It Mean?
I had this encounter few years back. I was in a sleep when I Dreamt. In that dream, I saw my spirit leaving my body. Then after a while, I saw my spirit looking at my body lying lifeless in that dream. It feels as if I'm dead but no I'm not. Then I (my spirit) saw my school friend, still in the dream, Telling me things I can't remember. It's been years now, I'm still alive but I really need explanation for this dream.
Cowboy (guest) in Something Enters My Body
I'm so confused I didn't know where to turn for answers. I was recently sitting at my outdoor furniture with my wife talking about the day's activities when I experienced this rush of energy (no form, face, image, etc.) move through our deck and enter my body. I could not breath, move, or talk. As soon as this thing rushed into me, it scrambled around inside and exited pulling it's energy away from my body. I could actually see the thing leave. It looked somewhat like I can only explain as the turbulence left behind by a jet engine. My wife asked what happened, as I was "frozen" for what she estimated was 20 seconds. I was at a loss for an explanation. I was not drinking, doing drugs or anything that would produce such a hallucination.

Has this ever happened to anyone else!?
Midnight (guest) in Vision Of Golden Light Energy
God and heaven are near, as driving home and looking at the early sunset I definitely saw the golden steps (staircase) and sides of heavens place it looked amazing. He is watching and close now, we must behave. Xx
Budika_2k in Faith Is My Guide
Faith can be a puzzling thing. In my Catholic youth, faith in God and Jesus Christ seemed to be the litmus test for being a good person. But how can you have faith in something you don't understand?

No one told me it was okay to be on the journey to understanding faith. This is something I learned later in life as I came to understand God and develop faith.

The irony is that I have always had faith in myself because of an inner guidance, or you might say my God-self as I would come to understand it.

So I really have always had faith in God. I just didn't know it. Sometimes it all comes down to semantics. Exploration of other religions has helped me to find faith on my own terms.
This happened to me years ago while laying in bed sleep. I woke up to my room and left my body completely. I looked back and saw myself asleep. I felt like hands grabbing me trying to pull me away from my body. I struggled, but got back to my body and woke up. I was so scared! Later I heard a man voice in my ear that said my name. I thought it was my brother in the living room, but he said he didn't call me.
Babyrugger (guest) in The Black Wolf
A friend confided in me, as I'm a Shaman, that a gray wolf with red eyes is watching her from the woods egde at her home... Ominous kind. The dog goes nuts, growling, and the closest neighbor dogs do the same with warning barking. Back story: A couple of her friends opened a portal last year that released bad entities. They usee this to control others and want for nothing, as all is handed to them. Now, my friend has ' disowned' these two...that's when this wolf showed up. I have given her my homemade liquid smudge for protection, as this Thing is 8 ft tall, was looking in her bedroom window while scrapping it's claws against the house. I wish I could share the pics of the large footprints (only 2 as it stood upright) and the scratches on the brick siding. I plan to go over to help her. Anyone out there have a similar story to share? Very curious... Thank You!
highspirits31 (guest) in How I Learned About Walk Ins
What an amazing story! It is such a privilege that you were able to have those visions. Did your daughter ever find you?
Barry Stephen Whitmore (guest) in A Touch By The Holy Spirit
My Mother and me were at a Service in Tallahassee and the Preacher called on the Holy Spirit to come into the and heal the congregation.
When he did my Mother began speaking in tounges a d I felt like warm water was being poured over my head. Ever since that Sunday the Holy Spirit is always with Me in my life.
I too was raised Catholic and was an Alter boy. I now go to a Church here where I live that is non Denominal and can feel the Holy Spirit in the Church when Dr. Larry Linkious is preaching the Holy Gospel.
Paula (guest) in Brilliant White Light
I saw the white light. It was back in the 1960's. I was deep in prayer for the salvation of someone I knew who was taking drugs and didn't know Jesus. I was kneeling at the side of my bed and I looked up and in the corner of the dark room was a light so brilliant, so bright, like nothing I had ever seen before, words are inadequate. I was terrified and prayed for it to go away. My fear was overwhelming. I think it must have been Jesus or an angel or Holy Spirit. I have never seen it since but I have on two occasions heard what I believe to be the voice of God. Once I was told "forgive yourself" and the other time "you are cherished". I wish I could see the light again or understand it> I would try to not be so afraid.
Kuindi (guest) in God Came To Me
I would loooove to hear more. What a great experience. God is so good and He clearly showed His love to you.
alvinjadamsjr (guest) in A Touch By The Holy Spirit
I just read you experience with the holy spirit... I believe it is a great source of energy... And now me... Help me understand... Sleeping on the sofa... I felt something touching me on my forehead... Eyes open... And hands were me on my forehead and I ask who are you and what do want... And looked and the person touching me was a man... In a sparking gold robe... Long hair and no face... And said nothing... But I knew he was looking at me... And was telling me something... And stayed walked a little closer and he was gone... Now I met Mary Jesus mother... Walked she was standing next to me as we talked she held her hand out and touched her palm... And said... GOD GAVE YOU A TALENT GO OUT AND USE IT... She held out her hand to me to shake my hand and I reached her hand and she said oh I am Mary... And she was gone walked away... I have seen the dead... Angles floating angles...etc... What is going on...
I have had 2 Holy Spirit moments and 1 God moment. The 1st was over 10 years ago. I didn't realize it at the time, but I was battling depression. I was in a dark place and felt very hateful and angry. It was ongoing for several months. Finally, 1 night I prayed as sincerely as I knew how that God would take this deep dark angry hateful feeling from me, then I went to bed. While I was sleeping I felt a hand touch my head, I then realized I was in the twilight stage of consciousness. As the hand gently touched my head I felt this energy rush through my body and out the top of my head like a massive rushing wind. Almost like jumping out of a plane. It lasted a few seconds & was gone. I Immediately awoke and felt 10x better. I instantly felt like I was touched by the hand of God.

This feeling lasted for several years. Then about 2 years ago, I began to feel very depressed again. Not angry or hateful anymore, just down and unexcited about life. Disconnected completely. I was as low as I had ever been. I was in church and the the congregation has about 1,000 members. I was in the back left corner at the end of the aisle. The pastor walked up after worship singing ended and said "Before I start my sermon I want to say that God has put it on my heart that somebody in the area (he then pointed to my section and looked right at me) needs to know that God loves them and everything is going to be ok".

I started to cry and had to excuse myself to the bathroom. Later that week I saw a DR. For the 1st time for depression and he prescribed me meds that have helped me considerably.

My final experience occurred last night. Even though I am on meds I still get periodic "lows" from time to time and have felt in a funk over the past 2 months or so. Not nearly as bad as before I was on meds, but disconnected again. Distant, lonely. I also have been doubting my faith with all the secular nonsense that goes on in society I have been questioning at times if God is real or am I just wishful thinking. I showered before bed and prayed sincerely that God would renew and restore my faith in him and belief in Christ as my Lord and Savior. I slept I suddenly got into that twilight of consciousness again and suddenly John 3:16 was on my brain. I then felt a tremendous urge to look at the clock on my nightstand. The clock read 3:16. I can only say that I believe God was directly telling me that yes, JC is real and he died for you.

Today I feel renewed and my faith is as strong as it has ever been.
TreasureLily (guest) in A Divine Experience
I'm aware this post is old but being born with a veil myself I must say that talking with or seeing spirits/ghosts is not of the caul. The bible warns us that Satan & his demon minions can trick & deceive so please be careful, for the dead are aware of nothing. There are no ghosts, those are demon spirits in disguise to trick you into lowering your guard so they may get close to you, gain your trust, & in turn take control. Read your bible hun & know that the devil can not harm you he can only distract you. Anything that distracts you from Gods work is what the devil wants. Please don't be fooled... Resist the devil & he will flee from you. I was born with a veil & so was my grandmother it runs strongly within my family so I'm aware of some things but I don't know everything for only God knows everything but I give this advice & pray you or anyone else take it serious
Susan (guest) in God Above All
I believe what you saw was probably from God, maybe an angel - at any rate -it didn't seem evil & it happened at a time of prayer.
What I & others see is well documented on the Internet, l like to believe that we all have some sort of gift.
I see flashes of light & orbs I believe that they are entities of sorts.
I first saw bright blue, then graduated on to see other colors silver, gold, brilliant white & now many more different colours & shapes.
I believe that they are entities, both good and bad. I believe that the dark, murky & angry looking ones (eg firey orangey red) & the ones with black (I have an icky feeling when l see these & tell them to leave in the name of Jesus) around the edges are not good
The bright blue, white & gold eg seem good - they may even be from God as l began to see these things after a hard trial in my life. Keep praying & even ask for the wisdom to know what to pray for
Lisbeth (guest) in God Slap?
I remember several years ago l was driving to work feeling angry, lonely and defeated, challenging God to let me know that he was still listening to my prayers. I remember seeing dark clouds on the left in the sky & an emerging rainbow & clear skies on the right.
That night around 3am l awoke, my dog was sitting on the end of my bed
As if there was someone/something there she was growling softly, yet wagging her tail at the same time.
Something that she'd never done before. I could feel a really tangible presence in my bedroom like it was full of a good energy, was so convinced that I didn't want to look as l felt that I'd be overwhelmed. So l hid under the doonah, sometimes I wondered if I should have looked!
I lived alone and there was a lock on my door. Had a stranger been in the house, she would have gone beserk, barking & jumping at the door.
The message I got from that was that God was teaching me a lesson!
I also have felt a good feeling that lasted until the next day when I worked with spiritual people - beautiful calming healing feeling.
Lisbeth (guest) in My Time With God In Heaven
I believe all illnesses are a construct of the enemy - think about it!
Eg "7 deadly sins"he incites a sense of greed, envy, wrath, gluttony.
Many witches etc who do evil are somehow narcissistic (even sociopathic) in nature & have a feeling of entitlement, somehow justifying their actions.
So pray that people are freed from the chains that bind them, pray for everyone you pass in the street, especially for people who seem down on their luck. Pray for your family, your friends, neighbors that they get what they need & that they know God. Pray that you remember to pray & even pray in retrospect! Pray that your given the right words to say x
Hi all!
Sadly it's taken me decades to realise that my "Christian" family have been doing witchcraft on me.
Why, because they put a binding spell on me so I would forget - evil! L began to remember things such as "giving" my sister my happiness & money etc.I've recently read that witches can steal your destiny if you're not careful. I failed at everything, or was somehow stopped from doing things, I couldn't find a nice man, or career, everything I had was somehow tainted.
Every month I would dread the full moon as it made me feel weird & restless.
Eg don't let them take your hair, don't accept food, drink, gifts etc from anyone that you don't trust
It all came about when a "friend" asked me for a crystal, a photo of myself, a pack of tarot cards, a candle & a very old book!
I started going to church again - a absolutely paranoid about almost everyone I knew wandering if they were dabbling. I prayed & asked to be prayed over by everyone I thought was a good Christian.
I learned that discernment & having things resonate with me was important & that there were "churches & churches".
I also wanted to learn as much about witchcraft as l could to understand the" nature of the beast".
I remembered snippets of my childhood - emotional abuse & neglect, feeling far less than my sisters, never understanding why.
Feeling depressed & worthless, being called ugly names by my family and being belted by my father. I believe that I'd given up by the time I was a teenager, I didn't even feel human - I felt like I was a "thing".Many near feath experiences later l believe that God had somehow protected me & given me strength to bear the ostracism (l had no real friends).
What l learned was prayer & forgiveness is powerful. Pray for everyone on Earth!
People that do evil are lured into it usually through greed. As Jesus said"for they know not what they do"
I also have realised that many things of the occult ("hidden") open doors to rotten places eg tarot, many psychics, addictions (drug, alcohol & a myriad of others) oujui boards etc.
Associating with the wrong people can affect one too. L lived with a violent alcoholic who I spent so much time & effort trying to help, eith little praise. He never trusted me & was quick to blame me for things etc, yet, somehow l couldn't leave. L now realise he was in some way dabbling in the occult, as was his family. There was many a time I felt really confused, motivated & thought that I was going mad!
So people please be careful - there is a whole world of evil out there that you don't want to experience & that defies explanation.
Read other people's testimonials - they're powerful.
Repent of your sins (no one is perfect) even if you "sold" your soul to the devil & have done evil things to others- there is hope. You MUST swallow your pride & try & atone for your sins. Pridefullness is another way the enemy gets us hooked (7 deadly sins) Be vigilant - you will know people by the "fruit they bear"
Eg if they are respectful & industrious.
Yes I've had a similar experience after being water baptized. I woke from a good night sleep to the sound of angels rejoicing. Beautiful singing that slowly faded away. I felt like the burden that I've carried for years lifted off me and I felted re-born
antony 7717 (guest) in Chosen One? - Any Suggestions
When I look at the images of demons everywhere they move and change even my tattoo is not as it was thousands of faces my mantra is bring it on xxx
antony 7717 (guest) in Chosen One? - Any Suggestions
I am the chosen one but I don't want to b and you wouldn't want to be. Its absoulutly the truth. My powers seem to increase whenever I conquer the next and more intence level of feari have been surrounded by the most powerful and evil people... I can heal people. I know that I have to choose but I still don't know what. I get followed everywhere and evil creatchers have to trick me and b my friend and have to b close to me. I also have powers that the creatures r very envious of and I can see the demons all r watching me. Maybe whoever a makes an attempt on my life dies and I am being slandered and lied about in the worse possible ways but my will is so strong but flexible my heart is so brave and my energy is unique and the strongest but I don't know why it has been me and I'm not sure what I have to do I do know the devil has never before sent so many demons to one person in the history of life. Could someone anyone help me to b come more awhere and some advice as non can answer my questions even under the threat of deth and all the creatures have images of demons everywhere and I have them placed all over myself and my house and there r real demons everywhere but my next decision is unclear someone plse help me. Ant xxx
Wow. I am so thankful for this thread and all of the experiences shared. God is so GOOD to us all the time. Although a long time Christian - While going through an incredibly abrupt relationship ending God has given me strength, peace & so much love as I pray for the fruits of the spirit daily. At a worship concert last night I literally felt a burst of pure love and light come up through my feet and burst out through my heart in something so incredibly magical only people on this thread could understand. The burst was pure light and love and peace and in that moment I knew the Holy Spirit was with me & so happy I was there in worship. It brings me to tears of pure joy just thinking about it. What a beautiful blessing we have been given to experience the Holy Spirit. Be blessed friends. God is with us!
kathleen taylor (guest) in A Touch By The Holy Spirit
I was at a low point in my walk with God, this was the very first time since accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior there was no response from God, I was so used to praying and immediately I'd feel the Holy Spirit pour his love over me and surround me in such a way that I know that I am so Loved as his child. Before this event, I was already being led to people on the streets or in stores or in restaurants to speak words of knowledge to them. So you can imagine being led by the Holy Spirit to this point of no communication with him, I could handle loosing friends but when I felt he left me, I couldn't deal with this! Well at this point, even people I thought were my Christian friends turned their backs on me and I lost all my friends, did no longer receive confirmation from God that he even heard me as I'd cry out to him. I kept saying, God where are you, you said you'd never leave me nor forsake me, then I got woke about 3-4 am and started praying about people who I meet while out witnessing and in that half asleep moment, I was arrested fully awake and more alert than I have ever been in my life and felt as if my entire body had been filled with electrical currents that radiated power as it traveled in my body, then it traveled down my arms and shot out of both hands. I literally felt it leave through my hands, shot out of both hands. I lay there praising God, everything in me knew that it was the Holy Spirit,,, I took a while to recover and kept thanking God and finally said Lord, that was so much power, would I have been able to walk around feeling that powerful or would I just die? Then I said, Lord can you do that again? He did it again,,, same way filled me as if struck by lightning and radiating the powerful currents as it traveled, then it left traveling down both my arms and shot out of my hands,,, I felt the electrical current literally shoot out of both hands! I am so greatful I have found others who had the same experience, no one else really understands it, nor believes that it even happened! Not even my family! I do believe that my gift is in healing, I've wondered if this was a Divine notification? Every scripture concerning healing speaks to my heart! This happened in April 2018
The bible says that demons can sometimes disguise themselves as angels of light (I forget what chapter and verse it was) so I think it may be a demon if it was a black and shadowy figure. Plus 666 is a triple number, just like the other numbers you've been seeing, so this also connects to the fact that the demons are speaking with you. And just a little knowledge, I've watched on the internet how demons use numbers to communicate. What I saw on the specific video was with a deck of playing cards, though.
Yote (guest) in Extreme Deja Vu
I can connect with you with how you're having extreme deja vu, but I don't feel like there's someone/something controling me or giving me deja vu. The best advice I can give you is to not be afraid of those who can take away your body but not soul and to pray to God that he will protect you from any mental, physical, and emotional harm that comes your way from whatever the (I'm guessing it's a demon) demon tries to inflict upon you. I hope this helps.
Please consider to ask Jesus if this is true and that if he is true to please reveal himself to you, so you don't get deceived! You have nothing to loose to ask, if you don't believe then nothing will happen so why not just test and see what happens? Because it's really dangerous to be naive and just go with what you are feeling and shown when you cannot test it! But in the Bible they said that you can test it, that's the interesting thing with it, and it said Test the spirits if they are from God, ask them if they confess Jesus has come in the flesh and died for our sins and rose to life after 3 days. They cannot lie when you ask this! If it is true then they will flee and you will notice it! And that will make you think twice and then it will help you to decide what is real, what the truth is! You cannot just take this experience and just think its all good and perfect, you can't be naive or blinded by it! Please just give it a try, and if you feel anything negative also Rebuke them in the name of Jesus! But start with finding out if Jesus can reveal himself to you so that you believe it and then repent for your sins and then Rebuke those demons/fallen angels in the name of Jesus
Amazing story! Jesus is our Lord Our God that came in the flesh and sits at the right hand of the father! How is it going for you today?
Hi you can read about it here to about speaking in tongues
Ash (guest) in Fallen Angel Of Old
This was so many years ago and I'm so sad nobody commented! Please rebuke it in the name of Jesus! Start looking into Jesus and pray to him to show that he is real that you are willing to accept him into your life but that you need to know because you don't feel you can believe in it! You have nothing to loose to ask him! Please, he may have possessed you with what he did to you or something else. This is all I can do I hope you get this message
Rebuke them in the name of Jesus! Google Shadow people or The Hat Man or Hooded beings/shadows. They are not good as I have find out. Rebuke them in the name of Jesus. Say when you about to sleep, "Greater is he that is within me than he in the world" And believe that Jesus has your back and try being strong not fearing! And also say "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."
Julia B Please accept Jesus in your life, rebuke that devil away from you and your family in the name of Jesus. Talk to Jesus. I hope you get this message
Kevin (guest) in My Encounter With Michael
I had fallen on really bad times I HAD DEBILITATING ANXIETY WITH PANIC ATTACKS NEARLY EVERDAY AT ONE POINT. I was living in my car FOR FEAR OF HEART PROBLEMS and wanting to be close to help if I needed it, it was winter and probably around 25 degrees outside I tried to stay awake cause I didn't have much to keep warm with I was exhausted an at the time couldn't stay awake any longer. I fell asleep wasn't sure how long I was asleep but I remember hearing a loud commanding shout "I am MICHAEL" I JUMPED SO MUCH IT WAS AS IF I WAS IN A CAR ACCIDENT HIS VOICE WAS AS CLEAR AS DAY I WAS LOOKING EVERYWHERE FOR SOMEONE NEAR MY CAR WHILE BEING IN A STATE OF ACCUTE HYPETHERMIA FEELING LIKE I COULDN'T GET WARM AND SHAKING I WAS LOOKING AROUND NOT SURE IF SOMEONE WAS OUT THERE IT WAS AROUND 5AM AND I am very grateful for that wake up call thank you God.
Jennifer (guest) in Something Enters My Body
I was once driving down forest and had 6 people in SUV... Listening to music a Scary Ghost looking like Iron Madien Appeared... I drove right through him I will Not Swerve Ever & hit a tree Nor will I b Scated F them Jesus put us here for a reason To Fear Not
Jennifer (guest) in Something Enters My Body
I had been watching a scary movie on netflix fell asleep on my recliner I Felt an enity slam into my upper body it knocked me back I woke up weird shiat... House 👻 maybe
Kutch Luis Carlos Ramos (guest) in My Experience With The Angel Of Death
I saw him as well... After I woke up my life change. My spiritual life and physical life started to change in a spontaneous way... But until now I am still overwhelmed and adjusting in my new life... Just a few weeks ago when it happened.
Diane Agapetus (guest) in Saw My Soul Leaving My Body
I had heard about astral projection and was fascinated by that idea. Some years ago I was seeing a hypnotist. I heard about flotation tanks. I layed in a bathtub and saw something leave my body shaped like my head and torso that's all that left my body
This was in 1982. I never got that part of me back. I really felt that I did something wrong. I was very depressed. After the experience I didn't have thoughts in my head. Sometime later I was able to think again. I really felt that I had lost my soul for good. I am 66 years old now. Thank U for letting me share my experience
Hi Yossu42,

Just had a similar experience and would like to maybe see if you have any clue on what this all means? Is there any way I can private message you?
I've experienced this many times when I was a kid and specially when I was not very tired but forced myself to sleep! A very very bad feeling! It was like my soul was being pulled out and I felt weightless but it all used to happen with a special pain! After all these years I can still remember the feeling of that pain! Not a good thing to experience as a child and to this day I can't find a good explanation for it!
this day May 11 2019 I found 23 clover with 4leafs and 4 clover with 5leafs, in pathway waiting a bus. S0 while waiting a bus I seen many clovers beside whre I stand, so I kneel it and check one by one thres I 4leafs pup up and soon, then I ride in a bus again and going to the mall buy LOTTO TICKET hoping I won tonight, then I back home again when I walking again in the street I seen many clovers in the pathway home so I seen 5clover leafs pup up, my god I hve so many lucky clover leafs I'm so happy, wish and hope I hve luck tomomrw I will update u,bye goodluck everybody.
Barb (guest) in Brilliant White Light
Me too! I've seen what I now think was Jesus! A very bright light in the form of a spirit that had a robe on, longish hair and had his arms spread out almost across the whole room. I was with a friend who also saw the vision! We both cried and were very frightened. It was incredibly beautiful but to a 13 year old, extremely frightening. I slept with my head under the covers for years. I am very spiritual but not Christian. I was brought up in a Jewish family but we didn't practice religion at all and I am this way today--no religion, but I believe very strongly in Jesus. He's visited me in a dream as well. I try to be a very good person, but I feel that I haven't lived up to being visited by God. I wonder every day, "why me" I have a very strong love for God but feel "not worthy". It is so comforting to hear others have experienced this. My friend cut ties with me the next day and hasn't ever talked to me since. Not sure why. I've always had supernatural experiences, but this and my dream were the most intense moments of my life!

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