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renounce the spirits in the Name of Jesus. In the spiritual world, the Name of Jesus is above every other name - the most powerful. So call on Him and ask for help, believing on Him. Say this: "Jesus You are my Lord. You are the One who protected me and sent an angel for me. I trust in You Lord. Reveal Yourself to me and save me. I believe You died for my sins and rose from the dead for me."

Then plead the blood of Jesus and call His name against all these demon spirits - let's call them by name - posing to be dwarfs, animals and so on.

You will find peace like you have never known. Trust me...! You can contact me [at] virtuoso1 on Telegram for more information.
KatyAD is right... I also feel that you should investigate yourself. Was the feeling good... Or what you call sth purely demonic...? It may sound stupid asking this but if you felt good somehow you cannot tell it to go away wholeheartedly...
Little Pat 451 (guest) in White Light Experience
My very best wishes
For you.
I'm happy for you.
Many never experienced
It that way.
From my wayward dummy experience, I do urge you to remember it daily...
Little Pat 451 (guest) in White Light Experience
Isn't it wonderful!?
I appreciate you
And I relate dude...
More Will Come!
Please don't lose sight
Of what happened...
Habitual recall of
The Presence...
Surrendering again and again...
Every day will be different...
Sometimes the quite killed me.
I wanted it again.
There were tons of smaller moments... But impatiently
I began to wonder if it would ever happen again.
I got cocky and left the Fellowship... It cost me dearly... But years were building in another sobriety...
And it happened again.
Just when I was certain it wouldn't... Prayer meditation ego abandonment others others others... I've had two magnificent white light experiences and two minor clairvoyance and two major events.
Travis Pugh (guest) in My Experience With God
Jesus is Lord. He came for the sinners of which I am cheif. May Jesus Bless You.
Renee (guest) in I Saw The Light Of God
I saw some beautiful rays of golden lights, coming from my ceiling, I was awake that night. But I was numbed couldn't moved, couldn't speak. I saw Jesus on the cross, and an image like of His face, and I heard a powerful voice saying oloi,oloi! Meaning my God my God. Not sure of the spelling,sorry.I was afraid but couldn't runaway after my experienced I was released. I know God is real I'm a true believer. JESUS is my friend. Thank you Lord.Amen.
Gayatrishiva in God Came To Me
hey nice n lovely experience you are tpuched by God well I would love to hear your story
Gayatrishiva in Meeting Spirit Guides
nice experience... Your third eye ight have started feeling senses as it happens as you were listening the third eye awakening video. The coor of third eye is purple and that's what you saw and experienced... What you experienced is your own and its a very good loving experience... Well it iant your imagination... Its what you felt in the higer dimensions as you were in higher viberation during that time
very lovely experiences... Yes love puts you ie unconditional love puts you in higher viberation... I teach yoga and meditation for any quieries you can contact me.
Liana (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
This is one of the most personal and difficult things I've ever written about, but feel that I can, because there are so many other people who have had very similar experiences to my own. I was 36 years old and I was performing on stage one evening in a production with a huge group of actors and actresses. It was extremely ironic because I am a Jewess and the production had come all the way from America and we we're now performing this beautiful religious, Christian play in front of a huge audience in an enormous auditorium. Near the beginning of the 1st act I was singing with my fellow performers and all of a sudden tears just started streaming down my face and I saw the most amazing bright light right in front of me and I felt the most intense feeling of love and joy I have ever felt in my entire life. A feeling I have yet to experience again. It was so unexplainable and so difficult to express to other people I felt so alone in the pure happiness of what had just happened to me. After the show I asked my fellow actors if they had seen the light and no one else on that stage had seen anything like I'd seen. To this day whenever I think about this experience I cry because the memory is so vivid and I wish I could feel that feeling again.
What an amazing experience. I think I recently experienced the same, it happens when I pray at night when I am going to bed. I get waves of what I can only describe as electricity running through my body. I have recently found the Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ.

I was in a bit of a low place recently as I've been woken up to what is actually going on in the world and I think there is a mass spiritual awakening going on around the world for Jesus' soon return. I would ask that everyone opens and softens their hearts to the most high it is a liberating feeling. I can't tell you how important it is.

This is coming from someone who was not religious in any way until recently, as a child I loved God but I think in today's society the truth gets lost along the way I am so lucky to have been woken up. Have faith everyone. God bless you all x
Anon (guest) in My Black Guardian Angel
My father had a black gaurdian angel. When he was in the airforce in South Korea, he felt like he was always watched, one night, he was going to finish his evangelism course by going to a hospitality center, on Halloween night. He was scared, but he heard someone calling. He turned around and a 7 ft black man was behind him, and he asked what he was holding. My dad hesitantly said, it's a Bible. And he asked where he was going, and he said the hospitality center. The man said that he goes all the time, but my dad never saw him there. The man asked if he was nervous and scared, he said yes, and the man said what does the Bible say about being scared, and he said that Jesus was always watching over him, and that he is always protecting him. And the man said that's right. My dad asked if he would like to come, and he said he had more people to help, walked around the corner, and like that, he vanished.
R Reid (guest) in My Black Guardian Angel
Last month about 3 am seen a black Angel with black shinny wings. My dog seen it to. Next morning I woke up blind in my right eye. My dog is sick and nothing but misery. Is it the cause of it. I died as a child and got the baptism of fire from God. Seem to know things what does it mean.
Wow. It's crazy that this post was made over 10 years ago.
Something similar happened to me last night and I wasn't sure what to make of it. I googled "Holy Ghost" but couldn't find what I was looking for until I stumbled across your story. I guess the feeling I experienced was something divine.

I'm 22 years old. I was raised catholic but I hated going to church growing up. I remember when I first started working, I'd purposely work on Sunday's just to avoid going to church. I guess it was because of the hypocrisy I saw in people who I had gone to church with. Even in my family, my parents. Although I always knew that there was a God, something of higher power, I had still had doubts.
It wasn't like "Jesus isn't real. There's no such thing as a god."
It was more like, "can God hear me? Is he really there? Maybe he's too far."

I was going through some stuff with school and I just felt sad and depressed. Overwhelmed by everything in my life. I hadn't prayed or talked to God in a very long time and felt guilty that if I started to pray again, He would be upset at me. I knew that God was always there, that he would never leave us and he would listen. But something inside just made me not want to talk to Him about it. I thought that I could do things alone, without help. I didn't think that I was too good or anything. But it was more like, I can do it, it's okay, keep pushing through it. I was wrong. I think that no matter what you're going through, whether it's bad or good, you should always pray and thank God. That's where I was wrong. I hadn't prayed in so long that I felt guilty.
So last night was my breaking point. It was late, maybe 3am. I couldn't do it alone anymore and I cried so hard and started to pray. I told Him that I wasn't sure if he was listening, I'm not sure if He was there. I just talked about how I felt and what was going on in my life. I didn't ask for a sign or a message, nothing like that.
Suddenly I fell asleep, without finishing my prayer. I woke up after a few minutes and realized that I didn't finish my prayer say amen, so I did and I went back to sleep.

Maybe about 10-30 minutes later I was woken up by this electrifying shock. It was so powerful that it felt like I was sitting up in bed. As if something, someone was holding me up.
I knew it wasn't a dream because the electrifying waves that were going through my body happened 3 times. Back to back to back.
The first shock was the most powerful one. I felt this force pulling me closer to it. A strong embrace. It felt like Jesus was there, reaching out to me, letting me know that he's there and he hasn't forgotten about me. After the last wave of electric going through my body I went back fo sleep.

I woke up the next morning and I knew that God was there last night. Although I didn't ask for a sign from him in prayer, he was there and he reminded me that he's never too far. This experience was eye opening and I believe that it'll forever change my life.
Thank you so much for sharing your story.
Hey I have had many of these experiences before. I understand quite a lot about the spiritual realm but can't type everything here. I got delivered from demons a few days ago. My body was shaking and trembling and being over backwards. Am a born again Christian now and I talk about spiritual realm and spiritual warfare on my Instagram [at] kezaa__ if you want to follow and watch you are welcome
What a terrific experience you had and so many others on this thread. I have been searching to see if others have experienced what I did once and I see that one of the other people responding had something vaguely similar. I was at a service at "Hatfield baptist" church, then meeting in a large tent at a disused drive-in movie theatre due to the massive growth it had had (in Pretoria, South Africa) and one of the pastors, Neville Norden, was preaching. At a stage, during the praise and worship, he said that he could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit powerfully there that evening and - if anyone wanted the power of the Spirit for ministry - they should raise both hands. I wanted that, and in an attitude of prayer, eyes closed, I raised both hands. To my shock I felt two strong hands grasp my wrists from above and I could feel the wrists above me. I felt this strong warmth and tingling go through me and opened my eyes, but there was nothing to see. That was long ago now, 1988, and nothing similar has ever happened again although I have seen miracles in my life. I am not in ministry, but have been wondering about other people having the same experience.
I have been having visions since I can remember and they have started getting more and more direct meaning I can understand them more now. Today while driving I have a warm somewhat hot electricity flow through my body that I was not able to say anything but only feel it slowly move from one side of my body to the other...
Have felt the exact same thing a few month ago, it was so calming, definitely changed my view on christianity, wasn't even religious before that, just felt lost and depressed. But thank God that IΓ€m so much better now.
I'm so glad I found this. I'm 20 and I experienced it for the first time in my sleep last night. I'd fallen asleep feeling very upset and wishing I never woke up. I don't know whether to call it a good or bad experience. It was some energy trying to separate my soul and body, like a force pulling my soul similar to a vacuum cleaner. I wasn't really trying to resist it. While feeling that way, I could hear faint scream of people trying to stop me from leaving and I was wondering if that is how death feels. It happened about 2-3 times repeatedly and in between I dreamt of my family. I generally get strange dreams and occasionally lucid dreams, also hypnogogia (hallucinations in the transition of the awake and sleep state). But this was very new to me.
Sat night I had an expierence that I cried no doubt about and my life is changing it took over my body
I feel like this was nothing but God, the only true God. I don't really understand what CuriousDee was talking about but anything that has to do with real and intense love and power is of God. No satyr or incubus or demon or ghost or whatever would be able to show up like that. I believe you should just pray to God, asking Him to visit you or at least to show you what that was about (because He alone chooses who gets spiritual encounters and who doesn't).
OMG! Please save yourself and do not read the comment from this lost sister... I wasted my time reading her comment... This is pure nonsense, we are creatures, everyone should seek unity in God's love only and not thinking about having an equal position to God. Dreams are not reality get real! And don't forget that the Devil can deguise itself and always appears with demons at his side to dupe you sister. I pray to the Holy Spirit to guide your soul even in the darkness.
Eric Swanson (guest) in Touched By Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit entered my body from the cross in church at Lake Havasu. I was praying for my family when suddenly from the cross behind the pulpit I was hit with an electrifing, loving feeling, like warm honey for about 20 seconds. I braced myself so I would not go down. It was so powerful. I have had prophesy once and have touched people through the laying on of hands. I am truly blessed and have the power to heal. The Holy Spirit resides in my soul.
I am from Trinidad and this happens to me a lot especially when I am tired. Can someone give me answers please? I am getting sick of experiencing this.
Anonymous (guest) in The Flower Garden Of Souls
Thank you, K.

The story is not mine, it is yours. It is about you, and anyone else who cares to read it.

My experience lasted 35 or 40 minutes and consisted of many parts. What I described happened after being with Christ in a place of teaching, where I was told, and shown, many things. Then He directed I be taken to the garden I described.

When that experience was over I was again escorted to a nearby place, where Christ stood and spoke to me. He was very clear, though my words are inadequate. He wants us to know that He lives. He is in complete control. He has not abandoned the world and humanity to their own ends.

There will be hardship and difficulty in this life. There will be illness, accidents, catastrophes and death. There will be natural disasters and great calamities. The things that will be are those things we seem to hear about daily. Do not despair or be afraid. Do not let your heart be troubled. There is no need. He lives and is in perfect control of creation. There is no need to doubt or be fearful. The world is not out of control, though it seems to be. It is being managed by the most loving caretaker in existence. Be comforted by that knowledge.

He knows who you are. Rest assured, you are much loved. He sat me in his lap as though I were a small child and comforted me. We are all His beloved.

If you doubt or sorrow in your heart, cast it aside. Do not be afraid. He lives.
How absolutely beautiful and involved. I've read and re-read your story many times, it being so inspiring and reassuring. Definately my favourite spiritual story, I feel like I'm there in the garden each time I read it. Thankyou.
Nadia Sky (guest) in A Touch By The Holy Spirit
I have been searching for 25 years for someone whom has had the same experience as me. I too was in prayer and thanking Jesus and I asked him to give me a sign. A burst of energy whipped through my whole body and a bright light filled my eyes. I want that feeling back, but blessed to have experienced it at all. God led me to this website and for those whom will come across in the future GOD IS REAL! Be blessed!
Ellaytche (guest) in Changing Faces
You may find it interesting to do the experience facing a mirror, in a darkened room, eyelids relaxed and half-lidded. What do you see happen to your own face?
This happened to me I will like to know why does this happen
That's not the first time it happened I need answers
I had a similar experience during an intense 6 days of dry fast and prayers. On the 6th day, I felt a cold sensation engulfing my leg and traveling upwards while I was engaged in deep prayers with 5 other persons. The holy spirit is real people, JEHOVAH is real, and Yeshua is real. Never underestimate the power of prayer combined with faith, persistence and total surrender. I took it for granted for many years of my life, but my life has changed now that I accepted Yeshua. But you do not need to take my word, Get to know JEHOVAH for yourself. All you need to do is trust and believe, clear your heart and mind and pray. Don't gave up for it is a bit difficult at first. Persistence and faith are very important. GOD Bless you all.
Sean H. (guest) in Orb in Church
Today, in church before services started I was sitting in the pew in the back where I normally sit. We were there early cause my wife wanted to go to confession. I can't go to confession myself yet and I am currently going to RCIA. Anyway, my wife comes out of confession and walks all the way in the back of the church to light a candle. Then out of the corner of my right eye I see a gold orb moving down the aisle. I turned and watched it for a few seconds, I almost didn't believe I saw it or even what it was.
TheChristologist8 in Visions That Came True
from what I can tell from you experiences you have a gift of seeing visions of the future, and its a gift that is highly admired in the Christian religion, I wish I could see visions too
TheChristologist8 in My Encounter With Michael
hi anthony I might have the answer to your vision what it meant the thing is Michael and his angels have come down for a final battle to fight again satan and his angels to let go of the children of God who are slaves to Sin I have more to tell you about it my whatsapp number is +263779539322 if you want more information just get in touch
TheChristologist8 in Born A Gifted Spiritual Seer
wow amazing its so wonderful what God has done for you and what a great gift you have been given
Matthew (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
Can anyone help me few months ago I had a beam of light it was beautiful comin out my body totes the wall and when a woman with black hair walked in front of it herblack hair turned gol can some one explain me what all that s means
I believe that feeling you soul is leaving your body is some how spiritual connected to god I have the same feelings here lately more than I would like it's very scary the worse one put me in the hospital I fell asleep then quickly awoke with the feeling my heart stoped when it felt like my heart kicking in I got really scared my heart test came back normal but I still felt like my soul was trying to float out of my body I believe people with gifts are the ones who feel it you are a discerned of spirits I can feel others emotions true emotions I feel all living things I feel sickness from sick people I have dreams that has come to pass I know when things are going to happen before they do yes I thought I was crazy so I seeked to talk to a therapist and a priest my therapist has witnesses a lot of what I'm telling you I believe the closer you get with God the stronger the attacks come I'm going under testing on the brain and more on the heart they are going to monitor my sleep brain waves sleep rhymes these feelings are not normal and I'm sarching for answers spiritually and mentally I can say that god uses people that truly believes and obedience to him
I feel like that here lately it feels like my heart has stoped when I raise up out of fear my heart starts beating fast it's a feeling like floating it truly feels like my soul is leaving my body I'm very scared Becouse I don't know if it is my heart or not the only thing I have came up with while studying on it is you die for that few seconds I'm trying I have finally got doctors to start studying on my mind and heart the sleep ryms and brain waves it's scary and not normal
Hi, that was strange. You didn't finish the story about the 3 elements/creatures, how long did they stay? You did not see them again? Atleast, they did not harm you, you were a brave boy. God bless you. πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ’•
I believe you. When my father died, for me there's nothing impossible in this world anymore after learning a lot about the afterlife. Be brave as long as you are not doing harm to anyone. I wish I could visit that place in argentina too. God bless you. 😊
Hi Austin. Hope all is well. I know your post is old but I just found this site and wanted to comment about the owls. Check out mike clelland and listen to some of his interviews or maybe search for him on youtube. Hes had his own owl experiences and gathered a lot of stories/info about them. If something is recurring in your life, whatever it is, its for a reason. You just need to ask yourself why and let what feels right guide you to the answers.
princess sissi (guest) in Soul Leaving Body Dying
Hi, the same thing happened to me 2 days ago, when we were on vacation in San Antonio and I am searching to understand what is going on. I am so terrified.
princess sissi (guest) in Soul Leaving Body - What Does It Mean?
Hi, the same thing happened to me 2 days ago, when we were on vacation in San Antonio and I am searching to understand what is going on. I am so terrified.
Allen muhire (guest) in A Message Through Leaves
As I read your stories my sister and brother it just 20minutes back that I decided to take a rest under a tree here as I feel the Holy Spirit blow around the yellow leaf fall on me.
I held it, looked at it, and asked God what's going to happen in my life now. I thank God for your stories have inspired me.
I had the experience of my soul leaving my body as I lay in bed last night. I was just relaxing trying to fall asleep. I felt what I can only describe as my soul rising up out of my body. I was scared I was dying, so I opened my eyes, and it rested back in my body. I closed my eyes again and the same thing happened. I looked at the clock and it was the time exactly one year ago that my sister was fighting for her life in hospital. She died a couple of hours later. I don't know if I was trying to go to see her, or if she was contacting me, or what it was, but I've never experienced anything like it before. It scared me because I feared if I allowed it to happen I might die. I'm a very spiritual person, but didn't have the courage to go with it to see what would happen.
Stephanie (guest) in Changing Faces
So this just happened. I was talking to my friend and her face automatically changed and looked like an older version of herself but at the same time looked nothing like her and I kept telling her your face is different! It was so strange to me. Is there any reasoning behind this!?
Charlotte (guest) in Strange Spiritual Experience
Jesus was not about happiness or wealth. You need to be following Jesus. When you see these dark spirits, it means God has turned away from you because you're on the wrong path. Please read the Bible and daily devotions. And pray always.
One summer evening my brother and I were outside laying on the front lawn and looking at the stars in the sky. No street lights at the time since our house was in new development. Looking up at the stars, I found myself out in space and passing the moon. Then other planets passed by and I thought this was really cool. As I got to Neptune, it looked like a light blue ball and very pretty. I looked ahead and saw Pluto in the distance but I was beginning to feel cold. I turned around and saw a silvery cord that seemed to be attached to me and to earth. Suddenly, I was back in my body and I turned to my brother and said "I'm not going to say anything!" and he said he wasn't going to either. I was nine years old and had no way of knowing what had happened! Not until I read 'Out on a Limb' by Shirley MacLaine fifty years later did I learn of out of body experiences.
Rosette (guest) in The Lord's Hug
Same feeling as mine. I have been experiencing this for a long a time now and keep thinking why is that. I also thought I already have a heart problem because of that thightness in my chest but I also notice this is just happening when I am in church attending mass... I am surprised I am not the only one experiencing this and got emotional knowing that it can be our dear Lord's hug...
I also have a black angel. I just found out the other night. I was in my bed and I woke up at 2:46 and I always wake up in the middle of the night and fall back to sleep usually 2:00-4:30. I was laying in bed for a while because I try to fight waking up, Only because I always felt spirits around me every time. I looked up at my ceiling and I saw a black angel just staring at me and when I kept looking it flew away. So it scared me. I hope it does not try to hurt me.
You need to ask God. Also, you need to find The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They will help you. Good luck! Keep praying
Felt a white light of pure energy going through my body from the top of my head down through my body for 3-4 seconds that made me cry.

Occurred while in a group praying with pastor after singing praise songs. It was when I was around 23 ish and after a breakup with my long time girlfriend of 5 years. The breakup was hard for me and started to go to church on a regular basis and really enjoying the teachings. I was searching for the lord and truly believing in his words. I am not sure if it was the low point in my life but at that time I was very humble which ia was not common if you know me from afar. This event occurred when I let all my barriers and shields down and gave my mind and body to the lord. I remembered asking him to take me and asking him for forgiveness while the pastor was praying. With my eyes closed and praying while standing, I sense a white light just above my head. This white light full of energy rushed through my body with the sensation of cleaning or purging my body. The energy was so pure that I broke down crying in a youth group of around 40 teens and young adults. The pastor either sensed this or seen my crying and stopped the praying and took me in a room to continue praying. After this, I rejoin the main congregation and nobody mentioned a thing or made a big deal and everything was normal. I did tell my older brother who was 2 years older what happened since we was right next to me when this occurred and he along with the pastor said I was touched by the Holy Spirit. I will never forget that moment or feeling and am blessed to experience the Holy Spirit.
One late night last summer in the parking lot of the donut shop on El Segundo Blvd and Van Ness in Hawthorne California I heard music in a language I have never heard before. The beautiful harmonic sound made tear drops in my eyes. Since the sound came from above, I searched for speakers but there were none from the supposed source. I could hardly believe my ears, so I crossed Van Ness to the Mexican drive through restaurant, but the music wasn't emanating from there. It was playing Mexican songs. When I returned to the donut shop, the music stopped. I wish that there were others in the parking lot to confirm that what I was hearing was not a hallucination or something of this earth, but I was alone. This event has fortified a new fledgling faith. I believe that the angels blessed me with a special song.
I'm so relieved I found this blog. Just this morning, 07/12/2018, I had a weird dream, at first, the world was coming to an end I would say, the earth was ripping into longitudinal sections and falling inwards with people screaming for their lives, I could see my family screaming in vain, people vanishing from cracks occurring on the ground and then disappearing as an sinkholes. I was then taken to my room in the same dream, I saw my self sleeping, my soul gradually pulling out of me into a spirit realm, I could see my own body lying lifeless, I tried to shake myself and wake up, my soul was dislocated to my body, it was dark and quiet, It felt like my eyes were open but in the spirit realm. I could not touch, feel, smell, or turn my body. As I was looking down on my body, I realised I was leaving the earth and pulling out of the world, I tried to fight it but still could not connect back to my soul. I then thought about my daughter and uttered this words " Please God, my daughter " in a split second while fighting to turn, I reconnected with my body and thereafter got awake and was bitterly terrified by this dream.
Thank you Jesus for always blessed me and all the christians amen

Love you Father πŸ’•
Smiley (guest) in God's Hand On My Shoulder
God loves all who have love for him and know him he will never forsake you, the test is in faith & the rest is in him.
Tracey (guest) in My Dream with Jesus
I dreamt that I was walking with Jesus, I dream in color, I was about 8-10 years old in the dream. Jesus was holding my hand... And he was talking to me saying in my life I would have ups & downs but to keep walking... There were so many beautiful flowers on one side of the road... On the other side people were angry, fighting... He said to me... Keep walking. No matter what. The very next day I went to church... And a visiting minister spoke at our church... And y all I promise you... He stood up and during his remarks he said... He had a dream last night he was walking with Jesus and he said there were so many flowers... I knew then that Jesus confirmed that my dream with him was real... He is walking with me and he is holding my hand. Thank you jesus.
A Believer (guest) in I Met The Holy Spirit
Last night I asked my Uber driver (A pastor that speaks 5 languages and is originally from Africa) to pray for me. He asked what my sins were and I told him sex, drugs, and alcohol. His voice had a power and authority to it. He held my hand and prayed powerful words over me casting out evil. Not all at once but very quickly I began to cry and eventually broke out into an uncontrollable fit of weeping while his voice was speaking over me. I felt the air around me get heavy. I want to say it was like the air around me was vibrating... It felt as if I was being shoved down into the bottom of his car. Like into the floorboards. I can't remember how long it lasted exactly but soon after he transitioned from praying in English to praying in tongues I shouted for him to stop bc of the intensity of what was going on and immediately it felt as if something lifted itself straight up out of the car and I quit crying and I became fearful or just really freaked out in general but I knew nothing about what was happening meant me any harm. I think it was like spiritual shock. In any case it was very sobering... I had been drinking and doing blow that night. I gave him a sack of cocaine I had in my pocket and then he drove me home. We talked about God the rest of the ride home.
I googled touched by an angel because I had the same experience. I had a big fight with my mother and left the scene sobbing because I was deeply hurt by her words. I couldn't stop crying and I was deeply hurting when all of a sudden a hand touched my left shoulder comforting me. I froze and stopped crying right away and my hurting turned into wonderful amazement and comfort knowing that my angel watches over me!
Yes when I was a child what a great spiritual experience I was in my room sitting on the end of my bed. My brother was there he was trying to tell me something and I could not hear him over the loud singing JESUS,JESUS,JESUS THERES JUST SOMETHING ABOUT THAT NAME... So so beautiful mutable voices it started with just a few then ended with hundreds. I have thought about it my whole life God rewards our faith. I've always prayed and been faithful.
Carmen (guest) in Room Filled With Light
I also had an experience with light. I had gone to a club with a friend and I was drinking a cooler that I had watered down with water, as I am not fond of drinking alchohol in large amounts. I had drunk about a half of my watered down drink and started to feel weird, drunk (At this point I had drunken a quarter of a cooler. That's it!) My speach was slurred and I was staggering as though I was very drunk. Another friend even teased me for being so drunk. Feeling very uncomfortable I asked my friend to give me a lift and I left my car at the club:.
On the way to my friends house I still felt drunk and I began to vomit. I felt better after vomiting and no longer felt as drunk or otherwise out of sorts.
We arrived at my friends house and I laid down in bed to rest.
As I lay in bed I started to feel a bubbling sensation in my stomach. The bubbles continued slowly up into my chest then my throat and finally into my face and head. I could now hear the bubbles. Later I described it as the sound a can of 7-up soda makes when you open it.
I lay with my eyes closed and comfortably allowed this sensation to continue. As I lay there a bright light came upon my face and I quickly opened my eyes. I remember thinking someone is outside shining a bright light through the window right at me. When I opened my eyes the light was gone. I again closed my eyes and saw a tiny pinpoint of light which grew and grew until I was bathed in it. The light faded and would come again, pinpoint to flood. This happened several times. I tried to count but could not maintain concentration. I believe I was flooded seven times but cannot be sure. I felt no fear or pain, only comfort and curiosity.
I don't know how but after this event slowly and incrementally I began to want Jesus in my life more and more. I don't know what happened that day, all I know is my life changed from that day forward. Part of me believes that Jesus needed to clean my soul of the evil that presided there and that was why I needed to vomit. Honestly, I believe I was babtised in the holy spirit and I pray for others to experience some sort of supernatural experience such as we have been blessed with.
People have tried to tell me that I had a neurological happening and others that I had been drugged, which I know I wasn't... But none of that accounts for my shift in spirituality. I am grateful to jesus for loving me and for making me a part of his flock. Yay Jesus!
christopher michael wallace (guest) in God's Hand On My Shoulder
Back in the early 90s I was talking on the phone to a psychic woman she told me that she was going to let a spirit show itself to me and before that could happen it was a right hand on my left shoulder I know it was a right hand because you know a right hand when it lays its hand on you on my left shoulder I immediately lost strength in my body I started to go down to my knees the only thing I could think of was I was scared I didn't know what to do but I will tell you I started calling out to different spirits that that woman told me to call to you the hand disappeared but at times that area tingles like what I'm doing wrong or going to do wrong I rebuke that hand many times and I didn't know what it was after reading these testimonies I will never eat that and again I believe it to be the right hand of God all I can say is I was scared to death that right hand touched me it touched me by the fingers first and then the palm and thumb at the same time I know it was a right hand from the thumb placement and it was definitely my left shoulder

Do you think we stand on the right side of God or Jesus and if we do it would be his right hand. On our left shoulder...

Maybe just maybe if anybody else has had the same experience about losing their strength and felt like I was going to my knees it would be nice to hear from you God bless you and I definitely am a born again Christian and I can't tell you how many times I should be dead and I haven't died yet I've been shocked by an overhead power line that runs next to the highway I've been in multiple car accidents that should have killed me I've hit my head on the bottom of the river the Ohio River I should not be alive unless God has his protective and on me I will tell you I have seen my share of spirits good and bad and I will tell you God uses me but I will also tell you when I was saved at the revival I couldn't speak for 6 days after that God is good
The Lord says that the one who called this prophet false, was actually the liar. Let God speaking to you in dreams draw you to Him first, before any man/woman.
Thank you Ebi for sharing this experience especially; "You are like a beautiful pearl in the sea", "I love you" it conveys a harmony with Walt Whitman's 'Song of Myself' when he says "I believe in you my soul, the other I must not abase itself to you" Surely, for you it is the pearl of great price to nurture and keep close to your heart, always.
John Lefebure (guest) in A Touch By The Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit is a real spiritual encounter with God, but it only happens when you surrender yourself to God after "believing" and calling for Jesus; to follow and take over in every aspect of your life. My spiritual encounter was falling on my knees in my lounge room and saying sorry to God and the feeling was exactly like the "Amazing Grace Song". You see for the very first time in my life, I actually prayed to God from the heart and called for help and He answered straight away. 3 days later the Holy Spirit entered my room when I was asleep but it was as though I had stepped into another spiritual realm. I could clearly see my wife sleeping next to me, I could hear my children moving around in their beds (separate rooms), I could hear the clock ticking away in the back room (where this is not normally possible as our bedroom is too far from the clock to hear anything), I could hear little animals on the trees outside and I could feel everything around me as though I was part of everything; as though I was being born and was about to land into a human body. The experience was quite amazing. But it doesn't end there! Through this experience I tried to get my wife's attention but could not; Only I could see what was happening to me and all the shouting and nudging at my wife would not do anything. And then the most beautiful thing happened. A beautiful large pillar of light moved across the room - from my doorway, to the window and then to my wife's side which is a very dark place of the room. The pillar was about 2 meters in diameter and moved across the room like the moon moves across the horizon. It was from the ground all the way to the ceiling and was like a powerful strong, majestic white but soft light - almost like a pillar of cloud and it was beautiful. It was not from this world, it was clearly from God. And then just to seal my experience, an arm of light came out of this pillar of light and my left arm was lifted up my itself as though my arm was no longer mine. And then an energy rush went through my entire body! The experience lasted for only about 2 or 3 seconds and is something I shall never ever forget. As soon as it had left me, I woke up and was then able to wake my wife and children (it was like a bomb went off in the room by my excitement). I said to my wife these words "do you know what just happened to me? This must be the Holy Spirit that I saw!" I said this with the biggest smile and had tears of joy running down from my face. Upon day break, I then asked my wife to get me a Bible to read and my life has since done a 360. I am not the same person I used to be and God the Father is with me every day. What I have achieved in the past 2 years - I could not have done alone and the people I have spoken to about God and Jesus has impacted them. I have become a very strong witness of God and feel as though Jesus lives inside me. So may things have happened to me since then, so many people of all walks of life have come in my path - as though God wants me to speak to them and each time I do speak, it is as though God designed it to happen. I have had so many visions and dreams that come true and God has also shown me both Heaven and Hell. It's all real brothers and sisters. The bible is spot on and makes so much sense. God bless to you all who are reading this. I have also written 2 articles on-line under LinkedIn. You can look me up if you like.
When I was 15, one night I heard a voice of a woman whisper in my ear in spanish, " Cuando todos vayan" when everyone goes it said. I woke up and saw her hide underneath my bed. Till this day I have no idea what she meant by that.
Melissa Haney (guest) in A Call For Greatest Help
I was walking on my way home from a fiends house when I knew it was about to start pouring down raining when it seemed liked this guy came out of no where and asked me if I needed A ride. I said yes, yes I was on drugs at the time but felt I was coherent enough at the time to know how to guide him toward my destination. He said his name was Michael Lane. It seemed like I got home in 5 minutes. My point I'm trying to make is I felt he was an GUARDAN ANGEL. He seemed to have taken me home from my destination so fast that it seemed liked it should've taken longer than that. Bottom line I felt more or less like I was teleported without even knowing it.
ISawtheLight in Ability Of Discernment
Hi, Discern13. My name is Kathryn and I'm writing to let you know that you are not alone. I believe you are right, that you have the gift of discernment. This gift is listed in 1 Corinthians 12:4-11 NIV, along with all of the other spiritual gifts from God, and each of these gifts is a good thing, meant to help others. It says, "Now to each one the manifestation of the spirit is given for the common good." In the NIV, it's listed as "distinguishing between spirits." It's very easy to understand what the other gifts are, as they are fairly self-explanatory (prophesy, healing, miracles, tongues, etc.), yet this gift, I think many people simplify to being like using a type of reason about good and evil, or having a sensitivity to the spirit realm, or intuition. From my experiences, and what I've been reading, this gift seems to encompass much more, for instance, being able to see demons. It also says, "[H]e distributes them to each one, just as he determines," so this is no accident by God. Just as you said, you have a purpose with this gift, so be encouraged!

I first heard about children being able to see demons from a woman at my church a few months ago. She told me she could see them ever since she was a child. Even with my experience with God, I was horrified. I could not understand why God would allow it, even though I knew it would be for a good reason because God is good and He is love. Later, this woman saw Jesus when she was a child, standing over her as she was seeing these demons and experiencing a horrible incident. The experience she described seeing Jesus was beautiful. Years later, she also saw a man possessed by demons and cast them out. She also told me that one time she saw Satan standing at the foot of her bed. All of this she told me without prompting, when I suspected I had seen demons as a child, and when I had seen Satan standing at the foot of my bed.

My experience is a bit different from yours, however. I was saved two years ago, July 1, 2016, on my birthday, when I had a vision from God. I gave my life to Jesus several weeks later, which was a glorious experience. Then, the night after, I met Satan and his two top demons in a dream. A cross appeared in my hand and the light of God beamed out of the cross and I said something like, "Leave, in the name of Jesus! I don't belong to you anymore!" and they literally just turned around and walked away. Because of the overwhelming presence and love of God, I was not afraid whatsoever. Perfect love truly casts out fear.

After that, I kept having dreams of meeting demons. These dreams are not like normal dreams. They are from God. In them, I feel I am fully awake and myself, but in a different realm, a different reality, not merely dreaming. In each dream, I meet a demon (always in human form), or several demons, or humans possessed by demons, and I go up to them and say, "Resist the devil in My name, and he will flee from you." In that moment, they disappear and/or the dream ends. As time has gone on, I have become more afraid in the dreams, even though I am still able to cast them out. In some of them, Jesus is standing right there in the dream, though I do not see Him physically. It's like He's invisible. I know that sounds strange. Some of the dreams have been so horrific that I've cried or screamed at the top of my lungs. I even began to fear that God was mad at me, since this is an old fear from childhood I have that got triggered with the bad dreams.

I wanted to know why this was happening. I reached out to one mental health professional, at my church, who had an M.Div, and he had no answers. I also reached out to another therapist, who was a former priest, and he had no answers. I reached out to a man in position of authority at my church who had no answers, and even my pastor, who had no answers. Even some women at my church, had no answers, but they prayed over me. I felt incredibly alone in my experiences. It's really unfortunate, but most people simply do not hear about or have experiences with this sort of thing. I think many with the gift don't reach out or tell others for fear of what people might think of them, and many people in Christianity even don't believe in this sort of thing, that there is a more spiritual side to Christianity than what they are experiencing.

Eventually, I reached out to my mom and told her, even though I was worried she might think I was losing it. She did not, and it just so happened, that, at the time, she was reading a book written by a man who casts out demons. I have not read it entirely, but the book is called I Give You Authority ( by Charles H. Kraft. She also told me of a handful of women she knows in the church who have seen demons and who cast out demons and evil spirits.

Then, I came across your story. I decided to look up on Google the gift of discernment, and many others, like you and me, have experiences as a child seeing demons, or when they are first saved, have many experiences with demons. I was intrigued when I read God told you that you had the gift of discernment. I asked God what gift I had, and He said discernment.

A couple of weeks after that, I joined a prayer team, and somehow I had a feeling, that one or all of the women in that prayer team have had experiences with demons, and they would understand what I was going through. One young woman, in particular, I felt had seen them physically. The next time I met with this prayer team, I asked if they knew what anything about the gift of discernment and if any of them had seen demons. And all of them told me they see demons physically. The one young woman, who I had suspected had seen demons, was the first to pipe up and tell me she had seen them physically, without any prompting. It was such a divine appointment experience and a miracle.

One of the women there told me that Jesus showed her that when the demons see me, they part like the red sea. She said I carry the same authority Jesus has over these demons and that are afraid of me like they are afraid of Jesus. We all, as children of God, carry this same authority. They are afraid of YOU. That is why they try to scare you is because THEY are afraid of you knowing the kind of power and authority you have as a Child of God. Even though they are scary, and they are trying to scare you, they have no authority, no power, and no strength. They cannot touch you because you are His. Their "strength" lies in how much you give them, by how much you are afraid of them. They have no souls, but you, being God's child, have a soul. You are the light of God and you carry that power of love inside of you wherever you go.

The next time you see a demon, you can just say, "Resist the devil, and he will flee from you," and they will disappear. You don't need to know a ton of scripture, but do know some scripture that works for you. If they ever speak to you, you can say something like, "You are a liar and the father of lies!" If you don't know any scripture at the time, just say, "Jesus," because Jesus' name has power in and of itself to cast them out. Charles Kraft (the author above) sang a song to one of the demons he met, and the demon fled! It was something silly, too. Now, I practice singing Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" or Michael Jackson's "Beat It" because it helps remind me they really have no power. Whatever helps you believe in your authority over them and helps you to be unafraid and trust in Jesus is what is going to help you and defeat these demons.

If you feel they are in your house, you can anoint your house with oil. It can be canola oil from the grocery store; it doesn't matter. Take some oil, pray for Jesus to bless it with protection, dip your thumb in it and put a dot, or a cross, or a heart, or a smilie face (whatever you like) on each of the walls. Open the windows and the doors and tell them to flee and get out of the house and off of the property and to stay far away from there. I like visualizing it in my mind. I did this a few days ago, and my house, especially my living room feels different to the point that I am not afraid to go into it anymore.

If you are afraid when you see these demons, please don't feel bad or like you are somehow less than spiritually. You are not, and you still have power and authority over them, even when you are afraid. More often than not, I am terribly afraid after an encounter, but even at those times, try to do whatever helps you and puts you in touch with God's love. I remember once, I woke up from one of my dreams absolutely horrified, and I opened my Bible, I put on worship music, and began saying my favorite words of God out loud, over and over. I began to feel this light expanding from my soul going further and further outside of my body. I felt so loved and I was able to fall back asleep.

I hope this helps you to find relief and I will pray for you to be connected to others who have this gift and can guide you, and that Jesus will give you special guidance through this journey if you open yourself up to this gift again, so that you will not be afraid and be solidified in your true identity as a child of God. Ask Him to put you in connection with people so you are not alone. I asked Him and He did this for me. I hope you can find a prayer team or people in your church who know about this sort of thing. Charismatic churches, those who believe in gifts of the spirit, are much more open to this sort of thing. I recently read about Vineyard Churches ( which exist around the world. I don't know much about them other than that they believe in spiritual gifts, and are Charismatic and Evangelical. They may be worth a shot. Not everyone believes this sort of thing, but you are definitely not alone. Your story has been a blessing for me, so thank you.
Love Jesus (guest) in Jesus Put His Hand on my Shoulder
I too had a similar experience. I was getting ready to commit suicide... Thinking I had NO WAY OUT of a situation and Jesus came to me in a dream but REAL... HE DIDNT SAY a word but I KNEW what he was saying. I looked up at him VERY SHAMEFULLY AND WE CAUGHT EYE CONTACT most BEAUTIFUL EYES... AND I FELT IMMEDIATE FORGIVENESS... HE PUT HIS RIGHT HAND ON MY LEFT SHOULDER AND LOOKED INTO MY EYES AND SMILED A I FORGIVE YOU SMILE. NEEDLESS TO SAY... I DIDNT HAVE TO TAKE MY LIFE! THANK YOU JESUS
ISawtheLight in I Saw The Light Of God
Hi, Pete. I'm so glad you wrote to me and that my story has meant something to you. To answer your first question, I did see God's light, not merely sensed it. God's light was like the sun, but if you can imagine the entire sky being filled with the light of the sun everywhere, but many, many times brighter so that the trees and everything else fades into the background. The light wasn't golden like the sun, but was this absolutely pure, white light, and God's love and glory radiates from it. It was so beautiful. Even though we don't see it with our physical eyes, God's light surrounds the whole earth always. In Isaiah (Chapter 6, verse 3), it says, "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory." The Bible also says that Jesus is the light of the world. This is what I saw and experienced.

To answer your second question about punishment, it's not God who wants to punish people for merely being human; it's Satan. Satan is called opposer of God, murderer, liar, slanderer, and accuser. He's a critical being, always finding fault in others, keeping score of their every failing, and never forgiving them or wanting them to be forgiven. People who are critical on the inside often want to lash out toward others. This is how Satan wants us to treat ourselves and each other. As long as we continue to do this, we will live in shame and in our sin (our faults) instead of being free from it. This is what Satan wants for us, to become more like him. In the Bible, it says hell was a place designed for Satan and his angels. It was never made for God's children. God wants us, to be with and to live with Him, free from the punishment Satan desires for us. He wants us to experience complete love and freedom from the things we did wrong. The more we do what Jesus did for us, extend forgiveness to ourselves and others for our sins, we become who we truly are, a piece of the light of God.

In the Old Testament, God does everything to restore us to Him. God is in love with sinful humanity, so he sees us for who we truly are, not our sin. One of the first things Adam and Eve did when they ate the tree, was to hide from God. They wrongly believed that God wanted to punish them for their sin. Instead, He drew near to them, clothed them, and remained with them. He blessed the Israelites with signs and wonders out of Egypt, to help them believe. He gave them prophets to teach them, encourage them, warn them, and speak on His behalf. He gave them laws to teach them about love and to be near Him. God wants us to always be and remain in His presence, in complete relationship with Him, with no fear. The Bible says, "There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love." 1 John 4:18 NIV. So, we know when we believe God is out to punish us for our sin, and we are afraid of Him, we have an incorrect idea of who God is. We've attributed Satan's character onto God, and it's hard for us not to do this because so many of us have been abused and hurt by people we loved or who we thought loved us, and we have done the same.

I believed this lie my whole life, that God wanted to punish people for their sin, and so I became an atheist, but when you meet God, and you feel His enormous love, you know that is not part of who He is.

When you look at the Bible and perceive any discrepancies, use it as an opportunity to ask God to help you understand how it makes sense. God loves to speak and communicate with us always. He will reveal something to you in a way that helps it really click with you. One time, I was confused about my relationship to Him and how He is transforming me. I thought it was like a painter with a blank slate of paper to paint on. I said to Him, "I'm not like that clean slate of paper. What is it really like?" Then, I heard Him say, "Think of it more like clay." I understood, then, that He is the potter and I am the clay. At that time, I had never read or heard in the Bible about Jeremiah 18 where it talks about this relationship. When I, several weeks later, came across the verses in Jeremiah 18 about the potter and the clay, it confirmed for me that I had, indeed, heard from God.

I don't know much about what percentage of Jewish people convert to Christianity. There are people called Messianic Jews, who are Jews who believe in Jesus and have become Christian. If you want to know more about them, I recommend Jews for Jesus (, as well as ONE FOR ISRAEL Ministry ( ONE FOR ISRAEL shares testimonies and they also have lesson videos where they attempt to answer some of the more difficult theological questions in Christianity. You might like this one, where they answer questions about the laws of the old testament (

I also highly recommend The Bible Project (, To Heaven and Back by Dr. Mary C. Neal (, sermons by Chris Hodges at Church of the Highlands (, as well as The God-Shaped Heart by Dr. Timothy Jennings ( Pete, I hope all of this helps you. I have been praying for you since I read your comments and I will continue to pray for you for understanding from God, and for you to experience more of His love.

Deborah, I'm so happy my story has helped you. God's love and presence is really indescribable. I'm so relieved you and other people have responded. Honestly, I had given up that anyone would read this, but I just decided to check on a whim a few weeks ago, and I guess God has finally revealed my story to others! I'm also going through a tough time, and you have given me so much hope. Thank you and I'll continue to pray for you to experience God's love during your hardship, that you will see His light again, and for you to get through this.
Gabby (guest) in My Black Guardian Angel
I have this same black Angel following everywhere I go. People with the third eyes sees it and they tell me. A man with the third eye once told me "there's a thick tall black naked man following you". I was not surprised when he told me. Because I could remember one night I woke from bed and was going out urinate, and while going I heard like a giant foot step at my back anytime I take a step I hear another step at my back. So I turned my back to see who was following me, and I saw no one. Also the Angel hurts people. If I get close to someone with evil spirit, the angel fights them without my knowledge or me seeing it. Because of that I can't get close to people, even my family and friends. What I know is that someone might have a evil spirit, but it doesn't necessarily means is going use it to hurt you. Pls I need help... Thanks
I was sleeping and it felt like something was being pulled from my chest. I kind of woke up thinking am I having a heart attack? But I knew I wasn't. For some reason I knelt to the floor and started asking God for forgiveness. I got back on the bed and tried to sleep. It started again... I got up and went to the bathroom. I tried to walk it off so to speak. I walked back to the bed. I didn't see my body there so I'm not sure if it was OBE. I wasn't scared more nervous than scared. Like was I dying?... I don't know how to explain it. It happened 3 times total last night. I'm emotional trying to figure it out.
Karenhorney (guest) in Changing Faces
I have seen people's face change twice, once in 2006 in the case of a friend and another time with someone within my family.

In 2006, I was sharing rooms with this 'friend' and I as a law student then, I was telling my friend about a criminal case of paedophilia that I was reading about. His face started changing. He looked very different. I had never seen his face like that and I immediately mentioned it. He started smiling, joking and became 'himself' again. A year later, while using his computer, I learnt that he had browsing child p0rn. Maybe the change I noticed was guilt. I will come back to this a little later.

The second instance happened when I was discussing with someone the concept of human evil in Scott Peck's book in 2016. I was narrating examples from the book to show how twisted, insidious some human actions could be. As she was listening, this 50 year old lady's face sagged. Eyes became different. Her chin 'disappeared'! I brought this to her attention. She started feeling uncomfortable, claimed that I maybe wrong about her face and walked out, saying it was getting late and went to her room. I noticed as she was leaving that she was on the verge of crying.

I brought up both the incidents with my therapist a week after the second incident. He explained that some discussions, some insights could have an effect on facial muscles - loosening or tightening. He also said that he sees it often in his clients. I believe him. Seems logical explanation
Karenhorney (guest) in Changing Faces
I have seen people's face change twice, once in 2006 in the case of a friend and another time with someone within my family.

In 2006, I was sharing rooms with this 'friend' and I as a law student then, I was telling my friend about a criminal case of paedophilia that I was reading about. His face started changing. He looked very different. I had never seen his face like that and I immediately mentioned it. He started smiling, joking and became 'himself' again. A year later, while using his computer, I learnt that he had browsing child p0rn. Maybe the change I noticed was guilt. I will come back to this a little later.

The second instance happened when I was discussing with someone the concept of human evil in Scott Peck's book in 2016. I was narrating examples from the book to show how twisted, insidious some human actions could be. As she was listening, her face sagged. Eyes became different. Her chin 'disappeared'! I brought this to her attention. She started feeling uncomfortable, claimed that I maybe wrong about her face and walked out, saying it was getting late and went to her room. I noticed as she was leaving that she was on the verge of crying.

I brought up both the incidents with my therapist a week after the second incident. He explained that some discussions, some insights could have an effect on facial muscles - loosening or tightening. He also said that he sees it often in his clients. I believe him. Seems logical explanation
Many good comments here. Groups, "divisions" vibratory differences only separate the planes of Angels and man. Wings being washed of blood sounds about right to me. My experience, Gabriel came as an aura, during my crowning, I did not see "wings" but I "heard" the trumpet announcing the arrival. Red wings to me, are the messengers between the gods and angels, the chaotic ones that have the "dirty" jobs. The Angels that got "left behind" by choice of themselves, to help. That's why they keep to themselves most of the time, they got a bad reputation. If someone's going to donthe dirty work, let's make sure it's done clean, Angels remember and live in the fact that their life is eternal, that all life is eternal. So when the Angel of death swoops in to assist someone to their recycling, he knows that life is death is life. Blood stained my wings, I've paid my penance, I'm sorry. We all have to re learn ourselves constantly, even divinity. Have a blessed day!
Hassan (guest) in Vibration Like Earth Quake
I am so relieved at reading this. I have had "plenty" of such serious level earthquake like feeling during my sleep and I felt embarrassed as none in my apartment or the complex felt this. People used to joke about me. Its a relief to know that other people have experienced it too and its not that I am loosing my mind.

Engineermatloob [at]
Brooke (guest) in An Angel? Or God?
This year has been one of spiritual growth for me and I have had a few really special expeariences and I'd like to share one with you. First I guess I should tell you that I am not now nor have I ever been pregnant but I had a dream of my newborn son I can't tell you how but I just knew it was him. His father's spirit was there as well but I was not allowed to remember his face when I awoke but I know his spirit and fully believe when I meet this man here on Earth our spirits will recognize each other instantly, but back to the dream. I'm standing there and I'm allowed to hold my boy and kiss his face and tell him that I love him but I know how safe and loved he is there and that I would have to leave him there and I know his father did the same. As we are with our child an amazing presence is there watching us I wasn't allowed to look at this presence or if I did I wasn't permitted to remember when I woke. The same amazing warm golden light you spoke of in your dream is all around us especially my son through this whole dream. It was the most comforting warmth. My spirit and soul know far beyond the shadow of doubt that this golden light presence is God our heavenly father and my son is warm and safe and perfectly loved there with him. Trust in your experience and apply it to your life and never forget the warmth of Gods love for you
Brooke (guest) in The Angel With Red Wings
When you are visited by an angelic being, to know for sure if the messenger is of God, ask them to shake your hand. If the messenger is heaven sent they will shake your hand and you will feel it. If it is a heaven sent spirit messenger it will ignore your question and deliver his message from heaven anyways being as it is against the heavenly order for a spirit to decieve you. If it is the devil appearing as an Angel when you reach out your hand he will reach out to shake your hand and you will feel nothing.
Kiddo (guest) in Hearing And Seeing Demons
For everyone that knows me... I'm not religious. I'm 15. I'm not even sure if I have a God or if a God exists. I've struggled with this thought since I was 12. Recently I have felt pretty useless, ugly, and terribly depressed and it's not a great feeling. I did something idiotic because I thought that perhaps if I do this, he will solve my parent's money issues, make me less self polluting to the image I see daily in the mirror, and just maybe pull my life together. It was partially a joke and partially just all of my thoughts rambling together. I summoned Satan and offered myself. I told him to take me for the list I wrote. A kind of selfless list that I considered would be worth more than my soul and worth more than every part of me. Well then I felt stupid because nothing happened. No light flickering. No cold breeze of air. Nothing. I fell asleep. I woke up from some loud sound in the kitchen (I suspect was my parents or siblings) and I rolled over in my bed to find some weird shadow on my wall, it was moving down... Almost like it was oozing down. I turned on my phone light and nothing was there... And as soon as I turned it off, the shadow was gone. I thought it was just the affects of me waking up. The next day I started to get these weird feelings something was just close to me but not. It's hard to explain but it's like something is right beside me but it's not. I felt sick the entire day (like I was going to throw up) but ignored it. Recently I've slept in my sisters room with her and I've been waking up with a cough (coughing to the point of tears in my eyes and gagging) but then it goes away when I'm fully awake. I get a weird feeling in her room. When she leaves to get a glass of water or to do something, I can hear dogs barking or different sounds but when she comes back... They're gone. When she went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and closed the first door (two doors I can see into both of them because the door to her room) I could still see into the second one. The first door was shut but I could see the light through the creases, the light was fading in the creases constantly but the light in the bathroom was on and my sister was in there. In the corner with the door, I thought I seen a shadow of something around 5'7 or 5'8 and it was just there. A big jolt hit my stomach. This other thing... It feels like I'm rotting... Like I was NEVER sick before. NEVER. Everyone fakes a cold here and there to get out of school but I've never felt with allergies or any skin issues (NOT EVEN ACNE) and I'm not really the type to get a cold because I'm precautious around sick people (not a freak but I carry germ-x and tissues everywhere) but I noticed these weird rashes on my upper neck near the hairline and on my bottom left foot. I'm completely terrified for my family. I don't give a rats tail about myself but I cannot put my family through this.
Rose (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
About 11 years ago, I was trying to remember the Our Father prayer...Yes, I know I could go to the Bible to read it, but I was determined to let it flow from my thoughts/prayers since I knew it, but for some reason was stumped. I went out for a smoke break, which is located on a walkway between the building and parking structure. I looked to the west, asked my Lord to allow me to remember the prayer. All of a sudden, a cloud/fog/whiteness (pure white, no shadows, brightest white but not blinding) engulfed me. I could not see the building on my right side, I could not see the parking structure on my left side. It was PURE WHITE COMING AT ME. I suddenly had a warm feeling going from my head to my feet that I have never, ever felt before. After that, the bright, pure light left me. I begged it to come back! I will never forget it. I try to explain this to people and they don't believe me. Thank you for this site because I need to know others have experienced this and I don't feel alone. I feel Jesus blessed me with his pure white light.
I really want y to remove my testimony and specific my mail add!
Had a similar experience. Freedom from fear of lonliness... The solo trip gave me unexplainable amount of inner energy and calm to see everything as a learning experience and love all... Whom we understand and even those we don't...I could relate to the emotions of most people and see all of us as a work in progress, all with their share of heartache and struggles... Love being the soothing balm
I was sleeping, I woke up. Started to walk away from the bed. I glanced back reliazing my body ME! The room was dark and my boyfriend was still in the chair watching t.v in our room as I left him when I fell asleep. So as this is my first time experiencing this... I freaked out. I thought I died and was in a different dimension then my body. So I ran up to my boyfriend started to scream, touch him... That didn't work... So I was like shiatil. I'll go blow in my mouth and or try to get my body to move so he would notice... I watched him get up... Then BAM I was awake... He said he heard me gurgle. So he checked on me. Now I'm kicking myself in the booty because I could of made the experience to learn and try new things. Hopefully I'll get another chance.
Happened to me today not before that I remember I was simply floating outside my body visually seeing myself driving. No fear then I was back. Just like that.
DeliverDawn in Satyr In My Room
Hi, SweetSatyr <3

This is so interesting! While I can't be too sure, I think I feel some sort of connection to Cernunnos myself (although, at least at this time, I feel the Lady calling me more than any other God). I'm not stressing about it, though, as I feel like if a God wants me to communicate with them, they'll let me know in some way or another.

Blessed be, friend ^_^
Just experienced it today and feel bit scared yet at the same time contented? I saw my body as I felt my soul pulled out by subtle yet firm energy. Odd enough my soul took a form of green and violet light and not like typical soul which shapes just like human body. Been developing psychic abilities since February and now this. Not sure what to think or feel anymore.

If anyone familiar with this or actually know what happened. Please contact me hborstze [at]
Starduck (guest) in Something Enters My Body
All of you are going through something called sleep paralysis.
just another guy (guest) in A 3 Day Spiritual Awakening / Experience
There seem to be so many people who have experiences (would you consider it Divine?) similar to yours, including many NDEs but all seem to have unique differences to their individual stories yet the Light is so often the common denominator, who is described as the Light? More so declares himself to be the Light? You and hopefully others who have this experience of the Light and those who haven't may take comfort by reading 'The Gospel of Thomas' e.g. Verse 83 - Jesus said, "The images are manifest to man, but the light in them remains concealed in the image of the light of the father. He will become manifest, but his image will remain concealed by his light."
Emmanuel (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
Hello all,
The first time I ever had a vision from Jesus was back in 2015. I was in bed going back to sleep when I felt myself go into a deep place not sure how to describe it. I was thinking were am I going then from seeing black, I see BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT my eyes were closed but l'm very awake. So now I'm just in this white place and thinking were am I.Then I saw Jesus on a white horse appeared right in front of me he was looking straight at me. I was very afraid but I saw Jesus he had a black beard and a gold crown on his head and was dressed all in white, holding onto the horses reigns. Not sure how long this lasted but in my mind I said BEHOLD THIS IS JESUS I believe that was holy spirit Speaking to me as I don't talk like that. Afew years pasted and in 2017 I had the same experience only this time I was praying for Jesus to tell me what he wanted me to do for him. I fall into this white light again and this time a heard Jesus speak to me. He said "BE HOLY" then I came out of the vision.
Emmanuel (guest) in Bright White Light
Hello It was Jesus in all his glory. I have seen his white light more then once and its who he said he was the light of the world and in him there is no darkness.
October 27, 2018
Glad to know others have had a soul leaving experience. My experience last night was exhilarating. It gave me such peace to know the soul really does exist. Asleep, my soul, me, left my body. I realized it when I could see my deflated lifeless body lying on my left side in bed from about a three foot distance. It was pleasant. My essence appeared in the form of a round yet somewhat oval flat disk about four inches in diameter and a half inch thick. The disk was off-white and dense. It floated containing life and went visiting. For some reason, I want to use the word "we" as it seemed to be me, yet separate from me. We immensely enjoyed visiting some very delightful, gentle people that also thoroughly enjoyed our visit with full authenticity. One elderly woman, in particular, lead the visit with all the special, kind words that bring joy and a deep sense of comfort. My soul and I then floated away and at times quickly moved through the air returning to my body through suction in my chest. Right about where my heart sits and underneath it. It came to a point and was suctioned right back in without any concern, filling me up to my usual physical presence. I awoke and felt such wonderful joy. Hope it will happen again. I will just go with it and enjoy the experience without managing it.
I am so greatful I came across this thread, this happened to me a few nights back, I was half asleep, half awake almost in that nice dreamy state, I can't explain it in words, at first it felt like a strong warm wind focused right at the center of my heart was coming in and out, in and out, I can't describe it almost felt like something was leaving my body and halfway came back into my body, it was actually quite a nice but scary feeling. I ddnt induce it or anything its just happened and I have been wondering what this was.
Brinkx (guest) in Hearing And Seeing Demons
I too had more than one experience with a demon no face no sound the cloak was red with a hood a staff in its hand and it was slowly coming towards me in visions of mines no sound no face an it was if it had a purpose and that was to get me and me alone it passed everyone straight like it didn't even see them but was constantly coming for me the feeling it gave off was nothing nice I felt fear hate confusion and lost I haven't seen it since I started rebuking its awareness in my visions or life.
Tyler (guest) in Ability Of Discernment
Came here because of something that's been happening to me / happened to me this weekend. Thank you for this testimony. I find when I am sense fear starting to enter, praying for protection always works.
what a beautiful story! Everything about it is perfect and you have nothing to worry about. You are a manifesting child of god because when you ran across evil (the government incident), you got away from it as quickly as you could and not just that, you gave up most of your wealth by doing it. You are not arrogant; you are instead, humble. How many lawyers would do what you did?!

Listen to what you were told; it's the truth. We are divine creations with our own powerful energy source functioning in human bodies to learn how to use it properly.

I am 80 and it took me 78 years to learn that if we want god's help, all we have to do is ask for it and be basically good people; not perfect, but basically the kind of person that doesn't want to harm others. If you don't ask, you won't receive. The other big thing that is helpful is to know that the way we feel is totally able to be changed. If we focus on what we don't like, we will not feel good. If we focus on trying to feel the way we want to, we can improve. In other words, we create the way we feel, often unknowingly. Can u feel goose bumps? Then you can learn how to feel blissful. I think if we allow god to help us feel the way we want by asking for it and to practice deep relaxation and letting god assist in reprogramming us, we can become more loving, blissful people. An observant quiet mind is a great characteristic to develop.
I had this exact thing happen to me... Asking Jesus into my heart all of a sudden from the tips of my toes a wave of electricity slowly went through my body out the top of my head... I felt totally different. Alot of feeling of love... We need to talk. I thought I was crazy and only told a few people and they looked at me like sure you did.
We need to talk.
my story is not quite mine but my twins' brothers. When they were kids they used to see both different hooded figures in our house. They were about 4-5 (!) dark hooded figures about 2-3m tall with no facial features, only darkness. The strange thing is that their clothes-hoods were different colours. One was black, the other dark brown, the other dark blue and maybe one grey, I m not sure. My brothers used to see them in different hours of the day (but mainly at night) not only when going to sleep. For example they were studying for schood and suddenly they were seeing them (not all together) walking in the living room. They were scared but they gradually get used to that situation. The figures were walking in the house or just standing and stare. Usually they were standing next to doors. One night my brothers saw them all together in the living room and that's when another one came, a white one which was taller and seemed to be in charge or something. My brothers didn't see them again since then. They told us the story some years later. I didint believe them back then because they were kids when all those happened but my mother did believed them because she remembered the times when she was helping them with homework and they just stopped and stared both at the same point of the room and they looked scared but they had never told her what they were seeing. She also remembered all the nights when she closed their bedroom door and my brothers were opening it again because they were afraid and my mother used to say all the time ''why u keep opening the door?!'' but my brothers didn't say anything. Now I read so many stories about these things and I feel sorry that I didn't believe them back then. I really wonder what they really are. Why they were in groups? Why different colours?
The Law of Attraction was written by Abraham-Hicks, an intelligence chanelled by Esther Hicks
Akshita (guest) in Room Filled With Light
In my bedroom a dim white light 3-4 feet I usually see in a fixed corner of my room, that is in front of my almirah. This happens at night when there is no source of light to come there. It's happening since 2015 when I noticed it first, may b it's older than that
I had a similar experience I had surgery and was in so much pain it was hard to sleep I wandered around at all hours of the day hoping for relief my fiancΓ© said a prayer for me we both did the pin went on I woke up at 4am looking for my pain pills and couldn't get he bottle open I prayed on it asked that God give me the strength to open up the bottle and I tried again and it opened I went to sleep thinking how my pain was only temporary and once I was better I'd keep in mind my lord my savior and make sure to spread the word as I was finally dozing off making an internal list of all that I needed to keep in mind I felt a touch on my forehead no one was around it felt so real and calming I could only assume it was Gods touch. It's not the only time years ago I was feeling guilty
That I missed church and a voice said to me not female or male just a voice saying "I'm in your heart you do not need to go to a place of worship to believe in me" that time I had a hard time sharing with others about my experience I didn't want anyone to think I was crazy but I did share with a few people that totally understood.
Thank you, Jasun, for the clear description of the subtle and obvious benefits of meeting Dave Oshana. I notice that you recently posted several new articles and podcasts about Dave on your Auticulture blog. I was especially touched by your "Testifying to Love: How Dave Oshana & the Enlightenment Transmission Allowed for an Experience of My Soul".

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