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I can relate to this post. Mostly I keep having dream within dream where I desperately try to wake up knowing its a dream but when I wake up its just another dream again. But recently I experienced this soul leaving my body in dream. I was desperately trying to wake up but my soul tries to leave my body. I was so scared that I stopped forcing myself to wake up. Then I felt like half of my soul is still disconnected and cannot enter my body because I know I am awake in my dream. My soul was making painful noises and sometime demonic sound because it couldn't enter my body again. I kept telling myself its just a dream so I tried moving my body but failed miserably. I couldn't wake up no matter how hard I tried so I lied down trying to relax. And I also had this experience where half of my soul was trying to show my body sleeping in my bed but I was so scared to look that I closed my eyes. And that's when I felt sudden pressure (like my body thrown down from height) and I realized my soul has entered my body. And after that with few attempts to wake up I could finally wake up in reality.
This has been happening to me since I was 8. For 20 years. It's nothing to be afraid of. Your mind is so powerful. If you think it's a negative experience and/or if your religious your mind will automatically go to thinking "ghosts" "demons" "dark figures" "witches" and all that other crazy stuff I was hearing. Relax, it's a little frightening if your inexperienced and your mind has been warped all your life. We are spiritual beings in physical form. Read up on OBEs, tell your self you are safe and okay, you are not going to die from this if you wake up! Your soul will just shoot right back into your body, you will begin to vibrate, you may feel heavy/light, you may hallucinate or hear things. Again, all part of the experience. Awaken your conciousness and don't be confined to main stream ideology. Check out GAIA for great information.
Open Heart surgery (guest) in Hearing And Seeing Demons
I saw my black shadow figure during open heart surgery. I was very worried when they stopped my heart that I would die like my father did on the table. My best friend said she asked her guardian angel to watch over me. I remember seeing him, yes it was a male, very tall and thin all black with a suit and hat from the 1920's. He just stood there with his hands in front of him and I remember thinking oh great this is the angel of death just waiting for me. The room was very misty and I could hear talking. I remember him reaching out with his right hand and touching me on my left arm and everything got very quiet and I felt so at peace it was amazing. The next thing I remember is my wife talking to me as I was waking from surgery. My friend asked me if I had a mark on my left arm as she asked her guardian angel to leave a mark so I knew he was there. I just told her Oh he was there believe me he was.
Sharon (guest) in Hearing And Seeing Demons
I woke up to my two cats screaming and they flew off my bed and ran into living room, I turned around towards my husband smelling a really bad stinch in the air that smelled like burnng skin, I realized there was this half burnt creature that appeared to be burned and was half human and snake hubbering over my husband in his sleep! I screamed staring right at it and it looked like it was shocked I could see it, then it crawled off the bed! My husband woke up and I told him what I just seen and he told me I was just dreaming and to go back to bed, I said I was not dreaming and it was real, he said what us that smell I said it was the burnt demon that was hovering over you in your sleep and told him what the cats did, we both said a prayer and cast it out of our home! I will never forget it as long as I live!
Trent (guest) in Brilliant White Light
A very similar occurrence happened to me at age 18, I'm 56 now. One night, after just falling asleep, a brilliant light came to me within my sleep and a voice said, 'You are to give your heart to Me.' I was also indescribably terrified.
It took me years to figure it out. You've been given an incredible gift. That was a calling to devote your life to Christ. Many are called but few are chosen. Open the New Testament and read!
Hi. I'm from Uk. This blessed me because this is the first time I havevever heard anyone say the same as what happened to me! Been born again many years now, but before I actually got saved, was going through a tough time, and I said, not with my mouth, from my heart, " Jesus if you're there, will you help me "...the same thing happened to me, but my experience was a warmth started at my toes, and travelled up through my body and out through the top of my head. It must have only been seconds, yet in that time I could feel every tiny minute sinew and fibre of my being touched with it. This is the first time I have ever heard anyone say the same thing of the direction in which it happened... That being through their toes and out through their head. I'm going to ask the Lord to show me why it happened this way. There must be some significance in it, why it didn't happen frommuy head down.? Thanks for posting this. God bless. Shalom.
ConnieD_StFrancis in Ability Of Discernment
you are not alone... I have seen these black shadows since I was 7 years old. Including those "eyes"... But the ones I saw were red.
guest34 (guest) in Satan In My Dream
Satan doesn't have black hair, but he is very smart & powerful. If your mom was a good hearted person in her lifetime & if she didn't make a pact with Satan (if she was a true Christian, I highly doubt she would make one), I doubt your mom is in hell. From what you explain about her I doubt Satan has her. I think a demon possibly gave you or manipulated that dream to scare you. Keep praying to God & loving the Lord.
Well the same thing happens I like get this sort of pressure I wake up but like my eyes are open but I'm still sleeping... I feel this big pressure after when I fully wake up it just goes away its weird to be honest plus on top of that I'm only a highschool freshman as in 9th grade.
Star67 (guest) in Am I Descending?
"What is yet to be, has already been.
What has already been, has yet to be."
If you have excepted Christ as your savior, you will indeed make it.
But, it will be in his timing, not yours.
Have faith.
Love and listen to your higher self (inner soul).

Knock doubt of your left shoulder and kick fear in the teeth:)
If you feel darkness attempting to creep in...
Invision yourself saying "Have some of Christs blood."
As you pour a little out of a small teapot all over darkness...
Darkness will slither away:)
See you on the flip side (in the higher dementions)

💖Princess Mischelle
Ira (guest) in Changing Faces
This happened to me inside a club called complex in Oakland,ca. First, I've always been... I guess spiritually inclined. I've had visions come true hours later or even weeks or days, I've had multiple dreams that showed me what was going on in people's lives whom I share no relation with... My dreams started to decrease as I began dealing with sleep paralysis for a few years. Only one time was I able to open my eyes very very slightly and saw a dark figure walk out my bedroom door-i saw what looked like a man in a trench coat and a hat but thought it could just have been my boyfriend and I thought I saw that because of blurred vision-yet he swore he had not been in the room the whole time because he was playing video games... And he was a TRUE gamer so he wouldn't have lied about it. Another random thing that happened to me-once him and I went to a neighbors home who was a an old latina and she kept talking to us about ghost and asked to read my cards and I felt an urge to leave. We left, went back in our room and as I'm putting on a face mask that comes in a package... I proceeded to say "I look like a ghost" but before the word ghost fully left my mouth a heavy glass candle flew about five feet away from me and landed right in front of my feet. Freaked us both out we ran out the room. I've also had extremely good decernment about bad people... Not a lot but I'd say a good three times I knew a person was bad and one warned others who never believed me until the person would finally do something drastic enough to prove me right. When I was a kid I saw Drake on Degrassi, I looked at him and then randomly said aloud "he's going to be someone really big one day, he has a focus that is strong and will be great at music." I still to this day do not know why I said that. Even when I was a kid I would stare at my hands front and back and get this huge wave of emotions... Like it was surreal that I was alive. Felt like butterflies with shock and excitement. All of these little random things plus more that has happened to me sparked my interest in finding out why all this has happened... But just the other night things got even more weird. Ok so there's this artist called Lil Uzi vert and some say he worships the devil and I didn't even want to go to the club to see him but my friend did... When we got there I didn't get a bad vibe. But when he came to sit on stage... Mind you I was sober, no drinks no weed and I've never pill popped, never did coke or any other drug but weed but I wasn't high that night... Anyway the dj starts playing his music as him and his "friends" sat on the stage looking at us... They're smoking and just sitting there. After dancing a bit I start to look around at the crowd and when I scanned the whole club I thought I was tripping hard! I saw one of his people's face literally change into what I can only describe as an evil skull like face. I really thought "damn my eyes are messing with me!" so I blinked hard and kept staring, still the same... I looked away and looked back, still the same! So I looked at other people and everyone looked normal, then looked back at him... His face was normal. This happened in the club twice! One with the guy on the stage and another guy in the club near the same side of the stage the dude was on. I don't know what this meant... It freaked me out so much I didn't even want to tell my friend bc I knew she would think I'm crazy. What am I experiencing? I don't know what any of this means but these type of things are happening and I feel like it's going to increase and I want to know what the hell I'm dealing with... What am I supposed to do? How do I know if this is god like or evil? And why did all of a sudden I start to see evil faces in people? Why now? Hopefully someone can help me hear.
star child (guest) in Chosen One? - Any Suggestions
it means your a psychic. And that all the things that go bump in the night are drawn to you because of your gifts. Had same thing pop up over and over in my head THE CHOSEN ONES. Found out all about my paranormal life. Alien abductions that cured my cancer. Angels and demons that telepathically talk to me. Secret psychic government agents trying to recruit me. You name the creep shiat its happened to me. The life of an indigo child it sucks
Karen Dillingham (guest) in A Whisper In My Ear
Just sharing an experience that took place in 2003
A Spiritual Awakening I was reading the Bible on a constant basis seeking wisdom knowledge after my father passed away I begin to deal with attacks physically from demonic forces holding me down with my eyes clearly open my spirit was open each time something with come in my room and my presents my spirit would automatically Focus to where it was I knew some type of presents was in my room spirits actually came into my television as a shadow spirits came to me in video above my head and spoke out and knew my name and said to me we are not afraid of you I saw Spirits 3 came in blue fluorescent lights as well I heard audio voice come through my ear to give me three numbers which I today still remember and pray about for understanding of the meaning of 81120 it would not let me rest until I wrote it down I have had several out of body experiences I have been taken on Journeys out of my body I could actually see my body still laying on the bed there were times that as I was being taught through the angels how to be able to use my mind to turn lights off to be able to do things through my mind I was taught how to fight and defeat the Demonic forces that were coming against me during the spiritual awakening I am gifted to hear directly from the spiritual rim of yahshua I could sit next to someone and I will begin to hear things about that person of what they've gone through what is great that is coming for them and if there are any warnings for them I am now much stronger and more educated would knowledge and wisdom in the gifts of the Spirit which have been given to me all 9 of them and I continue to seek more knowledge sometimes uncontrollably trying to put pieces of the puzzle together I do want to encourage many not to be afraid if these things take place in your life you are not crazy but to seek yahshua and His Holy Spirit for help and guidance in the car that is on your life and most important be obedient thank you and please allow the blessings of the Lord be upon each and everyone of you God bless you prophetess Karen Dillingham
As I was growing up my life start to change dramatically. I started getting into accidents and also facing a lot of challenges. And then after some spiritual experiences I start to see things around me differently. I start to know there is another worldly realm out there. That's when my heart start to feel sorrow, not for me but for others who live their lives and are completely unaware of the things out there. Its like I look at people and wish I could warn them. But those of us that see it cannot change what it is and also what will become. After my spiritual experience I started having this feeling of not afraid of death. My fear of everything is gone but the only thing that scares me the worse is the not being able to know what will happen to me after death. A spirit told me " I am one of the chosen ones".I was born on OCT/30/. But I don't see the chosen 7 anywhere in the bible.Why?
Sarah (guest) in 999
Wow you are seriously confused. God says "Thou shall have no other Gods before Me". You can't pray to a bunch of different entities and think you are serving God.
Veigas (guest) in Full Body Vibrations
It was my first flying experience I had some strange feeling where I could see things without opening my eyes, but that day I has full body vibration like my blood is being boiled and vibrating boom I near to hit the ceiling! I flying had no control over that like levitating in the air.
God is great (guest) in Saved By The Archangel Michael
I posted a video that criticized the government on facebook and someone actually tried to hurt me, I was in the car with my parents when a car voluntarly tried to crash into us.
But at the moment he swerved trying to hit us I saw a strange light and the car violently getting on track again, I actually assisted on a gravity defying force, not sure if it was god or archangel michael. After the incident was over I saw a strange golden bird who stopped mid air to show me his beautiful golden wings. Thank you god or whoever it was that saved me from death or very serious injuries that day...
When you are an empath we open ourselves up to people to listen and try to help. In doing this we actually open portals into ourself. I use to experience similar every night all during the night spirits coming and going not so much now. I had 40 attachments to me and I told them to leave I worked on it w weeks every moment I had ordering them to leave. I finally contacted a paranormal group that astral travels who were able to remove them and clear and shield my home. It's a constant battle don't give up. Forest Moon Paranormal on facebook. Eric Cooper runs it. They are very good and will also work with you to teach you shielding etc.
God bless your soul. You truly experienced Jesus... I will do that one day too. 😊
Angela, the demons are lying to you when they say you're going to Hell. They have no power over that. They're trying to drive you to lose your faith in God. Jesus hasn't abandoned you. There's something He needs you to learn through this experience before He utters the command and you are freed forever. Don't blame yourself. Try praying to the Blessed Mother for deliverance, and casting them out in the name of Jesus. ("Father Yahweh, in the name of Jesus Christ I bind and break and cast out all spirits and things not of the Holy spirit, and command them all in the name of Jesus Christ to return to Hell. Amen.") You will be freed soon.
Coach Iesha (guest) in God's Hand On My Shoulder
To Carrotred I used to feel the same as you. I felt as if I have sinned so much God couldn't possibility's love or want me. I was so filled with anxiety, depression, fear, heartache, and undeserving. All are lies by the devil. The warfare is to be after your soul and the battleground is your mind! I went to therapy and got connected to a life Coach. People have prayed for and over me and now I am at a place of strength and healing so much so that I am helping others. The devil wants you to believe you are unworthy bc you are an asset to the kingdom of Heaven. God put His hands on you bc you are chosen! You have to get out of your own way, surrender, and let God take over. That doesn't mean that you are meant to live a life of perfection... No one is. First we need to be saved and believe we have salvation. Salvation is free. Then we have to be renewed by the transforming of our minds... That means unlearn bad habits and learn new habits... You didn't get this way overnight and will not change overnight. Then and what Jesus actually preached first before talking about tongues I'd be delivered. We have to be delivered and then walk out our deliverance daily with repentance and submission. It is a daily walk and it will not be easy but so worth it. I rather be used by God that an agent of the enemy. Don't let the enemy use you to kill yourself and the purpose God has for your life. You are precious and worth it to the Lord.
Gary (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
As a deist for the past 50+ years, I have had short patience with traditional religions... (not to mention the historical/recent atrocities that have been committed in the name of 'religion')... That said, something very curious occurred at the moment of my mother's death 4 years ago... In the few seconds preceding her death while I watched beside her bed her barely breathing, something momentarily distracted my attention: a tiny, circular "white light" the diameter of a pencil eraser appeared a few feet on the wall above her bed. That extremely bright point of light silently expanded to the size of, perhaps, a 50¢ piece and then immediately shrunk and completely faded. All of this took, perhaps 5 seconds. When I looked down again at my mother, she had died. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I value highly the scientific method - and I have to observe something via my senses to KNOW it. I KNOW what I "observed". I've no idea what the "observation" represents. Theists and those of assorted traditional religions would, no doubt, have their "belief" as to that which I observed represents, e.g., the "soul" passing through a "portal" to "wherever"... I honestly don't know about such hypotheses... But I do KNOW what I explicitly OBSERVED. Were I to be 'lovingly-caring/etc.' I would like to hypothesize (NOT theorize) that because my mother knew me very well (and my disdain for 'revelations' outside of the scientific method) she gave me one final 'gift' before she died... A 'gift' to challenge my worldview. To this day I hope to find another person who has also observed the same, simple, profound phenomenon at the time of the passing of a loved one.
Something extremely similar to EVERYTHING you said happened to me in 2013... After reading your post... Honestly I don't even have words right now. I just keep taking deep breathes and I feel a little weird like WOW. The hearing something for the first few days to realizing where it was coming from to the quiet conversation (at first) to the group sex to realizing its evil and not at all a good thing the just seeing a head at first... WOW
Shell (guest) in Something Enters My Body
Morning...i have a weird feeling some mornings... I feel the presence of something... Starts with a smell then a feeling... Always good... Feels like an entity takes over for a moment... I welcome it and now enjoy when it happens... Strange but always comforting... A nice feeling getting used to it... Very interesting...
I really believe this experience! I cannot say what or why this happened to you. Maybe someone with more insight would know what this was you had seen. Thank you DM
I don't even dream anymore, I am Very sad, Last time... It was my father... He would have done anything to touch me... Just my hand... They told him no you can't do that! I lost my brother to suicide... We were close... No visit! Crushed... I have always been, hoping someone else... Saw this too. I don't go to church... I can tell certain things before they happen... I see them very clearly...deaths,good things's all energy and can't be controlled... It just comes and goes... I tell people because, I think I'm supposed to. +++I have been honest to what I witnessed, it was shocking to me... I tell my daughter because I want her to know I understand IF SHE HAS IT... SO FAR NO! Good.
The second time this happened to me or if it happens to you again "day-3"...try to look where they are looking. Michael is always on the right and he is big and mean as hell. His hair is jet black and his sword sleeve is very short, he has either scars or tattoo's above his right wrist. They will only converse with your dearly departed... They warn them not to try make "physical"contact with you and they must stay back between them...he's on the right but looks left... His right hand on his sword at all times... He is very quite and is freaking on guard... No wings or good will...he's being hunted... Not really him but the soul he's trying to guide in and protect... Transition is dangerous, they could never get there alone...
Angels are not what you think... They are very, very mean. Wait three days after someone you knows dies, it's at this time the soul moves and is sometimes allowed to visit via a dream,,, the soul will you know will not be alone, it will be guarded by two dark angels... Maybe then you will see the seriousness... They are not winning, they are under serious attack...
Gus Pickett (guest) in Room Filled With Light
I'm so glad I found this thread! The same thing happened to me and my older brother when we were kids on holiday in Ireland. I was about 13, I was in bed in the room I shared with my brother and the window to my left (the blind was shut) started getting brighter and brighter - slowly the room filled with light, until even the shadows were filled with light and I could only see bright white light, and then it gradually faded away. I couldn't tell you how long it took - maybe over 5 minutes but it could have been longer. There was no sound and I wasn't scared at all, just interested and confused. My brother slept through it that night, but the night before it had happened to my brother and I had slept through it. The next night my Dad came and slept in the room with me and we left the blinds open but nothing happened.
I have never been able to explain it. I am a Christian now - wasn't at the time - and I hope it was God or an angel or something visiting us, or maybe we could It passing by
Chris (guest) in Hearing And Seeing Demons
I'm sorry for spamming but I can't seem to help myself. Hopefully this is the last one.

I think that Jesus sacrificed himself not only willingly but also wantingly because, to be blunt, it was his preferred option. I think ultimately, to him, it was his only option because he knew himself and knew what he wanted.

I'm so sick of Christians not realizing that Christianity isn't really about the Bible or being good to each other casually or saying prayers (IMO). It's only really about becoming more like Jesus. Jesus was and is the ultimate anti-evil and to fight evil, I believe, we must become more like Jesus.

When someone has much pride, selfishness, selflessness (unbalanced!), self delusion, jealously, pettiness, self-loathing etc they will be defeated by true evil when confronted (by the anti-Christ).

To became like Jesus, I believe, is a terrible thing to have to go through because I think it involves much suffering.

I think that's what happened to me i.e I wanted to be like Jesus but I failed because of my so many not so great character traits. I didn't even know at the time that I wanted to be like Jesus (before everything hit the fan). I just wanted to be good and brave and honorable etc. Now I've realized what it really means to be as Jesus. It's a powerful person who makes the choice to walk into hell willingly because it's what they want... Because they are good and brave and they are honorable etc. It's not a game, it's awful but that's what it is to be a real Christian. Imo
Chris (guest) in Hearing And Seeing Demons
I apologise for my language in my last comment.

I've never been into anything dark like practicing the occult or using those board things btw.

Once I had a dream where I thought I was out of my physical body (like a ghost). I was underground in the dream in some underground caverns. A ghostly woman was holding my hand and I thought she'd bought me there. An entity, a male, was down there. He had an energy field of absolute terror. The feeling of terror completely overwhelmed me and his energy seemed to pierce my brain and take control of my mind. I then saw, what appeared to be, some of my future. I saw myself with a future friend that I make one day and I think he's a practicing Buddhist monk. He was freaking out in the vision and researching ancient texts desperately. I also saw myself, one day, as a ghost, down there with the him (the guy showing me my future). I was under his control and I said to him "look what I've made for you!" and it was a dark tower on earth and there were screams and suffering coming from its base. I knew at the time that bad and terrible things had happened to create the tower.

It's sad to me because when I left the town I was in, my chakra aka the location of my feelings and my inner guiding light felt covered up my something ghostly. I couldn't feel my feelings of sweetness and compassion nearly as strongly. When I left that town I thought that my room eminated sadness.

It wasn't long, at home, with my parents that I started seeing "666" popup. I'd lost all of my motivation in life. "666" kept popping up while I was on my computer. My parents home was so think with a paranormal atmosphere (I'm the only person that noticed). Weird static electricity discharge sounds on the walls and ceiling began. Alarms were beeping as I walked past. This one dark looking shadowy character (a man that seemed to hate me) was entering my body now and again and I couldn't believe how cold he was making me feel, almost like ice. Then things go really bad and I was sectioned in a mental institution by my parents and I was told by doctors that I'm schizophrenic.
Chris (guest) in Hearing And Seeing Demons
I'm insane (schizophrenic) and I think that I can see shadowy looking figures and sometimes grey, semi-transparent people in great detail. With the darker shadowy figures I can't make out their physical details well at all. With the lighter, brighter ones it's way easier for me to see their physical features.

Sometimes it can get sexual i.e. Sexual feelings of organismic like pleasure in traditionally non-sexual areas of my body.

I see one sitting on my bed right now and a lighter one behind me, again on my bed.

I don't know why they are here and I'm not unafraid of them because they can control me sometimes and they tell me bad things and sometimes they make me want to do bad things; Humiliating things to myself and evil things to others and as my resistance and willpower decrease gradually over time I feel less tormented mentally but I'm sad inside. I feel so sad inside like I'm secretly crying. Lord have mercy on my soul. I do want to love Jesus but it's hard because he died or other's sins and it's not fair on HIM (IMO). I don't know if I can be like Jesus. Inside I do want to be but not so much in my mind. To be a true hero, like Jesus, it is as beautiful as it is dreadful to me and talk and belief is one thing but I think that truly walking the walk is very, very hard. That's what I think and people who love those that are willingly to sacrifice themselves, like Jesus, but not make the same sacrifice ARE NOT REAL CHRISTIANS. BEING A TRUE CHRISTIAN IS NOT A JOKE, IT ISN'T ALL LOVE AND POLITENESS. It's a fukcing warrior religion. In a fukcing war. That's my opinion anyway...
tamra vajra (guest) in Head Pressure During Meditation
It seems to me that you are too tense when you meditate and probably too much in the head area.
You could try to change focus, maybe on the belly area, which is quite away from the head.
And maybe just relax, take it easy, as the Buddha said, not too tense, not to relaxed like a guitar string!

If meditation makes you feel depressed, I advice you to learn from a meditation teacher
Jason - Second Response (guest) in Were Angels Singing To Me Last Night?
Jason (guest)
This happened to me last night. I swear I'm not crazy and I know what I heard. It lasted from 12:30-12:50 then happened again after 1:30. They weren't speaking English but it sounded so beautiful. I opened the door to my bedroom to see if maybe it was hotel music by it wasn't. It's like it was in my head. I turned the TV down and it was clearly angels. Is that a sign of something? It's unlike anything I've ever heard before.

This was my original post back in December 2017. I just put 2 and 2 together, but after hearing angelic voices that night in my hotel room, I drove home the next night for the weekend. My wife and I conceived our first child, a little daughter the next night! She's due Sept 14th. Maybe this is just a coincidence, or a blessing, I'm not entirely sure. But its the only time I have ever heard those beautiful voices, my little girl (Grace Carroll) was conceived within 24 hours.
Sarah (guest) in Two Lives
This story was completely inspiring to me! I could not stop reading! Thank you!
Xandra (guest) in Changing Faces
This has happened to me and with only one person. A man I felt and still feel deep soul attraction for and it was like that from day one even just from first written words.

When intimately kissing him and looking at him his face morphed into at least five different male faces
It was almost like an out of body experience making love with him

Even now to this day after much distance I can look at his picture and his face in photo changes into five or six different men like different versions of him
This is while staring at the photo

It's crazy and when I told him he didn't seem shocked
Which I did think alittle weird

Another thing the first day we actually met as I was looking into his eyes which I thought were beautiful almost like he was perfect in every way for me his eyes turned a much lighter silver blue then went back to normal

My reasoning of this is like some of the other guests
I have lived other lifetimes with this man
All in different versions
That he is my true mate
And when his eyes glowed that day
I was looking into his soul
He is over twenty years younger than Me

Never had an experience like this before
It's changed me forever really

I have also had telepathic er chats with him even to the point of him being sarcastic and making me laugh
That went in for a very long time but it has ebbed off a lot
I can only hear him once in a while

Am in my late fifties
It's almost as if he massaged my heart
Awakened my love chakra to help me in my life

I still love him deeply
Almost a special spiritual divine love

I feel blessed
I believe that last night I saw some kind of angel, dressed in white, kneeling or sitting in lotus at the back of my local Cathedral, you know the place near the font, where they have never had a service for decades. He looked just like Dmitri Xvorostovsky, he was surrounded by altar servers and deacons etc. He was being sung to in Latin or another language that we could all understand word for word. There were no organs, just voices. He was looking at the door, which was closed. There was incense. He responded looking at the door'Amen' first on a monotone of 'C', then a small decoration, going down to 'G' 'men'. While singing he looked over to me and the two men I was with and the warm breath of God started to hit me like a wind when you step off an aeroplane, around 30 mph, it was fragrant like balsam and warm. My feet were starting to leave the ground, I was rising, really enjoying this note. I was 3-4 feet off the ground, when he stopped the 'men'and I softly came down. He smiled slightly then straight faced looked back at the door and I awoke. The man next to me had talents like me as did the one after him, we were three. I thought was that Jesus, then I thought was it demonic? I conclude and record for others that I sincerely believe it was an angel reminding me that God is really there and I am going to Him, so I better be prepared. Just before this I dreamt I was knee high in sludge and a JCB had nearly run me over. Amen everyone.
Laura Sierra (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
I live in Dominican Republic, my first language is Spanish, sorry for my English in advance xD.
My mom had always teach me about God and Jesus but nothing really special had happened to me, I just knew there was God.
An afternoon an aunt went to visit my house, she was a new Christian baptized and all, she was very happy telling me and my 14 year old sister, about how good is God and how he can save us and the world etc, The Night came nothing special happened, went to bed and until that time id had never pray with so much intensity, the main thing is that I was making a really curious and questioning prayer.
I was stomach down, head to the right side of the pillow, and I started praying:
Why so many people need to suffer? Why kids die in wars? Why you let wars happened? Why there is hunger in africa? Why is there bad people? Why are you a God of love but let all this things happen? Why? Etc. You get the picture, then I think I said thank you God anyways, for loving me and my family or so. And that I will still believe in him or so. I can't remember the complete prayer, I wished I had writed down this experience before...
I stopped the praying and was with closed eyes like for 2 or 3 minutes after praying, just thinking about what I just prayed and what my aunt said earlier to me just waiting to fall asleep. But I did not, I was still stomach down and from the windows behind me, a huge white shining light and it sound, like a "flick of a second " made me open up my eyes. There was no sound of anything (ceiling fan, dogs outside etc) just the light shining.
My heart started racing and got mad scared, I tried to turn my head to see but it was like the weight of the earth was upon my entire body, just from the corner of my eyes could see a little of the light shining from my window, then I heard the sound of a dove's wings flying, like when you hear a dove landing next to you, coming like from the middle of the light towards me, it sounded kind of loud, and then I felt like the dove landed on my feet's and melt on them and a warm feeling covered my body.
Then the light shut off like in a flick of a second again. I jump scared of bed turn on the light and went crying to my mom's room to tell what happened, she thought I was dreaming but sort of told me God can do that too, BUT I WAS NOT SLEEPING.
She prayed for me, then I went back to my room to sleep, and ask my sister that was there the whole time if she felt anything, but she did not, it was like that moment was just for me. I was really scared and covered my entire body with the sheets. I crave another visit like that now I think I will not scare but excited scare!
Nothing has happened since then, but now every time I want to confirm my faith in God, that is stronger than before, I think about this memory, and I feel awesome I love GOD!
I did not had any change after that until now, I think it was meant to be for me at this age, now I'm 30, suffered many problems with family, depression and a lack of faith maturing up, I even stopped believing in God for a while and I feel so stupid now thinking about it, like, God showed me that one night, how could I not hang on it? Now I do to keep my faith up, I go to a Christian church too.
I feel in my little human intelligence that he wanted to let me know that the world needs to be like this this in order to filter the ones who really love him and wants to go back to him again, then one that obey and believe no matter what, because I was questioning all of this but he rewarded me with this experience.
Tim (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
When I was 20 I accepted Jesus as my savior. Being un-churched until that time it was still very new to me and I had many questions. While I believe I was saved the moment I accepted that Jesus died for my sins, I still desired a "personal God experience" and every night when going to bed I would pray something to the effect of "God I know that you love me and saved me and I don't need you to prove yourself to me, but I desire to hear from you". I am not sure how many weeks I prayed that prayer, but one night it happened. I was dead asleep and I heard a very loud voice that simply said, "I have come", before I could question if it was my inner voice or God's I felt something pass through me. It started at my head and the best way I can describe it is it felt like a warm liquid thick kind of like honey. But instead of it running over me like if a liquid was poured on your head, it went right through me and as it did I saw a very bright light and immediately woke up. That event was 30 years ago and I do not doubt for a minute it was God. Unfortunately I have never had the experience again. I am recently going through a job loss and was randomly searching the net tonight looking for some God inspired stories when I stumbled on this site and it made me think of my own personal experience. For anyone who may read this, I pray for you to be a born again believer and know that Jesus died for you. Maybe HE let me have this experience because HE knew I would tell others and it would lead them to salvation. Thank you for letting me tell my story.
I do it a lot but only when I lay down to go to sleep. I feel it happening and I see myself laying in bed and I can not move and I can get myself to wake up. It scard me really bad. And I keep trying to get myself to wake up. And when I do finally get awake. I get up. If I just lay There it will happen to me again. I don't like to do it I don't have any control over it. It just happen.
Sparked (guest) in Gold Flashes Of Light
I see sparkles when I wake up they are floating around up by the ceiling they slowly disappear what is that
Trent D (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
I posted my story many months back. Some of you may find this passage very interesting: JOB 4:12-16: "For a word was stealthily brought to me, and my ear caught a whisper of it. In my thoughts during visions of the night, when deep sleep falls upon us, fear came to me, and shuddering that terrified me to the bones. Then a spirit passed before me, and the hair of my flesh stood up. It paused, but its likeness I could not discern; a figure that was before my eyes, and I heard a still voice that said..."
Fatima ali (guest) in Gold Flashes Of Light
I also noticed this golden light in the corner of my right eye, more than 9 times. What is it really means?
Yesterday I was lying on my bed. I was not well. I felt my soul been pulled from my body. Like a vacuum cleaner. It just lasted for 30 second & after that I just felt relaxed. I remember that my eyes were open & I can see & sense everything happening to me. I don't know what it was. I wanted to know why it is happening to me.

If any one has information about it please do contact me [at] Vivek_rastogi2000 [at]
DeeperDivineContact in What The Buddha Man Showed Me
Hi Erin,

I wants to go home too! My heart says to your heart, if you have not done so already, engage in spiritual practice and strive for complete immersion in that practice. This is the one thing that every spiritual tradition has in common -- encouraging people to fully immerse themselves in the All which includes loving service to others.

Many Smiles,
Pete Brach
DeeperDivineContact in An Immediate Response!
Can you confirm for me that you actually heard a voice? If so, from outside or inside your head? Was it loud and pronounced or quick like a flash? BTW, I am a firm believer in putting God first and loved that in your story!

Pete Brach
DeeperDivineContact in I Saw The Light Of God
I love your experience and am relating to letting God shine through me. I do feel that there is a great power that can work through us. I have two questions: 1) Did you actually see the light or sense the light. 2. I'd say that I am closer to being a Christian mystic than anything. But how can a God of so much love and understanding punish people for eternity for being human? I am glad that you come from a science background. What percentage of people brought up Jewish convert to Christianity?

So, I believe that the essentials of the New Testament are dead on, but I am yet to be convinced that it is infallible. Yet Jesus does live and helps all who call on Him and God is Love.

Pete Brach
Your experience is yet another testimony that there is a greater experience that I and many call an experience of God. I have dedicated much of my life to seeking the Divine through meditation, prayer and service. I have gotten to the door many times, but never through the door as you have. That is not what matters. But it does matter that I can share the essence of your story on my website to give others hope and inspiration to seek deeper and further.

Pete Brach
me and my family has heard angels singing at the same times many times through out the years, some times we hear it sounds like a radio with a bunch of people talking real fast, but hard to under them. And we do have ghost living with us. And the ghost tease us, and we at times can see them moving around, and sitting on my bed lol all true facts, IN THE NAME OF JUESUS CHRIST, AMEN.
AresWulf (guest) in Getting Extremely Close To OBE
Hey, I read your post like a month ago and I'd love if you could email me at AresWulf911 [at] I know its been like 7 years, but I hope your still there
Hunter KY (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
First let me say I am a very down to Earth person I have always struggled with my faith. I don't believe In ghosts or spirits but I have to share my story. I'm 28 years old and I was on a very dark path addicted to heroin at the time of this event. I have been sober drug and alcohol free for almost 3 years now. But back in my active addiction at the time of this I wasn't high I remember being very desperate at the time... I was laying in my bed and it was about 3am. I keep trying to convince myself I was asleep and it was a dream. I also have never told anyone about this. An extremely bright light so bright I couldn't look directly at it was in the doorway and lit up my entire room but it was also dark and scary at the same time like it was a dark figure standing in the light. The figure talked to me through my mind and said Dont be scared and to change my ways... Those weren't words I heard but more like words that I felt. I hid under my covers scared to death hoping I was dreaming. The next few days I consistently tried to convince myself it was a very vivid dream. To this day I can't forget it... Deep inside I feel as though I know it wasn't a dream. I wish I could give more details but I don't have any. I just know I have never been that scared in my entire life. I'd like to say that I got clean right after that but I didn' took a few more months of hell but I eventually gave it up and got help. I haven't looked back. I will never forget that night as long as I live. I do remember asking God to help me before that event took place maybe it was an angel... If so they were very very scary but they did let me know they weren't there to hurt me or scare me. If you have a story similar to this just know you are not alone like I said I don't usually but these stories from anyone but I can't deny my own. It was very real
CB (guest) in Golden Orb Or Angel
Hi. Something happened to me last night and wanted to know if anyone knew what it was. Maybe it was nothing?
The day after my aunts funeral I woke up at 3am (she died on the 3rd of the 3rd month) very clear and wide awake. For some unknown reason I got up and looked out my bedroom window which was open. I saw a shimmer, irradecent, gold light/sparkle "thing". It was shimmering beautiful and calmly. I thought it was a fox with glowing eyes in the dark. I think thought it was a fox that had been run over and light was reflecting on it. I looked at it calmly for ages. I woke my husband up and he too saw it but he saw a white shimmer not gold. We went down stairs, and couldn't see it. Went to the another room upstairs and couldn't see it. Went back to the bedroom and it was still there. We couldn't see it through windows or anywhere else but the open bedroom window. I felt so calm and at pease and went back to bed. I should also mention that a random flash of light, like a huge camera flash (we have cameras outside that take photos of they detect anything but it wasn't our camera) or lighting. After the lightening I heard one thunder sound. The shimmer was still there though. My husband didn't see the flash or bar the thunder, only I did. My husband does not believe in airports
Is this a spirit or angel or maybe just a reflection?
Marie (guest) in Changing Faces
For the first time in a a sunshine day and in live city pool... Suddenly I see this young father with a 2 years daughter in the pool. His face was with a white mask. I did see it two or three times why he was afar from me about 400 ft.
I was kind of puzzle why he had put that white cream on his face. Then, his face back to normal for a minute or so and back to be with the same white cream. He is white male.
I do not understand thed message. Do you?
Jadaglow (guest) in My Black Guardian Angel
I had a near death experience and while in the hospital was visited by a dark and light angel. They werent warm/fuzzy like people talk about. They also didn't really have wings but more like flowing gowns. They were kind of professional andseemed to be deciding my fate in that moment. Although they didn't say the words, I sensed the white angel wanted me to come with it but after they mulled it over briefly, they telepathically told me I had things to do on earth. I got the sense it had to do with taking care of people. 12 years later, I have cared for my son who has severe asthma and was sick with other problems the first 5 years of his life. My father who has parkinsons and my mom who has alzheimers. I also sort of cared for a man who was me tally ill/alcoholic for 5 years and thankfully survived. Sometimes I'm scared that once my parents pass and my son is well, they will return for me.
Annie Abraham (guest) in A Touch By The Holy Spirit
Hello, I recently had an experience at a retreat and so I was searching if anyone else had such experiences and stumbled on this page. I was going through a time, where I felt that I had worked so hard and given so much, but nothing turned out the way I envisaged.
I am 50 years old. I accepted the Lord at 20, but never gave Him my all. But since the last couple of years, I had been seeking Him in His word, in prayer and I was at the point that I wanted Him to have my life. Take it I kept telling Him for what its worth and do what You want with it. So I went forward for prayer at the retreat and the pastor was praying for me. He mentioned many thoughts I had been having in the past few months and then he held my upraised hand and I felt an intense heat in the area if my heart. Everywhere else my body felt the same. But in my chest area I felt so much heat that I wanted to take some one else's hand and make them feel it. I am still wondering and think about the disciples on the road to Emmaus, how they said "Were not our hearts burning when He spoke to us". I do not know what my experience means, but I have been praying to Lord to give me revelation. I want to walk in His mysteries. I do not want to hear from the world and follow anymore. I want to follow Him.
Donna (guest) in Full Body Vibrations
I'm pretty sure this happened last night before dropping off to sleep I could hear a humming and felt my body vibrate when it got really strong and loud and I felt like I was going to fall off the planet lol or something I must have got scared and it went away... Very strange feeling
I'm thirteen and this has happened to me but usually when this happens I lose my senses. I can't feel anything smell anything, my sight goes away ext. And sometimes it's even tough to breathe. I don't know if this is the same thing or something different if you know please let me know.
Please provide the author of The Law of Attraction? And how books you have read?
nickatnoon61 (guest) in When The God Shows Up
Hi capeman, I sincerely believe what happened to you bc I had a similar cleansing experience, and am also Irish, but Canadian about the same age. I do NOT however support any religion as I have researched it for decades, and I know how corrupt christianity is. I was involved with an SDA Church in Vancouver for a few years from about 1993ish, as I am vegan. I could see the FEAR, GUILT, and CONtrol there. That doesn't stop me from believing in a LOVING CREATOR! I am a loner, who can SEE the corruption in our SATANIC SOCIETY. Most people resent me for not being part of their toxic herd. So, every night before sleep, I pray to the LIVING God for guidance, and thank him for protecting me every day! I used to laugh hysterically at these FAKE evangelists on the Talmudvision, and wonder how the sheeple can be so stupid to beLIEve it all. Tammy Faye was one of my FAVS! L0L I named her Bozo's Sister, after Bozo the CLOWN! Lol
nickatnoon61 (guest) in I Saw The Light Of God
This story reminds me of when my jewish doctor gave me 6 mos to live! I told him I couldn't pay his bill for about a year, so he gave me another 6 mos to live! Now, THAT is a MIRACLE in itself isn't it? LMBO. (= Seriously, I KNOW the LOVING Creator is REAL, but I am sure he wants us to start behaving like gods (small g). After all, we are made in his image.
nickatnoon61 (guest) in God Slap?
Rayhop, I had a similar spiritual experience, in that the peace and serenity lasted for a few days after for me, as well. The best way I can describe it, is like it was the strongest feel good drug ever! I couldn't stop smiling for a few days. I stayed sober for about 5 years after it happened. I was already vegan for about 7 years at that time. (1992) I feel sorry for atheists now. They don't know what they are missing. Thanx for sharing!
nickatnoon61 (guest) in My Time With God In Heaven
I am analyzing these stories and comparing notes to what true spiritual adepts live by, as the REAL ones are vegan who fast regularly. I am sure Jesus didn't want you polluting your body with the dead carcasses of innocent animals! As well as any alcohol or drugs, prescription or otherwise. VERY FEW have the inner strength to RESIST their addictions. I am at that point in my life now. It took 62 years, but better LATE than never! I am at relative peace now, even though I am surrounded by BRAIN DEAD FLESH-EATING ZOMBIES.
nickatnoon61 (guest) in Lying In The Palm Of God
How many of you 'christians' are VEGAN, bc Christ certainly was. A 5 year old could figure that out in a nano-second. There is some truth in the Bible, but just enough BS to lead those but the most discerning, astray. That 10%? LIES is enough to keep most people (BILLIONS) MURDERING defenseless animals and then actually DEVOURING them?!? Is there ANYTHING more SATANIC than this OBSCENE, and ABOMINABLE behaviour? This seems like the root of all EVIL to me.
Back on topic, I, as a vegan had a similar spiritual experience in 1992. A Christian room mate was present and initiated it for me. He asked me to pray about a problem I was having. It was lights out, my friend was across the small room in his bed, and was probably praying as I was. A very WARM sensation came over me, I began to cry for happy. It was a very cleansing cry, as like a water baptism may be? When I woke up the next day I couldn't stop smiling, and I loved everyone, including the cop who caused my grief in the 1st place. That HAD to be God's love bc I was never and still aren't a big fan of the 2-legged piggies! Lol Thanx for sharing people!
DeeDee (guest) in Finding Four-leaf Clovers

It happens all the time for me. Today I found 3 four leaf clovers:)
I have a hundreds of them and I give them to my friends, family and strangers on the street. I don't know about how lucky I am. Probably, I have more luck then somebody who is sick or something, but I do believe that those four leaf clovers are signs that I am on a good path:)
cryingtacocat (guest) in Changing Faces
I had just had something similar happen to me, me and my girlfriend were staying the night at her sisters house, there is suspicion of a death there and there has been pentagrams and a sort of angel of death cartel shrine, we were standing up, hugging and kissing, and when we pulled away from eachother, her entire face and hair changed, I didn't know who it was, a couple of days later and she sent me a photo of herself in the 8th grade and I absolutely freaked out because that is the girl I saw, just a younger version of my girlfriend.
Adri (guest) in A Message Through Leaves
Good Morning All.
Yesterday I went to the park to read, pray, meditate and work out. I love to be in nature and water since I am constantly giving of myself. As I walk to my usual spot under neath the tree I noticed that I can't lay my things down because of all the goose poop. So I keep walking realizing that spirit is guiding me to sit some where else on this beautiful day. As I am walking I notice a feather so I pick it up. Then I notice another and another. I found a total of seven. Some were white and some were brown and white. As I am reading my prayers and giving thanks to the world, earth, my spiritual guides and God. A beautiful dragon fly caught my attention. It danced in front of me then stopped so I could take a good look at it. I thanked it for for sharing that beautiful moment with me. As I started to meditate I kept on hearing owl sound. So I stopped and looked around to see if I could see it. But I couldn't so I continued to meditate. But there was the sound again so now I know I am being lead to follow that sound. I get up and I walk towards where I heard the sound. Then I see beautiful yellow butterflies and orange ones. I greeted them and thanked them for their job in this world. They guided me to a tree which had some birds chirping at the top. But as I am looking at the birds I see leaves dropping one by one. A total of three. I couldn't help but feel how wonderful this world we live in is. How magical everything around us is. And how blessed am I to experience this wonder. I kept on walking and the most beautiful butterfly caught my attention. She was big, black with green, blue, purple and red dots on the edge of her wings. And underneath of her wings she was orange with spots. As she was dancing in front of me she was guiding me. I greeted her and told her how beautiful she was. I asked her to stop and let me really look at her. She stoped in front of me and walked around so I can really look at her. So I sat down next to her and I took all of her beauty in. As I looked at her I asked her if she was my guide. And she turned around and Faced me. I knew that God was guiding me. He always does. I constantly get messages from my angels, God, the Universe. We have to be in the present moment and fully awake to receive these precious gifts. For we are suppose to make a huge change in this world. If each of us just practiced self love and live in love towards others, and learn and live in forgiveness imagine how we can change this world. We can change the direction of our children's lives.
Rosa (guest) in My Black Guardian Angel
I was standing outside in front of my home looking at the cloudy sky and all of a sudden I saw a black human with black wings I pointed him out to my boy friend he saw it too then the black human with wings hid behind a cloud for a few seconds came out again then hid again and didn't see him any more. What could that be?
Cliff (guest) in Hearing And Seeing Demons
When I was around 10 years old I seen a figure in the hallway of my bedroom door darker than the darkness of the house. It had a well built human body with the head of a longhorn or bull it seem like it stood about 7 feet tall I was terrified I laid there on the floor staring at this figure until I fell asleep too scared to move or speak I will never ever forget that night
Barrisa (guest) in Bright White Light
While I was driving, I saw a brightlight in front of me...
Maybe about 20 ft in front of me. It was so bright that I couldn't see the sidewalk to my left nor to my right. And it wasn't a mirror in back of a truck either. I immediately turn right into another street to avoid the light that was so bright.
That's bullshiat, it just activates your brain in the right areas to generate OBEs. We can do that with an electrode. Wake up people, stop believing bullshiat, this is the world like it or not. Stop being afraid of dying. That's why you concoct all these stupid stories for a simple physiological effect that we know about for decades. FFS people.
Kirsten (guest) in Changing Faces
My experience was completely different. I once dated this man who didn't seem to have his own face. I now believe he must have been some kind of living corpse. Being around him I could feel he was evil. It was like he wasn't a human being. When I would look into his face I couldn't get any kind of reading on his emotions or personality. It was like he was ACTING like a human, but failing. Anyway, everytime we were together I felt a deep existential dread when we were close. Every time I would see him it's like his face would change, like he was putting on a different mask every time he saw me. It's not as if he were a different person... His face was still the same person... It just seemed like it was a different version of himself. I'm not sure how to explain it. I have several pictures of him on my phone and he looks completely different in all his photos. I don't think they are photoshopped or filtered. I think his face simply changes from day to day. I can't describe it other than to say it's like he doesn't have a true identity. Most people you don't really get a feeling off of them. They feel pretty neutral. Some people you run into give you a really positive feeling, like a sort of charm. This guy was neither. There was simply nothing inside him. It's like he was a black void. Touching him was like touching evil. I always felt deep anxiety like something bad was going to happen. I decided to stop seeing him because he was hiding who he really is.
Yameen (guest) in 3 Angels In My Dream
So the time is near just like I used to watch in my dreams.:)
The time is near. Can you mention those Catholic Prayers in a comment?
I am a Muslim But I believe God accepts prayers from everyone even a Muslim a christian or whatever religion they have.
I just want to know the phrases you used to pray.
Deborah kirk (guest) in I Saw The Light Of God
I loved reading your story, I love god he saved my life when I was 27 I was given three months to live that's when I first had my spiritual experience I was living on the st, in know 61 and have not had the intense light experiences since my 20 once when I was with my daughter of 13 the hole lounge room of a friends light up its hard to explain but the feeling of love peace and joy was so great that I could hardy stand it it's super natural gods grace is great thank you for your story I've been going through a hard time and your story reminded me of mine this has helped me to thank you for sharing your story Deb
Blue Bird (guest) in Hearing And Seeing Demons
Recently, I've gotten much closer to God. After getting closer to the Lord, I had a dream about a man that claimed to be God. He was wearing this brown hooded cloak and I could clearly see his face, but it's hard to describe. I was in a room with him. He was super tall and was floating off the ground slightly. There were no walls in the room and it was like we were under a spotlight. Everything around us outside of the spotlight was pitch black. There was a tall, brown, wooden door with a gold handle next to him and there was an armchair next to me. Next to the armchair was this small table that had weird flowers I have never seen before and that had magizines, too. The man spoke to me and said "I am God.", But I knew he wasn't God, so I said "No, you're not." And he said "Why don't you think I'm God? I am God." And I said "No, you aren't. You don't have the same presence as God and you don't make me feel comfortable." The man goes "You're right. That was a test. I'm actually a messenger sent by God." I shook my head and said "No, you're not." The door cracked open slightly, but I couldn't see what was behind it. The man was getting angry, but I didn't feel afraid of him for some reason. He said "Why do you think I'm lying? What reason do I have to lie?" And I said "I don't think you're lying, I know you're lying. You are no messenger of God, nor are you God. Leave me alone." Then, I woke up. Also, everything in the room was bigger and taller than me. It was weird. To describe what the "man" looked like, he looked oddly innocent, but you could tell he wasn't. He had such an innocent baby face that looked... Unnatural. His features were soft and his expression always remained blank, as if he felt nothing at all, but you could tell how he felt by reading the atmosphere. He had fair skin, meaning he was kind of pale. He had a weird color to his eyes. They, like, changed color kind of. And not with his mood. They were dark and had some sort of sinister look to them. Sometimes they were brown, others they were maroon, and others they were black (only the Iris went black. It was never his full eye). He looked surprisingly human, too, but you could tell something wasn't right about him. His hood covered his hair and head. His cloak covered his entire body. The way you described the demon you saw to look kind of reminds me of what this "man" looked like, but I don't truly know if what I saw was even a demon. I thought that, even though you saw a demon in your waking life, our experiences were somewhat similar, so I wanted to share mine with you.
Confused (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
Last night something strange happened to me. I'm a 35yr old divorce and single mother, I wrk nights so its not unusual for me to fall in and out of sleep on my off nights. Last night I was lying dwn in my bed with my grls 2 and 14. Because I sleep with the tv on I recongnized the silence and I shifted to find the remote, thinking maybe myself or one of my grls rolled over on it accidently. When I turned to see the tv. We have satellite so it continued to say no connection. I live in a two story home so this is where it gets strange... There was this light beaming from my window I thought maybe a street light. No couldn't be not on the second floor of the house, then I thought maybe the moon is jus extra bright tonight, maybe. In my thoughts I wanted to investigate it but then the tv came back on and seemed like maybe I wanted to avoid the light and go back to sleep out of fear of not knowing. I don't know. If anyone can help me to understand please help me. I have never experienced anything like this before. I believe in the most highest King Jesus and I have always tried be best to stay close to GOD. I'm afraid to tell family and friends not knowing how they will react. Can anyone relate to this experience?
I was searching online for such an experience to anyone. Because, I felt a comforting hand resting on my right shoulder while I was at church. I thank God for all the things that has come to my life. Even if it was bad, it taught me the biggest lessons I will never forget.
Butterfly (guest) in A Sibilant Hissing Sound
For years I have been faced with many unfortunates events that seam to follow me around. And on three separate occasions I have heard or heard of this hissing sound like a snake. On one of those occasions I heard of it's sound coming from a closets bedroom from which I was ask to investigate as the home owner. The other was about five years later after I had moved in an entirely different house in a completely different state. This time it came from a closed bathroom cabanette from which I had been passing by at the time. It had been so loude that I had to investigate my self only discovering nothing out of the ordinary was there. And lastly on this day of 06/ 21/2018 I awake and promptly heard the sound of a hissing snake in my left ear this morning. My quariousity had quicken me and I began to search for answers as to why this phanomom was happening and the only explanation I had been offered so far was the story expressed on this web site. The kundalini was a though that first came to mind and I truely hoped that this was my answer. Only recently had I learned that snakes were good, quite adverse to western belief from which I had been reared from. Ide like to think that my kundalini was being awaken verses some sort of bad luck was following me around all of this time.
For 5 years I have been struggling with divorce issues and my older children not wanting to be in my life. I have blamed myself, struggled with sadness and contemplated hurting myself. I have prayed to the Lord frequently and read scripture. I recently starting seeing a Therapist. On June 19th at 10:37pm, I received a text that was hurtful and heartbreaking worse than the times before. I immediately started praying to take the pain away, to help me over and over again. Within seconds, a tingling sensation starting on the left side of my head and proceeded downward towards my neck. It was a light (pins and needle) sensation. I am not sure if that was a sign from God, but I am hoping it was. It was a great feeling.
I am a Christian too. I have had experiences but they are not as strong. I am sensitive to the spiritual/demonic world, but I do not see them. I can only sense them there. I do have a friend who can see them, though. He says they look like shadows to him.

I believe I have been attacked and oppressed frequently ever since I was young, and definitely since I was a teen. It is good to have others with whom to talk, and who have had similar experiences. I can often sense their hatred, their anger, and their absolute disgust of me.

I'd like to share two parts of the Bible that may help - take them or leave them. The first is Revelation 12:17. After the weird vision with the woman and the beast, we see the passage: "And the dragon was enraged with the woman, and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring, who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ." That's you and me, and all Christians. We are in a war with our spiritual enemy (the "dragon" in Rev. 12). The second is Ephesians 6:12-20, which you may know as the Armor of God. We are in this war, but God has not left us defenseless - we have a full set of spiritual armor and a sword as well. If you have never studied the armor of God, I encourage you to do so. It may help you.

In all things, it is important to pray for spiritual protection, to understand your demonic enemies and how they work, and to rely fully on God ultimately. I hope this helps you!
daffers234 in God Experiences
This is an interesting story, and I would like to help you, though I think it would help if I understood your perspective. Do you have any spiritual beliefs of your own? Do you follow a religion or faith of any kind?

Again, I'd like to help, and if you're open, I would like to share some of my spiritual beliefs as well. It may help put things in perspective or explain a few things. Feel free to email me, if that makes you more comfortable. I love to help others in their spiritual journeys.:)
Lady King (guest) in Full Body Vibration Experience
I operate my business alone, so I spend a great deal of time alone, between clients I have time to read, think & meditate which I enjoy I'm deeply spiritual, connection to infinite intelligence is extremely important to me for a clear mind and soul.
Yesterday, a typical day between clients I decided to lay down in my office. Shutting off the light I was laying still when suddenly from my neck down to my toes my body began to vibrate. Though I've never experienced anything like this before I had no fears believing
it to be a spiritual experience, which I enjoyed. It felt like a connection to something bigger than me an answer to questions, as later at the end of my work day I saw particular signs of things I've been asking for, as signs of changes to come in my life.
I'm happy to know I'm not the only one to have this amazing experience, I feel quite blessed.
John (guest) in Room Filled With Light
I had the very same experience which shock and surprised me also, but eventually after talking to others, now I believe that that was an spiritual experience and a blessing sent to me from God. This was during the month of Ramadan (I am Muslim, Please do not hate me, I am a good muslim) on this the 27th day of Ramadan according to Qurran God sends down angels and spirits for different purposes. I was sitting in our downstairs room around 4 am when suddenly a very bright white light filled the room, and then very quickly disappeared. I was shaken and very distraught, wondering where it came from. The blinds were down and there were no storms or anything like that. I now thank God for blessing with his special light.
Im Open (guest) in My Time With God In Heaven
You can pass some this way I'm open. I'm in Mississippi and probably won't even check to see if you reply. There are plenty of people ready for harvest more deserving than I God bless you pass it on.
Robert (guest) in The Black Wolf
No need to fear the wolf. It's only there to tell you too be aware of any individual or entity. If you see him again just dominate him like a typical dog. Grab him by the throat and hold him to the ground.
Catherine (guest) in A Touch By The Holy Spirit
Thanks to everyone for posting. I read each & everyone. I have always wanted some clarification as to what I felt way back in 1988. I will try to make my testimony brief. I was baptized at the age of 31 and going to a Luthran church and was trying my best to be the best person I could be. I was married to an alcoholic and my oldest daughter at age 14 became involved with drugs and alcohol and ended up being expelled from school. Eventually I put her into a program called Straight for teenagers and 2 weeks later my husband checked himself into a rehab. By this time I was frazzled and felt on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I worked full time and still had 2 younger children to take care of.
I couldn't eat or sleep and was totally exhausted.

A good friend of mine just kept telling me God will never give you more then you can handle but I was at my breaking point & knew it. That evening I lay in bed not able to sleep & all the horrors of my life running through my mind. I prayed to God for peace and nothing else. Seconds later a wave of pure relaxation and a deep feeling of peace and security washed over me. I knew that the Holy Spirit had entered that room and myself. I slept like a baby all night and woke up refreshed. I told my friend this story the next day and she confirmed what I already knew. I've never lost that peace to this day. I have had plenty of horrors happen in my family since then because all 3 of my children are drug -addicts and alcoholics. I eventually divorced my husband after 32 years of marriage. He had gotten sober in that treatment center but it didn't last. I pray for my family and go on with my life in peace. I am now raising 2 teenage grandsons by myself as my youngest daughter went to prison for meth related charges. I have never lost the calming effect and a sense of serenity that I felt that night. God the Father, the son and the Holy Ghost are real
Last night I fell asleep and woke up in pain and with a massive panic attack around 4 this morning. Before I tried falling back to sleep, I said a lot of prayers and talked to God and The Lord. I fell back to sleep and when I woke up again my entire body was in a state of bliss and euphoria and in my mind I heard myself say "The euphoria took the pain away." I felt very calm and relaxed. It was soothing beyond words. I believe God was cleansing my spirit. If you're ever in a state of pain or panic or anxiety, pray and talk to The Lord and you will feel better than ever.
Gemma (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
I've had this on my mind for a while now and recently due to some life changes I have decided to share my experience which is kind of similar to your experiences.
Around two months ago I was laying in bed asleep. I was woken up as I felt a constant rush of cool air on my face. I didn't immediately open my eyes. I remembered thinking all the windows in my room where closed. It was March time. I opened my eyes just a little. I could see my partner and our son who was in between us both. From behind my head was this massive bright light so bright I knew I couldn't physically look into it. I kept my eyes almost closed. My son also woke and cried out for his dad and turned away from the light. The wind in the room and the light lasted for quite a long time. When it went I went back to sleep. I was confused by this experience but after reading how similar other people's experiences are to my own I'm now thinking maybe it was an Angel of some type. The timing of the experience would make sense. Part of me wonders if it was for me or my son. I also had a similar experience many years ago when I was in hospital. A nurse walked in and all I could see was a pink beaming light it covered everything in the room and made it pink. I asked the nurse why is everything pink. She looked back at me like I was mad. I then went back off to sleep and when I woke the room was no longer glowing pink.
Geraldine Brown (guest) in Positive In Black
I saw a black angel/man coming out of the clouds. He was dressed in all black. No face hands. Was this a good siteing?
amanda (guest) in My Experience With God
Hi! I know that God is real and He DOES still speak and guide us. I hope that won't be the last time you hear from Him, either! Just know that sometimes, evil forces disguise themselves as "God" speaking to us. So, if what the spirit says does not line up with the revealed, Holy Spirit-preserved Word of God, the Holy Bible, YOU CANNOT TRUST IT. It can lead your life into chaos. I have already written down my spiritual experience, at Hope it blesses you.
OMG 😇 I was telling my self I would love to see my gurdian angel. But when I went to sleep I was n a place like a airport or something big window I can see the sky real good so I was like"I want to see a angel " I was just waiting I had looked there they where... I was so happy then I heard singing so beautiful and harmonies oh my it was two men singing then I started to sing myself because I love singing to God then I saw this baby angle didn't Kno what that mean. It was so amazing 😍😍
Please say a prayer for me to Arch Angel Michael and Jesus. I am possessed by multiple demons, have been through countless exorcisms and can't get delivered. My mind has been taken over and I can no longer pray or believe in Jesus and Michael to get them to help me. It's been three years and I am living in utter torment. I've already been shown in visions that I'm going to hell. I desperately need prayer and a miracle. Please pray that the Lord restores my faith and mind. Thank you.
Kayson (guest) in God's Hand On My Shoulder
Thank you for sharing this testimony. I too am struggling... In fall of 2011 I had a similar experience. I was at a prayer meeting with some folks. At a point; one of the ladies requested prayer. We all formed in a circle and began praying for her. Within minutes I felt a left hand on my left shoulder. I was puzzled, but kept on praying.

In the years following, I went through some very difficult years. My wife divorced me, I lost my job. It's been tough.

Just wanted to share my experience
Guest (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
I had much the sam experience 35 years ago. I experienced an incredible white light that passed straight through me. I could not look at the source of the light but knew I was engulfed by a force much greater than myself. The brilliantly pure white light was the most magnificent thing that I can't even put into words other than the creator. I had no body, and was placed on the left hand side of the source. An instinct told me do not fear for you are with me. Can I just say at this point I was not on earth but somewhere else without a body and without fear and in the presence of can I say, a much greater being. This devine feeling made me not want to ever leave, or awaken. I was told something, I can't recall... All I know is there was no fear of death infact... The weight of life on earth made me want to stay in the light for eternity. I awoke in bed in the early hours feeling shocking... I could not move one arm, and thought I was dying, remebered the experience and fell asleep. I awoke to daylight and still don't understand fully what this experience was, all I know is there's no fear of death if this is what I experienced.
c (guest) in Seeing God's Light
I was in my 20's. My parents broke up, dad left. My mother was crying that night something I never heard before, it was awful extreme pain. I felt her pain and cried in my room, could not stop, then determined to ask God to take away her pain. I sat up (despite wanting to sleep) and told God I would sit up and pray until the end of eternity, if that is what it took. I was stubborn and I prayed over and over, take away her pain, please. There came a light in the absolute darkness of my small room. It came from above and slowly grew, soft white light, brighter and no sound, I will filled with bliss, happiness, lifted and wanted to go with the light. My ego did not exist. There was no self awareness or questioning mind (as is human). It was as if I was basking in this healing light. It was I that slowly let go and laid back into my bed, no tears, completely dry face. It was miraculous. I felt the uplift then the heaviness of life itself afterwards. I understand now that being human is like emotional gravity. A few things, I prayed with clarity of mind, tossed out any intruding thoughts, and had 100% faith I would be answered, if it took me a life to sit up in that bed. God answered.
WUK (guest) in Full Body Vibrations
I'll never forget that night. I'd been going through some really heavy stuff in the months leading up to it. A death in the family, my building being evicted by an unscrupulous landlord, redundancy from my job and on top of that the worst case of unrequited love. It was bad. Really bad. I'd been in such a dark place.

I'd been smoking weed because it provided a temporary escape from the stress. It just allowed me to unplug from the worry and actually sleep at night. This night though was different.

At the time I was living in a horrible little bedsit. There was no heating and I slept in a single bed with a mattress that was too small for the bed frame. Let's put it like this, it's not the kind of place I felt happy to have friends or family visiting. In an odd way though it did for me at the time and I could just about afford it... Even if I was juggling which bills to actually pay each month!

So there was I during the night and I'd been smoking. I wasn't completely smashed. I never liked to get to that stage. Just enough to take the edge off. I'd got so much on my mind, so much weighing me down and life felt hopeless... Even pointless. Depression was a constant. If life were a game, I certainly wasn't winning.

I walked over to the Kitchen area of the bedsit which was basically the space behind the settee and stood facing the fridge. As I stood there I had my hands by my side and closed my eyes.

Instantly I felt a humming sensation through my entire body. It was like I was plugged into the mains but with no pain. In my minds eye suddenly I could see static, like you used to get on TV channels that weren't tuned in. It was just static in my vision and the static turned from Black & White to colour. Suddenly my minds eye was filled with brightly coloured static particles. It looked...well...pretty. I felt like I was frozen to the spot and I had certainly not experienced anything like this before but I wasn't afraid or even worried. It felt nice.

Suddenly an image appeared in front of the static. It was like a picture of one of the things that had been causing me so much stress and depression. Then it's as if an invisible hand pushed the picture out of my field of vision. Imaging a playing card on the table in front of you and you put your hand on it and just swipe it off the table. It was like that. Then another image appeared and once again it was swept away. Suddenly all these things that had been ruling my life were appearing and then being swiped away and with each one going, I felt lighter. It was like each one was a weight on my shoulders and as it was swiped away, that weight was taken away. Finally, a picture of that person. That person who I was so utterly in love with and who didn't feel it back. It appeared and was swept away.

The buzzing faded and I opened my eyes. I stood there wondering what had just happened. I knew that what ever it was, it felt so good that I wanted to get back to it so I closed my eyes again but there was nothing. It was gone.

I went and sat on the Sofa and considered what had just happened. I'd never had anything like that before (or since) but I felt that I had connected with something. As I thought on it and allowed my mind to ruminate on it, I satisfied myself that I had connected with "the source". That's the expression that came to my mind at that moment - The Source. You can call it God or the Universe or whatever you wish but I was satisfied that for just a couple of minutes, I had a direct line in to something above and beyond my own understanding. It was a spiritual thing that had tapped in, stopped me right on the spot and intervened.

You see as I thought back immediately after on all of those images, I realised that they no longer bothered me. Only a few minutes earlier they had been the cause of such pain and now suddenly, I was able to think about them as past. My unrequited love - 2 years at that point of total and utter heartache. Gone, in a couple of minutes.

In the weeks that followed I considered that hey, I was stoned on that night but actually, being completely honest, I was no stranger to being that way and continued to smoke afterwards but never even remotely had anything like that happen again.

My life in 2018 couldn't be more different from that night. It is the polar opposite of what was going on at the time. I haven't smoked for a good few years now. Again, it's part of my past.

What I do know is that whatever that thing was that night, it saved me. I believe it actually saved me.

I'll never forget that night.
This happened to me last night. I swear I'm not crazy and I know what I heard. It lasted from 12:30-12:50 then happened again after 1:30. They weren't speaking English but it sounded so beautiful. I opened the door to my bedroom to see if maybe it was hotel music by it wasn't. It's like it was in my head. I turned the TV down and it was clearly angels. Is that a sign of something? It's unlike anything I've ever heard before.
I had a similar experience, it was late one night and my husband and I had layed down for bed. After a few minutes I heard my husband snoring and groaned because he's very loud and I thought I would have a hard time going to sleep. After a while I began hearing gorgeous music, I have heard choir music from many different Churches. This was more beautiful than anything I have ever heard before or since. It was faint at first. I got up to see if I could figure out where it was coming from. I walked all over my house into each and every room opening closets trying to find this music. I realized it got stronger when I went back to my bed and laid down to try and go to sleep. I began crying because it was so beautiful. I think the angels were singing me to sleep. I would love to experience that again as it was that one time. I could listen to that music forever and I know that one day I will. God bless you! (I was here ) ...~ This time it started in 2014 when I saw '11,11' everywhere and a Dove kept showing up outside on my balcony, At sankt johns day I felt an urgent feeling that I should pray so I did, then my soul suddenly popped out and was begging to come home, A voice behinde me said 'make happy immediately I became very joyful 'Then one night a angel woke me up telling me I had to meet the lord, I flew out of my body from my balcony and saw a shinning stairway, I walked up on a crystal stairway, I was so amazed that I sat down on it for a bit, there was nothing else but the shinning stairs the stars in the sky and me, soon after I heard a voice say ' Sarah Come ' So I raise and continued to the top, there I saw two doors, I chose the one I could hear music from, now I was in space again when he (Jesus) came flying on my right side, we then went to Orions Nebula where he opened up a black hole or a tunnel with somekind of spellword to the three stars on the Nebula trapezium, we went throug it and he told me I will fall apart but he will fix me again, as we approach I saw many glittering colors and music, he said that's inspiration and from God. Then I woke up on his lap as a kid in the New Jerusalem, I was growing up fast, my whole past away family was waiting on a little bridge in front of me, all of them was young again I asked my aunt 'Do you know who this is'? Her answer was 'Yes He is always here'! I had some alonetime with them and we went up in a old mill tower to talk. I remenber there was a big old closet behinde the door and the floor was of red tiles and a little round window in the small room on 1st floor, after awhile Jesus came to get me and he and I went outside in what looked like a courtyard with pillars Jesus and I sat on the the edge of an small fountain and he gave me gifts, toys I had as kid, he laugh highly when I was silly, I looked up in the air there was no sun but still everything shined like a beautiful summerday. On somekind of cloudscreen he showed me my whole life and some of my future. The cloud somehow surrounded me and I was reliving a scene from my life but from another perspective, I saw myself eksemple playing with my brother and sister, when the scene was over the cloud left me and I was still sitting with jesus, and he showed me another scene from my life, at one point I was showen that he was the one that put my soul down in my body the day that I was born, I actuelly was in the hospital watching him kiss my forehead one second before I came to the world. When there my soul didn't care much for my body, I was still me but in my soul it ment much to please and obey him. He also showed me the many times he saved me in life, from car accidents among other stuff, it felt like I was reliving all the scenes again, he then gave me some flesh with his name on, written with blood that I had to eat. He then begain to teach me with words from the Testiment and from the Bible (Moses 1) but in some sort of code, words I had to heal with he said, and names and words was flashing fast on the screen, all the Desiples names and letters from the first page I said 'It is so simple that a child could make it' (It was sooo easy there) He then showed me the stone Symeon Stylites use to seat on and something about the ANKH In the end he showed me myself as about 80 in a nursinghome and that he will come and get me the day that I die, he then gave me eternal life while he did that he draw something on the ground, then he hugged me and a big bright warm light surrounded us and we had go back to my body, on the way back we went close to saturn and walked on clouds... I been there two times now and everything he said came true (At the first experience I was sitting with Jesus looking out on a sunset and a beautiful wheatfield, behinde me there was a large tree with fruits I never seen before and a ladder in the middle of all, later he took me to a throneroom where I saw two chairs in one of them infront of me on my right hand I saw a old man looking exacly like GOD from Micheal Angelos painting of The Creation, behinde me on the wall I saw a big old wooden wheel with red saphires between the spokes, I heard a loud voice said 'Bend' so I did and now Jesus was sitting in the other chair he told me that I had to save a girl from doing drugs, I met her and manage to convinced her, she is now working for the Governent... (everything above was going on telepathically) . I also been filled with the Holy Spirit, for five days I was full of pure joy, infact I never felt more happy in my life, I was glowing for five days and I had a Crystal Skull on my ceiling and the Dove keept showing up, I saw tall blue/grayish men flying up and down everytime I heard an ambulance in my town. In the air I saw energies, purple /turquoise colors drops like rain coming towards at us all the time. We spoke telepatically and I saw everything clearly... The first time I was there I was 14 and he said I will come and visit him again in 25years and that did happend. Everything he said did come true! He also showed me that i/we can relay on the New Testement and he said the next four years is going to be hard for me (he was soo right about that) but when the four years is over the things he learned me will take place and that is this year 2018 in a couple of months:) . He also showed me that he will come and get me again when I'm in the eities and living in a nursinghome and he showed me that scene from the future and the day that I will die... Everything above is 100% true He had sandals on and a light blue robe, except when he took that car for me then I saw he had a deep red robe on, his beard was kind of old at the throat (like a hammercut) but the rest was very modern and beautiful, his hair was big and long to the shoulders and amazingly beautiful, at one point I asked him if I could see his hands and I could clearly see that many years ago there was holes in them, the marks of big old nails but the holes was now closet up... The eyes was blue as I recall it;)) after that one evening I was wathcing television I closed my eyes for a second and saw the old man sitting beside jesus in heaven came flying right towards me, right before he 'hit' me I opened my eyes, then soon after I begain to feel empty, hard, without feelings, I can't cry, I just feel soulless and carefree, I miss having sympathy I even miss crying but I simply just cant, like I don't care about anything, its awfull, I try to pray but I can't consentrate I even curse in my thoughts when I try, so odd because I used to be pretty sensetive and had a lot of tears and feelings now I'm just a hard bit*h, I wonder that maybe I'm in the Dark night of my soul, its a kind of dryness where you feel you lost God, hope that's what it is, some kind of learning experience... As younger (22years old) I had a sleep paralysis experinece felt like something evil was reaping me and said nasty pervert words, then I thought - When will God come and rescue me, and just when I thought that I heard a bell, like a churchbell and something came and took it away... SORRY MY POOR ENGLISH. Sarahmuller4800 [at] By the way... A woman called Kirsten mørch Nielsen from Denmark had a similar jesus experience like mine see painted him see the picture here
Perfect (guest) in My Black Guardian Angel
Not everything black or dark means bad or negative,that's just basically what we're taught to distract you from the truth and Poison our minds... In fact good and evil come in white black light dark and have many different faces... Seems like he's protecting or is a friend of someone that was close to you or your family when you were a child... Better yet maybe something happened n he wants your sister to help figure it out... But he's definitely connected to you some how.
BO (guest) in Spiritual Warfare
Now David is in prison in Amarillo, Texas for drugs. He is still playing the same games but I hope he will get real with GOD.

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