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amanda (guest) in My Experience With God
Hi! I know that God is real and He DOES still speak and guide us. I hope that won't be the last time you hear from Him, either! Just know that sometimes, evil forces disguise themselves as "God" speaking to us. So, if what the spirit says does not line up with the revealed, Holy Spirit-preserved Word of God, the Holy Bible, YOU CANNOT TRUST IT. It can lead your life into chaos. I have already written down my spiritual experience, at Hope it blesses you.
OMG ๐Ÿ˜‡ I was telling my self I would love to see my gurdian angel. But when I went to sleep I was n a place like a airport or something big window I can see the sky real good so I was like"I want to see a angel " I was just waiting I had looked there they where... I was so happy then I heard singing so beautiful and harmonies oh my it was two men singing then I started to sing myself because I love singing to God then I saw this baby angle didn't Kno what that mean. It was so amazing ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Please say a prayer for me to Arch Angel Michael and Jesus. I am possessed by multiple demons, have been through countless exorcisms and can't get delivered. My mind has been taken over and I can no longer pray or believe in Jesus and Michael to get them to help me. It's been three years and I am living in utter torment. I've already been shown in visions that I'm going to hell. I desperately need prayer and a miracle. Please pray that the Lord restores my faith and mind. Thank you.
Kayson (guest) in God's Hand On My Shoulder
Thank you for sharing this testimony. I too am struggling... In fall of 2011 I had a similar experience. I was at a prayer meeting with some folks. At a point; one of the ladies requested prayer. We all formed in a circle and began praying for her. Within minutes I felt a left hand on my left shoulder. I was puzzled, but kept on praying.

In the years following, I went through some very difficult years. My wife divorced me, I lost my job. It's been tough.

Just wanted to share my experience
Guest (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
I had much the sam experience 35 years ago. I experienced an incredible white light that passed straight through me. I could not look at the source of the light but knew I was engulfed by a force much greater than myself. The brilliantly pure white light was the most magnificent thing that I can't even put into words other than the creator. I had no body, and was placed on the left hand side of the source. An instinct told me do not fear for you are with me. Can I just say at this point I was not on earth but somewhere else without a body and without fear and in the presence of can I say, a much greater being. This devine feeling made me not want to ever leave, or awaken. I was told something, I can't recall... All I know is there was no fear of death infact... The weight of life on earth made me want to stay in the light for eternity. I awoke in bed in the early hours feeling shocking... I could not move one arm, and thought I was dying, remebered the experience and fell asleep. I awoke to daylight and still don't understand fully what this experience was, all I know is there's no fear of death if this is what I experienced.
c (guest) in Seeing God's Light
I was in my 20's. My parents broke up, dad left. My mother was crying that night something I never heard before, it was awful extreme pain. I felt her pain and cried in my room, could not stop, then determined to ask God to take away her pain. I sat up (despite wanting to sleep) and told God I would sit up and pray until the end of eternity, if that is what it took. I was stubborn and I prayed over and over, take away her pain, please. There came a light in the absolute darkness of my small room. It came from above and slowly grew, soft white light, brighter and no sound, I will filled with bliss, happiness, lifted and wanted to go with the light. My ego did not exist. There was no self awareness or questioning mind (as is human). It was as if I was basking in this healing light. It was I that slowly let go and laid back into my bed, no tears, completely dry face. It was miraculous. I felt the uplift then the heaviness of life itself afterwards. I understand now that being human is like emotional gravity. A few things, I prayed with clarity of mind, tossed out any intruding thoughts, and had 100% faith I would be answered, if it took me a life to sit up in that bed. God answered.
WUK (guest) in Full Body Vibrations
I'll never forget that night. I'd been going through some really heavy stuff in the months leading up to it. A death in the family, my building being evicted by an unscrupulous landlord, redundancy from my job and on top of that the worst case of unrequited love. It was bad. Really bad. I'd been in such a dark place.

I'd been smoking weed because it provided a temporary escape from the stress. It just allowed me to unplug from the worry and actually sleep at night. This night though was different.

At the time I was living in a horrible little bedsit. There was no heating and I slept in a single bed with a mattress that was too small for the bed frame. Let's put it like this, it's not the kind of place I felt happy to have friends or family visiting. In an odd way though it did for me at the time and I could just about afford it... Even if I was juggling which bills to actually pay each month!

So there was I during the night and I'd been smoking. I wasn't completely smashed. I never liked to get to that stage. Just enough to take the edge off. I'd got so much on my mind, so much weighing me down and life felt hopeless... Even pointless. Depression was a constant. If life were a game, I certainly wasn't winning.

I walked over to the Kitchen area of the bedsit which was basically the space behind the settee and stood facing the fridge. As I stood there I had my hands by my side and closed my eyes.

Instantly I felt a humming sensation through my entire body. It was like I was plugged into the mains but with no pain. In my minds eye suddenly I could see static, like you used to get on TV channels that weren't tuned in. It was just static in my vision and the static turned from Black & White to colour. Suddenly my minds eye was filled with brightly coloured static particles. It looked...well...pretty. I felt like I was frozen to the spot and I had certainly not experienced anything like this before but I wasn't afraid or even worried. It felt nice.

Suddenly an image appeared in front of the static. It was like a picture of one of the things that had been causing me so much stress and depression. Then it's as if an invisible hand pushed the picture out of my field of vision. Imaging a playing card on the table in front of you and you put your hand on it and just swipe it off the table. It was like that. Then another image appeared and once again it was swept away. Suddenly all these things that had been ruling my life were appearing and then being swiped away and with each one going, I felt lighter. It was like each one was a weight on my shoulders and as it was swiped away, that weight was taken away. Finally, a picture of that person. That person who I was so utterly in love with and who didn't feel it back. It appeared and was swept away.

The buzzing faded and I opened my eyes. I stood there wondering what had just happened. I knew that what ever it was, it felt so good that I wanted to get back to it so I closed my eyes again but there was nothing. It was gone.

I went and sat on the Sofa and considered what had just happened. I'd never had anything like that before (or since) but I felt that I had connected with something. As I thought on it and allowed my mind to ruminate on it, I satisfied myself that I had connected with "the source". That's the expression that came to my mind at that moment - The Source. You can call it God or the Universe or whatever you wish but I was satisfied that for just a couple of minutes, I had a direct line in to something above and beyond my own understanding. It was a spiritual thing that had tapped in, stopped me right on the spot and intervened.

You see as I thought back immediately after on all of those images, I realised that they no longer bothered me. Only a few minutes earlier they had been the cause of such pain and now suddenly, I was able to think about them as past. My unrequited love - 2 years at that point of total and utter heartache. Gone, in a couple of minutes.

In the weeks that followed I considered that hey, I was stoned on that night but actually, being completely honest, I was no stranger to being that way and continued to smoke afterwards but never even remotely had anything like that happen again.

My life in 2018 couldn't be more different from that night. It is the polar opposite of what was going on at the time. I haven't smoked for a good few years now. Again, it's part of my past.

What I do know is that whatever that thing was that night, it saved me. I believe it actually saved me.

I'll never forget that night.
This happened to me last night. I swear I'm not crazy and I know what I heard. It lasted from 12:30-12:50 then happened again after 1:30. They weren't speaking English but it sounded so beautiful. I opened the door to my bedroom to see if maybe it was hotel music by it wasn't. It's like it was in my head. I turned the TV down and it was clearly angels. Is that a sign of something? It's unlike anything I've ever heard before.
I had a similar experience, it was late one night and my husband and I had layed down for bed. After a few minutes I heard my husband snoring and groaned because he's very loud and I thought I would have a hard time going to sleep. After a while I began hearing gorgeous music, I have heard choir music from many different Churches. This was more beautiful than anything I have ever heard before or since. It was faint at first. I got up to see if I could figure out where it was coming from. I walked all over my house into each and every room opening closets trying to find this music. I realized it got stronger when I went back to my bed and laid down to try and go to sleep. I began crying because it was so beautiful. I think the angels were singing me to sleep. I would love to experience that again as it was that one time. I could listen to that music forever and I know that one day I will. God bless you! (I was here ) ...~ This time it started in 2014 when I saw '11,11' everywhere and a Dove kept showing up outside on my balcony, At sankt johns day I felt an urgent feeling that I should pray so I did, then my soul suddenly popped out and was begging to come home, A voice behinde me said 'make happy immediately I became very joyful 'Then one night a angel woke me up telling me I had to meet the lord, I flew out of my body from my balcony and saw a shinning stairway, I walked up on a crystal stairway, I was so amazed that I sat down on it for a bit, there was nothing else but the shinning stairs the stars in the sky and me, soon after I heard a voice say ' Sarah Come ' So I raise and continued to the top, there I saw two doors, I chose the one I could hear music from, now I was in space again when he (Jesus) came flying on my right side, we then went to Orions Nebula where he opened up a black hole or a tunnel with somekind of spellword to the three stars on the Nebula trapezium, we went throug it and he told me I will fall apart but he will fix me again, as we approach I saw many glittering colors and music, he said that's inspiration and from God. Then I woke up on his lap as a kid in the New Jerusalem, I was growing up fast, my whole past away family was waiting on a little bridge in front of me, all of them was young again I asked my aunt 'Do you know who this is'? Her answer was 'Yes He is always here'! I had some alonetime with them and we went up in a old mill tower to talk. I remenber there was a big old closet behinde the door and the floor was of red tiles and a little round window in the small room on 1st floor, after awhile Jesus came to get me and he and I went outside in what looked like a courtyard with pillars Jesus and I sat on the the edge of an small fountain and he gave me gifts, toys I had as kid, he laugh highly when I was silly, I looked up in the air there was no sun but still everything shined like a beautiful summerday. On somekind of cloudscreen he showed me my whole life and some of my future. The cloud somehow surrounded me and I was reliving a scene from my life but from another perspective, I saw myself eksemple playing with my brother and sister, when the scene was over the cloud left me and I was still sitting with jesus, and he showed me another scene from my life, at one point I was showen that he was the one that put my soul down in my body the day that I was born, I actuelly was in the hospital watching him kiss my forehead one second before I came to the world. When there my soul didn't care much for my body, I was still me but in my soul it ment much to please and obey him. He also showed me the many times he saved me in life, from car accidents among other stuff, it felt like I was reliving all the scenes again, he then gave me some flesh with his name on, written with blood that I had to eat. He then begain to teach me with words from the Testiment and from the Bible (Moses 1) but in some sort of code, words I had to heal with he said, and names and words was flashing fast on the screen, all the Desiples names and letters from the first page I said 'It is so simple that a child could make it' (It was sooo easy there) He then showed me the stone Symeon Stylites use to seat on and something about the ANKH In the end he showed me myself as about 80 in a nursinghome and that he will come and get me the day that I die, he then gave me eternal life while he did that he draw something on the ground, then he hugged me and a big bright warm light surrounded us and we had go back to my body, on the way back we went close to saturn and walked on clouds... I been there two times now and everything he said came true (At the first experience I was sitting with Jesus looking out on a sunset and a beautiful wheatfield, behinde me there was a large tree with fruits I never seen before and a ladder in the middle of all, later he took me to a throneroom where I saw two chairs in one of them infront of me on my right hand I saw a old man looking exacly like GOD from Micheal Angelos painting of The Creation, behinde me on the wall I saw a big old wooden wheel with red saphires between the spokes, I heard a loud voice said 'Bend' so I did and now Jesus was sitting in the other chair he told me that I had to save a girl from doing drugs, I met her and manage to convinced her, she is now working for the Governent... (everything above was going on telepathically) . I also been filled with the Holy Spirit, for five days I was full of pure joy, infact I never felt more happy in my life, I was glowing for five days and I had a Crystal Skull on my ceiling and the Dove keept showing up, I saw tall blue/grayish men flying up and down everytime I heard an ambulance in my town. In the air I saw energies, purple /turquoise colors drops like rain coming towards at us all the time. We spoke telepatically and I saw everything clearly... The first time I was there I was 14 and he said I will come and visit him again in 25years and that did happend. Everything he said did come true! He also showed me that i/we can relay on the New Testement and he said the next four years is going to be hard for me (he was soo right about that) but when the four years is over the things he learned me will take place and that is this year 2018 in a couple of months:) . He also showed me that he will come and get me again when I'm in the eities and living in a nursinghome and he showed me that scene from the future and the day that I will die... Everything above is 100% true He had sandals on and a light blue robe, except when he took that car for me then I saw he had a deep red robe on, his beard was kind of old at the throat (like a hammercut) but the rest was very modern and beautiful, his hair was big and long to the shoulders and amazingly beautiful, at one point I asked him if I could see his hands and I could clearly see that many years ago there was holes in them, the marks of big old nails but the holes was now closet up... The eyes was blue as I recall it;)) after that one evening I was wathcing television I closed my eyes for a second and saw the old man sitting beside jesus in heaven came flying right towards me, right before he 'hit' me I opened my eyes, then soon after I begain to feel empty, hard, without feelings, I can't cry, I just feel soulless and carefree, I miss having sympathy I even miss crying but I simply just cant, like I don't care about anything, its awfull, I try to pray but I can't consentrate I even curse in my thoughts when I try, so odd because I used to be pretty sensetive and had a lot of tears and feelings now I'm just a hard bit*h, I wonder that maybe I'm in the Dark night of my soul, its a kind of dryness where you feel you lost God, hope that's what it is, some kind of learning experience... As younger (22years old) I had a sleep paralysis experinece felt like something evil was reaping me and said nasty pervert words, then I thought - When will God come and rescue me, and just when I thought that I heard a bell, like a churchbell and something came and took it away... SORRY MY POOR ENGLISH. Sarahmuller4800 [at] By the way... A woman called Kirsten mรธrch Nielsen from Denmark had a similar jesus experience like mine see painted him see the picture here
Perfect (guest) in My Black Guardian Angel
Not everything black or dark means bad or negative,that's just basically what we're taught to distract you from the truth and Poison our minds... In fact good and evil come in white black light dark and have many different faces... Seems like he's protecting or is a friend of someone that was close to you or your family when you were a child... Better yet maybe something happened n he wants your sister to help figure it out... But he's definitely connected to you some how.
BO (guest) in Spiritual Warfare
Now David is in prison in Amarillo, Texas for drugs. He is still playing the same games but I hope he will get real with GOD.
About 2,months ago I experience a demon in my room. Actually you seen a friend of us I have been seeing things I thought it was a ghost I really didn't pay a lot of attention until one night our friend aS in Muslim and I said to him "what e e you doing I my room" he said "I'm watching you sleep. I laughed and I told him if my husband wakes up he is going to do something you better leave. So he left and after that day he started feeling but I couldn't see him he was like transparent. He would come every day to see us. I told him I know what you are You Are A Demon he said yes, I wasn't suppose to have reveL to you since that day he is in my room I see him everyday he changes and into an ugly like scorpion and he watches me everyday he dId I need to die to be with him to be with him eternally. Now I don't know if this true or not. I feel like I'm going crazy I never believed in bad this I never thought bout person being evil. Email me at enriquezruth881 [at]
I am reading this 2018 and I'm appalled when I read the comments below stating that you brought this on by unconfessed sin, or you didn't have the spirit of Christ etc. This is BS. I hear you, I've experienced exactly the same thing, only they enter me even when I am awake and quietly. It has been going on for 9 years, started one night when I asked for help from a healer to deal with my lifelong depression that I'd had since childhood. Prior to that I had never experienced anything paranormal and didn't even believe in that stuff. Anyway, that night I felt something enter my mouth, and since then I've noticed that more of them entered me especially when I was asleep.
I wad freaked out, told myself that I must be insane and needed to have my head examined, but the doctors only explanation was that I was suffering from an anxiety attack. To make a long story short, it took me years to acknowledge what was going on with me, I preferred some scientific or medical explanation rather than this kind of woo woo stuff, but it's real. Spirits are real, don't blame yourself, don't be hard on yourself. Sometimes there are things we do that can open portals for spirits to enter us and mess with us. The most important thing is - DO NOT FEAR THEM. Because if they are evil spirits, which in your case the may not have necessarily been, they'll feed off of your fear, guilt, worry anxiety any negetive emotion. It's been years since you posted so I hope things worked out for you. Thank you for sharing your story, it's comforting to know that I'm not the only one experiencing this.
Blessings and good luck to you
Fernando (guest) in Golden Orb Or Angel
The other Day from the corner of my eye I got to see an all gold color Angel with curly long hair... Right When He Seen That I Saw Him He Poofed Away But Was Surprised That I Saw Him... Any Inf on this... I was awake thow?
Linda B.. (guest) in My Black Guardian Angel
I still thought about this what I saw while I lay as float in the pool and I keep looked the sky and cloud move so I saw first one is came out the cloud like black angel flew around the cloud then went back in the cloud then few minutes later saw them again same place 2 humans black angels... It bother me are they good human angels from the sky? Are they trying protect me or what... It still won't forgot them they are still in my mind and looking forward to see them... Also I believe in them spirit too
Yiling1985 (guest) in Meditation And Spirits
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Ugwueze Christian (guest) in My Foot Washing Dream and False Prophets
Thanks for all this interpretation, it has really helped me out here. I had a similar dream last night where my foot is being washed. Please my brethren pray for me and God bless you all.
This is beautiful... WOW! And just what I needed, thank you! Couldn't say it any better... You are a bright light and a blessing, thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š
Hi! I'm new to this site. I have to admit that I cried while reading your second experience because I literally had the exact experience except I was 10 years old when it happened. As soon as the pastor touched my head I felt a powerful surge of energy flow through my body and I began to cry uncontrollable. A beautiful experience that I will never forget. I have had experiences since then but it is amazing how similar our stories are!
It happens to my weekly but 2days ago it was worse. My wife witness it as I could move but only talk to her as tears rolled out my eyes. When it happens all I do and want to do is talk to God through prayer. I thought I was dying. Can some please help or at least explain. I'm from South Africa email palmerbencalvin [at]
Kane (guest) in Changing Faces
I've had this exact experience with my lover. I've seen hundreds of faces replace hers as she has mine Hers were all female and of all different ethnicities even an elf. Since this started we have grown stronger spiritually even being able to communicate with out words to an extent and the ability to achieve the almost impossible. Its taught me to fully experience and enjoy the present, things come and go but the true magic is the fact we are all connected and the universe will provide what/who we need to grow toward the one true purpose of our soul enlightenment.

Love, Honour and Integrity
Like soldiers coming from a past tense moving forward through a murky marsh, flailing crawling with one intent one mission the unity of one cause.
Or Angels from the future tense showing us paths of opportunity the ability of blind faith.
Or souls walking right now in the present followed by the intent the presence of the past and future tense. Taking on this journey the yearning of unity of blind faith the one true key to finding peace amongst humanity the knowledge of non-conformity to create community the true essence of non-duality.
My strengths are your weakness as yours are mine the one true bond transgressing the illusion of time moving beyond thinking there's a difference between your soul and mine creating power amongst the powerless a reason to transgress the decision of ego to guide humanity toward a new hope...
Kayne Paikea
Ibelieveonangels in Fluttering Angel
I saw an angel today very bright at the sky the color is red and very bright today pass 3am. I am living here in Quezon City Philippines. Praise God Almighy. Pls Forgive my sins I have video now. I am crying now. I asked God The Father" God if u saw an angel today I will change myself. I decided to lock the door after staring at the sky for 46minutes then I open it again I saw an angel Very bright it is color red shining. It is Seraphim I think. God Almighty is not choosing who can see angels even you are very sinful or not. If u really have sincerity in youre heart to change youre bad sinful life He will guide you and show us He love us Lord now I Believe on You. Praise God Almighty whoem create all of us. Holy Holy Holy Amen
Your story is living testimony of what being born again really is
The feeling you felt was the Holy Spirit entering you and living inside of you- we have to willing give ourselves to God- give him permission- he will never force himself. We are all on a journey and all life experiences will eventually lead to him where 'give it over' and realise Man does not know only God
The number for Man is 6 (Satan 666) reoccurring- it will never be 7. 7 is God competition

You are now Gods Son- you have been enlightened and you will truely go to heaven. If you start reading the bible you will discover it will actually make sense now! And then you spiritual gifts will come. This actually the beginning of your journey not the end
Few people get to this point - Thank God- you are truely blessed
It happened to me at various times and quite a few times when I was in college. I remember sitting in a carrel at times and like my spirit would just float up and I could see everyone in the carrels around me and hear their conversations. It was never scary for me. Once I decided to see if the people were actually in the other carrels and having the conversations I heard so I checked it out and it was true. It happened in cars a couple of times also. I haven't had the experience again since college though. I used to see a "ghost" growing up also that no one else ever saw. My cousin tells me it was my guardian angel.
Samone (guest) in Full Body Vibrations
My name is Samone and I have had the most crazy vibrational feeling just now. I've always felt a connection with music since I was a child. I'm 26 and I've been singing for years. Last year I started meditating and practicing my chakras. I would lay down and relax as I breathed in and out. I'd imagine each chakra opening up like a flower and twisting its energy in a circular motion. After energizing all seven chakras, I would feel this beam of energy and vibration surround my body. I would allow it to numb my body as it was painless and comforting. Well tonight I decided to listen to music and sing. I like to feel the vibration from my vocals. I have had a couple experiences where I was singing and became numb in the face and feeling dizzy. Usually it goes away but tonight it didn't. I recently found out I had thyroid disease and wanted to see if I could trust myself and connect with my body through my vibrational vocals. I wanted to understand what my body was going through and become healthy again. At first it was like usual. I was singing and feeling that vibrational drift over my chakras, hands, and face. I was comfortable and happy with a high dizzy feeling. Lol I felt my chakras opening while the energy beamed around me. It felt like an aura around my body. Perhaps it was just energy or both. I used to feel lots of tingling vibrations in the middle of class because I would meditate so much. But as I was sitting down and singing, the vibration became so fast and strong throughout my whole body that I became paralyzed in bed. Again painless but it was very scary. I could feel the energy and vibration attach it's self to me. I could speak and move but lucidly. It felt like my soul was going to detach from my body as I was about to passout. I controlled my breathing and tried to suppress the vibration. I imagined how the vibration had no control over my body so I could loose the paralyzed feeling. I was scared and terrified. I always wanted to astral project and connect with my higher self but I didn't like this feeling. I felt like I was dying even though I knew I wasn't but for all I knew my soul was ready and my mind wasn't. After 20 minutes of this, I decided to move my hands and arms a lot to try to throw the vibrational energy off my body. I did this by jumping for 10 minutes and moving my hands and arms a lot. Almost like I was shaking the energy off of me. I was amazed at how I could control this as It was suppressing the vibration. I kept moving my hands and arms around like I was pushing the wind or energy away from me. Kinda like when you do yoga and you lift your hands up to breath and lay them back down to your sides. I did this several times with a pattern. Focusing on my breathing and imagining the vibration leaving. It started to suppress as I kept throwing my hands around and shaking the energy away. It finally left and I feel so damn relieved now. I remember at one point I was freaking out and wanted to grab my roommate. I knew he wouldn't be able to feel the vibration coming out of my chest and he would think I was going crazy. I thought I had swallowed or touched something that was vibrating. Lol I swear! Its like feeling your pulse a million times along with vibration and energy. It's crazy and out of this world! Anyways, I hope that I can find someone to talk too and learn how to control this a little more so I can become more comfortable with this spiritual feeling. It's super scarey and I didn't like feeling paralyzed and helpless in bed. I feel energized lol and really exhausted.
Person (guest) in Ability Of Discernment
This usually happens to people with the gift of prophecy. Praying about it is the right move. God will teach you all you need to know.
Angela Arrington (guest) in I Saw God In The Clouds In Arkansas
One year ago I saw beautiful amazing clouds after a storm had clear hours later and just pictures of the beautiful sky like I normally do. So my face is not for pictures before it disappeared. It was God holding a baby. Clearest day and that has been the most meaningful moment in my life I choose to know him better and make him a huge priority. A couple weeks ago one or Friday at 1:37 I saw Jesus face. I had to do a double take and luckily I took a couple photos. I've showed them to friends and I don't see what I see... I saw more stuff after that. I have mask later I saw for mom in the clouds then Angel and then old man. He's peeking through the clouds. The last picture I got was picking my daughter up from school at 1:56 PM. Jesus face as clear as day with two men around him. Don't know where they could be but it was inspirational and turning point as I showed my daughter at 3 PM we prayed Together that day and thanked him for everything he's done and he guidance he gave and the sacrifice of persons.
allgood (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
when I was going through a troubling situation in my life many years ago I was sleeping on my back awakened by the sound of an engine like noise. I looked directly in front and I saw 2 figures made of dots of light, one was a 3D circle of dots of light and the other was a 3D figure of a miniature man made of dots of light. The man bent over to touch my head. I was very scared and when they sensed my fright they left. This has never happened again and I was not dreaming. I am currently going through a difficult situation and felt pressure on the back of my seat in the car one night. I got scared thinking someone was hiding in the back seat. This has happened on several occasions. Once I realized the force may be spiritual it stopped happening. Anyone else have experiences like this? Anyone have ideas about what this means? Are there any psychics out there?
Search for the real Truth (guest) in First Enlightenment Experience
Jesus loves you all and desires a personal relationship with you. Just ask Him and He will reveal Himself to you.
Am I just dreaming?, because I was sleeping in my room but I feel like I stand up and feeling so light, like floating and I even walk and reach the door of my room but before I get out of my room, something pulled me and just like that I am in my bed lying it happened 3 times that night. It creepy because when I am snapped back into bed I am in the same position like I didn't move
Cecilia (guest) in Saw My Soul Leaving My Body
I am on this page because I had a similar experience today. In my case, I saw myself in our village house where my parents currently live. But in the dream/trance, no one was in that house. I didn't know where they all went to. Then l left the sitting room and went into my parent's room. As I entered their room, I saw two big beds and I was disturbed why there were two big beds next to each other in their room. I decided to return back to the sitting room. As I made my way back to the sitting room, I saw my body standing there at the center of the sitting room with my head bent down. I was frightened by what I saw. I moved over and touched my body but it did not respond. There was no life to it. Something now told me inside that I was dying. At the tought of that, I started crying and praying to God at the same time begging him to forgive my sins and spare my life. I told God I didn't want to die now. I remembered that I had money in the bank which no one new about and this became even more disturbing to me in the dream. I then decided to force my body with my spirit. I grabbed my body and held it so tight hoping that the two bodies will merge. Then suddenly the bodies merged. I was happy in the dream to see that I was able to merge my two bodies. As I turned around still in the dream, I saw some little children playing at the door of my parent's house... I called out to them but no one was able to hear or see me. I went over to touch them but I could not touch them. They were more like images I could not touch or hold. I started getting worried again... Feeling I was still dead. I started praying in different tongues to God... Also still praying and telling God that I don't want to die now and asking him to wake me up. Then I felt something within me saying I need to wake up from sleep. Suddenly I woke up from sleep and realised I was dreaming or something I can not explain.
As I got up, I looked at the clock... It was 5: 05am exactly.
I am really disturb with this experience
Can someone tell me what this means?
X3 Your gift is soo cool, your are able to see demons and angels BUT remember to test them if they are from God. At least you have a gift that most people can't have. God knows why he gave you that gift, he gives things we can handle even when it seems like we can't handle it, HE HAS HIS REASONS WHY HE DOES THINGS. No matter what trust god and when your scared remember god would never abandon you, plus he is powerful after all. The devil is just a cast out angel that manipulates you into thinking that he is all that, he's not. UNLESS you let him think he is. Just saying be brave, even if you have to take baby steps, you will be able to do so much more with your beautiful gift.
I have had this feeling twice in one night but never since. This happened about 2 years ago. My body and me had been asleep for 4+hours when one of my children in the next room began shouting for daddy, my husband next to me got up and went to her. My body was still in same position asleep in the bed but I was awake with my eyes shut. I could hear their conversation and later related it to him to confirm. Then I felt a black pressure pushing me down which was very scary! Next minute I was raising up out of my body. Like a force was just lifting me horizontally up out of it. I didn't dare open my eyes first time and felt the same force gradually put me back. Next time I regretted not opening my eyes because I wanted to know if it was a brain thing or an actual o.b.e thing. Second time I sunk down in blackness and found myself being lifted out of my body I counted to three in my mind and opened my eyes and my perspective was from the ceiling looking at tops of the wardrobe. I panicked and closed my eyes feeling the push back into my body again.
HopeFaithLove26 (guest) in Brilliant White Light
I just want to share my son & I's story. My son & I shared bed, since my husband passed away I was scared to sleep by myself & my son sneaked inside my room, so I let him sleep beside me. One time in the middle of the night, I was about to sleep with my eyes closed, suddenly, my son woke me up & asked me what's the bright light across our bed on the ceiling on top of our door. We were so scared that we just hugged & faced each other while staring at the bright light that we've never ever seen before, as if the light has life. The longer I stared at the light I felt peace & calm within me. It stayed for couple minutes. When it was gone, I told my son that it was probably his Dad or angel or Jesus himself visiting us. My son & I will never forget this shared experience we had. After couple days, I saw the bright light again. I really believe, we never walked alone on this earth. God is always with us no matter what we've been through... And that we're all connected to our Source!
This happen to me too. A lot of times. My first was, since I have wild imaginations when it happened to me, even I didn't see anything I always imagine that creepy black woman form with wings took my soul (not an angel). I couldn't move at all, all I did was pray to stop. It was scary, it doesn't feel like a dream at all. All I hear was her wings flapping really fast like it vibrates so loud. It scared me. As I woke up I kept thinking about last night, because it felt really real and it was not just a bad dream. When told my friend about it he said "maybe its about astral projection". Then I search about it. Since I didn't really see the monster my eyes was close it was just an imagination. Turns out it was just my body vibrating really loud not her wings. That's when I realize my soul should have come out if I didn't stop it. This happen to me a lot of times with different imaginations couldn't seem to continue it.
About 20 years ago I went into a very deep meditation. I had just hurt my hip pretty bad at work, so I was trying to do a healing meditation. Soon after deeply relaxing I realized I was moving upward in some kind of tunnel. I could feel an entity next to me, it made me feel safe. I never turned to look at it, I just watched the walls of this tunnel. They looked the way a stream looks as it travels downhill, frozen nearly solid, in the wintertime. White waves of frozen water, yet it was fluid. Don't understand what I saw, but that is what it looked like. Quickly we were at the top where a white white illumination was. Suddenly it seemed like we were standing on a cloud in the sky. In the distance was a rectangular building. Instantly we were at it's double doors. Then we were standing inside the building, really in a blink of an eye these things happened. Once inside I could see hundreds of short black hooded beings/entities, standing in line bordering the walls, holding hands, two by two. Instantly, we were at the opposite caddy corner side of the building where two more double doors opened. Again I saw these beings, two by two, in a line, meandering across the sky for as long as I could see. Through telepathy the being next to me said they were all here watching over ME! Then he continued to take me on the journey he had planned for me. When I returned to my body I couldn't understand how they could ALL be there watching over me. After some time I realized they couldn't be there just watching over me, they had to be there watching over all humans...
About four years ago I saw another one of these hooded beings. Up until this time I would have told you I have never seen a ghost, now I'm not so sure. I came home at night, it was a very dark night. As I approached my fence to open it I noticed someone in a black hoodie approaching from the inside of the fence. I thought it was my son wearing his black hoodie so I yelled his name. Next that black hooded being went right through the fence and down the side of my car and disappeared. Three days later my husband suddenly passed away. I was in denial for quite some time after his death. Just couldn't believe he was gone, so young, and so suddenly. The one thing that comforted me was seeing that black hooded being. I am sure it came to set things in motion for him to die. I don't know why he came and got him, but he did. So it must have been his time and his way. So Alex sounds like you met one of these watchers. Quite a gift I believe. I also believe they have been watching over me (us) my whole life. I too do not affiliate with any one particular religion, yet I have always been spiritual. Never understood this meditation session fully, yet I am so happy to finally find others who have had similar experiences.
what was the surrounding area like? A void?, forest?
Did the hooded finger touch you?
JayIsThere (guest) in Black-hooded Entity In OBE
The hooded sightings really vary depending on the being. The hooded figures are better than demons and loose fallen angels but they all come from some fallen ascension though in my own visions of seeing these things some of them live by the laws of "God".

The world of OBE entities can vary, some mean well more than others. If you ever see a glowing blue ghost like figure with the classic hole train light eyes and a little circle mouth, be afraid those are the most aggressive of entities next to spider demon, parasitic things...
I can't tell you how relieved I am to have stumbled across this! My experience occurred in 2006 when I was going through a tough time and was desperately trying to read the Bible and find some solace. I was desperate for comfort. I was so Impacted by this experience that it changed my view of God and made me a true believer. I always believed and had been baptized three years earlier, but for me, this was absolute proof of God. I was asleep face down and suddenly felt this freezing cold air and could tell there was intense light even through closed eyes. I was very excited feeling and thinking over and over "God is here, God is here!" And I heard this high pitched music that I can't really describe. It wasn't beautiful singing but just high and loud. Suddenly I felt intense pressure on my back at the top of my spine, almost like someone was pulling me out of my body. It was a bit painful from my recollection. Then suddenly the pain was gone, the cold and high pitched music was gone and I was looking around at other people of various ages and sexes that appeared to be floating around a circular type orbit. It was very quick and I was feeling the need to respond to something, I'm not sure what but I said "I'm praying for the Smiths" my old bosses at the time. The next thing I knew I was slammed back into my body in bed and face down as before, and still unable to move. Then I felt the cold air again and a sprinkling of water on my back. I've been told by other Chrisyians that my soul was being blessed. This was around the time when I saw the digital phone at work read "good" and then "evil". It was the height of a time of my search for meaning in God that these things started. I've had other dreams that felt like negative attacks but I always find my subconscious is praying for me and repeating over and over "Jesus is my Lord and personal Savior" over and over. (At the time that was not even something I would say!) I'm scared and in some type of sleep paralysis at those times but get a sense I'll be okay when the praying starts. I also noted that since I divorced my ex husband and his sinful ways and sold that house, no more dreams of black mists or being unable to scream, etc have occurred. I've had other events happen and truly feel I notice and see more than others. I've had premonitions come true and dreams of deceased loved ones with messages that are unexplainable and relevant. I'm fascinated by this now and have always wondered about that night 12 years ago. I knew it happened but when everyone looks at you like you're crazy, you almost start to tgink that they're right! Thanks again for sharing!

Dear Souls.
Greetings.Nice to read your experiences. I understand you all been blessed by the cosmic consciousness and deserve to ascend higher in all aspects of your current life. I suggest please do not ignore the message you received by the cosmos. Undertake further of your journey looking more inside through meditation. You will have more revealations about you.
God bless.
Mukesh, New Delhi.
Mukeshjha [at]
This one like Kiki girl really resonated with me.

I can't stop thinking about it, its quite interesting.

How do you see things now after this experience?

I just met the angel You described - the one with red wings in a dream. I met this angel after invoking God in this Dream. This angel descend from heaven and I was sure it was God himself. But the one specific fact in this vision doesn't fit with yours. My angel was a Woman. I started looking on internet information about it and just found your thread here. In art Red Wings symbolically represent Seraphim Angel - but in my Dream I was sure I'm face to face with God.
I wish I could take a cup and dip it into the glowing Holy Spirit within and pour it out upon others who live in darkness without the light, the glow, the peace, the love that fills me. When I was 20 and the Gulf War started, I was afraid. Something in me said "not your will, but Mine." I prayed fervently, in a way I had never prayed before. I knew and believed God existed, but did not 'realize' what it meant to truly humble myself and actively give my life over to Him. I served myself. Even though I was not doing anything crazy or 'dark' - I just had not given over my will. I dropped to my knees and prayed with a fervency "not my will, but your will" and prayed for the blood of Jesus, the Ransom, to cover me over and wash me clean, make me new. The most incredible thing happened. I had been raised in religion that did not believe that everyone could experience Holy Spirit filling (Jehovah's Witness). What happened was that I was filled with Holy Spirit - like a warm oil filling my entire body with love, light, the presence of God. I felt like I was glowing, literally, filled with a power and love that was like a candle within me. This lasted for several days. Since then, any time I shift my attention to Him, I feel the glow fill me with a peace and light - like a warm golden glow and I feel complete peace, love, acceptance that I had never felt before. It is a distinct feeling that is not an "emotion" - it's not ME but God within me. Because of this experience, I am changed. Made anew. I don't know about other religions, and am not a 'religious' person, but a follower of Jesus and in union with God. I wish I could "transfer" this experience to others, especially because I see many people struggle as they live and are directed by their own understanding and ego. My body will die and all my "will" and self-direction fall away and are meaningless. I feel that I am a vessel for the Holy Spirit and the will of God. There are no words to describe. The only 'advice' I can share for anyone who has not had this experience is that for me, it happened when I fully gave up my will and submitted my life to Him. I had to acknowledge "not my will" and really let go of the control and desire to assert my will on the world and situations around me. Of course, I still struggle like everyone else. But since that day almost 30 years ago - nothing has been the same because God is always right there with me and I feel he is my "Abba/Papa." I wonder if the Body of Christ is the body of those who are sealed with the Holy Spirit.
Chris Manhattan (guest) in Yoga And Out of Body Experiences
Did you ever find any answers to this? If not you can message me on facebook at or email me at cfigueroa [at] I know what the buzzing is and it is the moment before you pop out of body into an OBE. Here is something I have written on it that can help you! Https:// [at] chrismanhattan/how-to-learn-to-pop-out-of-your-body-7263e9826fcf

Feel free to reach out to me to discuss this more! All the best!
Dave (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
My experience was amazing and scary. I was sbout 12 years old. After months of trying to understand God, and asked him to help me understand him, I was awaken from a bright light. This light was incredibly bright which I can't even explain correctly. It was just too bright to look at. I turned my head and fell back a sleep. I was not dreaming.
Andy (guest) in Brilliant White Light
I was reading this morning about moses how he had an experiance with

God when he saw the burning bush It reminded me of my experiance I had with God I have done possibly everything you could imagine in the world I was a thief,fighter,smoker,drug attic for years and other things iam not proud off I hit rock bottom so low I tried too suicied twice went through a seperation hit depression lost my son in the process I was done I was laying down on my sofa thinking about all this that was happening to me then out off know where a bright light hit my face I was still awake when I saw this it blinded me for a second I through my blankey over my face I was scared then a that moment I knew God was calling me I fought my calling about a year God was dealing with me I had conviction like you wouldn't believe everything I was doing didn't feel right anymore I was still getting high and talking to others about God this is how God dealt with me I know it sounds wrong but it happened that way I remember my last high I was up for two days straight on coacian and crank I went to my sis house to pick my son finally got to see him an old apastolic preacher called over my sis house he wanted to talk with me he said are you coming to church this morning I told him no I have been up for two nights and I didn't want to disrespect Gods house he said God said come as you are so I went sat there in church that morning he got up to speak and out of know where I felt the power of God strong I remember putting my face down and cryied I felt a battle inside off me I grunted like a wild beast two preachers came down to pray for me it seemed like five minute but two hours had pass when they let me go I felt a joy,peace,love,and I knew God clensed me from the filth I was inn I was set free that day until now I have been clean for twenty four years now never went back on drugs and all those things I use to do I want to thank him for the calling and to let some one know that God can change the very worst and make beautifull I repented off my sins that day few days later I was baptized in Jesus name then filled with the holy ghost speaking in tonuges Acts 2:38 God bless
I Just had the experience to where my soul left my body Two nights ago. I don't label myself as far as religion, but I will say that I'm a strong believer in God. I am 26 years old my first experience was when I was 23. My grandmother had past that year and I have had a dream of her and in my dream my little sister had told me that we had to get right with God if we wanted to see her again and my grandma faded away. Still while I was asleep in my dream with it ending in me saying "Lord take my soul" I begin to feel my mouth open while I was sleep and it was like the air that I breath was being suctioned out of my body! I felt my soul coming out of my body! And got a little scared and woke up! Well getting back to two nights ago, I felt almost the same feeling except I also heard beautiful music while this was happening and everything was turning white! Like my surroundings were white beautiful melodies! I said take me lord in my head and it was an amazing feeling until I started thinking about my family and everything how much I love them and I don't want to hurt anyone if I was to let this happen and my soul wouldn't return to my body. What I have to learn though is that everything on earth is temporary. I have to learn to detach myself from earthly things because my soul is eternal, my physical body isn't. I'd rather be in heaven. If it was to happen again as much as it would probably hurt to physically leave them, I would go. Maybe God is calling his angels to help guide others. I don't know. I look at every situation in a spiritual way. If there is anyone else who feels this way I want to hear about it! I knew I wasn't the only one but never decided to google if anyone else were in similar situations either.
I Just had the experience to where my soul left my body Two nights ago. I don't label myself as far as religion, but I will say that I'm a strong believer in God. I am 26 years old my first experience was when I was 23. My grandmother had past that year and I have had a dream of her and in my dream my little sister had to me we had to get right with god if we wanted to see her again and my grandma faded away. Still while I was asleep in my dream with it ending in me saying "Lord take my soul" I begin to feel my mouth open while I was sleep and it was like the air that I breath was being suctioned out of my body! I felt my soul coming out of my body! And got a little scared and woke up! Well getting back to two nights ago I felt almost the same feeling except I also heard beautiful music while this was happening and everything was turning white! Like my surroundings were white beautiful melodies! I said take me lord in my head and it was an amazing feeling until I started thinking about my family and everything how much I love them and I don't want to hurt anyone if I was to let this happen and my soul wouldn't return to my body. What I have to learn though is that everything on earth is temporary. I have to learn to detach myself from earthly things because my soul is eternal, my physical body isn't. I'd rather be in heaven. If it was to happen again as much as it would probably hurt to physically leave them, I would go. Maybe God is calling his angels to help guide others. I don't know. I look at every situation in a spiritual way. If there is anyone else who feels this way I want to hear about it! I knew I wasn't the only one but never decided to google if anyone else were in similar situations either.
Frances (guest) in A Touch By The Holy Spirit
I felt it when I was on a holy tour to Lourdes. There the whole tour was having this mass of surrendering, letting our earthly matters be lifted and handed to His hands. Each and every one of us had such different reactions that we ourselves didn't even know how we were on the outside appear. Some shouted, some sang, some stayed quiet. I was a little scared when I saw what was going on to the people around me who were already in it. I closed my eyes, I tried to let all my burdens, my worries and life issues behind me and tried not to think of anything but to just focus on the greatness of God. So, that time, it was winter season. It was cold, breezing and we all had layers of think clothing (since we are a tour coming from Indonesia). I was yet still feeling the coldness as we entered the room. Until that moment when I finally was lost in this paradise. I began crying and sobbing in tears, actual tears were running down my cheeks like a running fountain. My tears were so warm like it was there to comfort me. While I cried and all of that, I can't really recall of what was on my mind, what was I dreaming or thinking of, up until now. I couldn't stop crying. It was insanely amusing to know how much tears you hold in your body. Then, the pastor came to me, whispered to my ear of some things I couldn't really understand and he touched my forehead, like he was comforting me.

The next time I knew was that I was lost in this most beautiful, relaxed - therapeutic too actually - of a beautiful white snow and trees passing by in a moderate pace while I was sitting in a bus looking out the window. I loved it. I thought I was nearly in Heaven. As the dream goes on, I was in no control of my own body. I couldn't control any parts of my body. I still could feel and be aware, but it was out of control. My arms and hands were slowly opening wide open to each sides of my body, my neck slowly dragged my head and back down to the back support of the church seat. Finally, I was in that surrender looking kind of position, open, as if God was initiating me to open myself, surrender myself to Him, let Him lift up all that is in my life. I was again, in paradise. I soon fell deep asleep. It was one great, restful sleep! No dreams, no thoughts, no nothing! Just purely resting every vein, every parts of my body on OFF mode. I believe it was about 15 to 30 minutes of sleep, I wouldn't even know.

The time I woke up, I still felt like I was still in that world, not back to earth/reality yet. But, I was a little more conscious of my surroundings than the past hour. I could remember that everyone else were all awake and were consulting, chattering with one another, sharing each other's experiences. I was feeling strange. I felt cold and freezing in my body, but my spirit and soul felt so warm and comforting. I was shivering outside. My parents even came up to me to hug me to warm me up while cluelessly looking at staring at me. I didn't mind. I looked confused back at them, wondering why I was having that feeling. Then the pastor came up to me again and whispered at my ear again, as if to turn off the what ever thing was happening to me. Within a few seconds, I felt the holy spirit dismissed from my body and my body ended all of it with normal tears (not the warm tears like from earlier).

I was conscious and I smiled. I stood up, still was not believing that I was in that other world. I went outside to the cold fresh air and I felt cold just like before when I was still a normal human being. But the most incredible, amazing miracle I felt right at that moment was realising how light I was. Not physically, but emotionally, spiritually and mentally. That moment I knew that my burdens and troubles, my weight were all lifted up to His glorious hands. I became joyful. I became more conscious of the little things of the environment and my surroundings, including leaves, water, etc. It was such an amazing feeling! I can't really put it in to exact words or description.

The downside is that this event happened, and I was not ever ready to ask or listen to the pastor of what that happened to me meant. The pastor sure knew something about it and he knew there was a certain sign and or meaning of it that specifically happened to me. But, he told me that he wouldn't tell me if I werent ready to ask. For years, until now, I wonder still. I haven't got the chance to meet this pastor again. I don't think I ever will. I just really want to put together the pieces and stop having these question marks.

This is the first time I ever got it written in text btw. And only my family knows about this event.
I have an explanation. This happened to me three separate times in 2015/2016. I was in that half sleep/half awake point. In my spirit/ soul I was saying "Jessszz" and my body vibrated and was uncomfortable. But felt I could not fully say Jesus. I thought I was demonically being attacked so after the third day I prayed my house out... It didn't happen for a while... God didn't want me fearful. Then about two months ago it happened again in 2018! But I wasn't scared! All at once I felt my spirit vibrate and say Jessssz as it tried to come out. Then due to being uncomfortable I came back into my body. I tried a second time and the same thing happen. Finally I decided I would go past the discomfort and I was able to say JESUUSS! As I came from my body. It was the most amazing thing ever. I was fully in The presence of God shouting from my soul and worshiping Him! I heard all of these angelic angels around me and heard the most beautiful music. I never heard those types of instruments before. Our human body and soul are so differently I wouldn't be able to worship God like that inside of my body! Then I fell back into my body so peaceful and fell asleep. I mentioned to my female prophetic pastor. I barely described anything but she told me that I was uncomfortable at first and that the last try was me breaking through. Then last Wednesday I was prophecied to at a church I visited and a woman said I've been having out of body experiences because God is preparing me to be a worshipper! She's a stranger to me and I never mentioned this... So some Christians know that your experience might not be demonic. I was scared in 2015 then realized that I was just uncomfortable. I've never felt so good until I finally let myself be with God and surrendered to him. If it's God you will eventually know. So maybe ask God to allow you to say Jesus as you go to Him in spirit/soul
I have an explanation. This happened to me three separate times in 2015/2016. I was in that half sleep/half awake point. In my spirit/ soul I was saying "Jessszz" and my body vibrated and was uncomfortable. But felt I could not fully say Jesus. I thought I was demonically being attacked so after the third day I prayed my house out... It didn't happen for a while... God didn't want me fearful. Then about two months ago it happened again in 2018! But I wasn't scared! All at once I felt my spirit vibrate and say Jessssz as it tried to come out. Then due to being uncomfortable I came back into my body. I tried a second time and the same thing happen. Finally I decided I would go past the yncomfortability and I was able to say JESUUSS! As I came from my body. It was the most amazing thing ever. I was fully in The presence if God shouting from my soul and worshiping Him! I heard all of these angelic angels around me! Our human body and soul are so differently I wouldn't be able to worship a god like that inside of my body! Then I fell back into my body so peaceful and fell asleep. Then last Wednesday I was prophecied to at a church I visited and a woman said I've been having out of body experiences because God is preparing me to be a worshipper! She's a stranger to me and I never mentioned this... So some Christians know that your experience might not be demonic. I was scared in 2025 then realized that I was just uncomfortable. I've never felt so good when I finally let myself be with God. If it's God you will eventually kniw
I don't know if it is ok to share my own experience with you all because I am not Christian but I have been through something very similar.
God is really there and is loving and caring. When we let go and when we give up to him all we are going through... Only when we truly do that he will make our prayers come true. Talking to God is the essential part of us being humans...
I am going through the worst time of my life... Everything around me fell apart. I am away from my family can't meet them and drained out with pain and longing. I have no way to go to them and cry in there hands... The good thing is that I am blessed with great friends but no one is like family so I miss them badly. And I am living alone in this place.
About 3 months ago the love of my life... My fiance broke up with me... He lives in a different place too and I wasn't able to make it to where he is... It's all due to Visa issues... However, we have been together for 4 years and he was everything to me... Every night I prayed for the day we will be finally together... I loved the man from the bottom of my heart but then out of no where he asked to break up even though we are engaged and made a big party 2 years ago... Then the 2 of us had to travel desperately and he seemed weaker than I thought... He gave up on me so easily... Then one week ago I heard that he got engaged! To his friend that I know! It was like a knife in my heart. I was in shock and pain even though I knew there was someone and that it might be her but getting engaged so fast was a deep shock to me. I couldn't even take days off my work... I have no family here and my family were so worried about me... I was going through the worst time of my life.
I really wished I die because I saw no hope in living like this... Away from my comfort zone so much... Away from love and family... I know few good guys here but no one is reaching me out and I felt so depressed being unwanted too much. My love is happy now with his sweety... I am so lonely here and no one is interested in reaching me out and I really needed someone to be around. Or to be able to meet my beloved family.
I kept praying for a long time now but with a doubt inside my heart that it is not easy to be changed... That God is not going to change anything in my life... I have no doubt that God is there so I didn't doubt his existence but I thought that he might want me to stay lonely forever. So that I have to give up my prayers.
Yesterday I was on the peak but everytime I reach that point I cry so much then I watch something funny in order to forget. I don't put any power in talking to God. But Yesterday a friend of whom I trust so much said to me that if you keep fighting the struggles will not end. You have to give it up to God. And I thought that I was doing it but apparently I wasn't... Until last night. I took a very good shower the one that you feel great after. Then alone in my small room... I prayed (in my religion we pray 5 times a day) so it was the last prayer of the day. I prayed more prayers then I started talking to God as if it was the first time... I begged him deeply to end my pain... To make my life better... To be released from pain and to open doors to me... I prayed and cried so much... And for the first time I was in certainty that God is listening... I was so sure that he was there listening to me and that he will even change my destiny if it was going to be a hard one... After I finished I was in a great comfort... As if all the prayers have came true... As if I am in heaven... A feeling that all the burden I am carrying has just gone! Noting has yet changed but I was sure that it had!
Only few hours has passed and noting had changed yet but I am in a deep satisfaction that everything has already changed... I am so happy and sure that everything is OK now... Thanks God for being there for us and for making us his creatures and giving us the ability of feeling him.
Bless you all
Bonnie (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
It was in the early 80s and my father-in-law had passed away. I woke up in the middle of the night by a blinding white light. It was coming from the top of the wall at the ceiling at the bedroom door. It was in the corner. I could not look directly at the light and I put my hand up and the light went through my hand. I turned over to my side and saw my husband laying beside me and the light was still so bright that I turned over on my stomach. The light went through my head. I turn back over on my back I put the pillow over my head and that's all I remember. I did not hear any voices. My husband told my mother-in-law what happened to me and she asked me about 50 questions. She had studied the Bible all her life. I was going to church and Sunday school every week. To this day I do not know the significance of what happened.
I want everyone to know that that God is real and the Holy Spirit is real! More than 25 years ago as a young father working as a sports reporter and announcer in the Los Angeles area, I became very restless with what was going on in the world. The city of Los Angeles was going through racial strife. I remember seeing on TV a young girl in South Central Los Angeles crying when she saw her school burning down, because she said "education is my only way out!" Imagine the heartache of a child so desperate to escape her day to day reality! The Iraq war was raging and innocent civilian lives were lost as a result. I saw so much that broke my heart in the world that I had began to have a strong urging to do more with my life to serve God and discover my eternal purpose. I had attended church for much of my life and was a Christian but what did that really mean for my future. I had the sensation that if I had suddenly died, I would be desperate to have wanted to have done more with my life for this incredible gift of life that I was given. I had to know God's eternal purpose for my life. Nothing else mattered. Over several months I prayed and prayed and prayed a prayer that I have always called "my two-by-four prayer". That is, "God I need to know what you want for my life and what you want me to do with my life, but you need to hit me over the head with a two-by-four because I need to know 100% that it is YOUR voice that I am hearing and not my own." Without going into every detail of what I have experienced on many, many occasions since those days, I will tell you 100% that God is real, the SON is real, and the Holy Spirit is real and the most powerful and LOVING force in the universe. My Holy Spirit encounters that were very loving and incredibly emotional began with deep sensations of love and warmth that surrounded me, it continued with an ever-present slight pressure in my head that wasn't pain but a reminder of the Holy Spirit's constant presence in my life. A few weeks after I began to pray intensely for God's direction, as I sat down at the piano, a simple tune came into my head that I couldn't forget. I played it over and over so often that my sister-in-law said, "why don't you put words to the music?" I immediately wrote the words to a song I called "His Hand Is On Our Shoulder" -- the chorus of which is very simple and very direct..."His hand is on our shoulder, He touches us every day, sometimes we may not feel Him, but He's with us all the way. Through life's joys and sorrows, His laughter and tears join our own. His hand is on our shoulder and we'll never be alone." We'll NEVER be alone and YOU will NEVER be alone. Please remember that and be comforted by that! That first little song that was turned into a benediction at our church led to dozens of others that have been written and published over the years. In many instances when I was awoken at night, a song title just popped into my head and a song "wrote itself" as if my automatic writing. Over the years, God has used me for much more than sports reporting. I have been blessed to help so many wonderful causes and even produce stories and documentaries for so many wonderful causes that help so many people. To this day, I ask God to continue to point me to what He wants me to do to "shed a light" on that which is good and of God. I desperately want EVERYONE to know that it is very easy to mistake a church or a church building or a preacher or pastor for the presence of God himself -- and since God is everywhere, HE can certainly be in all these places and all these people -- but WHEN YOU DESPERATELY seek that one-on-one relationship and cry out with all your heart for direction AND you find yourself at such a low or desperate place that you simply must have answers and direction -- you will find that God is there, the Holy Spirit is there and, here is the greatest evidence of the Holy Spirit's presence of all. In addition to all the physical feelings of incredible warmth, tingling, and any other sensation that may surround you for days and months -- there is the INCREDIBLE FEELING OF LOVE that is something you can't explain. Not just love for your family and friends, but love for everyone! Love even for those who you can't imagine loving! YES, GOD IS LOVE and love never fails. Is it any wonder that when Jesus was asked by his disciples what the greatest commandment was, as recorded in the gospel of Matthew, Jesus' answer was "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets" Many blessings and great LOVE to all who read these words and know that if you are reading this, "there are no coincidences, GOD LOVES YOU, GOD HAS A PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE, YOU WILL NEVER BE ALONE AND WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!
Ceecee58 (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
I experience differently. I was in my forties sleeping and I thought that a moth was flying towards me because the white wing's...but it was getting larger and the light was getting brighter towards me. I can recall waving my hands in front of my eyes to block the light. But, The light kept getting brighter. Finally I open my eyes and I thought to myself that it was a Angel not a moth... The next day I told my older aunt she said that my guardian angel was watching me.
Brother it sounds like you are receiving personal revelation, a witness for your personal edification. There are many people in this world that claim that they can interpret dreams, but in reality very few can. I would advise you as the scriptures do in in the New Testament book, James chapter one verse five and six: 5 "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberaly, and upbradeth not; and it shall be given unto him." 6 "But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that waverith is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed."

The Heavens are not closed to us as many people would have you believe. The Savior taught us many things and two of the most valuable lessons is the power of Faith and prayer. If the heavens are closed to us why would the Savior of mankind command us to pray often? The gospel of Jesus Christ is a living gospel and because of that knowledge we know that we can go to our Lord in humble prayer and seek knowledge and understanding for ourselves and our families. A 24 hour fast is a good suggestion, as long as you do not have health issues that fasting may worsen.

Always start out a fast with a prayer, thanking the Lord for your blessigns and then making the request for the guidance you seek. One thing that many people tend to do is hold a one sided conversation with the Lord when they pray. Remember, the good Lord gave us a brain and he did so that we will use it. Ponder the questions, do research and then make a tenative decision. Then take that decision to the Lord in prayer. If you listen the Lord will let you know if your decision is right or wrong. The answer may not come to you as a voice, but if you listen and feel you will receive a burning in your bossom or a stupor of thought. The burning is a conformation and the stupor of thought is not. Be sure to be patient and listen.

I pray that you find your answers.
Reneegirl64 (guest) in Seeing God's Light
It was December Christmas week. I sleep in a recliner sometimes because I got a bad back. I was reaching over to get the blanket I got insomnia bad to. So I'm sitting thinking how much stuff I had to do that week starring across my living room. When all of a sudden this beam of light came down from ceiling which is high up. Then it was like lighting spreading inside of my living room it was bright but didn't hurt my eyes. I closed my eyes and it was so bright came through my eyelids. It Struck like 5 times and it spread lighting every time. Not a sound. I got up after it was over wondering just what happened. Someone told me I had angelic experience. I'm a Christian but I have no clue why I was picked to see this. It was best feeling ever!
Can I speak to a christian about this is this ok? Appreciate very much [at]
Hello ImmortalKitty,

I would have to agree with you on venturing into the unknown, if you think about it everything is unknown to us until we look into it. Without that courage we would never know more about ourselves and the world around us. Of course, you will always have those who spew worthlessness, but you live and you learn from it. Anyway, from what I gather, you are fairly new in this adventure into the paranormal, we all are in some ways, and I just want to say take everything with a grain of salt, no one knows your truth, and in the end, it is your truth that matters.

As for you, and really anyone who is reading this, I do want to state this: find what you want from life, what you desire the most and pursue it with all your will. But, before doing so, and this is very important you need to understand who you are. If you do not know who you are your pursuits will always end in emptiness. Let that desire become your will and live your life.

One last thing, ImmortalKitty/Anyone else reading this, never feel that you are alone, there is always hope and always someone there for you.

Christopher (guest) in A Message Through Leaves
8-8-8 my father passed, later that week as I went outside. A bright flash of pure white light seemingly in my face, then a beautiful white dove flew out of the light, under the carport landing on the car. The dove just sat there as we looked at each other for several minutes, so I asked if it would like to come in... It remained around the house for several more days. After talking with a friend I told him that I had been finding feathers everywhere. He said, yes he was also getting feathers from his father. The collection has grown incredibly overwhelming over these last 10 years. Well today was clear blue, thinking about my brother under going surgery, I was watching as the sunset. I then saw a black bird land in the planter on the other side of the car. Curious I went to investigate nothing special... Observing the magnolia bush, noticing an old small stump to remove, I then stepped into the planter and kicked on it a couple times to dislodge it hearing it break. I then picked it up, looking a little closer at what I thought was below ground level, in the dirt a small grey and black feather was sticking on the side. Being intrigued by this as I removed the feather to add to the others. While discarding the stump in the trash bin, I then felt something on my head, reaching up to check I retrieve an oak leaf from the center of my head. So now I am just wondering what all these signs meant, thoughts of my brother came to my mind, I then called to check his condition. Researching my wonderment also lead me here and this posting inspired me to comment. Have a blessed day, Be Safe.
Javier Arrospide (guest) in Soul Leaving Body - What Does It Mean?
I find it interesting that some people on this forum are also right about my age, I also find it funny that most of you do not know how to type correctly Lol. Anyways I have been having the same type of sensation about 3 nights 2 nights were back to back but all in the same week. I am about to fall asleep when suddenly I feel panic and my body getting pulled from the back of my head, like if I was doing a back tumble or dying. Really bad I never experienced this type of attack before. I am a follower of Christ, and have had different types of attacks throughout my life. Being due to either going out and sharing the Word with people or unfortunately willful sin, I know for a fact that this is not from God. Also before I continue further Astral Projecting is not a practice that Christians should be involved with. Witches and warlocks usually do this things to attack Gods churches, neighborhoods, with principalities and other demonic entities in the spirit a great audio only video can be found in Youtube and is called "NDE 2nd and 3rd Heavens Demons in Human form with Lukewarm Christians living in the Last Days".
It is an attack due to the fact that my room will be really warm Vs my whole apartment I will have the A/C going like 69'ish degrees yet in my room I'm tossing and turning keeping my wife awake also I can't fall asleep whatever is happening its robbing me of my peace, which makes it not from God. This type of episode where my room is really hot has happened before I'm pretty sure its a familiar spirit which I have cast out before, but I made a grave mistake about a week and a half ago. I was on Youtube and saw a video that I should not have watched it was about people playing the wiggi board I muted the video and was skipping threw it I guess curiosity got the worst of me, nevertheless I watched it ever since then, this crap started to happen then I prayed against the first attack but the next day I rented the 1st movie Sherlock Holmes and there was also a satanic ritual presented during the latter part of that movie. I'm an idiot God told me not to engage in occult practices yet here I was being an idiot and not realizing that God said to stop anything that is associated with magic altogether. Including a silly game from the 90's called Heroes of might and magic 2. I strongly believe that last nights attack was because I played that game willfully thinking that God did not find the actual game an offense. I found myself frustrated and exhausted at first I was mad at God I did not understand why he was still allowing this to happen!, I opened the word and in a random page I read that fools get mad, then my anger turned to frustration then to sadness and finally I repented and that is when his Holy Spirit gave me a verse to read, It was 1 Kings 15:5 which says. Because David did that which was right in the eyes of the LORD, and turned not aside from any thing that he commanded him all the days of his life, save only in the matter of Uriah the Hittite. So God clearly is telling me to obey him without question on this matter which in my eyes does not seem so bad yet God sees something totally different. I know there is a learning curb for me and a big blessing attached to this hardship in which I am in right now. I hope this message encourages others to really open up and share the whole experience because we need to understand why this only happens to certain people I have the spiritual gift of discerning spirits but can't really use it at my church.
I was a kid. Recess at school. I was a bit of a loner... I was outside for recess and saw a animal in the sky a dog... Brown white... Not lassie but my mom and i's family dog.
I ran to the office and told the secretary my dogs hurt. She said have a seat... I remember saying I will because my mom will call you.
She looked at me funny.
Her phone rang. She looked at me.
Is your name $& [at] ^#&$. I said yes
She said your mother is on her way to come get you.

I get home with my mom and our dog is at the base of 4 steps outside. She was 18... Old. Hips bad...
We took her to the vet and she never came home again. Her brother our other dog passed soon after... Animalsโ™ก
Are we connected? I never told anyone but my mom the story growing up... I hid this. Thinking I was different...
I asked my mom last year about that day... She said I was IN GRADE TWO!.

Lets fastforward 25 years to 2018.
Ive been in choir. I have been to symphony orchestras... I grew up listening to a tape casette of the vienna waltz... I can still remember the notes of mozart bach and just love love love flutes and classical. Problem is... I'm nearly 30 and I'm listening to backseat freestyle by kendick lamar most of the time all other music but classical right?

I lost 3 loved ones to the overdosing crisis in canada... In 2016 dad sister and sisters boyfriwnd of 6 years.

Beaten until I was almost killed.
I can't even tell you the plan god had for me the day I awoke broken and lost
. And I heard this STERN voice... Open a bible and pack your things because you arent staying here long. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT WHERE WAS THAT FROM.

I opened a bible to psalms 35 a prayer for rescue from my enemies...

I survived.

I am cooking... And hear music not in my head but behind my head ears above head and at the base of my feet like the vibration of like buzzzz... LIKE ELECTRICITY. Tge most beautiful huuuugggeeee stadium or hall or heaven with boys and girls and man and woman and elders upon elders singing...

Latin... I'm unable to make out the words... It fades and I hear esesiasdeo...
I google and google.
Excelsis deo...

Now I'm no jesus preacher... But I have to be... I am no devout church goer... But I am at home... In my heart... I can't deny god or beings or spirit if. My. Life. Depended. On. It.

Glory. I hope you hear when your struggling and feel alone. You are just by yourself.
Matthew (guest) in Changing Faces
Well I'm not the best speller but I'm going to try my best but my experience was I met a girl and I seen her face change I think it was a demon so I kicked her out my motel but I feel like their was a lesson I was suppose to learn
I tonight am hearing the same thing, but before that I was hearing footsteps on my roof. I know some will say I'm crazy but since I moved in this apartment I've experienced some parinorma like activity. So I've been praying a lot about it. One night I was scared and I cried for the Lord to remove them (I say them because it's more than 1) and before I moved I was experiencing the same thing it's been going on for about a year. I think my family thinks I'm going crazy. When I was listening to the sound of the choir singing coming from the sky, I had this feeling of fear come over me. I wish someone could tell me what I am experiencing? My daughter said she heard it as well.
wasted time to read your post. (guest) in The Unknown Is Scary, Unless Given A Chance
Pure stupid and nothing but stupid in the way of your thinking and it reflected in your writting too.
I made a mistake in investing time to read your story.
I just have to make sure not to repeat wasting time in my next reading.

Gotblow [at]
P/s: stay out of any alcoholic drink.
Stay away from all religions including the "spirit guides" and any "astral contact" because that's where the source of all religions and "BS" came from.
Do dilligence to discern the truth among the lies present in all spiritual information. (this is tough for the beginner like ya but ya must persist and keep doing dilligence then ya will learn more truth with time. There's no shortcut unfortunately!)
Amber (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
When I was a young girl I remember one morning waking up in my bed (still lieing down) and I was just looking at the laundry on my floor. Then within a blink of a second I saw myself in my bed from the ceiling in the corner of my room above looking down at myself. This experience did not frighten me because on my left their was a huge orb of brightness/ pure light shining right next to me, and also the window was next to me but seemed to get way brighter. This happened to me around the age of 6 or 7 and I could never forget that. To this day I believe it was a God experience or even a guardian angel sent by God to visit me, the possibilities of what the meaning could be is endless. This memory has been so special and I now am 17 years old and remember it by heart. Also even my own twin sister experienced the same thing! Only outside on a different day, and she described a bright light next to her and how she was looking down at herself on the porch. That's my stories for you guys. Hope u could connect somehow and just think theirs something bigger than us in this universe and good,God, he is real. I feel like experiences like this tells you something and somehow makes you special, thankyou.
Cpcube (guest) in Summoning Metatron
Yes he might seem mean at time or rude. But he while never leave you or want harm done on you. He protects you even on his bad days. Every one goes through some kind of pain oh knows maybe is in pain for others. Some time it could be overwhelming. I would be if I was him. Keep faith!
Cpcube (guest) in Summoning Metatron
He's never an anger spirit even if you don't mean to call on him. His light is always there. You wouldn't up set him. Even when you don't call for him he would always be there.
I'm Catholic now, but used to be Presbyterian. I didn't really become Christian until I was 28.

I won't go into the background too much as it takes too long, but I've had three "double whammies", like a breath going through you in waves from head to foot. Each time it was used to highlight and emphasise a phrase someone else was saying, so much so that I still remember those three phrases 35 years later.

The first was at Christmas 1983 at a Scripture Union camp. As a new Christian I was going through a bad trot and thinking to myself "How do I know this is all true, and not just a psychological prop?" But as we sat around for our usual afternoon Bible study, the words "... A man after my own heart... " were read out. Precisely as they were read, the first "double whammy" hit me. I just about fell off the seat, I got such a shock.

The same thing happened on two more occasions during the following year and it hasn't happened since. The phrases were different, but the phenomenon was the same.

Since that first "double whammy" I've never been able to deny God is there, despite my atheism before becoming Christian in late 1982. I don't always like Him much, but I'd be kidding myself to think He's not there. He's there all right.
Tonight I saw a big black wolf at first I thought it was a dog but I started to notice it had different traits than of a dog I called to it like I would a dog it didn't even look at me I yelled hey to it and it stared at me for 5 minute at least... I felt something in my soul something I cannot explain then It softly disappeared into the night and I heard it howl in the distance I never experienced something like this and starting to feel a little crazy but I know what I saw and heard and feel just don't know what to think about it...
anthony (guest) in Spiritual Shaking
I went on the camino de Santiago and I came across a church with mary magedeline and she was looking at the body of jesus. I shook her hand and I felt the wooden tile shake beneath my feet and my hand shake. It was surreal I'm not sure if it was me deliarious from walking or not.
Mac Jazz (guest) in My Black Guardian Angel
Black Robe doesn't necessarily means evil. I had a dream I was in a Black Robe and I was in Heaven. I know evil can't Walk in heaven. I also knew people there, I spoke and smiled, they spoke and smiled.
Jacks (guest) in Hearing And Seeing Demons
It was about two months ago I saw the same figure. Pretty much I describe it as the devil or demon portrayed in the movie the Exorcism of Emily Rose. It was about 6'5"-7' tall in a fully shrouded black cloak. I turned on the light it wasn't there, turned off the light it was standing there in the corner. I told it I belonged to Jesus and in Jesus name I command you to leave and don't ever come back. I had to say it a couple times and also declare as a child of God you have to obey me. It looked back at me and left. It was eerie but a little weird, my strength in my faith and absolute love and trust in Jesus I was not as scared as I marched towards it with confidence as commanded it to leave. Have not seen it again and I hope that I don't ever see it again.
zoe (guest) in Changing Faces
this happened to me this morning; watching tv sat on the sofa, my housemate is asleep in bed. She woke up looked up at me grunted a bit in surprise and rolled over facing away then back "wtf you just had a cat face" I just thought it was her being sleepy "oh yeah?" then she went back to sleep about 5 minutes later she said do you have a cat? Or did you have a cat? "I have a cat and I've had cats" "did a cat of yours die? Because this is weird but I totally just saw your face like it was the cat watching tv" I asked her to describe the cat she saw; fitted the description of my cat I had from the age of 7 until he was put down when I was 20, I showed her a picture of him. "yeah that was the cat I just saw"
He had advanced cancer and my parents didn't realise until it was too late, so he was very quickly put down, my mum was just meant to take him to the vets to check up, had no idea it was so bad. But I didn't get a chance to say good bye, and I was very upset about this at the time. "I think he left a bit of his essence with you, when animals die unexpectantly they latch on to who they love alot." I cried a lot haha but it's nice to think I guess, I didn't get to say bye to him but he's been with me for the last 5 years I guess.

Anyway I know this isn't about seeing a person's face, but she saw my cats face on my face - like hermione in harry potter when she takes the cat polyjuice potion; just the face on my face not whole head with ears etc.

But I couldn't see much on the internet about pet ghosts just standard ghost stories of sightings. Nothing specifically about appearing on faces. But my housemate said it's a Hindu thing; if you die when you are not ready (i.e. My cat getting put down; then you are afraid so latch onto someone you love to feel safe)
Not just for animals for people too etc.

But I couldn't find anything about this on the internet; she says there's a proper word in Hinduism for it but can't remember what it is.
I believe you because (I guess I'm "spiritual" so I'm open) and this is so interesting. Your life has turned around!
Hi. wish you read this (guest) in Am I Descending?
See that your story, even the bad thing is for your own highest good. If you had not known that the shaman guy has this power over you, would you have been able to really ascend? Now that your situation has come to light, you can realize that you created this, and that's fine. Give yourself a break. It's earth life, bad things happen to everyone. Now you can take back your power. You don't need your soulmate to be whole. You can enjoy 3d or 4d or whenever you are as well, while fixing the things that are holding you back.
You can do it, don't worry about stupid mean people.
I have been in 14 car accidents where I should have been dead. When I was a baby, I had spinal meningitis and I did die and come back. The doctor reported that I would be mentally challenged, nothing happened.
When I was in my 20's I was parasailing at the lake with some friends but the parachute had a hole and I was dragged by the boat on the ground 30 feet away, never got to the water. There was no skin left from my waist to my knees, within 2 weeks I healed new skin and no scars. I don't break bones or get hurt like others.
After all those accidents, I encountered an angel a friends husband was sitting in a chair, he was close to death. This angel asked "if I'm ready to do work or do I want to leave." When you encounter the most amazing love you have ever felt, you would want to leave but I knew with all the accidents that I was trying to leave so now I'm ready to do work. I decided to stay and more miracles came. Ever since I was a child I would see spirits walking and yes they're are good one and bad ones. Please understand when you are dreaming or awake if you cannot speak or move, that spirit is trying to get into your body. The only thing to get it to leave is your connection to god, first tell it "in the name of Jesus christ you do not belong here, you don't exist! " It will challenge you but say it over and over. Always, even if you do drink alcohol just be aware that you are an open channel for them so ask for protection before your dreams and after your dreams and all around you. Also remember if you have a bright light, they will come and it's not you sinning! It can be others around you. How dare someone say to another that they have sinned when they are not living the other persons life, if that is the case what about innocent children? It is the light that these bad spirits or demons want so as a mother or being a friend to others. Just pray for that light of protection and know that Jesus will protect you. I also learned, bring love into your life, think loving thoughts, these beings can't live with love.
Ravens Wing. (guest) in Something Enters My Body
It was 3 am, I had fallen asleep sitting up in bed. Something slammed me between the shoulder blades. It felt like a truck smashing into me. The force was so great that my arms actually flew up into the air. The pain was so intense. I knew right away what had happened. There was no sleep fogginess. Something had hit me so hard between my shoulders. What is this? Once before in this same house a spirit I guess went through me. It was like I was in a wind tunnel. No air to breath, going to fast, yet sitting still and knowing my surroundings. I do not do drugs.
Mark from England (guest) in I Saw God
I have seen god to, like Sarah from Australia, it changed my mind set ever since,
Around 2009 I had an experience where I was somewhere else I actually thought I was dreaming, I pinched myself and it hurt plus the conscious thinking and decision making made me believe I was awake and somewhere else so I carried on, any way I remember playing with this girl like two kids running around trying to catch each other just having fun but I didn't recognise her, and I even still wonder today who it was, but towards the end she kissed me like a peck on the lips and I was confused, and even said sorry I'm with someone, I then turn my head towards the right and low and behold there was what I could only call god my first reaction was (what the duck but with the f instead of the d!) as I've never believed, but a man with white hair down to his shoulders with a white beard in a white gown was looking at me, he didn't seem happy and pointed like to say out, then it felt like I was taken by the Collier of the back of my neck and pulled so hard backwards that my feet where out in front of me, it felt like I was in a worm hole traveling very fast and then all of a sudden a brilliant white light appeared it was the brightest whitest light you could imagine, then I felt as if I was being placed back down on to my bed and I remember saying that I didn't want to go back (ie earth) I wanted to stay and a female voice said down my left ear, soon, it's ok every thing will be fine, then as I woke up I felt this powerful mixed feelings of love joy happiness all the positive feelings you could imagine and I had to sit on the edge of my bed to take it all in and absorb everything that just happened.

Then in 2011 I had another weird thing happen where a ghost like man appeared in the corner of my bedroom and so I pushed my body up from the bed and looked at him, and he said a tsunami is coming! I was like what when and where and he just replied a tsunami is coming so I replied yeah when and where and he just repeated it while fading away, so I laid back down on my bed and went back to sleep. I woke up later and remembered what happened then told my girl friend what happened, then two weeks later the Japanese tsunami happened and well they are supposed to be rare events and well I've never been able to figure all this out as I'm not religious and never been to church if anything I've always been spiritual about life and everything, I just don't know what all this is about lol I saw this thread and thought I'd share it for the first time as I felt it was a good idea ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
I had the same experience a few years ago, I heard those angelic voices, somewhat chanting, I can't understand the language they were using. It happened on four consecutive nights, I'm sure it wan't a dream, because I pinched myself to make sure I was awake, nor hallucination, imagination, or delusion, because my sister whom I share my room with heard it too but only for one night.
As much as you have sin no one in this world is PERFECT. God will always forgive you, his heart is always open. You have to open your heart to him. Sometimes people think it sounds funny and crazy. Its not. My folks where never a Sunday go to church person. I have had many issues as a kid growing up with my parents arguing and so on it was a difficult childhood for me. I always prayed for them not knowing a lot but knowing that god will hear you. My mother lost a child in her 3 month pregnancy, I said to god "Why?" at a point that I got MAD at "god" I took it one notch down said to my self things happen for a reason. 4 months later my parents tried again to have another child. God gave me 2 amazing healthy sisters. I said to my self one of them went to go get her sister. Gods big. In every life we all experience a difficult path in our lifes or even more than ones. We ask to our self WHY? Why me? PRAYER is huge. Open your heart to him. Last year many bad things happen to me lost many things up to family members. I never gave up on GOD. In return GOD gave me a Amazing little angle of his my baby girl born beautiful and healthy.
Maria (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
My experience was this - I was sleeping on my stomach and there was a really bright light which woke me coming up through my pillow. I slid my hand under my pillow and realised that my phone wasn't there. I lay there frightened with a burning sensation in the centre of my back. It wasn't that I couldn't move, I could but I was too frightened. My daughter who was a couple months at the time as well let a little scream out. When the burning stopped in the centre of my back I nudged my partner to wake up and to turn the lights on. To this day I cannot explain what that was. I feel that throughout my life I have had unusual experiences and it makes me think that I am either chosen or have some sort of gift. I don't mean that in a conceded way. Another experience was a presence telepathically warning me off the shelf above my bed in my bed room and that not to worry that everything would be okay. The next day when I was down stairs the entire thing came out of the wall. I felt as though I was being protected.
Today the 1.03.2018 night I was sleep and it is a happiest time for me that my wife and son is standing to me and my soul is leaving my body and I am laughing with my wife that I am leaving this world happily saying bye bye to my dearest loving wife and son and thinking about my body what will happen after dead. It is fact some times we saw such kinds of dreams and experience of dying
This thread gives me immense joy. What people fail to realize is that the holy spirit, (also known as the holy ghost) is God himself dwelling inside us. It equips us and empowers us daily to do works for the Lord's Kingdom (helping others, spreading God's gospel and message of love). It is an infilling that will be imparted to all true believers who are seeking the Lord with all of their hearts. We must have this experience in order to be saved when the Lord returns for his people. The infilling also gives us our prayer language. You won't understand what you are saying, but it's your spirit speaking directly to the Lord on your behalf. Pursue God fearlessly, and ask him for divine understanding. He is loving and merciful and he will reveal himself to those you surrender all to him. God bless ever person reading this. In Jesus's precious and holy name.
LoverofJesusaswell (guest) in My Life With Jesus
So good to hear!

I can't believe how much our stories are alike!
I also grow up in abusive home. Didnd't have relationship with neither mom or dad.
I also didn't know what God is alike and before I was at the age 15 and gaved my life for him. I knew he loved me and that love changed my view of him. Still I was like you, looking for a guy to get married with, dreaming about happy familily. Ended up with a boy from miserable home as well. It was chaotic and I kind of had God in a second place, as you.

Living halfly in the world...
Ended up to divorce and know I know Jesus is the only one that can love pourely and that he'll never forsake me! So I think we know how it feels for each other.

So good to hear He have has shown you as well his healing love. <3
It's called astral travel. There are several books on it. You can travel to any dimension or time. You can travel back to your previous lives. Your astral body comes out of your physical body. I suggest that you read about astral travel as there are people that do this through meditation also. However I believe everyone does this while they sleep, they just aren't aware and lack the recall capabilities. You all are spiritually blessed. So learn more about it and you will no longer fear it.
Ellie mae (guest) in Chosen One? - Any Suggestions
I had my great uncle tell me I was the chosen one, I see things before they happen, mainly bad! I tell people. They think I'm a nut! Please help me
I laid down. I feel asleep. I woke up. I felt my soul been pulled from my body. Like a vacuum cleaner. Suck my soul out. Scared me. I fought it so hard. Not to go. I had hurt my arm. I don't know what it was. I don't want do this again. I was thinking obe. Or aliens...
Estrelladelmar (guest) in Black-hooded Entity In OBE
When I was a very young child, I had these dreams that I feel they might mean something. My family was very poor, so we didn't have books, movies or anything that could have cause me to fear. In one of my dreams I was in this dark place, I turned to the left and the outline of a staircase lit up. A white glowing hooded being floats down the stairs. Then I stared towards the front like if I was in a dazed or hypnotized. Through my peripheral view I saw it approaching and once it reached a few feet away from me, my body hair stood up like when some runs a balloon close to your skin creating electrostatic. I wasn't afraid. The hooded being stood right in front of me and grabbed my hand. That's when I saw his skeleton hands and he put 3 golden coins on my hand. The second dream I was in this sort of crystal house watching tv, then someone knocked at the door. I felt like if I knew who it was so I told him to come in. The hooded being sat next to me and the tv went like when there's no signal making that electrostatic noise. I kept on looking at the tv as in a trance but looking at this being again through my peripheral view. He kept on talking to me but I can't remember what he said neither I could see his face. Suddenly he got up and covered me with his robe while saying I came to take you. Everything went dark and all of sudden a light came from above as if it was a lamp and felt warm and calm. I also had dreams with spirals. I think now that these dreams r possibly my experiences before birth. I don't know what these things are, but now I wonder if these things r the archons.
Although Archangel Michael is great to call on for protection, there are actually COUNTLESS other "unemployed" warring angels more that ready, willing, and able to respond to protect you! You can call on them, too! I do! You also have your own personal guardian angels, as well!
I also had a similar experience when I was 23 (and in the Bay area finishing college at Berkeley - no drugs or alcohol). I also had a tree shimmering and glistening and was transported into an experience of complete wholeness and unity. It changed my life. In several other moments of my life (I am now 60), I also have had similar experiences -- not often, and not bidden, but which have come upon me and were tremendous and beautiful. I, too, am a psychotherapist!
NO SUSAN (guest) in Hearing And Seeing Demons
contacting spirits with a medium to talk to your "loved one" is just going to curse you in God's Kingdom HE SAID TO NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR DO THAT! Demons are just going to masquerade as that person and it is not even them! Dont be tricked! Dont do this grievous thing which is a terrible sin!
I got goosebumps reading your story. I've had similar experiences. That wonderful, everything is as it should be, feeling intense love, etc always seems to happen out of nowhere. I don't know if it is because we are relaxed, our guard is down and our "Spirit Team" is able to get through to us easier, but that's the conclusion I've come to.

It might help to meditate on it, asking for an answer. I usually just chalk it up to feeling their love and support. Hope this helps ๐Ÿ˜Š
ForJames (guest) in I Met The Holy Spirit
Dear James. For everything there is a time. Never forget that the Holy Spirit is with you now. Life may not be easy, but it is He who makes it bearable. It is He who makes life worth living no matter the situation. What a comfort it is to know that of all people and things, He is the one by our side.
Angel (guest) in My Black Guardian Angel
Angels are Not always what people paint them to be... They are different. I too have a black Angel who's skin looks like onxy and nails look like the light of the Moon. I remember praying one night telling God it you need me just wake me up. I heard my name being called but, was very sleepy and my Angel nudged me to wake me up. I saw the White Garment he was wear and I saw his Arm was as black as onyx and his fingernails a white as a pale moon.

As God to Reveal him to you.
Dosky (guest) in Extremely Bright Light
It happens to me as well, when I was 14 (not sure) I had been sound asleep in my bed (not sure I woke up or I was still dreaming) it felt so real, anyways there was a insanely bright white light in my window, I was allured to the light, I went to the window and I heard a voice, it spoke to me "Go to church" even today don't know what to make of this experience.
James (guest) in I Met The Holy Spirit
My experience was in Prison. Here it is in detail. In bondage to fear, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, lost identity, turning to drugs for comfort; sent to drug treatment, at an altar call during an intercessory prayer, the Holy Spirit floored me, dropped me to my face, something pulled tears out of me, gave me vision and a glimpse of who I am, supernaturally experiencing gifts within me of love, compassion, and boldness for people and a man with long hair and a robe applauding appeared in the blacks of my eye lids.

On December 3rd 2016, in OCC in Fordland Missouri, I walked up to the Chapel because I was trying to get a DOC Job there. I walked into a full Chapel and sat in the back row as the band "Bert Smith and The Walk" played and "Sons of Thunder Ministries" stood by a few chairs imitating an altar. One of the Chapel Clerks sitting behind the desk walked up to me and grabbed my hand and led me to the altar. There was a visiting preacher named Josh who I had never met before. He looked at me and said, "Do you have anything you'd like to pray to God for?" I said shyly, "I don't know, he brought me up here," pointing to my friend. He said, "Well what do you want ask God?" I said, "Well, I want to make this chapel a more loving environment than it is (being a prison chapel) but I lack the courage to talk to people really." He said, "Alright James, (reading my DOC name tag) we're going to pray for boldness".
As this man and I knelt to pray, something extremely heavy knocked me down as I began to cry. I felt this tremendous weight pushing my face to the floor. As this man is praying, he touches me and begins laughing as if out of his control. As he's praying, being steadily interrupted by his own loud joy-filled laughter, I felt this intense tugging from the pits of my stomach. I felt as if I were "heaving" tears as my gut wrenched and my face felt as if something was pulling me. (I remember trying to hold back because I didn't want to cry in Prison but the tugging/wrenching continued harder and harder). This continued for maybe a full minute or so. (I also had bruises on my knees from the weight pushing me into the floor) I stood up, in tears still overwhelmed by the presence of God with "Joy" as I felt like God was laughing into my spirit. I felt his pleasure with me, it was unreal. Josh stood up, in tears. I looked at him smiling and crying and said, "Thank you, whoever you are." He says, with a smile on his face and tears falling from his eyes, "THAT'S THE POWER OF GOD MAN!" Everyone in the room was looking at me like, "whoa," smiling, and in awe as the Spirit of God was felt in the room. I stood worshiping with my hands to the sky smiling and crying, just praising God.
He then walks over to me and says, "The Holy Spirit is about to leave, you may feel a jolt." I felt this intense feeling of tears and sadness for just a second as I said "Please No." He said Don't worry James, He said I will never leave you nor forsake you, now every time you read your bible and pray He will return. The Lord is zealous with you, I want you to read Acts Chapter 2." As the service is now ending, he shakes my hand and he says "Get Ready"
As I leave the service I am filled with what I can only describe as "Joy" in the natural. This was not a feeling. This was a very strong presence. It affected everyone around me. I go to a service next door, and as I'm sitting at a small bible study table, my eyes suddenly get very heavy and I'm blinking because they kind of hurt. Suddenly, something overwhelms me and causes me to look around the room. I look into a sea of people and I see a bunch of lost children through eyes of compassion. I can't sit still at this point, I felt complete purpose. As I looked from one person to the next it was as if they had crosshairs on them and something like a tractor beam was drawing me from one individual to the next. (I don't speak unless spoken to, I walk around with blinders on so to speak, so this feeling is not of my own will). I then felt God's pleasure with some, and compassion and empathy for others. When someone made me laugh, I remember feeling, "God is pleased with this character, this personality, this is one of his children who creates laughter and joy for others." When someone was hurting, I could see it and feel it, and I wanted to help them. I also saw demons manifest in the eyes and faces of some and others my presence just made them smile.
As I head back to my living quarters, (imagine a barracks; people hanging out talking, cards, etc.) I get up on my bunk, and I remember feeling this peace unlike ever before. My mind was clear, focused, no rushing thoughts, blank, with songs of worship in my inner Spirit (and it's been like this ever since).
As I close my eyes to pray. I see a man in the blacks of my eye lids. As if a lit sparkler traced the night sky, I see a man with long hair and a robe... Applauding...
I got out in November 2017, and I live in Houston Texas, and I am still struggling, unable to find a job even with an associate in graphic design and lots of computer experience, but I am glad to have had that experience. I wish I could tell you life got great but it has not. When I think of my experience I begin to cry and feel very blessed, but daily life I am alone struggling in this modern world that I was not meant for. Please keep me in your prayers as I don't want to to return to drugs or go back to jail ever again. Your brother in Christ. James.
Shellz641 (guest) in God's Hand On My Shoulder
I loved reading everybody's testimonies. I'm really sad to hear some of you are feeling pushed away at times. Just know that we are constantly tested in life in order to strengthen us and that the only way we can be far from God is if we walk away from the spirit, so being overly materialistic. As Einstein put it E=MC2 so even in this world of mass there is a double portion of light all around us, helping is get through. Stay positive (although its hard) and tap into it as much as you can and you will feel God. When you are at your lowest, just know that you are not alone and someone does love you and is always with you holding your hand through it all. You may not always feel it but there is a reason you are still here. He loves you so much. God bless you all.
Spade Head (guest) in Hearing And Seeing Demons
I used to sleep with my mom when I was very little since it was just the two of us in the house. I think I was about 4 when this happened and I've never found any information matching the description to explain what I saw. 28 years ago, I remember waking up one night to see the similar figures everyone has described. Grim Reaper like, dark cloaked, etc. The main difference was that there was no face or hands. It was just a black cloaked figure with a spade-like shaped head or hood. It was standing right next to he bed watching me silently without moving. I remember being terrified and squeezing my eyes shut to pretend to still be asleep while I slowly moved my arm over to shake my mom pleading silently that she wake up but she wouldnt. When I finally got the courage to face it, I opened my eyes but it was gone. I haven't found any explanation as to what I might have seen. There are no descriptions of a demon that fits what I saw or what kind of demon it might be. It was just a heavily clad shape. I just want to know if these things are there to curse you, harm you, or are they past souls watching us?

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