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My Dream with Jesus


I must start by explaining that I have always felt very spiritually protected and guided even as a child. I believe I may be an "Empath" although I am still discovering what that means. I have had many dreams in which recently deceased relatives have come to console me as well as answer certain questions. This dream was by far the most moving because I have never had an encounter with Jesus prior to this. It's been at least a year now since the dream.

I awoke from my bed and walked the short distance down the hall. As I turned to my left, and looked into the bathroom I saw the reflection of Jesus in the mirror. I backed up against a wall in shock. I told him that I was not worthy to see him and he reassured me that I was. He told me several personal things and we had a conversation about my mother (who I was very worried about at the time) He told me that she would be ok and not to consume myself with her needs. As the conversation went on, his physical appearance started to change and he started to appear as a normal average person. As his appearance changed, I started to feel more relaxed with him and a sense of acceptance. He told me that things would be ok and to trust in him. He also suggested that I learn to Golf. (ok, I have NO idea why but I was pregnant at the time so I told my hubby that this spring we were going golfing!)

I awoke from that dream feeling a sense of calm that I had not felt in a very long time. Of course, I cried and shared it with a few close friends afterwards.

True to his word, my mother is now doing MUCH MUCH better than she has in the last decade and she is now in a situation where she is getting the help she needs. Thank you Jesus.



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Lissa (guest)
3 years ago (2020-10-11)
Many years ago while dealing with spiritual growth I was visited by Jesus. He took me in a colored vivid dream to places like the tomb he was put in, he then took me to a large body of water and I assume he did this because I was a swimmer and it would make the most sense. I was confident I had followed the right path and that world religions were the largest scam humans have used to control
Others. Jesus walked me out across the water and then stepped away from me plunging me in to the water, he proceeded to show me my infantile understanding had me practically drowning. He taught me to keep seeking answers and that as I came to more sophisticated answers I would rise in the water. The amount of unconditional love that poured off him left me to weep as I woke to the real world. Since then only one other time did that same level of unconditional love radiate from another and this second time was an angel encounter. Jesus will come to those who ask for him in their hearts, even when they close off their mind.
Tracey (guest)
5 years ago (2018-12-02)
I dreamt that I was walking with Jesus, I dream in color, I was about 8-10 years old in the dream. Jesus was holding my hand... And he was talking to me saying in my life I would have ups & downs but to keep walking... There were so many beautiful flowers on one side of the road... On the other side people were angry, fighting... He said to me... Keep walking. No matter what. The very next day I went to church... And a visiting minister spoke at our church... And y all I promise you... He stood up and during his remarks he said... He had a dream last night he was walking with Jesus and he said there were so many flowers... I knew then that Jesus confirmed that my dream with him was real... He is walking with me and he is holding my hand. Thank you jesus.
Tim (guest)
13 years ago (2010-03-27)
I recently had a dream in which Jesus was hovering over my bed as I was sleeping. I opened my eyes and his blood was pouring all over me. In the dream, I loved receiving the blood all over my body, was rubbing it all over me and Jesus just looked at me blankly as this was occurring. I have never dreamt of blood before and especially not Jesus'. While it would normally be a bit disturbing to have blood all over myself, even in a dream state, this was unusually comforting. I don't know what the meaning/symbolism is but I do know that after reading these posts I am not the only one that feels good after dreaming of Jesus.
c.w (guest)
14 years ago (2010-03-14)
i'm happy I've found this site, am not the only one who had a dream with Jesus in it. I would like to share my personal experience with him in dream, it's been about four years now since I had the dream it started of as some usual little dream I would have then all of a sudden I was on the porch with my mom beside me my bothers, sisters,freinds, and some other people were scatter around the porch some were playing some were sitting you know just enjoying the day.
In front of the house there was a gate around it and behind the gate was Jesus standing there he had on this long white robe long hair mom and me were standing on the porch I just broke down asking Jesus to pray for all my needs I was naming every last one of them. Then I remember telling him to pray for my baby but at the time I was trying to get pregnant my mom bow her head and start praying, Jesus were across from us out side the gate then Jesus started praying. When I woke up from the dream I was stun that I had a dream with him in it it stills brother me today what was it?

Maybe about about two weeks to three weeks later my boy friend at the time was in jail he only been in there maybe a couple days before the dream
Occurs. I was having bad bad cramping down there my stomach was upset I went to the hospital I was 19 at the time alone by my self around 1:30 to 2:30 am in the morning I rush to the hospital because I couldn't take the pain any more, I arrive there and I spoke to the nurse I explain to her the systems I was having it may be the pid again. Pid is an std which can cause chronic pelvics pain, scarring of the fallopian tubes and hard for women to get pregnant. So she took a look down there and ran a few test on me, to make a long story short the testes came back she said I was inflamm down there and proscribe me some antibiotic then she ask "when was your last piorid" I told her last month then she said I was tested positive for pregnace I was stun about the hole thing, my heart was beating fast I didn't know what to do? Well my son is turning four this year and when I ask him where Jesus he reply up there mama lol. I think that was Jesus trying to let me know am pregnant and he's there to guide me through the way.
lori (guest)
14 years ago (2009-12-05)
i always have these dreams where I am put through tests in order to get to heaven and I always pass all but one, or ill barely pass but I never find out if I got to heaven or not.
Lilroze (guest)
14 years ago (2009-12-03)
Had a dream last night. Dec 3rd,2009. Was very much feeling like a mission or something. I been doing some readings/visions & this work is freely of my will for quite some time and ask for nothing in return of no one. I just couldn't and wouldn't except this to happen. My heart says stay pure and keep it truth of what you can to describe of your visions for people. I can almost see right through people now. So strange. I can understand most all senses around or in people. I describe pain in people. As of lately, I put my self on hold, just to back up on it all and take time to continue or stop this gift some call it. So many people want from this and know I do it freely and I get drained and tired and start feeling used or sad when others return to get or want more or rehear it to feel the memory again. I am one of those people who would say I get ran over and almost drop to do what ever it takes for people when asked of this stuff. But this dream, it just placed me right next to who people would call Jesus because of instant recognition of description and the feelings described of peace this one Jesus would be. His clothing was of a type of white cloth and I could feel it like soft cotton like material. His hand when stretched out to take, was as a friendly knowingly person who I feel as if I have been trusting even before I was born. Like I new him for years. I could see his and feel my feet walking on hard pebble powder dirt mixing lightly because of this knowingly calm direct walking action in this air like recognizable feeling falling on my toes and ankles. Walking upward on a path walked by many others, because of the path surly showing people have been on this path and it is the feeling of direction one was meant to go on and no other path. It's a sure path to walk and direction of belonging. Jesus insists I move forward with him and not feel guilt or worry on these people who where asking about there loved ones or anything they ever wanted or needed personaly, but to let those people have just enough to hold them in there will of truth,trust,will or belief. No judgment. Ask and let them receive. Give and give freely. It was him. I would say it was more telepathic communication in my dream than any thing. Felt so real. I seen color and pure description of things to know or already know. I was right next to him, like I was or been with him, follow, do work with him, continue to work of will, or just move as he does through giving or seeing, or receiving but never stop and force the freely given information or duty to anyone or thing. Be as the sun light when it rises with full shine and set when the night calls to rest but rest to feel or knowingly be like the moon as a lantern in the night for all those who want or need to see, so they will be at ease if they choose to receive. Now this is where I woke up and I text all this down right here right now to share and see what becomes of this? I just sit here in the sunlit living room that normally never gets sun light in the living room. I sit and smile, I sit and feel hugged, I sit here and just bliss. Thank you Jesus for coming around and actually reminding me you are here and never leave or left us at all but you actually are walking with us every step of the way. Every moment of life is guided and given even when where down we are to only get back up. Amen~
Kimberly (guest)
14 years ago (2009-05-16)
I just recently had my first Jesus dream (not sure if it was him though).
Dream started off with crazy ramblings of nothing, me at a store, me flying on a trapeze, etc. Then, all of a sudden, I remember walking with someone on a street in a nice, but small town. He was in his white garb that I usually see him in, with a rope or some type of jewelry around his waist (I must remind you, I am not a religious person, my fathers side of the family was Jewish. I am a good person, doing right, but I am not "spiritual" per se).
Anyways, him and I were walking, and he was holding a metal hanging thing filled with water, and the water all of a sudden started turning into blood. As soon as we saw this, he annointed my head with the blood, and I go to a room of priests or monks or something (all dressed like jesus, but in different colors), and I said "He has Come" or "He is here".
JustRosy (guest)
15 years ago (2009-02-27)
The golf thing was probably so that you would learn the patience required to follow Him around life's course. It really does often feel like the monotony of chasing a silly golf ball from one hole to the next, and trying out different "clubs" to see which way of doing things will work best in each different situation that comes up. The thing about golf is that you can play if you want, or you don't have to if you don't want to. You can sit on the sidelines and rest/watch, or you can be one of many players out on the course. Also, in golf, you have to take turns, and there is the expectation of professionalism/kindness between the players. Also, players are to encourage each other, and each small win is celebrated, each small loss is mourned, but every player keeps on playing and finishes the course. Ultimately, some "win" (graduate from one level to the next), and others keep on trying for the goal until they succeed in reaching that goal, but there is always another tournament. There are many Spiritual applications of the game of golf, but I think probably the greatest one is how it's generally a peaceful sport and good sportsmanship is the real goal.
Anonymous (guest)
15 years ago (2008-11-19)
I had a dream with Jesus a few years ago.

I was walking in a peaceful looking setting, kind of like a forest but with a path and there were family members with me. I was leading them as I walked along the path with a stick in my hand.

I had suddenly found myself lost, I was no longer with my family members and then realized the place must have been hell because everything was red and firey, and I was terrified. Out of nowhere Jesus placed his arms around me and told me he would never leave my side, and I found myself soon enough out of that hell, approaching a very bright light that I soon realized was god.
Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
16 years ago (2008-01-30)
Jesus does work in Mysterious ways. I have had severl incidents in my life time of Jesus helping my family or myself. I have several stories on here about Jesus,"JESUS HELD ME IN HIS ARMS" this was an out of body experience. "DREAM OF JESUS HELPED WITH MY PANIC ATTACKS", "JESSE'S GUARDIAN ANGEL".
I think the Lord is so awesome and when I trust him I always have a better life then taking things into my own hands. He has provided for me many, many years and he will continue to do so while I am here on earth.
I liked your story it was awesome and very well written. Will put it in my best stories. Thanks for a good story of Jesus.

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