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Last night, after I woke up from a nap, I was lying in bed and didn't really want to get up. So I just sat there thinking about nothing in particular. For some reason, I started contemplating infinite. I imagined a marble rolling on a plane above me and was able to "see" it. Then it dissolved and I started shaking violently. Not my body though, which stayed still, but my spirit. This has happened once before, but I was dreaming. That time, I turned around inside my body and tried to leave it. I was unable to do so primarily because of this shaking experience. Shortly thereafter I woke up confused.

I don't know what happened and any insight would be much appreciated. I did not resist the experience, but let it happen. After it stopped, everythig seemed much crisper and more alive. However, I went to sleep not long after while doing breathing exercises so nothing much came of it. What I'm asking is basically what happened? I have had other spiritual experiences so it didn't really shock me, I almost expected it, but I don't know its signifcance.

Another I would like to know more about was a while back. Basically it was my spiritual awakening. I felt a layer of myself melt away inside of my skin from the top of my head down to my feet. It was incredible and I felt joyous and light for a long time afterwards. However, I don't know what actually happened. This was preceded by a strong impression that everything is connected and god exists and was followed by a period of strong spiritual connection and seeking.

Any feedback on these would be much appreciated.


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4 years ago (2020-11-18)
Hi, I've run into this many times. I'm a Medium/Channel and this is a commonality among Psychics from my experience. It used to happen to me a lot but now it happens rarely. This is what I do and it may be helpfull for you too: When the shakes begin or when I become aware that they are coming then I allow the energy to flow up threw my body. It usually starts at the hips and moves upwards. I allow the energy to rise up to my heart, and as that is happening I extend my hands (with palms up) out and let the immense amount of energy flow through my palms and out into the atmosphere. It's very effective, give it a go and I would be very interested on how it works for you. And also my Native Elder Aunty Nora friend said to me, "If you don't do your Medicine it make you sick." You may also want to do more Psychic Work with people.
anthony (guest)
6 years ago (2018-03-14)
I went on the camino de Santiago and I came across a church with mary magedeline and she was looking at the body of jesus. I shook her hand and I felt the wooden tile shake beneath my feet and my hand shake. It was surreal I'm not sure if it was me deliarious from walking or not.

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