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How I Realized To Realize


In the pursuit of Self Realization for the last many years, I had travelled to many spiritual places, ashrams and met many Gurus and studied psychological, philosophical and spiritual books. I had attended many spiritual satang, Philosophical and Intellectual discussions all these years. I was doing a Psychic surgery on myself i.e., I was dissecting and analyzing each and every part of my mind. But my mind and Intellect could not give me an answer.

I was puzzled and could not proceed further. Finally I realized that my so-called mind and intellect had totally failed and I was absolutely helpless and had experienced my nothingness. There was a gradual annihilation of my ego.

As I was struggling with my helplessness and nothingness, all on a sudden I had a clear understanding that the path of absolute faith, devotion, unconditional surrender and constant remembrance can take me to an ultimate realization. Now prayers to the almighty have become a routine and I am sincerely praying to the supreme power to guide me, bless me and to bestow upon me the absolute realization.

As I continued my state of self surrender, constant remembrance and prayers to the almighty, I had an intuition that I am in constant and continuous communion with the Supreme Being and experiencing and enjoying the absolute blessings. Each and every moment I am living by the will of Almighty.

The moment I realized that I am living by the will of Almighty, my mind became extremely light and I was unable to explain the state of my mind.

The realization that everything in my life is because of the will of the Almighty may be the beginning of my final realization.

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