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My Recent Holy Spirit Transformation, Baptism, Infilling


I wanted to reach out/find others that have had a similar experience where the Holy Spirit has completely, dramatically, and unexpectedly change dramatic lives!

3 days after Easter last year (2010), the Holy Spirit woke me up at approximately 10 am from a sound sleep. I started praying and deeply thinking of Jesus suffering on the cross. I was in one of those deep prayful states where I was deeply moved thinking of how much He must love all of us, to suffer so much for all of us! That's when something happened and transformed my life totally! The Holy Spirit filled me up BIG TIME! All of a sudden, a sensed a Holy Presence in my bedroom and I felt this electrical real life force enter my body around my chest area... It slowly moved throughout my ENTIRE body from top of my head to the bottom of my toes... He would flow back and forth like an electrical current that was life changing, warm, cool breeze feeling all at the same time. I felt like I was 100% being sealed, regenerated, healed, loved unconditionally in a way we cannot comprehend here on Earth.

The feeling of immense love was so intense, I had tears of joy, repentance, love flowing down my checks the entire time. I just kept repeating, oh, I love you God, I love you Jesus, I love you, Mother Mary for being such a wonderful, nurturing Mother to Jesus when he came to Earth for us, yes, us, all of us! This continued for over 4 hours... And the entire time my husband slept peacefully, not making a sound, movement, nothing. There was no way I would wake him up, because I didn't want to miss a thing! It was like God was healing and regenerating every single cell inside my body! I must have been in need of a lot of healing, because the intense feelings I was so Blessed with of the filling of the Holy Spirit lasted for so long! I could literally, honestly describe it as a real living Holy Presence actually living INSIDE of my body!

Oh, it was the most amazing thing that has ever, ever happened to me! I could feel the Holy Spirit breathing inside of me... Like inside out feeling... Like waves of intense real unconditional love from God so real and strong, if He gave me even a drop stronger of his Love inside of me, my heart would give out or I would just explode from such a divine presence (of course, He always knows just how much each of us can handle!) I didn't know at the time it was the Holy Spirit Baptism or infilling.

The next day I couldn't get my hands on enough books. I wanted to learn what happened to me. I started researching on Internet... I met with my Priest, I was enraptures by God and totally in Love with Him and Jesus and The Holy Spirit from that point on!

Immediately the next day, my Mother and my Husband noticed a big positive change in me. I learned that The Holy Spirit never leaves us once He has sealed us. He guides me and stays with me. I'm still learning how to have a relationship where I can understand how to communicate better with Him for the Glory of God and Our Blessed Lord. I still feel him stirring inside of me with electrical liquid love I like to call it. The first few weeks after were the strongest when would feel Him.

I remember one night a few weeks from the first infilling. I was sitting alone outside just thinking of how Perfect and Miraculous He is and all He created, and I felt him enter me or stir inside of me. I asked Him if it were possible if He give me a hug... He actually did! It was the mind boggling (and still is to this very day, March 30, 2011) I received an inside out hug so string you could see my clothing at my waist pinch in on each side! I truthfully tell you this! And He gave me another hug a few minutes after that. He has touched me so completely that I feel like for the first time in my life, I am at peace with myself and no longer searching for something I myself did not understand. I feel like a completely different person! Touched by God, our creator, in such an immense way, I finally feel free and alive all at once.

I now pray and talk with our Lord constantly. I try to be a better Servant of God and Our Precious Lord, Jesus Christ. I try to be a better person, a better Wife, a better Mother of 4 beautiful children, a better Daughter, a better Sister, a better Granddaughter, a better Aunt, a better friend, a better Neighbor, a better everything. I now read the Holy Bible and Gospels with a clarity that I myself have a difficult time comprehending. I listen to audio Bible when I'm alone in my car, I feel the Lord stirring me when I hear a passage that he wants me to reflect on. I get a tingling in my scalp, sometimes fingers, some are stronger than others, the best are when the led to the inside out, stomach drops warm, joyful feeling of The Holy Spirits presence inside of me. Sometimes I feel Him put his arm across my shoulder, or His hand on my back. It's breathtaking!

Now, I see more strangers to help, but then I realize these beautiful people are not strangers at all, but my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. So many people randomly come across my path that I can help now, it's crazy in a good way! Whether big or small, I know I am doing something that will touch someone in a way I do not even understand. I realize deeply that we are all together for one purpose, to serve God! I actually was led last August by The Holy Spirit to visit Rome for the first time. When I walked into The Sistine Chapel, I almost fell over with the Presence of God inside! I saw all the tourists snapping photos when that is forbidden, and talking loudly, treating it like a stop on tourist bus... And I felt such immense heartache it was incredible. I felt sad for God and our Lord that His Holy Sanctuary was being treated like this. I say these things to explain how I have been totally, utterly transformed. The old me, the 40 year old, mother of 4, nurse, wife, was always empathetic, caring, etc. but never like this. I always loved God and believed wholeheartedly in Jesus as our Saviour... No doubts... But I was totally living for myself, in material desires. I thought I was a good person and Christian until He opened my eyes to my true self...

One night Our Lord awoke me, I think it was a few months after my initial Holy Spirit Encounter, and immediately I knew He wanted to share something, or answer my continued prayers for understanding about what was happening to me... Well I got up from bed in middle of the night, and went to family room, I then said, "Okay, Lord I hear you, I feel you, please, if it is Your Will, let me open this bible to what you are trying to teach me... I opened it to... A passage that speaks about being Humble, having Humility, everyone will be bowing down in fear at the sight and arrival of Our Saviour, Jesus Christ, when he returns to judge the living and dead! It wasn't scary, it was a huge gift He gave me to read that about Humility. He alone is King! We are all equal, none better than others, He loves all of us the same, and the last shall be first! That is a big lesson on being humble. Like the parable of the Prodigal Son.

I wonder all the time if God is sending the Holy Spirit to others in mass that are ready to give everything to Our Lord? Like the bible says, before the end, the Holy Spirit will be very busy! Human nature makes me want to reach out and find out how many others have been having this experience? Is this a worldwide phenomena that has increased dramatically in recent years? I have read of a few cases in the past, etc. But there I can't find any one site that may be tracking this spiritual Blessed phenomena. I'd love to hear others thoughts on this, in the name of our Blessed Lord. I know He tells us that the hour we will never know... He will come like a thief in the night. But He also says be prepared, don't wait. This gift was a huge wake up call for me! How grateful to God I am. By reaching out, I hope sharing with others that have similar experiences, we may be able to help Our Lord God.

These are my hearts thoughts... Jesus loves ALL of us, God loves ALL of us. It doesn't matter what religion you are... If you love God and ask Him to take over your life and you let Him in, He will help you transform yourself into what we are all supposed to be. Like Jesus, humble, kind to everyone, helping others, loving others, let go of being judgmental and just live for God. Love like Jesus did on Earth by example, be patient and kind to everyone you meet. Help others as much as you possibly can, praise God all the time, talk with Him in your car, in the shower, etc. I believe if someone is not a Christian, but they love God with all their heart, and they give their lives to God truly, that God will find a way to introduce them to His only Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, somehow, someway, in God's special way. God is love. God is light. I personally now am so very grateful with every fiber of my being, that I have been given this chance of renewal and an eternity of being one with God, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. I now see through an entirely different pair of eyes ever since I was sealed by the Holy Spirit. I now get this intense feeling of wrongness in regards to a sin. I still have a lot of work to do, but with the Holy Spirits guidance, everyday I try to sin a little less. I still feel him sometimes many, many times a day for awhile when I'm feeling Like I'm choosing wisely regarding my life choices. When I'm feeling especially close to Him. But those times when I don't feel Him stir inside of me, those times I know 100% that I'm making poor choices and these choices are leading me further away from God instead of closer.

As I close this... I feel tingling on the tops of both my ears. God is so GOOD! Praise our Lord Jesus Christ!

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Girl in Washington (guest)
6 years ago (2018-04-06)
I wish I could take a cup and dip it into the glowing Holy Spirit within and pour it out upon others who live in darkness without the light, the glow, the peace, the love that fills me. When I was 20 and the Gulf War started, I was afraid. Something in me said "not your will, but Mine." I prayed fervently, in a way I had never prayed before. I knew and believed God existed, but did not 'realize' what it meant to truly humble myself and actively give my life over to Him. I served myself. Even though I was not doing anything crazy or 'dark' - I just had not given over my will. I dropped to my knees and prayed with a fervency "not my will, but your will" and prayed for the blood of Jesus, the Ransom, to cover me over and wash me clean, make me new. The most incredible thing happened. I had been raised in religion that did not believe that everyone could experience Holy Spirit filling (Jehovah's Witness). What happened was that I was filled with Holy Spirit - like a warm oil filling my entire body with love, light, the presence of God. I felt like I was glowing, literally, filled with a power and love that was like a candle within me. This lasted for several days. Since then, any time I shift my attention to Him, I feel the glow fill me with a peace and light - like a warm golden glow and I feel complete peace, love, acceptance that I had never felt before. It is a distinct feeling that is not an "emotion" - it's not ME but God within me. Because of this experience, I am changed. Made anew. I don't know about other religions, and am not a 'religious' person, but a follower of Jesus and in union with God. I wish I could "transfer" this experience to others, especially because I see many people struggle as they live and are directed by their own understanding and ego. My body will die and all my "will" and self-direction fall away and are meaningless. I feel that I am a vessel for the Holy Spirit and the will of God. There are no words to describe. The only 'advice' I can share for anyone who has not had this experience is that for me, it happened when I fully gave up my will and submitted my life to Him. I had to acknowledge "not my will" and really let go of the control and desire to assert my will on the world and situations around me. Of course, I still struggle like everyone else. But since that day almost 30 years ago - nothing has been the same because God is always right there with me and I feel he is my "Abba/Papa." I wonder if the Body of Christ is the body of those who are sealed with the Holy Spirit.
Bella (guest)
6 years ago (2018-02-27)
This thread gives me immense joy. What people fail to realize is that the holy spirit, (also known as the holy ghost) is God himself dwelling inside us. It equips us and empowers us daily to do works for the Lord's Kingdom (helping others, spreading God's gospel and message of love). It is an infilling that will be imparted to all true believers who are seeking the Lord with all of their hearts. We must have this experience in order to be saved when the Lord returns for his people. The infilling also gives us our prayer language. You won't understand what you are saying, but it's your spirit speaking directly to the Lord on your behalf. Pursue God fearlessly, and ask him for divine understanding. He is loving and merciful and he will reveal himself to those you surrender all to him. God bless ever person reading this. In Jesus's precious and holy name.
scarlett2 (1 stories) (34 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-02)
MMonday01, Yes, I can definitely relate to your experience! I often times think of how crazy all of this is... That these beautiful supernatural experiences of the Holy Spirit are really happening to people like us, today, for real! The stories from the Bible and other Holy Texts are indeed based on real stories, real life events that do happen!

It's beautiful and scary when it effects the airway though, huh? I wonder if it relates somehow to Holy Spirit making room for Himself... Or is it some type of purging to prepare our body for His Presence?

I would love to hear more from your thoughts/experiences! Not sure if you can message me from my contact info? Much Love, S 😁
scarlett2 (1 stories) (34 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-02)
I know it's been a few months since your post... I just wanted to say thank you for your beautiful words. I wish you the best on your journey. If I can ever help in future, please let me know! Much love always, S
mmonday01 (1 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-30)
I can attest to what others have shared. My life is going through a major transformation, in almost every way. Several months ago I started experiencing intense and yet intimate experiences with Jesus and with the Holy Spirit. Out of despondency and being suicidal, I turned to Jesus and I began to feel the Spirit move within me. It was a burning fire inside, and yet it was the most wonderful feeling I had ever experienced. My experiences continue along a journey with Spirit. I pray to Jesus and the HS to purge anything that would block them from being inside of me. And it has worked.

I used to drink a little more than moderation and it was due to my coping with a bad situation. The voice told me to get rid of it, I didn't need it anymore. I followed the orders and I've never needed to have anything since. It was as quick as throwing a light switch!

Last night my mediation became very intense. I continue to ask Jesus and the HS to work in me and to make me pure. I prayed to them to not deny me repeatedly. Then it came. My mouth was forced open and my insides were being pushed and squeezed, almost like one was heaving, but I wasn't sick. I was on my knees and fell to the floor. My muscles were contracting all over my body. It happened several times. I could feel him inside me. I later sat up but was gently pushed back down again. Later I finally got a drink of water and went back to my room. It happened once again. My mouth would be opened and the air in my lungs would be pushed out. But I wasn't in any harm. I didn't feel any fear. I made sure that no bad spirits had access to me. Only the Holy Spirit is allowed to dwell in me. Jesus protects me from the bad spirits.
darkassassin92 (39 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-20)
My dad is a Catholic I am a Athiest. We go to church and my dad says he can feel the Holy Spirit I do not feel the Holy Spirit.
adam282 (1 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-24)
Hi scarlett2,

I would like you to know a little of my own experience because it is connected with yours. Two days ago I felt the holy spirit for the first time. Today I was praying to God and I asked him to take away my pride because I know I am a proud person. After a few hours I was searching online about experiences people have had with the holy spirit because it was all so new to me and I wanted to learn more. By chance, I came across your experience. I was immediately struck by the passage you read about humility and your suggestion to read the story of the prodigal son. Moreover, a few days ago my vicar suggested that I read a book about the prodigal son but I refused to do so saying that I was too busy at the moment and would come back later for it. I'm going to read that book now.

scarlett2 (1 stories) (34 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-04)

Your words give me great comfort! I would be honored to help out w/your book any way I can. I will try and figure out how to email you... But if I am not successful... Please post to me how to get in touch with you so I can give you my contact info. May our Lord continue to Bless you always... ❤
JCSHS (1 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-18)
Hi Scarlett2,

I was excited after reading about your Holy Spirit experience, because I had one almost exactly like you, many years ago. My wife died after childbirth, and I was so sad and needed help, that I picked up a small old book written in the 1930s about Jesus, and the Lord touched me so wonderfully, like your experience. It was so amazing that I am writing a book about it, including many other experiences where the Lord intervened in my life. Because your experience is so similar I would like to include the reference about your experience in my book if that's okay thanks, because it will help to support belief in mine, which is so important because the book is written to try to help people and have faith in Jesus, so I pray you will help me. I was informed by my publisher that they prefer a name and surname for more credibility, so would it be okay to forward that to my email address which, I give you my word I will keep confidential. It would only be in my book. If you prefer not to do this I will just use your Scarlett2 name if that's okay. Looking forward to hearing from you asap as I need to send it to the publisher thanks again, God Bless You.

rsherry (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-24)
I received the Holy Spirit baptism years ago as I was worshiping the Lord in my prayer time.

This is simply a wonderful story, along with all the other testimonies.

A problem with a lot of Christians today (I call myself a FOLLOWER OF CHRIST, which seems to be more meaningful than a Christian, which has been watered down if you just believe in God - even demons believe in God), is that they have become complacent and that Holy Spirit inside of them is dormant and cannot work with you if you are unwilling. If you fall back into old habits, sooner or later, that HS will become dormant and powerless inside of you. I would suggest that any person reading this, PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE, FALL TO YOUR KNEES IN A PRIVATE PLACE and WORSHIP the Lord with all your heart and soul. Just praise Him over and over, telling Him how much you love Him and the HOLY Spirit WILL fill you once again. It happened to me as I once fell away, but the Lord returned me to His fold and now, as I am older, the Lord can deal with me better as I am completely open, whereas, I had little humility. When the Lord allows you to venture out of His care, even tho He is still watching over you, like a parent He will watch you and try to guide you, but if you do not listen, then you must make your own mistakes. That is what I did. But, I returned to His fold some years later, and have not looked back. Oh, there were a few things I had to fall on my knees for and take responsibility for, but nothing major. But, I refuse to look back, but look forward to His coming - very, very soon. The Lord has even told me about things to come that made me cry. One was about this President, which is a very evil man. Yes, Jesus loves him very much, but Obama's heart is hardened. Obama is listening to demons who have persuaded him daily.

Remember, Satan will come at you hard if he knows you belong to Jesus, and if you do not know Jesus, Demons will convince you that evil is good and good is evil, so use the Holy scriptures (memorize them and put them in your heart) and use them to rebuke Satan, just like Jesus did in the wilderness.

We ARE in the end-times and Jesus is coming for us soon. IF you have a loved one who is not ready for His return, then stand on the scriptures for them. Charisma magazine has a great article just about this, here:

Maranatha to my brothers and sisters in Christ!
Sherry in OHIO
susan711 (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-01)
I'm so delighted that I can share my experience with others who have been filled with the seal of the holy ghost as I have, I had no idea of what I was experiencing last year April 2012 was my first indwelling of the holy spirit, I was so excited as well once I found out what I was experiencing, my first thought was Jesus on the cross because of the nails embedded in his hands and feet. Thanks for sharing your experience with us I was so overwhelmed I too was so excited and went out and purchased books to learn more of what I was experiencing. I was at work praying for my best friend of thirty years of losing her eye sight I was so overwhelmed with love in my heart praying she would stop abusing herself with alcohol we all went through years of abuse of some kind, she had hit her head numerous times and never went to to hospital although I would beg her to go. I was praying for her and began to repent my on sinfulness that I was carrying within my heart all of a sudden I could feel a present in the doorway of my office door I peeped through my left eye, there was a ugly figure standing in doorway I continued to pray then I felt a tingling feeling in my hands and my feet I associated it Jesus on the cross but had no idea it was the holy spirit. I began to my research reading books searching the web by submitting different question at a time because I wanted to know what I had experienced, whenever I touch my bible Gods presence is so strong, whenever I right he spirit guides me, whenever I reach my hands up to heaven God presence is near I can feel his touch on the tip of my fingers when I praise his holy name my so thankful for our lord and savior standing up for us giving us a second chance to live a righteous life I want to make him so proud of me I want to lay my head on his chest something I never got a chance to do to my father here on earth, our father in heaven will never leave me or forsake me thank you for your unconditional love O mighty God thank you for your only begotten son thank you!
rhonda604 (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-23)
I am so happy to hear of your experience and to know that no matter if you are a Charismatic, Catholic, Muslim, what ever you have been raised in-- God is bigger than titles and will introduce you to the Truth, because He loves us and will leave the 99 to go after the 1 ~ He wants us to seek Him with our whole Hearts and when we truly seek Him, we will find Him. I once heard a sermon by Graham Cooke, who said the reason that the angles are saying "Holy, Holy, Holy" is not a forced or programmed response, it is because God is revealing His nature a particle at a time and each time, it is overwhelmingly, mindbogglingly amazing and it automatically produces "H-o-l-y, H-o-l-y, H-o-l-y"...from the angles lips. I like that, I do believe He is amazingly good that all the things He has done, would take eternity to reveal. Blessings in Christ and may He continue to reveal Himself to you. 😁
TreceluvsGod (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-16)
What a beautiful story. I can relate to this! I am looking for others who have an intimate love for God. I have felt so isolated since I have been drawn back to the Lord. I listen to the bible on c.d in my car, pray, and fast etc. I am always looking for more ideas to get closer to Him. I was also blessed to experience the divine presence of God for an extreme amount of time when I was worshiping Him. I love St. Teresa's tenderness so much. I am the mother of three who is striving to set the best example I can for my children. Do you have anymore advice for developing a more passionate relationship with the Father or how you find other's in love with christ
scarlett2 (1 stories) (34 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-16)
Dear ReedemedNTenn,

Praise God! I am so grateful you found this site. I have goosebumps from reading your post. This Easter it will be 2 years since my first Holy Spirit encounter or Infilling. Please post about your experience. I want to hear more about how God is working in you and visiting you. I have had quite a time since my first visit! Honestly I can testify that it has not been easy, but nothing worth attaining is ever easy. And for me, there is nothing I wouldn't do for our Lord and Creator! My road has been full of many ups and downs, turns,sinkholess, and surprises... But oh, what a miraculous road it is..."God's Glory Highway" as I like to call it! And it's the only road worth taking!

Here is a little story of what has been happening with me. I write this down, not to call attention to my own self, as the last thing I ever want to do is that. I am so undeserving of the great many Blessings God has bestowed on me. I humbly say this as true. I can only point out that God often chooses those least deserving, and most full of sin, and in the most need of help to draw attention to His Greatness. Not me, only Him in all things. I hope by posting some of my experiences that I can help lead others, even if only one person reads this, and/or is affected by this, and is led closer to God than I will rest with an eternal smile in my soul!

I have learned, by placing my complete faith in Him, that he is slowly transforming me by helping me realize I must completely discard my old self and through Him and with Him, allow Him to show me how to discard my own pride (this I am still working on and is the hardest for me) so I can love my fellow siblings fully and totally. I yearn to love like Jesus did while on Earth. Oh, how impossible this is... And will require 100% a miracle from God if I am ever to reach this state! For now, I rest in the knowledge that I can not love totally without discarding my own Pride.

I have learned that I must fully relax and meditate and completely abandon worldly affairs (i.e. Stress, thoughts of things I must get done, etc.) to fully experience His glorious presence. This I do my sitting down in a secluded room and meditating and praying to God. I just think of all He has done for us, His children... Out of His immense love for us, His perfection and His grace. Often times, he comes at night as I am laying down for bed, or relaxing in a chair on a quiet day... Always I am in mental solitude. I pray, pray, pray...unceasingly.

When He comes, I feel His presence immediately. I feel His Divine Spiritenter me, usually in my chest area. It is so hard to explain accurately...impossible. But to help others understand what they are going through, and hopefully help them grow in their relationship with Our Father, Our Lord, the Holy Spirit, I feel the desire to write down my experience. When the Holy Spirit, the Divine love comes, I feel complete peace the moment He enters me. Well, let me back up. Usually it happens like this...

I will be laying in bed, saying my prayers, or just speaking with our Lord. I will feel a sudden static like or magnetic energy. I feel a soothing vibration in the area and my entire body fels like it was "switched" on from a divine switch inside my soul. My body or soul is like a magnet, and my soul connects with a pure, Holy magnet. My soul or life force seems to be interlocking with God's Holy energy.

My bed will literally start shaking or more like a gentle vibration. You can see the bed vibrating with your human eyes, you can feel the bed vibrating with your human senses as well. My little dog will always get up from laying against my side, and immediately go to the foot of my bed just before I am aware of the Holy Spirit's presence as well. I feel His Spirit enter my body and an immediate calmness, and peace comes over me. It is impossible to describe in words. It it beautiful. It is divine. It is pure love. I feel utter peace, love, acceptance, transformation. I feel Him moving throughout my body. I feel His energy transforming the very core of my very existence. Like a battery being recharged in a way.

The last few times, when I let go without fear at all, I have felt Him working upwards in my chest... After about 30 minutes, I felt a change, like a deeper connection. I let go of ALL fear... This completely letting go is something I have worked up to... As in the beginning months of Spring 2010, as I was learning and absorbing all that was happening to me... I always held on to some kind of deeply rooted self controlled mechanism of self... I guess I could best describe it as my own self not completely giving into God. But lately, after 18 plus months of blissful Holy Spirit infillings and encounters, I have learned to completely let go of any fear. I have placed my trust in our Lord completely.

So with that said, the night before last, when I had one of my miraculous encounters with the Holy Spirit... I let go 100%! Wow, what happened next was incredible! He was moving inside my chest area and when I didn't hold back with fear, somewhere deeper inside my very soul it felt like, I started truly struggling for breath. But it wasn't a struggle in the true sense... As I trusted God completely that I wasn't going to suffocate or die. Although it felt like something was squishing my lung compartment so that my lung sacs could not fully expand, I knew 100% that He would never do anything to hurt me. So I "trusted" Him, and after a few minutes of feeling like I couldn't take another ounce of His divine love or I wouldn't survive... It was like something snapped inside of me... And the euphoria of His love was like a torrent of rushing, warm, pure love from Our Creator!

Wow! I feel Him inside of me now almost constantly. My cheeks have a glow still after close to 2's like My soul entered a new mansion with Him.
I just wanted to share this with you all, my beautiful friends. My words don't do justice to His divine love. Please bear that in mind.

For anyone that is looking for a "good read" into these kinds of experiences with our Creator, I recommend reading about St. Teresa of Avila.

In particular, I highly recommend reading the book, "Interior Castle" by St. Teresa of Avila.

St. Teresa has a way of explaining conversions to God in such a simple but
Extraordinary way. She has a way of describing in a simple way just how the whole process of getting as close to possible to God on earth is possible. I have learned so much from St. Teresa's writings! I have read 100's of books on this topic trying to understand what is happening to me and others so I can
Try to get as close to God as I can on Earth! This is my favorite book! ❤

In love and fondness,

(aka Floridamom) 😳
RedeemedNTenn (1 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-31)
Oh my gosh... I am so glad to hear of someone else who has experienced something like this. I am and have been feeling the Holy Spirit move in my belly now for 8 months and I can actually feel his heart beat as well. Jesus cleansed me from the inside out literally as I got on my knees 8 months ago and ever since I am blessed with this wonderful thing he is doing for me. I cannot even go into all the detail as it would take pages... And pages. Feels like a baby moving in me all the time. He directs my day all day... Helps me to discern spirits, good things and car trouble and wrong turns and answers questions literally I ask in my mind and helps me discern scripture and has made me aware of things I did not know that are true. I would love to actual talk with someone else... As everyone I have told so far has never experienced anything like it... Praise Jesus Christ... I will never ever be the same person... Nor do I ever want to be what I used to be and I did not think I was bad but oh the blessings of his presence are unbelievable...
alphaandomega (1 stories) (28 posts)
13 years ago (2011-10-08)

I just wanted to comment on your experience of dreaming about the tornadoes. God has given me dreams and scripture that's simular, and He's spoke to my heart about things to happen in these last days.

Jeremiah 23 talks about a whirlwind of the Lord's fury shall come out of the North, a grievious whirlwind shall fall upon the heads of the wicked and shall not return until He have performed the thoughts of his heart and in the (latter days) ye shall consider it perfectly.

Isaiah also talks about a great whirlwind out of the north and it shall go from nation to nation. I'm not exactly sure of the meaning of it all, but I truly believe God will Judge and punish those that are wicked and follow after Satan.

I need to add though, that our God is an awesome God. His love and compassion for all mankind is everlasting and his mercy endures forever. He want's all those who will, to come and drink from the water of life freely and to forgive us of our tresspasses, so that we may be able to stand in his presense forgiven. God Bless You! Michael
scarlett2 (1 stories) (34 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-08)
Dear WMBuzz... What wonderful Blessings to hear your miracle news! I have not checked in for awhile, so I pray this will find it's way to you somehow. I believe 100% that you have been touched by Our Father, Our Creator. For me, it has been only a start at a transformed life, that will be full of trials and errors as we grow closer to Him. It is late now, I will write more later if you happen to check in. Would love to hear how the past months have been for you... I am 1 year and 4 months into my spiritual change and it has been quite a journey! To say the least. May God continue to Bless you and strengthen you during these times. Please draw strength in knowing you are not alone. Keep your armor on... And ask our Lord for His protection always, and He will ALWAYS keep you close to His Heart as He promised. A part of me feels God is pouring His Spirit out mightily these days on those that are ready... And open to His perfect love and complete transformation. Maybe we are to help prepare others for His outpouring... I keep praying for others to open their hearts to Him... He loves ALL of us... Despite all of our differences... Exactly the same! Pretty amazing. In Our Lords name, forever...
WmBuzz71 (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-22)
Hi Florida Mom, thanks for sharing your story. I too experienced something so similar.

Okay, bear with me. I'm not much of an educated person.

I recently turned 40 and been partying it up until I was 38yrs old, then I started gradually slowing down. I also loved fighting for the weak against those big bullies, I myself am only 140 pounds fighting and against much larger opponents trying to be a hero. Hee hee! Lots of black eyes. So I knew where my heart was and always believed a higher power was looking after me. I'm not baptized and wasn't to sure if I believed in the bible.

So! One night I was reading my 1st book since my childhood "The fingerprints of Gods" While reading this book I had discovered there was a GOD! When that happened I jumped out of my chair in excitement. I told my wife their is a God and when I told her that, I felt this happy energy coming from my heart. This Happy Energy got stronger every time I mentioned God. I was so excited my wife told me to sit back down and relax, so I did.

After a few minutes sitting down I started to think hey! I just discovered there was A God in a short time of reading this book. I then came to a conclusion that were programmed. As soon as I thought that, the Happy Energy came back, and came back with a bang. It was so intense and it wouldn't stop. I was literally on cloud nine, Then Poof this energy popped outside of my heart. I was in this energy bubble.

While in this happy energy bubble, I felt so powerful that I believed I could actually move mountains, create doorways into another dimension, I actually felt I was in another dimension. Everything was so still and the air was thick and warpy and distorted and love was all around me the sensations were godly.

I didn't know what happened to me and was tottaly freaked out after the experienced. I had no energy what so ever after it happened, I couldn't even talk. I then panic thinking some sort of evil coming to take my soul away and use my energy for evil.

I then prayed to god to keep me safe until I get baptized.

Stayed up all night and went to work next day to tell my boss what I experienced, and needed to see a priest to get baptized. I think my boss thought I was crazy. Eventually found a priest and I also got the impression that he thought I was nuts.

Boy was I feeling alone at this moment everyone around me thought I was losing it. I eventually found some support through others on the net. Thank God for the net or I will definitely would be in some mental ward.

Soon after the experience. I was only able to eat bread and drink water nothing would stay down except those. Then some answers start to appear to me some how. I was being baptized and fasting, not too sure if it's part of repenting. I can only eat organic foods.

I thinks it's all about love, and believe it the greatest power ever created. I'm wandering what's the next step going to be? Now I'm practicing to breath and meditate also praying.

This experience is like an addiction I want to learn how to harness this powerful energy to help others and protect the weak and poor. THE POWER OF LOVE ftw.
Libra1 (1 stories) (35 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-02)
Truely a great experience! God is everwhere in everything! Thank you for sharing ❤ ❤
scarlett2 (1 stories) (34 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-05)

I was checking my published story here to see if anyone had commented, and I noticed several typos in my story I wanted to clarify. (My apologies! Unfortunately, my iPad doesn't allow me to scroll up or down to check for spelling errors and/or typos). I was so eager to share my 1st testimony, that I'm afraid I may have rushed a bit to my dismay.

To clarify my inaccuracies, my 1st Blessed encounter with the Holy Spirit began at approximately 0100 am EST (not 1000 am) and lasted just over 4 whole glorious hours! To be precise, from 0100 am until 0515 am. I say this because I distinctly remember glancing at my bedside clock, as I knew this was a profound moment in my life, and wanted to make sure I documented the time.

At 0100, I was suddenly awoken from a sound sleep. This was for me, over 4 hours of pure heavenly bliss! At 0515, the Lord told me to, "get some rest little one." not in auditory words, but I just somehow heard His words inside of me. Also, the Lord was patting my hair back at my temple, similar to what us Mothers do to comfort our own children, especially at bedtime.

I just can not explain my experience with all the details and do it justice. I know it sounds crazy, but this truly happened to me. I suddenly felt very sleepy and exhausted (in a great way!) and fell immediately into a very deep sleep. I awoke a few hours later feeling utterly refreshed in a state of euphoria.

I remember looking at everything God created in a new way. Later in the day, I was standing by a small lake, and I will never forget the utter perfection I saw in everything, from the trees, to the singing birds, to the clouds... It was a moment of pure connection to our Creator! I felt Him stir inside of me and felt the divine energy flowing through my being.

This is my true, honest testimony of my Holy Spirit Transformation and rebirth in God's Kingdom.

I send my sincere thanks to anyone who may take the time to read my true personal testimony. May we all share God's love and light as brothers and sisters through Him.

Blessing to all.


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